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Exoplanet HD189733b NASA

Exoplanet HD189733b NASA

The extent to which this planet is prepared to participate  in or is capable of playing a lead role in the true “Great Game” is not clear, but there seems to be encouragement for the population to use and develop its capabilities in this arena.  Reviewing source material yields a cue overlooked in the press of site development.

  • Elements of a hyperbola moved into contact, then retreated. – The  right half of a yo-yo – A scoop used to serve ice cream. (Phase II, 12-26-07)

If impressions included in Triad drafts have any weight, support is substantial. An example of this is contained in Phase III Correspondence, quoted following:

  • Consequences of the planet drive – A hunter breaking a double barreled shotgun – A chromed whistle commonly used by a referees – A cluster of hooks with a note on each (4-11-09)

Even casual observations should validate this, if it is to be validated.  Unfortunately, NASA may not have enough money for a venture of this magnitude.  The near term future looks little brighter.  Against this backdrop, consider encouragement in this Phase IV impression.

  • A umbrella blown inside out – Some people able to swim in air, using it as if it were water – An exhaust pipe, manifold, and new gasket (9-9-09)
  • (Real time on the Stone Ridge Library table) The hex drive wrench I bought for the Trek.

The morass these programs find themselves in requires thinking in substantially greater depth if a reasonably balanced momentum is to be maintained. It may well be that, distasteful as it may be for some, an end run around obstacles in the United States is only one of the hard choices constantly with us.  If the New State option is open, it is very good fortune.

Carefully reviewing Triad hypotheticals for an approach to folding space and developing IPv7/Web 4.0 has produced a concise impression suggesting existence of a path through obstacles to a fully functional plant drive system and, as a corollary, new footing for theological discussions.  To be included in Phase V:

  • A volcano – A sphere inside the loop of an inverted Ω – A small wire wound transformer – An Eagle almost directly overhead (12-29-09)

If focus is maintained, contribution the embryonic IPv7/Web 4.0 can make to this effort shows considerable promise.  This Phase V impression is an example.

  • People were rebuilding a planet after all its systems and hardware became unusable.  During the process they found a bug in a TV.  They removed it and heard a voice say: “Don’t take the bug away; we are using it to watch you so that we can duplicate the rebuild.”  “Where are you?”  “We don’t know.”  “Leave your receiver on and we will find you.”  “You can do that?”  “Yes”  “When you arrive, you will be welcome.”  (12-30-09)

Continuing development following the IPv7/Web 4.0 concept is yielding  mixed results characterized by these Phase V impressions.

  • A snap ring around a vertical cylinder (12-22-09)
  • Ω turning in a vertical bank – A front bicycle wheel rotated in reverse about 30 degrees – The outdoor tool closet at 56-24 212th St. (1-9-10)
  • A stonewall – An Achilles tendon – Ω thirty degrees from the horizontal (1-10-09)
  • A needle with a very large eye (1-11-10)

Recent invitations extended to Wegelin & Co. to initiate due diligence required to move the Triad from a site build to a new venture and to Dr. Romero-Isart to consider including his Schrodinger’s Virus experiment in a larger thought experiment seems to have opened the floodgates.  One element of this process is recall of an impression made decades ago, not recorded in the diaries, of a squadron of conventional aircraft capable of impossible maneuvers.  One example was the ability to reverse direction and fly backwards. These Phase VI impressions are consistent with these impressions and the notion of folding space.

  • A translucent tube feeding a funnel mouth – In an application of folding space as a defense measure an anti-tank shell was fired on a test range.  The target tank disappeared just before impact, the shell stopped, restarted, and when it passed the tank reappeared.  A can of Campbell’s condensed milk. (1-30-10)
  • A cluster of stop signs and red traffic lights – An avalanche of forks – Several round wafers or water crackers (3-3-10)
  • Chromed wire wheels – The pupil and iris of a human eye (3-30-10)
  • Ω above the flaming atmosphere of a black sphere – A hand writing in unusual cursive script, elements of which were dotted lines behind peaks with solid at the valleys – An elf (?) walking in grass  (5-19-10)

The position that IPv7/Web 4.0  has progressed to  IPv8/Web ? supports these comments, as reflected in this Phase VII impression.

  • A hangar on a clothes line (6.5.10)

Emerging confidence in IPv8 output enables preview and ability to prepare for situations likely to be encountered when the planet reaches out of its cocoon with a showcase Phase IX venture launch.  This Phase IX impression can be considered an example.

