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Presumption of an active communications network for which there are no human passwords and extending to the very remote will go down hard in some quarters. Even more to the point, there is reason to believe the system will react to human activity and thought without prejudice to motive. If you think about it, this can be read into Cardinal Schonborn’s position in The Designs of Science that:

“First of all, we must observe that the role of randomness in Darwinian biology is quite different from its role in thermodynamics, quantum theory, and other natural sciences. In those sciences randomness captures our inability to predict or know the precise behavior of the parts of a system (or perhaps, in the case of the quantum world, some intrinsic properties of the system). But in all such cases the “random” behavior of parts is embedded in and constrained by a deeply mathematical and precise conceptual structure of the whole that makes the overall behavior of the system orderly and intelligible.”  © 2009, vLex

If the Cardinal’s argument can attract some experimental support, impact on current Near East issues could be very constructive.  There is uncorroborated evidence that angels and a being generally fitting one description of the devil exist, are in periodic communication, have a formalized method for settling disputes, and that elements or sense of these communications are available to humanity. Until such time as incontrovertible data are available, the following impressions may be of use in concept research:

  • A short story about 7 people who were shot and killed for questionable reasons by a person who used his gun in a high rage – He was subsequently hanged.  An angel came upon the scene and made the judgment to try to resurrect all 8.  The universe appeared and took an interest.  The angel was able to resurrect the souls of 7 with a unique set of dance movements she had formulated, but was not able to reconstitute the shooter.  At this point, she found out that the 7 had just been released from a hospital for the criminally insane.  One looked out from her protection.  He had the form of a demon and asked if he could leave.  She said no.  At this point, the devil appeared on the scene and told her he would take these.  The universe, who had just appeared, asked why, to which the devil replied, “I have some people who need execution.”  The universe said no, so the two started what seemed to be a ritual settlement.  They laid aside their outergarments and had a wrestling match regulated by the Marquis of Queensbury rules.  The universe pinned the devil, who acknowledged defeat and gave the 7 up.  The story ended punctuated by skulls from the Cambodian killing fields.  (Triad Phase IV Draft)

Consider the position of a remote prime being (for the monotheists) having decided to engage with this planet on a real time basis and give some weight to its capability to read souls of the physically dead.  The inescapable first impression of this being must be that Earth is the equivalent of the Tower of Babel with bloodshed derived therefrom.  A not unnatural reaction could be – These people have it on their agenda to become a factor in other parts of my domain.  If they have this much trouble with their own house, what can I expect when they meet really unusual civilizations?  So how should I start the engagement?  Another natural reaction could well be that this population is very difficult to find in the galaxy, much less my total domain, so I have to see some value in devoting time to it. Maybe I can delegate.  Following this line of reasoning takes us to the advantages of the structured approach sketched in Web 4.0 and IPv7 working into a mirror network.  This is the first approach, so in a few years it should be the Babbage difference engine of communications.  Triad Phase IV will contain a very recent set of impressions supporting this this venture.  To extract:

  • An android powered blackboard demonstrated a real time interaction with its audience.  The subject was fraud recently committed in the community.  This impression could be likened to a polar cap on a very deep set below the threshold of discrimination.

As exposure to these arguments increases, it seems support by remote beings grows.  This impression, the only one separated from the pack enough to record, will be included in Phase IV.

  • A black truck going north in the rain on Rt. 209 at Jack and Luna’s – A box of Diamond wooden matches

The Cardinal’s argument has become increasingly comfortable as IPv8 proves itself a stable, accurate, potentially proactive cornerstone MIS for the Triad.  This trend may enable a showcase venture launch during Phase IX, as reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • An unknown process by which people were able to switch genes on and off by combining repetitive exercises – A plate of a variety of beans in a sauce – A vertical wide mouth funnel – The marble pedestal dish and eggs I bought in Europe – A crisply defined snap ring  (12.14.10)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has yielded what may enable progress toward absolutes, as suggested in this impression.

