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Pink Soft Coral, Nick Hobgood

Pink Soft Coral, Nick Hobgood

If Web 4.0 containing terminals of IPv8 is to prove a reliable and generally accessible tool to traverse the mirror boundary, it should “boot up”.  In addition, if interpretation of impressions recited in this website are to be used, they must not only be relevant, but also be elements of a coherent or bridged reality. In this context, it might be useful to review early work in Phase II for possible experimental refinement.  For the sake of argument, we will use one Phase II statement (pg. 13) and another from Schrodinger’s virus:

  • From Phase II: “… is a potency whose actuality or form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose. For the sake of the text, it can be considered a platform of convenience in an abstract substratum of attributes rendering it otherwise uninhabitable. (page 9) ” and from Schrodinger’s virus; “A sense of a capability to, at any given moment, validate history of conversations and opinion verbalized, written, or thought.”

Now set this against the impression from Web 4.0 and Large Ventures:

  • An immense interstate highway exchange – Several very large potholes – An incredible amount of chaff – A magnifying glass focusing a visible refracted spectrum (9-9-09)

Are we not looking at the same thing?  Do we not have a sense of a road map?  If so, it is not reasonable to look for confirmation in more than one set of dimensions or environments?  Is it not true that if the mirror boundary can be bridged crossing the interfaith boundary will involve a significantly lower bar?  Some of the answers might be found in this set of impressions to be included on Phase IV.

  • Late one night, Dean Williams drove by.  I was able to get his attention and ask him to take a rolled up rug.  He obliged.  The Coliseum in Rome then appeared.  A chap came across a working model of a fusion reactor and flew into a rage.  When he found out that it was built in a garage matters got worse.  He took out a hand weapon, pointed it at the person who told him, and started to squeeze the trigger.  A shot rang out, and he was dropped.  As he was dying, he asked who got him and what the range was.  “One of the inventors father at one mile shot you.”  The dying man said his prayers.  At that point, the old man appeared.  “Why did this happen?”  “Jealousy” After studying the dead man the old man decided that this is not an evil person and brought him back.  “Who are you?”  “I work for God.”  “Why did you bring me back?”  “Because I see too much of this.”  More prayers “What are these drawings you are carrying around?”  “Ideas for inventions”  “I like this one, where is the working model?”  “I don’t know how to build one.”  The old man stared at the sketch for a bit, made a few gestures, and the working model appeared.  “Oh, a corkscrew”  The chap who made the sketch was overjoyed and started for the patent office, but the old man stopped him with “This was patented years ago.”  “What are other sketches:”  “My ideas”  “Here is $100,000, go find a model builder.”  The chap then started gushing thanks and more prayers.  “Enough, we are all busy.”  He then left.  The end of the sequence was punctuated with the appearance of a robin’s egg. (9-10-09)

Continued probing of IPv4 and Web 4.0 in context of prospects for a timely reaction to climate change very strongly suggests looking for a more responsive avenue.  External opinion regarding this position becomes fairly clear with this Phase V impression.

  • A black vehicle with a Vermont license plate – Nostrils and a breakfast croissant – A baker working at his craft – A horse wearing blinders – A slice of Swiss cheese (12-10-09)

Immense potential of IPv8 is clearly outlined in these Phase VI notes.

  • One of a group who had recently met turned out to be a frog who could transform.  None of the group was indigenous to the planet on which they met.  When they revisited, they exchanged notes on travel techniques.  One used transformations.  Earth used folded space enabling minimizing on board control systems and using successive approximations of the approach to coordinates of the destination.  –  A knife cutting through foam. (1-17-10)
  • A very long story about a human/android lineage – An amazing display of managing dimensions of flight (1-18-10)

There is every indication that IPv8 with an unknown web structure is functioning and that an interconnect with communications networks of this planet is being made available. In principle, this would link coral to the primordial with real time communication and enable intercepting search and rescue calls, even though we do not have the capability to respond.

