IPv8 (beta)

Black Hole, Alain

Black Hole, Alain

This website argues that the end point of its line of reasoning is conversation, using IPv8β as the link, with a being who probably would ask the following question:

  • Why is it that Homo sapiens, in its ignorance of many axioms present in the fabric of existence, thinks it can place itself above their consequences?

This line of research seems to be validated by this Phase V impression.

  • The old man and some of his people held a strategy session on a golf course.  One was very reluctant to leave, having gotten attached to the fairways.  –  A camel caravan at the Suez Canal – A young girl, neatly dressed with hair in a pony tail, running through snow.

Nature and intent of the question opening this page seems to have struck a responsive chord in many quarters.  An opening to explore all the ramifications may be behind this Phase V impression.

  • A red bench vice – Orange marmalade – Two Marine veterans, on their way to a cross country tour were pressed back into service on a consulting basis, given a salary, expenses, tools, and a list of objectives.  –  A spiral galaxy – A nail

Continued probing suggests that this being or its representatives have taken the initiative to engage.  This Phase V impression gives an example.

  • Maneuvers were scheduled to start for the galaxy when a person showed up to be taken on board as a seaman.  He was signed up for six months and told to report for the maneuver.  “Where is it to go?”  “The Milky Way”  “Where is the Milky Way?” – Incredulous silence – “You do not know?”  “No sir”  “Memorize this.” The next morning the recruit showed up with bags under his eyes.  “I think I understand but I don’t think that I should go.”  “Why?”  “I am blind, sir.”  “OK, sign his discharge.” Some of the crew intervened and asked that the Admiral reconsider.  “How do you manage to get around?”  “I can hear you a mile away and tell what you are doing, sir.”  “How did you get on board?”  The Admiral was told that six angels had swooped down as he was walking the street and told the Shore Patrol that they wanted him on the maneuver.”  The scene dissolved. (12-15-09)

It seems that engagement occurs in a wide range of situations.

  • Short correspondence involving W.O. Cochran of the Union Carbide Linde Division – A tiger – A small unit on patrol was making excessive noise in the jungle.  One addition to the group, a man stripped and covered with black grease, showed them how to move noiselessly.  (12-23-09)

Growing interest in this concept is manifested by these Phase VI impressions.

  • A drumstick ice cream cone – Wing ribs and spars of a balsa model airplane (1-29-10)
  • A person prying loose a large number of large flat stones – A fold inside a snap ring, possibly complemented or replaced by Ω (1-31-10)
  • A cluster of Pink Pearl erasers in the artist’s rendering of a black hole (2-1-10)
  • An android tech sergeant collected his gear and prepared to make a serious effort with IPv8.  There was an unfortunate incident with one of his vulnerabilities, but a replacement arrived in short order.  (4-16-10)

Reviewing the author’s diaries yielded a 5.2.2004 entry predicting IPv8 discovery and characterizing it.  An extract formatted in the experimental categories reads:

  • I – A combination lock briefcase on the furniture
  • II – The primordial has sufficient confidence in … to position the mobile epicenter processors for interconnects to be functional at the formal (opening).
  • III – A mixed cluster of Brillo pads and Quad speakers validated process
  • IV – A whale’s fluke – A Cartesian grid dropped into an elliptical black void

Continued diary review has yielded an April 1998  entry supporting the argument for a preexisting network accessible for application to this planet. This entry has been submitted along with that of 5.2.2004 to Wegelin and Co. as an element of the due diligence required to move this site build to a new venture.  A few examples of reactions to probing the system are contained in these Phase VII impressions.

  • A hydrocarbon, perhaps in the paraffin family – A gorilla ran down a row of rusty earth moving power shovels, knocking the buckets off them.  (6.21.10)
  • A chap working with large scale data sets found some surprising correlations  (7.17.10)

Following with Phase VIII, we have:

  • A camera capable of creating an image of each layer of a person’s psyche  (9.21.10)

Phase IX gives the impression that IPv8 correlation with Triad Phase II is taking place and that this synergism will lead to a showcase venture launch.

