Balancing IPv8

Balance Rock, Utah

Balance Rock, Utah by Univ. of NC

The Search and Rescue operation has blossomed into a credible call for the capability to divert threatening asteroids at the least and, at the extreme, relocate planets.  Each of these efforts will require a new standard in operational stability set in bedrock.  The Triad argues that if an audit trail for 86-7220 is established and validated, there is little to recommend this planet for a lead role.  Other arrangements are well under way, so the Triad goes on to argue that Prop. 20 as drafted in 2006 is the operating theory and applying it to Prop 2 as drafted in 2006 is supported by comments made on this first increment of Balancing IPv8.

  • 12:55 am: The hook on an umbrella handle… 1:12: Various nautical knots… 1:38: A fishhook in a small bright spot in the void… 3:03: Gen. MacArthur writing at a small table with an overhead bulb… ? A small salad plate… 3:37: A batch of string beans… 4:48: Several empty shelves on a wood wall… 5:19: A whorl describing a sphere… (11.8.14)

CERN has made impressive discoveries by treating the inanimate, and with the Higgs success has opened the potential of the Higgs Field.  The Triad has shown promise by focusing on the Andersen experiments, Prop. 20, and IPv8.  The Triad argues that if these efforts converge in nature, they should converge at CERN. The Triad also argues that a variety of life forms inhabiting Web. 4.0 have expressed their opinion on IPv8. Extracts of a recent batch follow.

  •  11.53 pm: Beings external to the Cartesian paid another visit, this time they did not address the individual who filed the  86-7220 complaint. – 2:30 am : A small mucilage dispenser… 2:43:  A wrecking ball… 3:48 One element of 86-7220 rehabilitation involved small gifts by beings external our concept of existence.  They commented that they could not see (or sense?) everything in their domains and that our species filled a void.  They went on to say that they had secrets they intended to preserve.  5:15: A group of educators convened for a seminar were given an IPv8 demonstration that would force them to restructure their profession.  5:27: A review of nautical knots… (11.30.14)

The Triad argues that Web 4.0 reaction to Triad theory is generally accessible and supports Prop. 2 with both visible phenomena and output on IPv8, a closed system.  The Triad argues that a very sensitive set of Web 4.0 comments summarized following is a clear sign of growing impatience for a commitment to Search and Rescue.

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