Phase II Exp. Technique

Concept and Data Collection

From The Morning, Hello Quizzy

From The Morning, Hello Quizzy

The Triad is convinced that current turmoil has embedded in it several mirror opportunities. New problem solving tools and methods have the potential to correct some historical residue and, in so doing, open avenues of opportunity not currently available. This first experiment starts the process by structuring information.  Conviction in late 2006 that unusual sightings were not random prompted proposing a structure capable of organizing information into data, categorized as follows: I – Visual cues prompting development, II – Proposition,  III – Visual acknowledgment, and IV – Images potentially related to overall argument development impressed on an organism by an external source.

Chronological Differentiation

Raw data are for the most part: (i) diary entries used as reference points, (ii) more or less random but related (dated) sightings made on an ongoing basis, (iii) distinct impressions made during sleep, and (iv) “Real time” observations made while composing correspondence.

Geographical Differentiation

Correspondence is global, so anchor points are required to organize. The Kellogg School of Management, with its emphasis on experiental education and Midwestern location has been considered for a trial fit.

Experimental Focus (Physical)

A fundamental of Triad originality is the premise that a prime being has taken an interest in refining the description of the process whereby undifferentiated contour maps of its domain transform into contour maps with points of characterization.  Included as a subset is the argument that time is a form of energy, and as such can be polarized, transformed, conserved, etc.  This line of reasoning is taken as new to this work.  The inference is also made that this quality will impact spatial relationships.

Experimental Focus (Social)

It would be very difficult to explore this material without touching on social characteristics and theology.  Fortunately, Cardinal Schonborn has broken ground in his faith on this point. Taking a primordial being’s interest in a contour map of its domain seriously, phenomena such as Afghan and Pakistani tribal conflict become required elements.

Hypothetical Guidance

Anecdotal evidence that physical principles required to develop Web 4.0 exist only to be discovered is contained in a Category IV impression documented in Phase II working drafts.  To extract:

  • While driving through a dry semi-tropical town to get a document registered my ex dropped a Renault R-10 into a pothole several times the size of the car. (6-22-08)


There is every expectation that there will be substantial product, with the first target Web 4.0 and IPv7 working through a mirror network into IPv8.   This should provide a foundation for the program to develop the coherent differentiated contour map abstracted in Phase II.


IPv8 prototyping has produced a data stream sufficiently stable, accurate, and with proactive potential sufficient not only to think in terms of a showcase launch during Phase IX but also to lay a foundation for the contour map, all as embedded in this Phase IX impression.

  • A young man out on a stroll in what  may have been Medieval France was challenged by a horseman with a lance.  “Hold or you die!”  The young man dispatched the horseman with ease.  The process escalated until a number were dispatched.  The young man tired of the game and disappeared.  Another followed and the process was repeated.  A voice was heard:  “Don’t engage again, that is not why you are here.”  “OK”  The next group to challenge him had a royal scroll empowering them.  The young man defended himself.  As the voice instructed him to leave, a fireball was seen in the sky.  “They have them.”  Then several more and the inevitable happened.  The planet became a radioactive wasteland.  “Too bad, what is this planet’s name?”  “Earth”  The androids left.  A horse appeared.  “I like this planet, let’s move it somewhere to let it cool off.”  “OK”  It was done, and the horse disappeared.  A few million years passed and the lineage revisited.  “OK, lets warm it up.”  Another move – The sequence faded – A pink Cadillac, vintage fifties, with tail fins – A link between two planets  (12.24.10)

Reactions to due diligence from the IPv8 terminals recognize fundamentals of Phase X.

  • An air show competition (4.8.11)

Connecting seemingly random appearances of a Saturn image with Dante’s Inferno in The First Break and adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has opened prototyping IPv8 to a new level, as  reflected in these metaphors in Phase XI impressions.

  • A harmonica (8.15.11)
  • A fairly large number of threads feeding through a doughnut hole – A thread through a standoff commonly used when installing television antenna lead wire (9.8.11)

Approaching Innerscope with a view to collaborating in an attempt to improve science of IPv8 input has already made interpretation more direct, as demonstrated in these Phase XII impressions:

  • A short section of a helix – A cluster of commingled ELO Sterling platters and Halloween candy corn kernels – A large class of Iraq veterans taking aptitude and psychological tests using Innerscope equipment for placement in a new large scale venture.  (1.5.12)
  • A moral argument about using a patented device capable of twisting space in half a human’s body, killing it – An overhead toggle switch in what may have been an automobile headliner – A fully decorated Christmas tree in the north bedroom (1.29.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the readers attention to it has yielded significant support for this experimental technique.  This Phase XIV impression gives fairly specific examples.