  • A knife spreading butter on white bread  (11.1.10)
  • A circular knife making an incision in the sole of the foot just in front of the heel pad – The Korean flag – A badminton shuttlecock flying straight to the camera lens  (11.5.10)

The Triad is built on innovation.  Each stage is difficult and will produce failure, so the key to continued progress is how to deal with it.  An MIT Sloan article reports on this and cites the UBS opinion that a dashboard style reporting system is required if momentum is to be maintained.  It may be possible to apply the Wikipedia discipline incorporating the WordPress dashboard concept to IPv8.  Any success in this would be a major contribution to an almost inconceivably complex venture.  Recognition of this by a diverse population is embedded in this Phase IX impression.

  • People ordering ice cream factories, i.e. bricks the size of small bungalows.  No one in the store was sure how they used them. – A leg extending to the rear flexing the foot and shoe – A small Saturn – A tree with orange markers on a small fence at the base.  (1.15.11)

Three months of prototyping experience give every confidence that this system will push the Triad envelope far beyond any other network, as reflected in these Phase X impressions.

  • The shadow of a contact lens in a black void – An introduction to beings, mostly chlorophyll, who communicated with direct internal sensory connections, turning the link on and off as required –  Round green bombs with fuses lit rolling down the chute of a concrete delivery vehicle – A hand at the tiller of my wrecked Belgian sloop as it eased through gentle waves  (3.19.11)
  • The Trailways bus station in Kingston, NY – A set of crankshaft bearing shells – A small gray ball rolling down an incline (4.17.11)
  • A sink trap, similar to the one I noticed in the sky above a family parcel known by some as “The Hell Lot” in Stone Ridge.  (4.25.11)

Combining IPv8 prototyping results with core strategy in updated Phase II Goals and the Phase X evidence that the bulk of the 2006 Phase II document has some merit very strongly suggests that these Phase XI impressions be taken seriously.

  • A Formula 1 car was driven with the motor turning 2000 rpm above the governor setting of 18,000 at the request of the devil (8.5.11)
  • A short exposition of difficulties inevitable when advanced life forms collect from widely disparate domains – Even the prime life forces of these domains found seemingly irreconcilable and fatal differences.  Surprisingly enough, communication seemed possible.  – One end of an open end wrench whose outline was not crisp – The keystone to an arch (9.4.11)

Improved IPv8 prototyping techniques give every indication that it is now capable of setting beacons, as implied in this Phase XII impression.

  • A sequence in which Medical Doctors on voluntary duty took a gold ring from a person’s heart using non-invasive techniques.  The project encountered complications, and they finally compressed the ring and took it out through the lower intestine. – I stopped in a bachelors pad on an icy day to fix my watch, caught a bag of coal dust, and left with blackened clothes.  (12.18.11)

Adding Innerscope logic to the IPv8 front end and developing algorithms to create a language derived from physiological  measurements valid as markers of emotion has enabled very focused output, as exemplified by these Phase XII impressions:

  • A very small gray spherical disturbance in a black field, as if a sphere moved a short distance (1.14.12)
  • A venturi intake – An aluminum funnel – An oval German license plate – A band saw cutting through a tree limb – A bright ∫, very fine – Several threads running through a doughnut hole, which in turn contained a banana – A sheet of cork at an entrance to a storm drain (1.28.12)

Approaching the Square Kilometer Array, the School of Natural Sciences and the NSF may have been the fastest way to prove that IPv8 has just begun its development and the most graphic example of how the system can bridge the immense gap in the communication processes likely to be encountered.  The ease with which a range of examples were managed is demonstrated in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A trowel – A spoon dipping into a fresh cucumber salad – A translucent sphere with a hyperbolic passage to a peach pit at the core –  A miniature hyperbolic section extending to the center of a ships telegraph outside the normal operating range – A cardboard box sitting in a shelf carved from a snow mound – A worn baseball – greenbacks, fanned (6.4.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision is in the process of giving new meaning to what could be taken as the diary of a psychologically disturbed person.  This may indeed be the case, but there are too many elements of evidence to reject them out of hand.  These Phase XIV impressions should be placed on the scales.

