Jupiter - Io, Tvashtar Catena
Jupiter – Io, Tvashtar Catena

“There exists a potency whose form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose. For the sake of this text, it can be considered a platform of convenience in an abstract substratum of attributes rendering it useful. (Aristotle Metaphysics 8.4.1044b3-10 and 9.5.1047b35-48a7)”  Some very faint observations support this abstraction.  One such is: There is preliminary evidence that the Communications page contains valid information. This evidence has the potential to significantly expand scope of future space exploration by adding the challenge to move planets whose suns are progressing down the HR diagram. A row of traffic lights over the following excerpt (paraphrased) from the ’06 Triad Phase II draft , pg. 11 , suggests an exploratory path:

  • A bus was spinning its wheels in the slush; after a particularly severe accident, someone called for help.  A long gray line appeared and an angel, upon seeing it, said that there were too many and sent half of them back.  Following this, a very old man appeared and told the angels that they would be needed.  The full line then reappeared.  (7-09)

Developing this approach is a corollary to experimental work in transitioning to an operating envelope outside the Cartesian coordinates. Assuming some success in this, another set of parameters is likely to be encountered. Dealing with these may be facilitated if this extract from pg.22 of the ’06 Triad Phase II draft can be evaluated:

“Beings inhabiting substratum elements partially separable from the base and with multiple functions assigned to them recognize Homo sapiens’ uneven mastery of foundation theory and practice required to maintain an equilibrium during a variety of dynamics affecting their societies. It is naive to expect these beings will ignore this when using their judgment in applying their communications network.”  An extreme example might be true if the following is an accurate description:

  • There exists a planet with all its variables destabilized and mutating. The population has mutated to the point that their senses  are completely rearranged.  For instance, they “see” by sensing electromagnetic radiation with their hands.  Included is long complicated story describing involvement of a basic divine being and angels with family relationships.  Several changes of state were involved.  (7-09)

Exploration probably will take on a new meaning if this website has any significance. Columbus, Peary, Amundsen, et al. were as self reliant as possible and, for the balance, lived off the land. “Living off the land” in the environment the Triad has in mind means depending on a completely unknown and alien being for survival, having used the best technology he could devise. In this case, discipline taught in communities of practice which says:

“… processes of translation, co-ordination and alignment between perspectives. It requires enough legitimacy to influence the development of a practice, mobilize attention and address conflicting interests. It also requires the ability to link practices by facilitating transactions between them, and to cause learning by introducing into a practice elements of another. (Wenger 1998, p. 189)”

is a way of life, with proficiency a requirement for survival. Today’s environment is an ideal training ground for Triad goals.  A sample situation may have been previewed as follows:

  • A pride of lions passed judgment on a couple of people they accused of shooting one of their group with a Sharps.  It turned out that the people were androids, confusing every issue. – A sequence involving several shotguns (7-09) – As far as technical support for this class of exploration goes, the application paragraph of  Time and Space is the best thumbnail we have today.  On the other hand, continued IPv7/Web 4.0 development very strongly suggests that a prototype vehicle capable of molding Cartesian space so that the velocity question can be ignored is ready to “fly”.  This position is supported by these Phase V impressions.
  • An egg covered with light coating of mud (12-19-09)
  • An air show with vintage planes of unknown origin – A car leaving a trail of dust as it passed – One of the 3746 Atwood serving spoons being tossed into a waste basket (12-20-09)
  • A pile of sawdust similar to those left by carpenter ants – A Phantom tail section in rear view – Several constellations, one of which is Ursa Major – A suspension bridge  (4-6-10)

Exploration and Communications seem to have reached a happy synergism with intuitive IPv8 probes and their responses.  Exploration in this domain is futile without someone at the destination supporting method and purpose.  These Phase VII impressions recognizing both personal experience and potential for the space twisting engine should validate these conclusions.