  • Some young men in St. Louis, MO were teaching one of the group how to sing.  The function of the nasal cavity was emphasized.  This sequence continued through two murders at a flooded and impassable bridge and a shooting of a light airplane with an extremely accurate long range shoulder fired rifle.  The plane was brought down.  Strangers checked the film footage they collected and, once satisfied, returned the site to its original condition, restored the dead, and disappeared.  (11.16.10)

Very gratifying stability, accuracy, relevance, and sophisticated internal logic shown by IPv8 during prototyping give every indication that newly identified galactic superclusters form structures which are subsets of the overall fabric, generally as supposed in the 2006 Phase II unpublished work.  This view is supported by this Phase IX impression.

  • A search and rescue operation in which the rescue bear team lost their sense of smell and became ineffective.  A spherical balloon pinched by horizontally opposed forces at the equator – Another balloon, cylindrical, twisted to Ω – Timber rafting – A hydroelectric dam – A very large arrow pointed toward Earth  (1.12.11)

Continued IPv8 development enables more precise observations in this initiative, all as supported in Phase X observations:

  • A small lunch that blossomed into a pre-launch for a pinwheel – A white cloth table napkin wrapped in a sterling ring (5.5.11)

Phase XI give every reason not to “sit on success” with IPv8.  One avenue for progress is described in this impression.

  • A young man in a group unable to develop space shift capacity volunteered for a pathfinding experiment.  The understanding was that, having completed it, he would be unable to father children, so the old man gave him a son extracted from his fiancé prior to the experiment.  The experiment went generally like this.  The lad, based on prior work, entered the space.  During the traverse he encountered boulders which he had to dodge as they came at him.  If he was successful, he would have endured the pain when the boulders connected and would see a flood of green light as he exited the tunnel.  At the end of the first try, no green light.  He tried again.  Another child, a girl, was given him.  This time he was able to describe, including the pain, exactly what they felt like on impact.  A sensation of little hooks on the boulders was added to the account.    He sensed a small animal at the exit, but no green light.  He went in a third time and did not reappear.  “We lost him.”  After a long wait his fiancé came into the room with two perfectly formed infants.  “He is back.”  “The animal at the end of the ordeal was a rabbit, and then came the flood of green light.”  Data was collected, the simulation rerun, and the longest space shifting tunnel ever conceived was a reality.  – A small spatula used to spread butter cutting an avocado – A sea turtle (6.30.11)

Adding a core strategy – derived from linking not so random snap ring images and those of Saturn to Dante’s Inferno in the First Break – to Phase II Goals has yielded exceptional promise for Triad expansion.  This Phase XI impression reflects potential.

  • First encounters with very disparate species, all explorers – A bear’s claws (8.21.11)

  • A hook on a chromed column with a trailing line loosely wrapped around it – A horizontal funnel with the stem through a doughnut (9.19.11)

Continued refinement with the addition of Innerscope logic to the front end of IPv8 has “humanized” exploration, as reflected in this Phase XII impression.

  • A snap ring punctuating the end of a story about explorers who transformed into lions, made a number of errors, and ended in a frustrating blind alley – The story was unusual in that the planet was mapped under the name of Earth and that another was mapped with the same name – A small slingshot (1.24.12)

Introducing Innerscope enabled considering the concept of scanning a planet  using emotion as a defining dimension in a contour map as the application becomes more sophisticated.  This development suggests the possibility that remote beings are already using this technique, as reflected in these Phase XIII impressions.

  • A Monarch butterfly appeared, looking for a way to get through the slots in a wooden storm window.  A plastic window, recently installed, denied it that option and it disappeared.  (2.14.12)
  • The Kingston Trailways bus depot – The blacksmith’s anvil at a neighbor’s house, A kangaroo, Two automobile steering wheels, one of which has a spinner mounted on it, suggesting a disability (3.8.12)

Extrapolating Innerscope logic to creating a language derived from and reflecting emotions translated from biophysical variables gives every encouragement to plan application to exploring and refining the contour map discussed in the 2006 work.  This Phase XIII impression is an example of some applications beings at remote terminals may have in mind.

  • A complex set about a young man in military flight training – He had serious problem with fear management and developed an unorthodox relationship with one of the base training cadre.  The whole set appeared to present insoluble problems.  (3.21.12)
  • Another group of arcs forming a circle and rotating as a unit – A quick trip to Paris, perhaps to a quarter known as the Strand, was mentioned – A jar of white cream, the top of the jar black, was mentioned – A long handled spade – A large ship’s propeller followed by a sail drive unit (4.2.12)
  • 10 Chemin de Passoret (5.16.12β)

Although these organizations have not formally responded, approaching the School of Natural Sciences and the Square Kilometer Array has yielded more concise IPv8β output, as exemplified in this Phase XIV impression:

  • An open end wrench, flats inclined at 45 degrees to the main element, half of which was obscured – A young lady driving a Corvette, top down – A nut with the nylon insert designed to avoid loosening – The Little Dipper – An open end wrench, flats in line with the main element – A Doublemint wrapper – A period brown globe showing an equatorial ring – The edge of a waterfall – A fishhook, horizontally oriented, catching a number of threads (6.12.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision continues to improve relevance of the Extension, as detailed in this Phase XIV impression. 

