Adjusting Dogma

Portraits of Hans and Margarethe Luther

The opening statement in theology taking the position that: “Presumption of an active communications network for which there are no human passwords and extending to the very remote will go down hard in some quarters.” seems to have registered with the larger fabric the Triad intends to address. The following impression included in Phase IV can be interpreted to acknowledge this.  To quote:

  • A story about some Orientals who violated then killed two children, sliced angels who arrived to help, and sliced and killed the old man who appeared to help the angels.  At this point, the whole scene turned black for centuries, at which point a few tiny beings appeared, wondering if it was all right to come out.  It developed that the old man who frequently appears to help the angels neither is nor represents a universe.  He cannot fly and is vulnerable.  He  seems to be the equivalent of a Viceroy in Colonial England. (9-2-09)

If this interpretation has any weight, evidence should not be too difficult to detect.  This process will be substantially eased with tangible output from Web 4.0 and IPv7 working into a mirror network in the very remote.  The point was made in Communications that:

  • The way data is divided up and sent around the Internet in many jumps makes it “delicate and vulnerable” to attacks or mistakes, he said. However, he added, the “random acts of kindness” of these unsung heroes quietly keep the net in working order.” BBC©MMIX

There is no reason to think that if the basic reasoning of the site has some validity this sort of dialog will stop. An amusing impression to be included in Phase IV confirms this.  To extract:

  • Some Arabs and their camels came upon a westerner in the desert.  They started talking and the conversation drifted to politics.  They were complaining that no one who made any sense talked to them.  The westerner said he was sorry and who would they like to talk to?  They said “Allah”.  The westerner told them he would see what he could do, and having done that, the old man who supervises angels appeared and the Arabs asked if he was Allah.  “No, but I work for him.”  He was then asked why he came with no prayers.  “They are not necessary.”  At that point, someone stole one of the camels.  “Does this happen often?”  “All the time.” At which point the Arab whistled and the camel came back.  50 Dinars changed hands and the issue was closed.  The old man was now clearly enjoying himself.  One Arab asked if he would stay a while.  “Why not?”  They then showed him how to ride a camel.  He threw up, but was assured that this was normal for the first ride because of the unusual motion.  The Arabs told him that when he wanted to get down he should gently tap one of the camel’s ears with a stick.  When on the ground, he took the camels aside and had a small conversation.  “You can talk to a camel?”  “Why not?”  At this point a representative of the United States Government showed up and got obnoxious. “Get lost.”  It turned out the representative was an intern who had contributed to a political campaign.  After some huffing and puffing he left. (9-26-09)

These Phase VI & VII impressions may clarify remote beings’ position on this point.

  • A visitor proficient in intelligence gathering showed up and the Admiral wanted to talk to him.  He reluctantly agreed, and when the conversation passed a certain point, the visitor balked.  Talking around the problem brought it out that the visitor was not to contact the mother ship unless there was an extreme situation, in which case the mother ship would either destabilize the planet’s orbit or blow it up.  The President then sent word that the visitor was to be brought to his office.  “No.”  “Why?”  “Orders.”  “Why not a conversation about the Middle East?”  “I was told that this is a local problem and we do not deal with those.”  Considerable anger then came from the Oval Office and the visitor disappeared.  Ω appeared, suggesting an alternative.  This was followed by a cluster of orange carrots.  (1-21-10)
  • The old man and the devil in conference to decide what could be done about Amanda and her android clones.  (2-7-10)
  • A cluster of tin cans, labels removed – A clipboard (2-13-10)
  • One of my Viking figures playing a horn which extended from his chin to the ground – A short story about a planet whose sun was expanding and its population who knew their days were numbered.  They had refused a planned move and, now that the consequences became obvious, changed their mind.  The old man appeared.  “I’m afraid I can’t help, its too hot for my people to work.”  Severe disappointment  “Maybe this will work.”  A call to the Devil, whose people can withstand extreme heat, was made.  “Who needs help?”  “Old friends”  “We can have it moved by sundown, I have a star and an orbit picked out.” – A two pronged electrical plug, connected to an appliance but not plugged into an outlet.” (2-24-10)
  • A turtle – An inlet completely obscured by thick fog – A confusing story about attempts to revive a child who was involved in a water accident, perhaps a near drowning – Two drivers who sustained near fatal spinal injuries during a grudge race had their injuries reconstituted and were sent to Formula I training for the Universe team soon to apply for a place in the grid. (3-9-10)
  • Fighting among androids in a Hollywood movie set was staged and escalated to the point of boredom.  –  Some people became involved in Holy Land tribal rituals.  The involvement did not end well.  (5-10-10)
  • A draft Stone Ridge zoning variance application to permit operation of a personal space folding vehicle on a three acre site – A long story, not too different from what one could imagine would be a reenactment of a version of the Divine Comedy (6.20.10)

Cognitive exploration using a combination of 2006 Phase II hypotheticals and IPv8 have added a new dimension to a problem in the Catholic ChurchA new view of the situation may be one subject of this Phase VIII impression.

