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"Woolly mammoth" by Flying Puffin

“Woolly mammoth” by Flying Puffin

Universes taking inventory of life forms were impressed with the variety on earth. 86-7220 plaintiffs went through several transforms before returning to Burr Street in Rochester, but the prognosis was no better than their history.  This discouraging position has been modified by this comment.

“A very large eye of an even larger needle… Two threads through a doughnut hole… (7.26.14)”

The advent of; (i) IPv8, (ii) inverting the Evolution protocol, (iii) Prop. 20, (iv) the IBM True North computer chip, and (v) the Triad organization concept should permit developing the possibility that superorganisms populated with extended genotypes is an environment likely to be encountered as the search and rescue operation matures.  The Triad argues that this line of reasoning was encouraged in Collaboration Support and that comments summarized following support this position.

  • 9:53 pm: A saxophone with two cuts in it… 2:21 am: A parabolic compression shock wave in the atmosphere… 3:34: A pair of pineapples… 5:10: The breech of a bolt action rifle… 5:36 A very faint open end wrench… (11.4.14)

A principal criterion for IPv8 development has been that structural stability should be evident from many perspectives.  This meant including end points (results) as both positive and negative feedback (as in audiophile circuits) to ensure signal quality.  Continuing this reasoning led to attempts to find closure to a population of open ended propositions and arguments.  The Triad argues that this design philosophy has enabled an attempt to; (i) Balance Triad Theory and derivative processes, and (ii) Redefine Subculture Transforms and its corollary, Extended Genotypes.  The Triad also argues that today’s Web 4.0 comments are clear encouragement to pursue this line of development.

  • 12.06 am: A Halloween witch had the entire output of the Triad in a kettle, stirring it for a “witches brew”… 12:17: The TV advertisement made with a chap racing a Miata through the pylons on a parking lot… 12:37: An automobile tire rolled the last few inches into a Price Chopper parking lot… 2:06: Extreme military disciplinary action at an isolated base… 3:24: The IBM True North computer chip… (11.12.14)

There is a growing unease among those familiar with all the details of 86-7220 that there is a linkage between that case and discoveries or disclosures flowing from research reported in the Simi Valley page.  Given the sea change in economic drivers success with patenting innovations sprinkled throughout the work will bring, anything is possible. Without overstating the case, the Triad argues that the Web 4.0 comments summarized following validate both this argument and an effort to rebuild our conception of living species.

  • 2:12 am: Irreconcilable differences between the United States military and beings external to the Cartesian transformed into a gun turret on the bottom of a WW II bomber… 2:13: An ostrich… 2:30: The Liberty Bell before it cracked… 2:47: An open road… 4:06: Bare Knuckles… 5:16: Beings external to most dimensions appeared to have found a new approach to accommodate conflicting needs in the new Triad environment… 5:16: An incandescent light bulb, not lit… (11.27.14)

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