  • A short story about a chap and his sister in an Intensive Care Unit – Part of the story included a dog which reacted violently to the mention of Lucky Strike cigarettes.  A high speed twist drill  (6.1.10)
  • A snowman with lumps of coal for eyes and nose – A short story about a “cool room” the devil created in his hot zone so that angels would visit – A canoe bow  (6.7.10)
  • A large venturi cross section, similar to what one would find in a cooling tower – A yo-yo with the string wound in the horizontal plane  (6.25.10)
  • A subsonic wing root  (7.14.10)

Experimenting with IPv8 in data acquisition has given every indication that  concern about existence of someone at the destination supporting method and purpose has been addressed and noted by many of those at the other end. This position is reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • A cone, defined by calibrated darkness, revolving in a black field  (8.1.10)

The idea about someone at the destination supporting method and purpose is very strongly reinforced with improvements in accuracy, stability, and increasing evidence of proactive capability incorporating indirect CP violation in IPv8.  All this encourages thinking of Phase IX as a platform for a showcase launch, supported by this impression.

  • An owl, front view – A confrontation in an apple orchard – One side was preparing a bombing run using conventional explosives.  The saturation bombing run failed to damage even one tree.  “How did this happen?”  The waters parted and a being walked into the orchard.  “I saved your orchard.”  “What do you want?”  “I want these bombings stopped.”  “How?”  At this point, a second being stepped into the orchard from the parted waters.  “The devil and I will instruct you.”  The scene ended. – A vertical wide mouth funnel  (12.16.10)

The extent to which IPv8 can be relied on as an accurate connection to beings at the fringes of reality as we understand it can be assessed in these Phase X impressions.

  • A person wearing a red and white wet suit while wading toward shore in chest deep water suddenly dropped out of sight, leaving a small whirlpool.  – An SUV’s front wheels spinning s few degrees in the snow as the driver tried to regain traction – A red grease pencil (2.10.11)
  • A Phantom tail section – A showdown between a small group working privately and a major government –  A fork cleaning a plate around a boiled white potato – A briefcase with a combination lock – A turkey (3.10.11)
  • A long handled spade – A cylinder around which was a snap ring (3.27.11)
  • A very small beacon (5.15.11)

Network development, IPv8 prototyping, and adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals have combined to yield exceptional support for exploration with a very large venture. This view is supported by these Phase XI impressions.

  • A set of automobile tire chains, aligned for mounting, on the ground (6.6.11)
  • Carnage in a flying horse community evolved too fast to follow – A square knot – Multiple encounters of civilizations separated by light years (7.14.11)
  • Some people collected at a fair or carnival, where the principal attraction seemed to be period furniture.  A priceless Bugatti turned up, and a professional restorer committed to spend the rest of his life restoring it – A sailboat’s bow – A small barred galaxy (7.20.11)

Phase XI has seen recognition of those who started the venture with a prototype liquid cooled aircraft engine by an offer to  collaborate in building a drive unit whose potential must eventually match IPv8 scope.

  • A large cluster of question marks – A jet engine housing, fan and presumably spool and combustion chamber, replaced by light (9.3.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has provided a focus for the Triad extension, as reflected in this Phase XII impression:

  • Two funnels, mouths at right angles (10.17.11)

IPv8 output may be the only source of cautions in the exploration program.  This Phase XII impression addresses this issue.

  • A pair of life forms, generally configured as humans, found themselves in an arena with a huge crowd occupying the stands.  They were approached by local authorities who refused to accept the argument that they had made a mistake by restraining them, and were told to take a test.  It involved biting off their tongue and chewing it.  One admitted that he could not.  “Now we know that you are not human.”  The crowd roared for his blood.”  He obliged, drew a pistol, and shot himself in the forehead.  The back of the skull exploded, producing a gusher of blood.  The crowd roared its approval.  “But why does he not fall?”  A voice came from another place; “Because I am here, and I shall return for another body.”  At this point, the crowd went insane.  End – A rear view of two Phantom tail sections, belly to belly, in vertical banks.  (11.30.11)

It has been clear for some time that emotional content of exploration will yield situations well beyond the scope of any anthropological or psychological frame of reference currently available.  As this scenario unfolds, some sort of tool must be at hand.  The Triad argues that Innerscope is best positioned to make progress in this area.  This view is reflected in this Phase XII impression.