  • A screwdriver with an amber handle on a few papers – A story about members of a society who were capable of sharing their body with another soul –  This apparently was a condition for living in a paradise.  The experience was not pleasant, the other soul a fugitive from a great conflict.   The idea was to control the cripple, for if you were not able, both would suffer.  This struggle was not easy and would frequently end in a fight to the finish.  (8.12.10)
  • An avalanche of interest in manuscripts forming the Triad foundation exceeded any reasonable expectations. – A fork scooping through sauerkraut – A large owl started terrorizing people’s pets.  On confrontation, it attacked a pillow and took it away.  (10.16.10)

Reactions to IPv8 are very quickly establishing its credibility as a reliable information system capable of serving as the cornerstone of the Triad due diligence effort and enabling a seamless transition to a new venture. Phase IX should serve as a showcase for this position, as suggested by these impressions.

  • A hook of a hook and eye assembly – The old man and the devil, each in a sled designed to be pulled by a team of animals suitable to the environment, facing each other at opposite ends of an empty room.  (11.19.10)
  • A jousting lance run through a doughnut hole – A hand using a knife to peel the fiber layer from an orange – A wine glass of cranberry juice on the tray Dorothy has her supper served on  (1.23.11)

Although Phase IX did not see the venture launch, as is the case when the Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain was scrubbed, extended testing and development time has not gone to waste.  These Phase X impressions illustrate crucial points in program development.

  • An eraser in process of rubbing a blackboard clean  (3.5.11)
  • A young woman, hair below the shoulder, high stepping just before passing through a white door to a house – The right rear wheel of a white VW Golf about to drop into a square hole as the car rolled backwards  (3.18.11 )
  • The Devil showed up in mufti, very annoyed because he had gone to a great deal of trouble to receive some visitors who, having accepted an invitation, did not show.  (5.19.11)

Phase XI extends this argument with these impressions.

  • A story about three people, each accomplished in his field, which were shot and presumably dead.  The wounds were in the skull, the rib cage, and the abdomen.  Local police declared them dead, finding no pulse.  A stranger passed by, identified himself as a medical doctor, and asked to be allowed to administer treatment.  “Sure, why not, they are gone.”  Surprisingly, after a few moments, all were up and about, complaining of soreness in the wound area.  Some years later, they died a natural death.  At that point, examination suggested that they had been one person.  The stranger appeared again and presented documents permitting him to claim the bodies.  Before he disappeared, he was heard to say, “I need him.”  (6.10.11)
  • Rows of corn – Another story about a new Bible surfaced.  One chap on his first read was heard to say “Some of this is really funny.” He was very reluctant to put it down.  (6.28.11)
  • A field of daisies – A report card in the form of a bookmark, muscles in the shoulder and upper arm larger than a column of other icons – A polished plow anchor  (7.4.11)
  • A story about people, not altogether likeable, preparing to play a recently completed golf course – A person claiming to be Benjamin Franklin appeared.  No one knew exactly what to do with him.  – The old man appeared with a selection of sailboats, dimensions drastically compressed, which he intended to give away.  After offering several options to a group who could not make up their mind, became visibly annoyed and disappeared.  – An ant encountered orange globules which devoured him.  (7.9.11)

For the purposes of this website, adding Core Strategy to Phase II Goals places all the Triad cards on the table with “bookends”.  This IPv8 output characterizes a number of examples. 

