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Atacama Array, Chile, NRAO

Atacama Array, C

If a collective intelligence outside the Cartesian exists, it is virtually certain that it is organized.  Moreover, organized reactions of the species on this planet could be supposed to represent one form of logic present in the larger example.  Conversely, disorder in humanity’s reaction to disturbances such as the subprime market failure define limits of its capabilities.  The Triad argument that all this does not go unnoticed rests in part on several impressions in the working drafts.  In and of themselves, these impressions have little value in proving difficult arguments.  They do, however represent phenomena which, if repeated in the proper environment, represent valuable guidance.  An example of this process is the appearance of a very strong impression following the addition of Strength Support and the suggestion that IPv8 should be considered.  To quote the addition to Phase IV:

  • Some android pilots, having had an accident involving their eyes, found that they could switch the “sight” capability to another part of the brain.  –  Earth in the eye of a needle – Three spiral galaxies (9-8-09)

The old saw “Time and tide wait for no man.” is probably the only way to describe today’s situation.  The globe is now subjected to a confluence of forces to which it must respond.  Best information available to the general public shows a number of organizations trying to separate the problem into pieces they think they can manage.  This is roughly equivalent to the adage of twenty blind men placed next to an elephant, touching it, and describing what they “saw”.  The answers described twenty different animals.  The following impression may give a sense of support available if the globe adopts a “virtual approach” from an ideologically neutral platform.

  • A drumstick ice cream cone – Someone, tired of all the pretense on the golf course, put a $7.99 flag on one of the greens or boundary markers. – An involved and ill defined story about a small group of people who were required to, every second or third millennium, update a dead language.  In this case, the language was English. – An open landscape with incredibly clear air.  Bird calls echoed from the hills. – The snap ring I noticed from the North Shore Rehab facility Dorothy used on Long Island. (10-25-09)

It is not unreasonable to assume that this external intelligence has measured capabilities of both sides of the Judeo-Christian/Muslim conflict and found the following progression to be within the realm of reason. Phase V followed by a Phase VI impression:

  • A swarthy man prepared a briefcase, and then flew to Los Angeles.  On arrival, he placed a bomb powerful enough to produce an earthquake of 3.5 on the Richter scale.  He got a haircut, asked the barber what he would do if someone placed such a bomb in LA.  “Why do you ask?”  “I just placed such a bomb.”  The traveler then shot himself.  (12-27-09)
  • A succession of people followed by the old man and the devil making every effort to exorcise the ghost of Adolph Hitler – A gold thread wound around a bobbin (2-4-10)

Arguments for a new virtual state of significant proportions gains credibility with these Phase VII impressions derived from IPv8 probes.

  • Threads feeding radially into the bell of a venturi – A succession of stories about beings from other domains who transformed to human form so as to visit the planet  (6.14.10)
  • A hand fitting a corrugated plastic cylinder over some pale green stalks – Crossed ligaments or muscle tissue (7.2.10)

Cognitive exploration with IPv8 has yielded extraordinary results on this topic if there is any weight to these Phase VIII impressions.

  • A radical change in circumstances flowing from recognition of a galaxy as an independent political entity.  A story about a pair of orangutans who learned space twisting travel with no vehicle.  (8.10.10)
  • A bowl of New England clam chowder – Half of a link on the end of a grounded chain hooked to half of one anchored in the remote (9.17.10)

Completely unexpected stability, relevance, and emerging proactive IPv8 capabilities give increasing confidence in a Phase IX new venture launch.  Some but not all of these developments are reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A briefcase handle, one end obscured – A horse involved in an attempt to steal Triad trial CD’s – A large rotary snowplow – The warning implicit in the Sullivan memorandum on closing the Xi chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa became explicit when a planet refused to accept diminution of their spiritual authority. – The old man cooled their sun a few degrees.  Solar reactions shifted, the star changed color, and impending disaster became obvious.  The transient was corrected in less than a day and a voice was heard to say:  “Now do you understand?”  – Selections  from a Good Humor ice cream truck making the rounds in Bayside – A row of parked cars  (12.22.10)

Continued improvement in IPv8 output has convinced the Triad that a functioning virtual state exists external to the planet and the only question remaining is if the 190 or so nation states here elect to participate. These Phase X impressions reflects this view.