  • Slowly, very slowly, and with great resistance, Amanda began to grasp the core strategy foundation – The first recorded visit to Hell – The Pope brought his lineage and, on returning, remarked “This place is beautiful.”  – An automobile tire, narrower than current practice, with a white sidewall (7.13.11)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has made it possible for IPv8 to bring a good deal of competent evaluation to bear on each increment of Triad development.  This capability has yielded some pointed comments, e.g.

  • A large wheel, the sort one would expect on a hatch in a submarine hull, turning counterclockwise – A hook – A good deal of roughhousing over Sharia law –  A long story about Apostles – A horizontal venturi, throat to the left, with a tube longer than usual in these presentations (8.13.12)

Focusing on IPv8 crosstalk has yielded increasingly convincing data pointing to the notion that there are a number of remote beings, very  large in comparison to the physical world, who have only recently in the cosmological scale noticed Homo sapiens.  This Phase XV impression is one indicator.

  • A number of studies exposing underlying hostilities in the navies of supposedly friendly nations – The studies seemed pointless and contributed nothing to resolving any issue. – A subsequent visit by Neptune cleared the air – A fairly high ridge punctuated by a rock outcropping reaching to maybe twice the ridge height – Terrain was very lightly wooded with a patch of forest.  Land use was maybe 80% pasture and crop with the balance clusters of 3 to 10 homes.  A village was implied but not shown. – A manual paint spray gun, typical of those used in auto chop and rebuild shops. (10.21.12)

Refining IPv8 to redefine crosstalk as the ability to exchange targeted thought experiments has significantly improved understanding a portion of this dynamic in the Extension domain. This Phase XVII impression is an example of that improved understanding.

  • An hourglass at maybe 20 degrees from the vertical – An amusing sequence describing what happens when biblical characters encountered zones where time does not exist – A chap tried explaining a transformation he was undergoing to his daughter.  The transform was not clear, but there was a hint that it involved establishing a direct connection to a universe.  (7.10.13)

If we are to develop even limited operational capability in this domain, theology, science, and engineering must converge to a functioning system in a time frame that does not discourage.  The argument that we have a “tailwind” is reinforced by increasingly clear indications that a universe will search for homeostasis at all levels.  This concept is embedded in Triad theory, but seems to have surfaced in fairly active support for the rapid response Search and Rescue project.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a comprehensive data stream from which this extract was selected.

  • A very faint saxophone lying on its side – A wrench with several threads running between the flats – 86-7220 resolution produced a blistering attack on United States politics from a very senior Swede as well as a very long term pass through the portal of death – An involved study of beings from “Schonborn Space” mimicked humans as practice in coming to understand them – A Formula 1 car – A broom sweeping crumbs from a floor – Twin air intakes resembling those from a Concord ( 12.20.13)

Triad progress with applying its theory has yielded a real prospect for operating a Search and Rescue effort in a domain not subject to the Planck Constant.  There is the possibility that the zone Cardinal Schonborn, following Thomas Aquinas’ res natura logic, has labeled a domain of reconciliation between the human and the divine can be identified and traversed.  The Triad argues that Prop. 20 in part describes a system which will link very basic life forms through the intermediates to this zone.  Even a surface inspection of this claim in context of theology as we practice it places views of “vagueness” on the front burner.  Both philosophy and science are necessary, but they must be consistent if they are to pull the same plow. The argument that this approach will yield meaningful progress to success in the Triad Search and Rescue effort has drawn a concise reaction from the Web 4.0 population using IPv8.  Extracts follow.

  • Mist at a venturi intake… Consequential damages of 86-7220 surfaced in four generations.  This widening scope has prompted a universe to trace the lives of those directly involved and those touched by the debacle. – A few large olive drab trucks… (2.28.14)

The Triad, starting from 911 Ground Zero has, in twenty years, progressed to virgin domain, barely explicable, and surprisingly cooperative.  Physics of this domain are at Prof. Hawking’s level of abstraction and the inevitable question of Genesis.  The CERN achievement with the Higgs particle and field have enabled the Triad to argue that probes made with thought experiments are grounds to focus, with equivalent resources, on low energy physics connecting the minds of species able to reason.  This, by definition, includes processes inside the brain or its equivalent.