  • Threads leading into a doughnut hole – A red marble inside a tumbler – Sequences summarizing typical problems involving theft of advanced technology in the Middle East – Some people had a roller furling jib on the ground.  They seemed to be winding a sail on a rod stay. (7.28.11)

And from Phase XII:

  • Small movement of perhaps two very dark objects in a slightly lighter field – A sack of potatoes waiting to be peeled – A story  about a young boy who was presented with a gold saddle with one stirrup – The saddle permitted him to execute incredible maneuvers.  He also found that his parents did not intend to have him and, quite the contrary, resented him.  At that point, two ladders appeared.  One took him to heaven, the other to the devil.  He was given 12 minutes to make his decision which to take.  He chose heaven, disappointing the devil.  “Why”  “Because you live in Hell, and I will burn.”  “They all say that, I need to get the message out.”  (10.16.11)
  • Black cherry ice cream (10.23.11)

  • The wooden bow saw used in building 3746 Atwood (11.7.11)

  • A couple was reengaging when the woman admitted her cancer.  The man thought that he would cure it and did a ritual dance, expected that the cancer would disappear in 15 minutes.  It did not.  His disappointment was read, and the devil appeared.  “It failed?”  “Yes sir” “I’ll have a look.”  The cancer was quite old, with tendrils throughout the body.  “This is serious.”  The devil then tried a powerful spell only he was capable of.  “Wait 15 minutes.”  Nothing, but after a bit a tiny voice was heard “I found the root.  It is under the eye.”  “  This is going to be very difficult; I must go through the eye without disturbing it.”  A few moments passed, and a tiny being appeared behind the ear and disappeared.  “I never got a chance to thank him.”  “He was too cold to linger, he almost froze to death.”  End (11.23.11)

Adding Innerscope logic to the Pv8 front end has taken the site dynamics to a new level of relating very remote judgments to arguments made for the extension development, all as incorporated in these Phase XII impressions:

  • Some fine furniture made in Berlin – A slice of rye bread – A caboose hooking to a train (1.18.12)

Phase XIII continues the thread with this impression.

  • Several knives spreading butter on tea toast – I was driving the Renault R10 in a hurry in mountains when I came upon a mudslide which had blocked the road.  At that point, the road was one car wide with almost a sheer cliff on the driver’s side.  I managed to stop the car feet before hitting the slide. – A short lever, as in automobile shift, with a polished steel sphere on top. (02.10.12)

Adapting the IPv8/Innerscope combination to enable a “conversation of emotions” used as a language has accelerated the prospect of pressing the Triad into the Extension phase, as implied in this Phase XIII impression.

  • Incredibly brutal street war between small youth gangs and corrupt police – A fairly large group of Rabbis had a conversation with the old man.  He announced his presence by filling a small volume of space with light, a convention perhaps very old. – A story about a young boy who was given a wagon connected to IPv8 capabilities and which reacted to him and talked to him. – A chap bought a new sailboat.  If sank in calm water at its mooring before he could use it. – Threads running through a hole at the end of a carpenter’s level. (4.4.12)
  • The zip/unzip wizard folder icon – A chap executed the procedure for transferring from “Hell” to “Heaven” and found them to be similar domains. – A Monopoly board – Bookends – A hilltop stripped of its timber – A piling with a Phantom tail section on top of it (4.27.12)

Approaching the School of Natural Sciences and the Square Kilometer Array team with a “Partnership” proposal has added a new possibility for the venture.

  • An example of the discourse enabled by IPv8 made a connection with teachings in the Qur’an – A notch for the backbone of a plywood aircraft bulkhead – A heavy duty aircraft nose wheel assembly rolled a small distance to the rear (5.30.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has yielded very gratifying support for the programs outlined in the Extensions.  One example of this is to be found in this Phase XIV impression.

  • The Viking longboat model I once owned – A demon ran an errand to Earth.  He was very young and had a good deal of trouble making his way.  Each time he almost lost it, a hand would appear and guide him for a few moments.  The end of the episode was vague, but there was some sense that he was able to return to his very warm home. – A briefcase handle attached to the void.  7.13.12
  • Discovery that very few have access to subspace vehicles on earth – A short study of the mid-south mindset in the late 1950’s surfaced.  The Clinton racial violence was not mentioned and there was an inference that this mindset still exists in other elements of he local culture. – One sine wave in a straight horizontal line (8.20.12)
  • A study of problems the Triad has with fundamentals of key institutions in the United States – Recommendations that alternatives be found have been tabled and given priorities. – A funnel, mouth up – One of the principles in discovering how to travel along a string devised a novel way of announcing his intent to arrive.  A yarn ball would appear and change color as the trip progressed.  It would turn green shortly before he arrived. – A vortex in an ocean – Several forks and a drawing board – The Pope in formal dress in a ritual cutting of a rod – He held the rod in one hand and rotated a long knife around the rod, reversing direction of rotation as needed to finish the cut.  (9.6.12)

Particular attention to interpreting contemporary crosstalk by remote beings using IPv8 and correlating these conversations with impressions recorded in the author’s diaries years ago gives increasing confidence in the validity of the argument that a very hard road of adjustment is required.  This view is supported by this Phase XV impression.

