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Human Brain

Human Brain

There exists substantial evidence that beings external to the planet have accepted 2006 Phase II concepts and are using them to generate imagery to channel Triad research.

If the data breakdown in Phase II Exp. is taken as a summary of the complete site, it is not inconceivable that threads in this represent the fabric of an organically whole universe and that the Triad has stumbled on the ability to ground elements of it in our consciousness.  As a gift, the larger fabric seems to have responded to what we are, do, and think.  Phase IV contains an expression of this potential.  To extract:

  • A few planets with suction cups stuck on them – A sequence too complex to follow – It seemed to involve three beings in one body – A dark gray Peugeot sedan pulled to the side of the road in Stone Ridge on a rainy day, possibly in front of Coldwell Banker’s real estate – A small distant suspension bridge superstructure

There seems no way to estimate the value of this and there seems no reason that it should not be freely explored, without denial of any implication, and with compassion for casualties of dogma. A sense of the degree of difficulty this path may entail may be inferred by this impression included in Phase V.

  • A blade cut into the edge of a disc – A turtle – A car driving through snow – A small stack of orange carrots – Chain links passing through a rectangle on a floor – A camel and a couple of Pyramids – On a beleaguered planet, the old man appeared, and drawing a line in some ash, asked a young man to step a little closer to him.  This made the young man wary, for he then would have “crossed the line.”  As he was about to do so, the devil appeared and shouted, “Oh no you don’t, I am  not going to help you get this one.”  The sense of this story never became clear.

Probing impressive IPv7/Web 4.0 capabilities gives continuing indicators validating this concept.  The latest are these Phase VI impressions.

  • A sequence beginning with a ducted port in a speaker followed by a military engagement in which an Admiral was a casualty ended with several ducted ports.  (1-19-10)
  • A briefcase handle – A large cluster of pink pearl erasers (1-20-10)

Extended probing with the very versatile IPv8 has yielded what seems to be a suggestion for a path to convergence, reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • A small group volunteered to be placed in a room with three switches and a small laboratory.  They were given a hand picked support team.  The goal was to reverse engineer each of the three switches.  On each failure, the room would get a little warmer.  On the first try, one volunteer picked a small device from his pocket and solved the problem for the first two switches.   A hand came down: “I’ll take that device.”  The switches were then reset.  On the second try, another used a scrap of information he remembered to solve the third switch but not the first two.  Again the hand.  “Now I’ll reset all these switches.”  Up to this point, there was no indication the three had reached for their support team.  On each reset, the room got a little warmer.  As the room began to get uncomfortable, the three started to lose their sense of humor.  The story faded with no clear conclusion. – A yo-yo with a wedge between the hemispheres.  (8.8.10)

Applying IPv8 concepts has yielded increasingly recognizable output, one example of which is reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A long and confusing exchange in a White Castle – Two androids with the ability to disappear were involved.  They had valid badge numbers and seemed to be working on similar cases. – A white twin engine aircraft flying impossibly slowly in an uneven field – A razor sharp yellow wooden pencil in the vertical, tip up  (11.8.10)

Very gratifying IPv8 prototype output demonstrating system stability, accuracy, relevance, diagnostics, and proactive capability give every confidence in a Phase X venture launch.  Recognition of a quote from Thoreau  “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be.  Now put foundations under them.” is embedded in these Phase X impressions.

  • Several scenes describing levels of interest in the harrowing Hell project – A large planet with several moons – A black two seat convertible with red pinstripes – A hangman’s noose closing the open portion of a shepherd’s hook  (12.28.10)
  • A man living deep in the countryside let a raccoon in the front door, thinking it his dog.  The animal made a shambles of the place with teeth and claw.  A wizened old man appeared an offered to fix the damage for about $50.  “Impossible”  “It will take only a few minutes.”  A broomstick was laid against an old copper kettle which gradually regained its shine.  The process was repeated until “fixing it up” became restoring it to its original condition, the place having been neglected as the owner aged.  “Who are you?”  “Fixit” with a chuckle, then he disappeared. – An egg, somewhat darker than robins egg blue.  (1.16.11)

Relying on IPv8 prototyping external to the planet has yielded astounding results, some of which are contained in this Phase X impressions.

  • A jeep moving forward through slush – Several slices of Swiss cheese – A report that Hell has been breached and is likely to become a tourist attraction. (2.28.11)
  • Chicken’s eggs in a bird’s nest – A vintage VW beetle – A small cluster of bikers, seemingly in competition (4.3.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals, probing potential of a link between not so random sightings of Saturn images and snap rings to Dante’s Inferno (see The First Break)  seems to have struck a responsive chord.  This Phase XI impression details this view.

  • A very faint mountain peak and bucolic valley – A private home with unprecedented security arrangements – Threads converging on and passing though a doughnut hole – Ω in light in the void (8.20.11)

Phase XIII brings a new approach to refining IPv8 by exploring the notion that emotion, the root data base in Innerscope logic, can be expressed in a form lending itself to transmission throughout web 4.0.  Success with this approach would give a fundamental language to all life forms whose biochemistry reacts to a stimulus by  generating repeatable signals.  That this is already functional on segments of Web ? is suggested in these Phase XIII impressions.