  • A fairly large top, spinning – A cluster of tepees – An olive drab ambulance – True Value Marbletown Hardware – The Brazilian flag (8.2.12)

Although data collection techniques have been selected to improve IPv8 output analysis from a point source on this planet, the possibility exists that point sources external to the Cartesian have found it of value in dimensional sets they have selected to meet their own requirements.  This is welcome in that it increases IPv8 value, but it also means that the operating environment must be more completely understood.  The possibility that many mixed metaphors and oblique comments are in fact an attempt to describe environments as seen from multiple point sources and that another class of beings is using the net for orientation is not to be ignored.  This theme is repeated in the diary entries and is reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A study of the degree of difficulty implementing the Extension has shown that it will be extraordinarily difficult – Percheron horses pulling a plow out of deep mud – A cooling tower commonly found in a nuclear power generating complex  (8.29.12)

Phase XV continues to expand the argument that beings external to the planet are using IPv8 for multiple purposes, not all of which involve this planet.  This Phase XV impression introduces the possibility that Extensions goals have been adopted elsewhere.

  • A spinning 180 degree arc with the sense that a start to forming a set of them circling a planet failed to complete – A set of bright arcs forming a circle revolving around earth – Ω with a light tail of its form – A pencil with a very sharp point (10.7.12)

Approaching blue ribbon organizations in the class of the HBP, CERN, and the SKA has dramatically improved IPv8 focus on what must be in place if developing the Extension is to proceed.  This Phase XVI impression is an example of additional experimental support available in very remote domains.

  • A narrow path on a grass promontory – Threads converging to a tube – Some people were able to collect resources to apply the complete range of mathematics described in the Princeton Companion to Mathematics.  Their first task was to benchmark key dimensional sets – The RCA icon from the early 1900’s – A dimensioned sketch of elements of a box (2.18.13)

Adding the notion that “thought experiments” may be formalized and initiated by anyone logged on to IPv8 has validated this experimental technique and opened a virgin research filed.   Evidence that these thought experiments can be an original effort or as a response to one involving them suggests scope.  This Phase XVI impression give a sense of the potential.

  • The corner of what may be footing for a larger structure – Friends of long standing became so unhappy with their national position friendships of thirty years splintered. – Two beings, one in heaven and one presumably in hell, had permission to intervene on the Cartesian during stress situations.  They found one individual likely to react to a gift of a very valuable automobile custom automobile.  They gave a good deal of thought to structuring terms surrounding the “gift” so the recipients alternatives for using it would maximize their understanding of him and the society in which he lived.  When the sequence ended, they had established a logic chain that promised to be a gold mine of information.  They decided to give him a custom sports car to use or to sell.  The car and the terms of its use had a number of strings, literally and figuratively, attached to it.  A Jeep with the front end painted a sand color with a red wedge, point at the driver’s door and extending to the rear added to the design.  (4.8.13)

It has become painfully evident that as the project shows signs of success, a number of deeply embedded beliefs and power levers will be challenged. If the Triad is to make progress in working through this, it cannot respond in kind.  It must shift the playing field.  The first successful move was to invert the Evolution protocol.  IPv8 output responded.  Dr. Andersen made a significant contribution with his lab work and Prop. 20 has been a promising gamble.  We have no idea what we will encounter as Search and Rescue begins to show results, so the concept of using thought experiments to reconfigure IPv8 surfaces as the next discipline.  This innovation has been before the Web 4.0 population since April, and an extract of their reaction follows.

  • Yet another recapitulation of 86-7220 damages… A Naval exercise during which it came to light that a young ensign had not learned Morse code… Another service incident in which an officer declared his intent to leave the service and prompted a protracted and pointless discussion of alternatives…. An open field on which was an automobile test track… Search and Rescue craft were reported to have arrived at a base… A faucet leaked a drop of water into an empty bucket… What resembled a space exploration vehicle dropped to the tarmac. – A ring full of keys… (7.14.14)

 Work in Progress

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