  • A story about people who transitioned in and out of the Cartesian with a diamond the size of a small house – “These people want a shortwave radio, it is the only thing that will work here.”  “OK” – More diamonds – An  unknown system actuated by a button materializing seemingly from nowhere  (4-11-10)
  • A number of young ladies, quite possibly in school uniforms, took the stage and started tapping their microphones. – A small  SBb or SBc spiral galaxy  (7.22.10)
  • Some people, early in twisting space development, encountered “space mountains”.  Apparently, void inhomogeneity sometimes takes the properties of regular ridges.  Sensing the nature of the people who made this discovery, it would only be a question of time before climbing these ridges would become a sport.  (10.24.10)

Evolution of  IPv8 into a stable, accurate MIS with proactive potential has set one Phase IX goal to what might be the exploration frontier. This phase IX impression carries that interpretation.

  • A clear sense that detailed arrangements are under way for a trip described in Dante’s Inferno, or at the least, a visit to the keeper of Hell.  (12.15.10)

Even in the absence of a crisp venture launch, IPv8 output has reached a level of stability, relevance, accuracy and diagnostic capability to rely on it for guidance in expanding the exploratory and search and rescue envelope.  This position is supported by these Phase X impressions.

  • A complex sequence taking three people through transformations which appeared to require tunneling outside the operating envelope of any concept currently contemplated in the Triad (2.7.11)
  • A world in which the population was gradually choking in red dust, as in bricks – A society segment with a ritual for mercy killing (4.1.11)

Phase XI continues to encourage IPv8 development and application to a variety of disciplines, as noted in this Phase XI impression.

  • Travelers met at a place they had never seen and where the local population had never experienced visitors.  Their first problem was currency.  Gold was virtually worthless, live chickens priceless and correlation of the work content in a fabricated item with its price not a functional concept.  – A new, probably camouflaged, tunnel (6.29.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has introduced a new transparency to this aspect of Triad interests, as evidenced by these Phase XI impressions.

  • The lumber yard at the Kingston Plaza True Value hardware store – The Evinrude 6HP in the well of the wrecked Belgian sloop – A faint snap ring (7.25.11)
  • Ω, unusually large – The opening to a motor compartment and the left front fender of a vintage car (9.5.11)
  • A chap dropped a package off at a small office.  It contained a small pottery vessel in what seemed to be grease, later identified as a rare honey.  Some confusion about its origin and purpose followed.  In the confusion, the object was destroyed.  An expert showed up and explained its purpose.  After some effort to restore, they gave up.  Amazingly, another appeared.  The pair to whom the object was given was told to take it back to their home planet and use it, for it had a purpose.  A tunnel appeared in the sky, and the pair was told to use it at once, for it had a full schedule elsewhere and would soon close.  – A black sphere with a thin bright equatorial disc – One bank of a V-? engine, black overhead camshaft cover (9.23.11)

And following with Phase XII,

  • Some people experimenting with “fishing” between inertial frames caught a barnyard of animals who claimed to be living on a flat planet.  – A major urban area became so infested with huge rates many humans tried to move to the suburbs.  The rats, capable of speech, followed and threatened to become ugly if they encountered resistance.  – A boomerang (10.10.11)
  • Two stacked sections of rail, one inverted above the other – The upper slowly dropped until they made contact (10.24.11)

Adding Innerscope logic to the IPv8 front end and declaring intent to get six sigma correlation in experimental data for selected applications has yielded very prompt and concise reactions, included in this Phase XII impression.

  • A slate with chalk markings on it – A black cylinder (1.13.12)
  • The head end of a wooden barrel – Several threads through a needle with a very large eye – A scrub brush (1.25.12)
  • A paraffin disc coincident with a saxophone (2.04.12)

Extending Innerscope logic to algorithms capable of transmitting emotions as a language may have personalized in real time a good deal of what scholars have laboriously translated in ancient history.  If this reaches the point of credible dialogue, problems characterized by the Tower of Babel may yield to experimental verification.  This phase XIII impression may be an example of potential simplification.