  • A hamlet operating a power reactor was told to shut it down immediately.  The operators resisted, preferring an orderly shutdown which would take 30 minutes. The town fathers were adamant, so the control rods were adjusted.  The halogen cloud,a name given a radioactive cloud of unknown properties from outer space, passed through the town quite quickly so the reactor could be restarted before serious damage was done.  It seems that this cloud appears once every ten years, causing havoc with anything producing ionizing radiation.  The samples of the cloud’s dust produced reactions no one could explain.  The sequence ended on this note. – A small two barred galaxy (2.22.12)
  • A reception in a very large hall during which several universes announced their presence by creating shafts of light – Each expressed the wish to meet individuals key to progress in the project leading to the reception. – A yellow shirt with blood and what looked like a small caliber bullet hole in the back (3.11.12)
  • A story about a small machine shop on an unidentified planet – A desktop fusion reactor was running on as a demonstration for a patent examiner.  Prior to the demonstration the reactor showed the capability to duplicate Innerscope algorithms reaction to thought. – A gloss black or deep indigo fruit, unlike any commonly found in the area – A galaxy inside a manifold gasket (4.3.12)
  • Some people on a guided tour – Another galaxy – A chromed winch (4.10.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the readers attention to the revision seems to have ensured that momentum will not be lost, as characterized in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Some children, maybe 12 or so, started a fight with knives at school.  There was something very unusual about them and when an adult tried to intercede, a voice came down and told the children that when they see stairs, they should try to climb them.  Both did, and when they reached the top, a bright light flashed, showing yet another set of stairs leading even higher.  The process was repeated several times, until the youngsters could go no more.  “Very good, I wanted to see how far you would get.”  The sequence ended with no explanation. – A small suspension bridge – Several coal scoops – A very sharp ax blade splintering a piece of wood as it cut through – A chromed, beveled, exhaust pipe tip (7.14.12)

Focusing on IPv8 crosstalk by remote beings has proven less difficult to interpret than expected and has been remarkably productive.  This Phase XV impression is a good example.

  • Several giraffes – A study detailing journalistic ethics surrounding the ability to manipulate time and capture award winning images included physical capabilities not even contemplated in today’s environment (10.17.12)

Continued progress in interpreting IPv8 crosstalk seems to have reduced obstacles in Extension implementation to local politics.  If this is accurate, remedies are clear.  The window of opportunity is characterized by this Phase XVI impression. 

  • A Phantom tail section – A collection of rotating arcs, perhaps circumscribing a planet – A narrow road turned right maybe a quarter of a mile ahead of the viewer – A repeat of the collection of rotating arcs but with an illuminated disc inside them – A pair of funnels, mouths back to back, axes horizontal – A cluster of footballs, each with a white stripe at the circumference near both ends – A small funnel, mouth up (1.1.13)

IPv8 output is becoming almost too sophisticated to interpret by scribbling notes in the middle of the night after a day of coping with fallout from 86-7220 (Koster vs. Union Carbide), but a sense that we have a “tiger by the tail” demands hacking through the underbrush.  There is increasing evidence that values we have taken as constants may, under circumstances described in 2006 Propositions two and three, become nodes or transforms.  This view is derived from this Phase XVI impression.

  • A closely calibrated study on what people believe to be accuracy of measuring instruments they use – Focus was on clocks, watches, and variables derived from like measurements.  One surprising result was accuracy obtained from reading time using clocks with unnumbered dials if consequences of errors in estimating were fairly severe.  This point was illustrated by improvement in students’ punctuality when living in this environment. (1.23.13)

Adding the HBP to the roster of organizations approached for support in developing the Extension has markedly improved appreciation remote beings have shown for the technological leap the planet is attempting.  R&D is the focus of this Phase XVI impression.

  • Yet another intense effort to finalize a derivative of 86-7220 took place in Sarre Union. – A lab supporting multiple universes reached a stage frequently encountered in R&D, i.e., that of prioritizing and estimating time to complete a project.  This consideration became acute when supporting those who do not use time.  The study ended when a provisional solution was accepted.  On implementation, complaints that administrative work was becoming an obstacle to creative thought surfaced and qualified people began to leave. A solution with an approach parallel to that used in reducing computer virus protection program footprints was proposed and system modifications began. – A cantaloupe (2.16.13)

The extent to which adding thought experiment logic blocs to IPv8 has improved project potential is reflected in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A number of transforms descending on a campus gave a little demonstration of what it means to have a conversation with a universe. – A tiger and a barely perceptible Teflon tape roll – A cornerstone, one of four corners showing – A wrench, one end hidden, the clear end glowing (4.10.13)

IPv8 output has registered a specific reaction to Extension development in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A global contest for a contract to build a time machine was settled when green lights appeared in every quarter of the sky. – A symbol commonly used to represent transformers (4.13.13)

Focusing on developing targeted thought experiment exchange feedback loops in IPv8 is gaining acceptance in vast unknown swatches in the fabric of existence.  This Phase XVII impression give a preview of what can be expected there.