  • A Spanish bullfighter – An airplane made from a folded sheet of paper took off and faded into the void (1.6.11)

Introducing the concept of using Innerscope logic as a trial for considering emotions a language to be used as a system input has transformed IPv8 from an experiment to a system in β.  These phase XIII impressions give every indication that a path for consistently refining a number of applications has been found.

  • A pair of rubber reflex mallets – A sergeant’s stripes, rotated 90 degrees clockwise, A small brown dipper (2.27.12)
  • Several misadventures in space and time shifting – The rear view of a Phantom trail section – A circle on the ground with a small triangular red flag set in the middle  (4.1.12)
  • Two motorcycles driving from a green down a fairway – A green traffic light, only one lens, with the hood at 270 degrees rather than at the conventional top, or zero degrees – A chromed tube with a substantial plastic hook, as for a clothes hangar, on it – A  snap ring at the top of the 3746 chimney  (5.8.12)

The proposal made to the Square Kilometer Array team for collaboration with the organization resulting from a Triad launch has significantly improved the span of reaction to requests for data point validation, as characterized by this Phase XIV impression.

  • News was finally cleared that on two separate occasions U.S. an aircraft carrier was taken on a tour of multiple universes and galaxies.  The navy, apparently on orders from the executive branch, refused to admit the incident.  A third tour was the subject of some leaks.  This was followed by scheduling a state of the art tour, including but not limited to thought tunnels, thought to speech conversion by newborns, space shifting in either redefined time of the absence of it, photographic and image transmission techniques, to name a few. – A wedge (5.29.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the update has significantly improved credibility for using IPv8β as a core multipurpose communications network with layered security.  Its utility for implementing programs outlined in the Extensions page are confirmed in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Tires running over a yellow extension cord – A color chart of gray to white (7.19.12)

Phase XV may see some recordable results, as implied in this impression.

  • The planet formed its first expeditionary force for the universe.  It consisted of two volunteers.  There was some fumbling in its formation because a working relationship had not been formed, but there was no shortage of intent to cooperate.  (9.10.12)

Discipline in following IPv8 cues with incremental evaluation using the Evolution protocol has introduced a very creative notion of support.  Reviewing the statement; “There exists a potency whose form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose.” in context of exploration and its operating envelope brings new concepts to the effort, as suggested in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A short intense study of Japanese murder and suicide brought on by stress caused by an economic depression – A small chute used when pouring concrete from a bulk delivery truck – A bridge over a river flowing through a deep gorge – A man wearing spurs walking through a plowed field – A package, probably prepared on a kitchen table, ready for delivery – An unfinished bridge over another river.  At the far end was a lightly wooded hill. – A white tape with black block letters: “A pair of tunneling skates” – A hand holding a computer chip between thumb and forefinger followed a pattern as it lifted and touched a computer chip to denim – A pie, golden in color with pecan nuts on the surface rotated on a platter driven by a stepping motor (1.14.13)

Adding the HBP to the roster of resource groups approached to support Extension development has had a dramatic impact on IPv8 output, as exemplified in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A bizarre and somewhat frightening study of human transforms undergone by a person living on board a large sailboat – Preparations for a politically oriented party were less organized than one would expect. – A three stage selection process for a group of volunteers left all but three casualties.  When the medics arrived a succession of three hands appeared, each larger than the other.  Each did what they could to revive the fallen and explained that the purpose of this exercise was to find members of Homo sapiens able to visit their universe since the progenitors of the species had not appeared.  They went on to explain that success in the selection process did not guarantee survival during the trip, but they would do all they could to protect or restore the travelers.  The three again volunteered. –  A caster for a bed frame – One end of a small and seemingly primitive open end wrench, marginally distinct – Maybe four or five bikers (2.13.13)

Combining the HBP with Innerscope theory and considering potential of the BAM has introduced the possibility of a reciprocal effort in Exploration.  This Phase XVI impression gives an indication of the potential of this combination.