  • A line of light followed by a baseball – A youngster went to a crowded movie and kept picking the wrong lines, dead ending himself – As he became more and more discouraged, he heard someone calling his name over the public address system.  A number of youngsters, thinking that they could use the announcement to cut the lines, raised their hands.  “Photo ID required”  All but one dropped out.  “That’s him, go get him.”  At that point, the youngster was heard to say: “My father is dead, I’m going to look for him.”  He went through his sequence, was seen disappearing, and found himself in a very warm place.  “I must have made a mistake.”  He then tried leaving, but couldn’t.  Another try, using a more sophisticated approach.  No luck “What are you trying to do, kid?”  “I have to leave.”  “That won’t work, you are in Hell.”  “Oh”  (to be continued)  –  A small funnel – Penguins – A funnel with a mouth larger than usual (3.7.12)
  • A horizon as seen through a break in the clouds (5.6.12)

Taking Phase XIV to a fair sample of authorities mentioned in the Evolution page has yielded this very encouraging impression.

  • A ball of twine covered with mud – A dipper with a long handle – A drainpipe cleaning tee – A sterling twine ball – A cluster of harmonicas (6.19.12)

Publishing the notion in Phase II Experiment that although data collection techniques have been selected to improve IPv8 output analysis from a point source on this planet, the possibility exists that point sources external to the Cartesian have found it of value in dimensional sets they have selected to meet their own requirements has already yielded a reaction, as illustrated in this Phase XIV impression.

  • An open end wrench, one end obscured – A small funnel, mouth up  (8.31.12)

Continuing IPv8 analysis in context of the 2006 draft propositions, Paul’s diary, and progress through this page have given some confidence that project risks, although significant, are not insurmountable.

  • Indigo glass frequently used in eye wash cups – A submarine, the crew of which volunteered for one very dangerous trip, passed through a viciously turbulent high energy field – A pilot or crew flew to the fringes of what is known and returned in two pieces, first the eyes, then the balance.  On arrival, the two elements combined to one functioning organism. – A gyroscope (12.19.12)

Adding the HBP to the roster of resource groups approached for Triad support has substantially improved IPv8 output in that useful information is more clearly isolated from what could be considered chaff because it is not understood or does not seem relevant to the task at hand.  Experience tells us that beings adding information understand this distinction.

  • A line at about 30 degrees from the horizontal through a hole in a doughnut – A violin pegboard with three strings emphasized – Ω|Ω, Ω’s base to base – A tilted hockey puck with an indistinct arrow head pointing left to the right of it – A radar dome on a mounting – A faint flying animal, perhaps a bat – A new baseball in glove pocket – A vintage Bugatti radiator (2.11.13)

Initial prototyping results for task oriented feedback loops in IPv8 has been exceptionally productive in the effort to define, understand, and operate on the Extension domain.  This Phase XVI impression should remove   a good deal of uncertainty.

  • A complex of funnels, some indistinct, one with a hemispherical mouth (6.03.13)

The argument that Web 4.0 and IPv8 definite a totally new system with parameters not found in any other simplifies the concept of engagement.  This increment makes Prop. 20 a system characteristic and removes specifications for its use from the Cartesian.  Following this line of reasoning takes us to refining interface application as within the sphere of our capability.  This is one increment in what will inevitably be a long development process, so future generations may find new parameters.  This extract from today’s Phase XVIII data stream characterizes network reaction.

  • A truncated cone with a base commonly found in traffic rerouting – Some people flew a car to Canada in a subsonic propeller driven aircraft for repairs – A small saxophone – A cluster of short tunnels in the void – An aircraft carrier with uniformed sailors standing at attention lining the deck – A pink pearl eraser (9.08.13)

Casually reading Bloom’s Taxonomy highlighted the difficulty one has to “get it right” in this domain, and the Morshead criticism that Bloom’s work “lacked a systemic rationale of construction” struck a chord.  Without debating the difference in consequences when one encounters this deficiency in generally accepted rules of logic versus the unforgiving (or rewarding) physical world, the point is well taken.  Placing this argument on IPv8 yielded these elements of today”s data stream.