  •  A large dog with long reddish brown hair jumped up and lay on my chest as I napped. – A formation of people using scythes to cut grass – A doughnut with a tube placed so that it approached the center and turned down to pass through – A chap fell into a group of search and rescue trainees.  His first attempt to organize them was complicated by the fact they existed in so many dimensional sets that at first he could not even get a headcount.  Fortunately, some of the original Triad concepts suggested a path to a solution.  The first training session had not started when the sequence was interrupted. – A green pencil, very sharp – Sherlock Holmes, the principal character in the novels I read when working as a night watchman at Stauffer Chemical. – A lineman who climbed the pole with spikes to make repairs.  (6.27.13)

Cardinal Schonborn, in defending his position in the Schonborn – Barr exchange with the notion of a mediating space between man and the divine, may have seeded acceptance for the line of reasoning required to fill the gap in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures.  Following this line prompted proposing continually evolving parameters of IPv8Prop. 20, and a rapid response Search and Rescue operation as a high value “calling card” for this planet.  This position argues for setting any arguments about dogma to one side and for following where reasoned analysis of the cues we are getting sends us.  The ebb and flow of politics must not dictate the path the Triad takes in engaging in the Extension.  Placing this policy on IPv8 has drawn another crisp reaction from Web 4.0.

  • A small pedestal table with a threaded hole down its center… A spiral galaxy superimposed on Old English education… A long and very difficult summary of life experiences 86-7220 principals have had in other domains… (2.12.14)

IPv8 output from Web. 4.0 is making a point.  Inverting the Evolution protocol, CERN success with the Boson, a Triad request for experimental support from Alice, some controversy around the HBP, and an unexpected intensity in the metaphors “corrugated Masonite squares” (gravity wave drives) and “baked potatoes” ( threatening asteroids) are not to be ignored.  The Triad argues that the exchange has progressed to calls for help, escalating the Search and Rescue concept to something far more difficult.  This position has yielded a wide comment stream, very highly summarized following.

  • Another useless review of facts suppressed in 86-7220… A corrugated Masonite square… A chap on water skis… An index finger hovering over a large batch of old photographs… (7.29.14)

Successes with Triad theory applied to forming an interstellar operation lead us to look for ways to maximize advantages fundamental to creating a grass roots system with the TrueNorth chip.  The Near East progression is plagued with unintended consequences, partially the result of asymmetrically applied military force (Gen. Schwartz).  The 2008 financial crisis could be said to carry the same label.

The human brain makes complex decisions, perhaps more difficult, effortlessly while the human body recovers from surgery, e.g. hip replacements.  It seems to have the whole process scripted (Dr Andersen?).  The Triad argues that an interstellar operation demands, and IPv8 development trajectory shows signs of being able to deliver, that level of problem solving.  The Triad argues that Web 4.0 comments are the most reliable progress indicator available and that those summarized following encourage continuing in this vein.

  •  1:31 am: One group of interested observers, possibly in England, considering making 86-7220 a textbook case in law… B-52 aircraft dropping strings of bombs in the Cambodian jungle… 2:29: A fork with food particles on it… 2:36: A tube extending from the hole of a doughnut… 2:49: A stone wall in which grout was replaced by light… 5.00: Efforts to free 86-7220 from the Federal components revealed extraordinary facts… 5:06: A camel with two humps… 5:17: A polished steel plow and a wood burning stove… 5:31: Spider man and his web… (10.13.14)

IPv8, using the inverted Evolution protocol, is showing exceptional promise in programs required to apply Triad theory in a pioneering environment.  On the other side of the coin, both the EU and the United States have a tendency to expand regulation of major data transmission and distribution systems.  To bring this into focus, one only need to examine Pres. Obama’s policy statement and continuing disputes the European community has with Google.

Success in this venture depends on alien life forms, many of which have recently expressed themselves in forms we can understand.  In this sense, those who elect to participate place their lives in the hands of these beings.  This trust does not come free.  It carries the conditions outlined in Prop. 2 and Prop. 10 of the 2006 Triad Phase II draft. The Triad goes on to argue that these principles are recognized in the Web. 4.0 comment summarized following.

  • 10:32 pm: 86-7220 revisited ad nausea… 1:44 am: A line of 86-7220 escalation was rejected by the principal as absurd… 3:06: An 86-7220 recapitulation revealed a story of unbelievable arrogance and prompted the principals to wipe the slate clean of the period 1969 -> 2014 and continue from the point of a reported CERN intent to make an offer, blocked by Union Carbide Europe. 3:25: A blue hard hat cutting a ribbon… 5:30: An apple in the jaws of a vice… (10.31.14)

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