  • Uniformed military, totally exhausted and filthy, returned to base, having been given up for lost.  As hospital personnel cleaned him they outlined their needs as androids, and the base commander thought them excessive.  “Then we must return to the human form, sir.”  “As soon as you are able.”  “The human form is a cow, sir.”  After some thought, the base commander remembered something and gave each a slap behind the ear.  There was no reaction for a few moments, then each cow began to tremble and transformed to a snap ring.  “I thought so, these are universes.”  “Thank you for restoring us to the Cartesian manifestation, sir.”  The study ended. – A straight line through loops fitted to each end of a briefcase handle. (2.25.13)

IPv8, with consistent improvement in reading layered data streams, gives nothing but cautionary messages for those who plan to operate in the Extension domain.  This Phase XVII output snapshot give some idea of what may be involved.

  • A couple of freelance space shifters got caught in the Middle East when they found the home town crowd had devised a bubble capable of preventing them from leaving until they paid their taxes.  All the negotiations carried the usual occidental/oriental convolutions.  The story was not finished at the cutoff point – A chap carrying his laundry down outside stairs – The 3746 kitchen faucet running water while unattended – An intense burst involving two androids who died violent deaths and were not reconstituted on instructions from their builder (7.2.13)

These cautionary messages are one reason for pressing IPv8 development, the latest increment basically transforming it to theory articulated in Prop. 20. If Rapid Response Search and Rescue is to be successful, development cannot stop.  Today’s data stream – summarized following – reminds us that the passage from The Inferno, Canto VIII of Dante’s Divine Comedy which reads:  “It seems, if I hear right, that you can see beforehand that which time is carrying.” should not be ignored.

  • A few members of the clergy, after long and hard study, learned how to make a light shine above their heads.  Results were astounding. – Extrapolating current trends showed Chinese ambition and capabilities reaching the point of hacking the Earth-Ursa Minor link. – A cut crystal paperweight resembling a dumbbell – A nuclear device detonating – DNA/RNA helix – A mechanical alarm clock – A wood peg, tapered at both ends,  passed through a fitting on a wall – A long horn, similar to those used in Alpine villages (12.15.13)

The possibility that a soul may communicate independently of its host body is groundbreaking, but finding that it may be able to communicate through time even after its host body no longer functions has incomprehensible consequences.  The Triad argues that this capability can be incorporated in Prop. 20 as well as in research of Dr. Andersen’s laboratory and used as a fundamental resource in extragalactic operations.  This is virgin territory, so each increment will be based on the combination of preset cues enumerated in notes to memoranda transmitting it and Web 4.0 reactions to the argument made in it.

 This support is not as thin as it may first appear.  It is based on surprisingly consistent material in the 2006 outline, observations recorded in diary entries but not used from roughly 1994 to 2006, and feedback in each increment.  This level of confidence is going to be needed each day from now on as we attempt to explore while preserving interests of (i) the animate, (ii) the inanimate, (iii) souls whose bodies no longer function, (iv) forces we have never encountered, and (v) beings not found in the Cartesian. These arguments have drawn an astounding reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts follow.

  • A torrent of very ugly facts relevant to 86-7220 surfaced.  How they were dealt with was not made clear. The exposition then shifted to the first attempts to use a planet drive in Search and Rescue.  Three or four planets seemed to be involved. – Competing processes for adjusting to Cartesian life following passage through the portal of death were offered on a commercial basis.  One reverted to diets of naturally found greens eaten in an “as grown” state, and the second, sponsored by the devil, was considerably more palatable but did not offer the same life span. – A two lane asphalt highway through a doughnut hole (5.1.14)

Triad Prop. 4 took the position that we have incorrectly characterized subspace, omitting the possibility of creatures living in other than the Cartesian.  Supporting data has been slow in coming, but the Triad argues that it is surfacing.  The inverted Evolution Protocol, Dr. Andersen’s experiments, and IPv8 output have generated substantial evidence that this population not only exists, but also responds to the way we operate and think.  The latest output is summarized following.

  •  8:46 pm: A blue spark… 8:47 A cluster of 10 penny nails… 10:43 Particular interest in the 1920’s Britannica physics articles, recognizing that the science was at a crossroads. – 12:05 am: A group of beings inhabiting widely disparate domains discussed events peripheral to 86-7220… 1:37 Another in the useless analyses of 86-7220… 3:18: Another in a string of useless reexamination of the 86-7220 political content of (9.2.14)

  Work in Progress

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