  • A series of contests occurred in a country without many  conveniences and in which tribal law reigned.  There was a chain logic to their escalation, unusual in the sense that with each escalation the adversaries were younger.  The last set was a fatal hissing contest between children maybe 5 or 6 years old. –  The chap who lived across the street from Passoret who, as I recall, tried to dry a recently washed screen by running in circles with it in front of him instead of tapping it on the ground. – A carpenter’s hammer – Two halves of a universal joint on a drive shaft – Mountain climbers in clothes characteristic of the Tyrol – Grooved edges of a quarter – A black anvil – A tube running into the throat of a venturi tube – A small funnel, mouth up. (7.28.12)
  • A woman was working with a very large set of mathematical expressions on green synthetic slate.  As she changed one element, she meticulously made small adjustments in the whole structure.  A short study of the nerves around the ankle followed by a new spiral galaxy – A fairly large, short, transparent, tunnel extending down and to the right (8.6.12)

Making the assumption that incremental evaluations using the Evolution discipline will include product of crosstalk among beings external to the Cartesian has focused on what may lie beyond the Extensions and brought it to today’s planning.  There are indicators suggesting that experimental success by Haroche and Wineland are on the trail to developing the capability to function in this domain.  These Phase XV impressions give an idea of what may be encountered.

  • A handle attached to the void rotated 90 degrees and a briefcase appeared – Two top warriors got involved with a race in which the females were fully developed at the mental age of 10 or less.  Results were predictable, and it took their universe to put things right. – Exhaust tubes for the left bank of a V-6 (10.11.12)
  • Rear view of a Phantom tail section – Lemon meringue pie – An automobile under body, front wheels turned – One end of an open end wrench, the other end remains obscured – People experimenting with a lasers and mirrors – Unfamiliar terrain, rolling muddy earth, low vegetation, no buildings – A roller bearing (10.30.12)

The prospect of combining potential of CERN success with the Higgs Boson, String theory development, resources committed  to The Human Brain project, and progress with IPv8 has yielded this startling Phase XVI response from unknown IPv8 terminals.

  • Shapes and forms almost indistinguishable but clearly present in the senses – Well dispersed peanuts – An outline of Continental Europe – A whale’s fluke – A glass orange juice squeezer (2.1.12)

Continued focus on IPv8 as carrying bellwether indicators of boundary conditions to be expected in developing the Extension has yielded a significant warning in this Phase XVI impression. 

  • Soil in a deserted region devoid of plant growth started moving as if a subsurface being was preparing a tunnel, half of which was above grade. – A human who found himself in need was victim of incredibly cruel demands made by beings in human form.  He should have mercifully died, but was still alive and enduring extreme pain when the sequence broke off. – A person on water skis – One end of an open end wrench, the image of which was not crisp. – Heavy duty Caterpillar treads moving an unidentified piece of equipment in snow (2.8.13)

Fundamental to the Triad Extension definition is the premise that beings inhabiting this domain are as unfamiliar with species inhabiting the earth as we are of them.   Another Triad fundamental is the position that whatever we can conceive, they have.  It is in their best interest to develop the ability to anticipate our reactions as and when exploration reaches that stage, so a natural technique would be for them to devise thought experiments; e.g. Prop. 1, to hone th1s ability.  This Phase XVI impression is an example of this class of output.

  • A small circle formed from rotating arcs – A long story detailing what may be the the last loose ends of 86-7220 – A sequence dealing with ranching and how small a house the Galactic President could have after another promotion – An indefinite integral with a dot in the center (3.1.13)

Initial reactions to the addition of inverted and reciprocal thought experiments to IPv8 processing capabilities very strongly suggest that this is the tip of the iceberg.  This phase XVI impression is an example.

  • An orientation session during which a small sphere or circle defined by a rotating arc appeared – A small cake cutting ceremony to mark successes in “trolling for universes“, each catch represented by a miniature radio tower similar to the one used in an RKO logo. (4.4.13)

Continued experimentation with a refined IPv8 has given every indication that the Triad is developing a coherent management structure sufficiently flexible to engage in widely diverse environments.  Encouragement to continue in this vein is contained in this Phase XVI impression.