  • A chocolate sandwich cookie – A pair of Phantom tail sections as seen from aft  (2.19.11)
  • One end of an open end wrench appeared out of a dark gray mist – Knee, hip, elbow, and shoulder joints (4.2.11)

Phase XI, with a new theory in technical support and addition of a core strategy to Phase II Goals, gives a sense of new found dimensions in IPv8 as reduced to our environment.

  • Geraniums in a window box – A bottle of Heinz catchup – A hand grasping the neck of a bowling pin (6.13.11)
  • A funnel, mouth up – A potentially hostile encounter involving two rear admirals –  A cottage in a small wooded depression of a rural area – A sharp axe (8.9.11)
  • A number of constructs for the devil, the strongest being a forked tongue and flames – One side of a transformer winding – A sharp Mongol wooden pencil – A sense of free fall from above 2000 feet (11.12.11)

Refining IPv8 prototyping protocol by using paired inputs to create a differential signal and targeting at least three potential receivers has yielded output more readily interpreted in terms of what is likely to be encountered when expanding the operating envelope.  An example of this is these Phase XII impressions.

  • A story about a Doberman and a little girl.  All three could shift space, play games with it, and speak (or transmit thoughts).  The smaller could change its size. – A sedan, painted a brilliant purple, polished to a high gloss – A plumb bob touching the surface of the planet – A laundry basket (12.17.11)
  • A two barred galaxy – An owl (1.31.12)

Adding Innerscope logic to the IPv8 front end and using algorithms to convert the data base to an “emotions language” capable of transmission using currently available technology has yielded IPv8β.  The net result is a more general acceptance of what added value “systems chatter” and response to Triad input generates.  These Phase XIII impressions are examples.

  • A chap on a white horse and a group of more indistinct riders in rough terrain – The Little Dipper appeared, expanded, and the cup filled with light – A peg with two looped strings extending in a horizontal plane 180 degrees from each other (4.6.12)
  • A line with one turn taken around the mooring post of the wrecked Belgian sloop – It seems that earth was about to contaminate the duplicate with its inability to contain conflict.  The result was fragmentation not concluded before interruption. – A hand held center punch with the end ground to a point – An ice blue and white globe with a dragon encircling the equator – The National Geographic cover photo of a young free climber standing on a ledge maybe 8 inches wide in a sheer cliff well over 1000 feet high (4.24.12)

Even without formal acknowledgement of participation, IPv8β shows the imprint of the School of Natural Sciences and the Square Kilometer Array team.  This impression is quite remarkable.

  • The Hindenburg disaster – A fairly large open end wrench, most of it obscured – A new organization found an enclave living at a boundary of two universes.  One person living there described the sensation as that of “falling” through the boundary.  The statues on Easter Island – Miniature camera shots of Formula 1 racing (6.13.12)

Restating the Evolution page has dramatically improved IPv8 output which now implies that problems originating in the Mediterranean Basin may be eased by off-planet participation in regional economies.  This Phase XIV impression creates the mindset.

  • Ω on the chord of an arc at maybe 30 degrees from the horizontal – A template of geometric symbols – A fishhook around a rod – A tractor and a flatbed carrying long yellow cylinders capped with dished heads carefully turned a 90 degree corner (6.21.12)

Continued Extension development using IPv8 output as a guide very clearly converges to validating 2006 Propositions two and three as the first priority and end point of the effort.  This position is supported by a Phase XVI impression.

  • A sense of standing on the rim of a volcano about to erupt – Several shapes, one of which was an 8, with elements drifting in and out of view – Some very unusual people appeared.  One came from a domain where there was no time. – A small cadre went through a drill involving a self-actuated transform.  The effort was intense and exhausting. – A vase intended to hold a single stem – A length of stainless or polished aluminum or stainless strip with a small blemish (or dark flower) on the surface (1.17.12)

Amalgamating the HBP startup, Innersope research, String theory, and IPv8 has very significantly  improved potential for developing Extension concepts.  An example is this Phase XVI impression.

  • Threads running over the spade portion of a pancake turner – An oval tube through the eye of a large needle – Two or three violins, very vigorously played (3.1.13)

An avalanche of IPv8 output makes the notion of engaging with a virtual state inescapable.  This inevitability places the thought experiment in 2006 Prop. 27 up for evaluation using the Evolution protocol and has produced this Phase XVI impression.