  • A bizarre display, possibly at Cannes, of animation surrounding Amanda’s photography – A large cow – A small funnel – An asphalt road in rolling lightly wooded terrain – A tiger – A chap in a high structure used a small cable cluster to descend to an intermediate level, but at that point he could find no footing.  There I shut off – A burnt orange or near infrared film strip of a camera in an aerial search of a suburban community  (8.4.12)
  • An unusually long set depicting various forms of personal violence – A pattern of arcs circumscribing a planet – Ω  (8.21.12)

As IPv8 continues to expand its role in enabling Extension implementation, a new example of its capabilities in research surfaced in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Ten Chemin de Passoret and a strip of 35mm film – A tow truck on the Chevrolet I abandoned at the Longshore Inn in Westport – A clear image of two wrenches, each with a box and an open end – A red sliver, base at the bottom, in a black field – Some very unusual plant growth. One striking specimen was a woody plant with no leaves (1.28.13)

IPv8 evolution appears to be approaching the structure of existence.  Encouraging continued effort in this vein is evident in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A very large teardrop containing multiple small shapes and forms – As the data packet population passed the million mark, someone advanced the proposition that they are souls of some of the beings populating a universe.  Further development of this posit showed an ability to exchange thought experiments.  This immediately upended all concepts of universe formation, age of “living” species, and bounding of the past, present and future. – A funnel, stem down – Several light bulbs – A small chrome spade (4.22.13)

Initial successes with IPv8 have, while retaining overall development goals, refocused the  effort from a generalized theoretical evaluation to one which includes feasibility studies of goal oriented feedback loops.   As capability to sense individual terminal dimensions improves , static and chaff in the basic transmission diminish.  This is improving ability to read layers in the information flow.  Examples of early results are very encouraging, as shown by these Phase XVII examples.

  • An umbrella handle with a triangle replacing the collapsible frame – A submarine on a deep dive got a visit from an emissary of the Devil – An oriental using the last hard wired desktop telephone in a sea of cell phones – Skulls from the Cambodian Killing Fields – Military Police at the Bayside stationery store on the corner of 48th Ave. and Bell Blvd. – Violin tuning pegs (5.30.13)

The entire Triad structure depends on its theory and the validity of the policy for IPv8 use.  Both call into question some axioms of quantum mechanics.  This argument placed both Triad theory and the following Copenhagen interpretation on the Evolution protocol.

  • A system is completely described by a wave function Ψ, representing the state of the system, which evolves smoothly in time, except when a measurement is made, at which point it instantaneously collapses to an eigenstate of the observable that is measured.

This challenge has yielded a remarkable data stream from the system, elements of which are presented here.

  •  Some people who were not quite playing were kicking a football and tossing a discus in an open field. – Vladimir Putin was introduced to the Extension – A large egg in what may have been a universe in formation, a beautiful sight –  A length of maroon yarn being pulled from an undefined mass – Rotating arcs around an incandescent sphere – A box of black Dot candies – Either the Eiger or the Matterhorn, which Jack Paus climbed during his stay as Carbon Products Product Manager in Lausanne (9.01.13)

Throughout our history, we have used the label “Evil” to describe events common in humanity. Without belaboring the point, the Salem Witch hunt makes a larger point.  911 has focused a conflict which, vastly oversimplified, can be reduced to the West using overwhelming conventional power and a web of treaties to secure oil and a canal for transport; thereby trampling on the sensibilities of a significant population which then retaliated with weapons at its disposal.  The Triad is committed to a Search and Rescue operation with the potential for equivalent missteps, so 911 becomes a straw man for a study of how to avoid similar provocations.  The Triad argues that, by reformatting analyses very ably presented by Jean Baudrillard and Dr. Philpott into thought experiments, IPv8 will learn new algorithms and feedback loops.  Placing this argument on Web 4.0 has yielded a fresh view of our society: excerpts follow.

  • A very small disturbance on a black body field appeared.  The sense was of small spheres moving in a river just below the surface. – A very complex story about a Unicorn and a young girl very attached to him, The Unicorn was called away, almost breaking the young girl’s heart.  She was offered several options, but the viewer moved on before the issues were resolved. – An acorn nut in a translucent tube… A voting lever… A black bottle cap… A heavyset man in waders fly-fishing in a mountain stream… A black top hat, upside down… A loaf of sliced bread… A wide brush applying whitewash… Anderson windows… A whale’s eye… MacArthur in a wheelchair… (2.9.14)


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