It is no secret that the dominant impetus behind engineering an application of Einstein’s work was to build a bomb.  The Triad argues that what Dr. Andersen has found in “an anatomical map of intentions” in the brain in combination with progress made with Prop. 20 has the potential to bridge the gap between what we now understand and complement gravitational physics in a project of even greater magnitude.

We have steadily increasingly credible evidence that a community is encouraging us to develop these two disciplines into the capacity to locate and move planets whose populations are endangered by instability of their suns.  A corollary to this is the ability to either destroy or change the trajectory of large asteroids likely to impact inhabited planets.  These major efforts would naturally breed a family of related projects.  Placing this argument on Ipv8 has continued a dialog initiated some years ago.  Extracts follow.

  • Barely perceptible WW II water cooled machine guns… A universe started an experiment involving tickets, but the viewer moved on before any meaningful results were identified… A shed made from corrugated sheet metal… Glimpses I noticed a many years ago of aircraft executing impossible maneuvers… A spiral galaxy… An 86-7220 principal bowling in Antwerp… A small magnifying glass… One of the 86-7220 victims showed manual dexterity and balance not shown for years… Chainmail and shields from the Crusades… (6.7.14)

Very recent revisions to the Triad structure have enabled new platforms for discussing problems linked to theology.  For the moment, adding Prop. 20 and an “empty chair” to the Evolution protocol seem to have given Dr. Andersen’s experiments new meaning. There is every indication that a large and diverse population regards this planet’s religious dogma as incompletely developed and that new information is relevant.  The argument that this increment accurately represents Web 5.0 sentiment has been made and the reaction summarized following.

  • A chap recalling his experiences as an engineer in India… A boomerang,,, A small funnel… Charred wood… An inverted handle in the void… A egg in a nest… 6.26.14

There is one Triad breakthrough and one fundamental which must be addressed.  The simpler is the advent of the IBM True North computer chip which holds great potential for IPv8.  The more complex, and perhaps more important, is encouragement we seem to be enjoying.  There seems to be no connection between abilities we have demonstrated and the scope and depth of cues given us.  For the sake of argument, the Triad has taken the position that five posits are valid, ie:

  • 2006 Prop. 18: There exists an anthropological transform theory
  • 2006 Prop. 19: There exist interacting physiologies having approached homeostasis more closely than has humanity
  • These components combine to represent a larger organism which has a normal homeostatic state and will adjust to maintain it.
  • From Prop. 20 (paraphrased): there exists a communications theory linking interacting physiological interests of a (closed?) ecosystem. (J.Scott Turner on Superorganism and J Baudrillard on terrorism.
  • The Triad is one of the very few organizations designed to recognize and act on this position.

The Triad goes on to argue that this material has been before the Web 4.0 population for some time and they are making their position known with these comments.

  •  9:17pm; waterfalls… 1:05am; A V-8 exhaust header… 1:16; Dirt track racing… 1:22; Marines in dress blues clustered around the United States flag… 1:30; geraniums in a window box… 1:33; The V-8 powered Morgan I noticed while waiting for the bus at Port Washington… 1:40; A packet of Chuckles candies… 1:47; Peanut brittle breaking into two pieces… 2:43; The author’s suspicions about the motive, nature, and method of attacks his wife suffered were confirmed. 2:57; A Formula 1 tire… 3:09; A pickax with no handle on the front lawn… 4:12; Kernels of a remedial strategy emerged… 4:27; A briefcase handle attached to the void… 4:37; A period subway  token… 5:30; goggles, as seen if one were wearing them. (8.18.14)

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