Seeing is believing – Or is it?

Mellozzo, Music Making Angel

The reader at this stage will have to remember that the idea of this MIS is to develop a dialog with the unknown, or what some say is the unknowable.  By definition, things are likely to get a little woolly, so preliminary findings are that a sense of humor and a relaxed attitude probably will permit those who take the project seriously to get the most out of it.  Those who take the high road will be comfortable with discussions such as this excerpt from one initiated by Robin Smith, Department of Philosophy, Texas A&M University.

“I argue instead that Aristotle’s concern there is a problem much less familiar to us and one that we can only understand against the backdrop of the state of Greek mathematics in the early fourth century. In effect, I propose that we regard the theory of demonstration as initially motivated by problems in the foundations of mathematics. This permits a much more satisfying explanation of the way Aristotle actually tries to solve his regress problem (in particular the role of ‘unmiddled’ propositions in that solution); at the same time, it explains the extensive borrowings even in technical vocabulary from mathematical theories that we find in the Analytics (noted over sixty years ago by Rosenmeyer)”

Moving to another level, consider observations reasonably derived from Robin Smith’s work.

  • There is frequently a failure to appreciate what facts, given the right platform and attitude, might have been accessible.
  • It happens that the full chase of an idea or game – then with a tunneled attention – permits help or threat just outside this focus escape us.

Yet another level begins to address the incredible richness of life forms and the biochemistry of their communications.  The possibility of connecting these to terminals is planned for IPv8.

  • All the arguments in this site give the sense that those on the other side of the mirror see the problem and, in order to engage, make adjustments to produce stories that can be read at all these levels simultaneously.  There seems to be no change of value in the level of interpretation, so the reader must realize that the adjustment has been made for his benefit.  If this is kept in mind, there will be an opportunity to grow with Web 4.0 and IPv7.

Experienced subsequent to expressing this view of potential for pioneering communications, this impression to be included in Phase IV is relevant:

  • During an interview with a senior Swiss banker he discussed my dossier and told me it looked very good except for some serious blunders and perhaps illegal mistakes I had made.  I asked for details, gave him what I believed to be current information, and suggested he review it.  He called the Swiss police who took it up immediately.  They corrected the information which then satisfied the banker, who then said that he was prepared to make an offer.  “For what?”  “A position at the bank.”  I then made the point that I was there representing my firm, not to apply.  At  this point some others appeared and a  heated argument about passports took place.  At this juncture, a tired old man appeared to find out how things were going.  “There were a few misunderstandings, but they have been resolved.”  Hundreds of years rolled out of the old man’s fatigue, and he wanted to go out for a meal.  The banker insisted on treating.  The scene dissolved before knowing where all this was to lead became clear. –  A black disc with a white band at the circumference – A yo-yo in a hangman’s noose  (9.27.09)

It is common knowledge that governmental organizations redact material for the public record.  It is also common knowledge that the practice is commonly abused.  This Phase XVI impression gives a crisp reaction remote beings have to the practice.

  • The Cartesian reduction of a being unaccustomed to this environment got into trouble for mauling some people in an empty freight car during a cold period.  Nothing was as it seemed, and most damages were repaired. – On revisiting 86-7220 with adequate intelligence it surfaced that almost two dozen indictments were justified.  (3.17.13)

Cataloging “impressions” in an extensive personal diary has yielded thousands of pages of text.  Only those traceable to the credibility mathematics brings have been used in bringing the Triad to its present state, but increased sophistication IPv8 brings to the project suggests that some of the rejected material contains a sense of what thought a network untapped prior to IPv8 was carrying.  This speculation is reinforced in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Transforms appearing in the 16th century North America gave rise to a flock of witch stories – Complications in first preparations for a visit to the Middle East – The ridge V at the peak of a tin roof – A funnel, stem up and 45 degrees from the vertical with a rubber reflex mallet at the mouth – A nacelle covering one cylinder bank of a pylon racing airplane – Rotating arcs describing a sphere superimposed on the edge of a nebula (4.30.12)

Initial efforts to expand Innerscope research to include remote measurement and data processing designed to create a cross species language has suggested that (i) the current catalog of species is in its infancy, (ii) there are species inhabiting unseen dimensions, and (iii) these unseen species are amenable to establishing a dialog using IPv8.  This discovery is supported by this Phase XVII impression.

  • A very involved and sometimes depressing story of transforms people have experienced following passage through the portal of death – A sketch of transformations in the Pacific theater during WW II – They started in a Japanese prison camp and ended in the jungle – Output of an IPv8 run using the latest cross species modifications (5.4.13)

Continued focus on targeted task oriented IPv8 feedback loops has yielded credible evidence that weaknesses and shortcomings in populations of this planet are not sufficient to deny participation in the Extension domain.  This evidence is presented in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A microphone registering sound in an infinite silence – Nuances of operating in the financial community – A detailed examination of the Triad by the Holy See yielded no fundamental objections – Consequences of the unwillingness to close 86-7220 – A rural road with very light traffic composed of vintage cars, perhaps late 1930’s – Wheels with white sidewall tires (6.2.13)

Very careful focus on developing a cross species platform in IPv8 has yielded increasingly accurate data on what should stabilize the Triad effort to engage in the Extension.  This extract from today’s Phase XVII data stream gives some indication of the potential.

  • An indistinct snap ring – One of the many handles installed in 3746 Atwood to accommodate needs of the very elderly – A twist drill starting a hole in a flat workpiece – A dipper – A very deep probe into the persona of several main characters involved in 86-7220 – A horizontal funnel with a long pipette like stem (8.14.13)

Triad developments give every indication of recycling problems encountered in bringing the project from a Bridgeport garage to implementing Prop. 20. Very fortunately, skill sets developed in overcoming early hurdles appear not to have gone unnoticed by a very large population. Equally important, this sequence has, to some extent, formed many of the parameters of engagement as the project progresses to implementation in a totally alien environment. If operating in this environment takes us as far from our comfort zone as has progress to date, the Triad argues that Robin Smith’s observations are key. Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn a pointed comment from the Web 4.0 population. Extracts follow.

  • A string of suicides went on until they became meaningless. – A large elongated S through which one could read fine print …  A violin, upright …  A thread passing over the bell of a saxophone… (4.17.14)

Comments and reactions on a highly modified IPv8 have reached the point of articulating off planet populations’ expectations for our engagement.  Reviewing the entire project makes it clear that there is a clear expectation that participants will conduct themselves so as to “establish functional relationships required to maintain tension and equilibrium in a moral universe”.  (2006 Prop. 15)  These expectations have prompted inverting the Evolution protocol.  This inversion has yielded a torrent of comments, some of which follow.

  • A thread through the first quadrant of a steering wheel… A transform challenged the US Navy for control of the high seas using techniques which would not contaminate marine life with sonar and like devices. Process details too complex to record followed. – Another attempt to redress 86-7220 grievances… A threaded needle… The Vatican and the City of Rome expressed interest in the project proposed to the Navy. – An open end wrench with a doorbell on it… (7.28.14)

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