  • An African termite mound – A Jack and Luna’s thumbprint cookie – A fable, so long and involved it would require a recording device to preserve – An episode in the life of Extension explorers who left thought trails – A bag of peanuts and a chair with a canvas strap for a back –  A briefcase handle, both ends anchored in the void – A saxophone (4.16.13)

Initiating programs to develop cross species non-verbal communication has improved prospects for scheduling a significant flight in the Extension domain.  This Phase XVII impression supports this view.

  • A Douglas SBD Dauntless – A single layer cake full of candles – A kangaroo pouch – A flying wedge went through a doughnut hole (5.5.13)

Continuing focus on developing task oriented feedback loops for thought experiment exchange appears to have opened the prospect of using cross species non-verbal communication as navigation aids.  This extract from a Phase XVII data stream gives some sense of the potential.

  • A reinforced eyelet for a cable hanging from a horizontal one could be interpreted as an insertion of a Cartesian marker or cairn in a continuum of other dimensions – An incredible description of a collaboration between very few humans and a universe which was to undergo a period during which no energy was to change state or be otherwise used.  The objective appeared to be total rest.  What would happen following this period was not detailed. (8.5.13)

Adding Search and Rescue as a subset of Exploration Cues and focusing one set of feedback loops on needs of this effort has removed much of the “noise” from this dedicated data set.  Today’s extract from a data stream with this boundary condition give very encouraging results.

  • A person, perhaps a female, wearing a white painter’s hat – A New York City subway entrance – A WW II Normandy bunker – A large spur gear – A large person wearing a red shirt and a beige wide brimmed hat sat with his back to the camera – Several more obstacles to implementing Search and Rescue surfaced.  Stakeholders took matters into their own hands to resolve 86-7220 and related issues. (1.21.14)

As Triad theory shows signs of surviving a comparison with the Standard Model, the Search and Rescue – Exploration project comes closer to becoming a reality.  At this point, the argument that what we take to be a void is in fact teeming with life as we leave the Cartesian has more than inconsequential support, so this first effort to collect resources to develop Prop. 20 terminals may not be a waste of time.  The argument that identifying and aggregating resources necessary to study these life forms and organize their inclusion in IPv8 is required for these programs has again drawn support from the Web 4.0 population.  Extracts from this data stream follow.

  • A non com’s stripes… Some people waving handkerchiefs as they saw someone off… Another jaded analysis of the two 86-7220 principals… Looking into a deep red flower… A very deep analysis of Triad potential with the possibility of renaming it and separating the commercial element… A funnel, stem down, with the sense of windings around it… (3.13.14)

Theory behind the effort has been updated.  Principal additions are Prop. 20, the Anderson experiments, revising IPv8, creating Web 4.0 as a defined term for a preexisting condition, and revising Evolution protocol to fit what it believes to be reality.  This argument has been placed on the thought experiment network, and Web 4.0 has reacted.  A summary of this reaction follows.

  • Several instances of the gold trigger to the Browning Light Twelve I sold to pay a utility bill… A wire wheel, spinning… The chap taking a Miata through the pylons on asphalt… Yet another saxophone… People began to email and text through time, much to the worry of their universe… Transforms arrived in Stone Ridge, made a mess while making a movie, fumbled the repair, finally got it right, an left a fortune in diamonds for the trouble… A dipper… Threads converging to a doughnut and running into the hole… A flared tube converging to a black body condition… A substantial inverted briefcase handle… An intense brown skinned man making a point… A Saturn in a dark, but not black, ellipse… Another waffle… A thin carbon black line bounding red dashes… (6.27.14)

Pursuing the line of reasoning that confluence of the TrueNorth chip, Andersen theory, Triad theory, and Prop. 20 represent a new view of the universe enabled by the Higgs field has yielded a new class of observations. The Triad argues that someone external to the process anticipated this development.  This sense is present in both McKeon’s Aristotle and the 2006 Prop. 15 draft.  Quite by accident, it surfaces again in a diary entry included as reference in Triad correspondence.  Cardinal Schonborn implies it in The Design of Science. The Triad closes its argument with the claim that the class of beings taking the view “Time, how quaint, they measure it.” are making their presence known with commentary characterized by the following.

  • 1:49 am: Several forms of merciful death for 86-7220 victims… 1:50: Ten pins, racked for the next frame… A cluster of white baseballs… 2:12: A faint saxophone… 2:15 A flag used during the Civil War years… A very long story about four small beings in the form of animals sent to Earth by a civilization which regarded it as a penal colony… (10.6.14)

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