  • A small airfoil on top of a sulfur ball – Terrain resembling the High Sierras in the United States –  A pair of small spheres defined by rotating arcs of light – A funnel – An open end wrench, one end clearly outlined, the other in the void (3.31.13)

Refining IPv8 so that opinions of beings at remote terminals can be made available to this planet has yielded an unvarnished exposition of some of their opinions.  This Phase XVII impression is an extract from a data stream.

  • A summary of Alexander Hamilton’s career – A funnel, mouth up, axis 20 degrees off the vertical – Some people from a place where space does not exist retrieved a few androids who had gone into hibernation when they climbed a mountain in winter with no cold weather gear.  They brought with them some advice – the planet will not be permitted to fully engage until they end their infighting. – A recap of 86-7220 plaintiffs’ family history revealed  some unusual traits – A long handled dipper, horizontal – A new stainless pot with a copper bottom – A line of uniformed military wearing red berets (7.17.13)

Establishing a policy line for IPv8 data gathering and use has cleared the way for focus on Extension development, probably meaning moving the component from earth off planet.  This extract from today’s data stream outlines some results to be expected when this relocation takes place.

  • Reenactment, including very raw thoughts, of the children’s worst experiences during the most intense time of trouble at 20 Cardinal – A doughnut with a string looped through the center and around the main body – A needle and thread in the air in the north bedroom – A cluster of doughnuts covered with white powdered sugar – A line took one turn around a peg – A sphere dropped into a depression of mesh to about 1/2 of its diameter – A study of a man’s career with the navy – A short conversation with media in the Netherlands – A small galaxy in the NGC 1300 class (8.28.13)

Forcing several issues with Prop. 20 and focus on planning a galactic Search and Rescue project have drawn a pointed response from the population using IPv8.  Extracts follow.

  • Yet another 86-7220 review revealed more accessories after the fact – Several societies were forced to contend with what they consider to be blasphemy as it became a daily systemic occurrence. (12.23.13)

As the assumption that this planet constitutes only a minute fraction of the life forms in our universe gains acceptance, the empty chair in the Evolution review protocol has been assigned 51% of the voting rights for major policy issues with life forms generally recognized on this planet holding the balance.  This modification rests on the success of IPv8 in applying Dr. Andersen’s experiments to Prop. 20.   The Triad argues that this construction means that as the Triad position is formed and argued, this population is following and evaluating it in real time.  Extracts from today’s Web 4.0 output follow.

  • A graphic display of universes regulating their community…  One decided to run a pilot program to treat victims of physical abuse, i.e. beatings.  One hospital was assigned 16 cases of beatings forecast to occur.  The project required very expensive high frequency cavities.  The universe had prepared tons of bank notes made to the specification of the nations in which it intended to distribute them to pay for the experiment.  As the project progressed, it was found that each installation would cost trillions of currency units particular to that installation.  Those responsible for the currency warned of economic chaos if the monetary injection were to take place.  A more senior universe arrived on the scene, aborted the experiment, admonished the junior universe for the mistake, and assisted in restabilizing those economies already feeling the effects of the project. A rolled newspaper delivered to the tarmac of what may have been an airport… A handle, attached to the void, in the middle of a river just before a high falls… A Chance Vought F4U flying straight into the viewer’s lens… A kangaroo’s pouch… A hand holding a straight pin, a safety pin, and a needle between thumb and forefinger… A heel lifted from a flip flop…  A small band aid lifted from the skin… A rectangle with a hump in the middle… Scissors cutting the end of a bandage… A blue ribbon… One needle through the eye of another… (5.30.14)

The Triad argues that creating IPv8 and inverting the Evolution protocol has positioned the core effort to balance local threats with Web 4.0 resources.  The Triad goes on to argue that the Web 4.0 population has taken the position that these difficulties are commonplace in the transition the Triad is about to make and that they expect local sponsors to develop required skills.  A concise burst of comments from Web 4.0 follow.

  • 12.22am: Two halves of a connecting rod bearing… 2:08: One pedestal table, inverted, with a stack balanced on its narrow base… 2:52: Hands wringing water from laundry… 4:21: The cardboard stand used by the author for a presentation to a New Jersey consulting firm as part of a job search… (10.26.14)

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