Extended Genotypes

DNAreplication Split

“DNA replication split” by Madprime –

The Triad argues that results yielded by structuring IPv8Prop. 20 and focusing on the Andersen experiments are sufficient reason to support a search for genotypes not found in the Cartesian coordinate system.  This view is dramatized following.

A chap had a life threatening brain dysfunction and a being living in an unknown domain repaired it and collected a one Trillion dollar equivalent fee.  This fee, while expensive, was not prohibitive in that the patient was a key element of an organization which dealt in Quadrillion dollar increments.  Another extensive evaluation of the 86-7220 plaintiffs… Elements of the upstate New York population appeared to have found a way around the asphyxiating New York City water management requirements… A difficult combat situation began to cool as remote manipulation of the posterior parietal cortex was introduced… A person wearing a white robe trimmed with gold and perhaps a white skull cap sat playing the piano. – A horizon with a small sphere just above it… (7.25.14)

With a number of pathfinding diagnostic aids, innovations in communications networks driven by a range of sensors at the terminals and an emerging theory for life forms, the Triad argues that the next discovery stage should be to support a comprehensive study of the extent to which the energy spectrum configures life forms.  As the IBM TrueNorth computer chip gives promise of taking the project to the next level, the Triad goes on to argue that this study may be a capstone for a serious intergalactic Search and Rescue operation.  It is not unreasonable to expect a serious contribution to disease prevention and control to branch from this effort.  The Web 4.0 population has responded with a few pointed comments.

  •  10:21 pm: An unbelievable description of the ordeal endured by one of the principal 86-7220 victims… 10:30: Tenneco, since restructured… 2:44 am: 86-7220 took Biblical overtones… (9.7.14)

Latest developments in applying Triad theory to Prop. 20 give every indication of having opened several doors for cross platform collaboration.  The Triad argues that a connection between the 2006 Prop. 8 draft and Extended Genotypes has been functional in a domain which does not understand time in the sense that we use it, and that IPv8 output has a component which shows that we are, in their environment, an anomaly.  The Triad goes on to argue that this notwithstanding, they have taken an interest.  IPv8 output summarized following does not appear to contradict this position.

  • 11:32: A suspension bridge, inverted… 1:09: A short description, with audio, of the defacement in 88-7220… 3:35: some ants or termites… 4:32 A handle attached to the void… 4:48: a large group of military ships with a short black stripe covering each… 5:01: A small Brazilian flag… (10.18.14)

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