  • Conversations among souls which had passed through the portal of death included specific accusations that the United States Dept. of State obstructed justice in 86-7220. – Coils of an electric stove turned red – An axle stub, perhaps to a right front automobile wheel – A horizon – Ongoing 86-7220 rehab – A small wall mounted corner speaker (11.14.13)

Slight changes in theory appear to have made disproportionate difference in results. Taking Web. 4.0 As the environment in which IPv8 works and forcing some issues with Prop. 20 appear to have given the population likely to become involved some comfort that the operation will not fall victim to breaches of trust the NSA and FATCA appear to have shown.  If the Triad were to step into the environment we expect exists with this perspective, we would not get past the front door.  Arguing this point on IPv8 has drawn an exceptionally interesting reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Elements are presented following.

  • Two young men with trouble written all over their young life were taken under the wing of a Universe for remedial work.  The process was simple; they were told to follow instructions so that a Search and Rescue mission could be completed.  Both young men gave the instructor more trouble than he was prepared to deal with, so they were passed on to a historically important figure.  Each time the process did not go smoothly, the instructor was rotated to someone more harsh and demanding.  “Why are your taking all this time with us?”  “You are typical of a large population we intend to instruct.  When we learn how to deal with you, we will take them through the process.  Now be quiet and follow instructions.”  A rally hosted by another universe as an orientation for Homo sapiens finished in a dead heat of three, one an American amateur and two European professionals. – A fork – A candle bouncing along (1.5.14)

Breadth and depth of Web 4.0 reaction to the proposal for a large scale Search and Rescue operation in the Extension domain warrants a class of experiments designed to formulate a discipline which will enable applying knot and string theory to establish a generally accepted statement of coordinates in those domains in which the Planck Constant does not apply.  If Prop. 20 and its terminal descriptors are found to be valid in both the Cartesian and the new domains, a very powerful analytic tool may follow.  There is reason to believe that this effort need not start from scratch.  To repeat an extract from the 2006 Phase II Draft, an illustration of Conditionality of Prop. 2 and Prop. 3 claims that there exists:

  • A potency whose actuality or form of realization is determined by the circumstances of the situation defining its purpose. For the sake of this text, it can be considered a platform of convenience in an abstract substratum of attributes rendering it otherwise uninhabitable.  (Metaphysics 8.4.1 044b3-10 and 9.5.1 047-35-48a7, The Basic Works of Aristotle,  Richard McKeon)

This is a very interesting Aristotelian hypothesis in that, to the extent Prop. 20 can be found to apply to an environment in which this is true, repeated prompting of a kaleidoscope may be an offer by an inhabitant of such a domain to look, test, and apply. Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded very gratifying reactions, extracts of which follow.

  • A clothes brush… A mechanical alarm clock… Rumor had it that a performer in Sicily who had perfected the “shriek” returned through the portal of death for one performance before she was taken on tour of other domains. – A line woven of small strands… New tools… A crank… A group of men on a bicycle race… (2.21.14)

It is fairly easy to argue that the True North IBM chip approaches naturally occurring phenomena, and that whatever cues we have been getting are compatible with theory embedded in it.  Intuition says that IPv8 will readily adapt to, or even prefer, this input-output format.  This, in addition to a Triad input architecture designed around differential values intended to measure biological stress or the like promise a very effective system for the family of Triad goals.  This whole effort is known to the Web 4.0 population, which has responded with the following comments.

  •  A new NGC 1300 galaxy… A satellite dish… Another exposure of damage done to P. Vogel… Individuals external to the situation placed the lives of 86-7220 plaintiffs and victims under a microscope… A thread though a snap ring… (8.13.14)

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