  • A disturbingly possible chain of retaliation for introducing the possibility that one of the foundations on which the three major religions rest is in fact quicksand – A multi-armed galaxy – A fork rotated 45 degrees in a dark field (11.16.12)
  • Dolphins, coming upon a float with near dead on it in the middle of the ocean, called for help.  In 30 seconds, help arrived, and cut down the last one alive.  She was his daughter, still in trauma from an old piece of litigation.  Some time later, she gave a demonstration of creating special effects in an auditorium using transforms driven by sound or thought. – Some negotiations on the challenge to selected Abrahamic religious tenets. (11.30.12)

Amalgamating IPv8, the HBP startup, and Innerscope research has yielded results which will require at least a century to begin to understand.  Initial findings are highly summarized in this Phase XVI impression.  It is premature to detail potential of this scenario, but if consistency with the Triad structure is established, the next possible step would be to add concepts included in threaded templates and proximate extended platforms.

  • Reductions of two universes met in a wooded area recently devastated.   They found a note; “I made a mess.  Leave it alone, I will clean it up.”  The note notwithstanding, they experimented with time scrolling, restored the area and, being very young, decided to play in the forest and water.  Play turned competitive, then hostile, so they broke it off.  One, in anger, created his personal reduction and made it very warm.  The other reacted by taking the opposite course and created a temperate domain.  The study ended abruptly, but results reminded this lay person of a rough comparison with a popular concept of Heaven and Hell. – A hooded Cobra ready to strike. (2.28.13)

As IPv8 begins to register reactions to the notion that Triad thought experiments may in fact be inverted thought experiments of beings remote to the Cartesian, it becomes fairly clear that developing the Extension must take place outside the influence of command and control theology until such time as major adjustments are made.  Fortunately, avoiding this straightjacket while maintaining some exchange should be possible by using bounded proximate extended platforms.  This position is supported by this Phase XVI impression.

  • One unpublished point of 86-7220 escalated to a hostile exchange on a point of Abrahamic dogma – A hand with a small eggs in the palm – A very broad band version of a radio telescope – A long driveway on a hillside (4.3.13)

That this line of reasoning is finding favor in the Extension domain is evident in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A biblical event was rerun simultaneously in three time frames.  It soon became clear that the net result was in the class of the effect differential velocities of inertial frames have on their properties as posited by a well known physicist in the formative years of the discipline on earth. – One white dice with black spots. (4.23.13)

Much is made of the United States acting as a proxy in the middle east, but IPv8 output fairly clearly points out the need for mediation in it own house.  This Phase XVI impression is fairly clear on the subject.

  • A seminar in Huntsville, Alabama on advanced physical chemistry drew significant interest when personal space shifting was mentioned.  There was room for five in a trial.  The second round of volunteers oversubscribed the class. – A pair of tan dress shoes (6.01.13)

History of this planet makes the ferocity with which religious organizations will defend what they believe is the path to the eternal crystal clear.  With this warning, it should be no surprise that the Triad theory will become a magnet for violent reaction at any level of any society.  As fundamental as is this experiment, casualties to date have been relatively light.  Encouragement to continue is again made clear in this extract from a Phase XVII data stream.

  • A Halloween Jack o’ Lantern – White dice with black spots – Several forks, one with broad tines – A handle connecting two hyperbola (7.24.13)

Starting with Triad Theory, The Looming Tower, and Dr. Philpott‘s essay, we have a thread which runs straight to ISIS and the Wikipedia description of the phenomenon.  The reaction is, again, how those involved can temporarily put aside political alignments to suppress this phenomenon.  Even the marginally informed can be excused when the comment “Sound familiar?” comes to mind.  The Triad argues that unless concept vs. concept is resolved, a casualty list is firmly embedded in the region.

Reaction of the off planet population to the revised Evolution tells us that if we are to be effective in this new environment, this problem should be expected and dealt with as a matter of course.  The Triad further argues that it has an untried set of concepts which, properly applied, will make a succession of these phenomena more controllable.  Elements of this reaction follow.

  •  A four blade ships propeller.. Two thin light traces in the outline of a walnut… The photograph the author took of a trolley at the Kaiserlei… Another saxophone.. A pair of boots and spurs, dug in… A partial outline of a small pedestal table with a small base… A molasses dispenser used when eating pancakes… (6.16.14)

  Work In Progress

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