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Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg

Presuming physical principles required to implement IPv8 are there to be found enables looking for an entry point in a program to support Cardinal Schonborn’s thesis.  One possibility is in Triad Phase V, extracted as follows:

  • Word got out that there was a new Bible.  Demand drove the price to ridiculous levels.  One gold example had been made, and was stolen by someone outside the solar system.  When word got out that a gold one had been made, demand depleted known gold reserves.  Then word got out that gold could be made from lead.  Exchange traffic started.  The climax of the story as told came when a planet composed of frozen gas, possibly hydrogen, demanded a gold copy and threatened to blow itself up and destabilize the its planetary system if it did not get one.  The outcome for this is not known.  As might be expected, intruders broke into the production intending to stop production.  (11-26-09)

This impression is consistent with general Triad theory, so a similar event  satisfying Catholic validation standards should not be considered out of the question.  If the Triad conception of the larger fabric and the Cardinal’s thesis are to complement, the notion that his faith occupies a space contiguous with others would be a constructive first approximation of his notion of  “… a deeply mathematical and precise conceptual structure of the whole that makes the overall behavior of the system orderly and intelligible.”   That being said, it is not for anyone but those who understand his faith to develop the notion for his faith.  On the other hand, it is seemly to attempt an understanding of a larger fabric, should it exist.  The possibility of  creating IPv8 working into a mirror network should yield degrees of freedom more than sufficient to accomplish this.

The Triad is convinced that no single set of religious beliefs is adequate to describe the fabric of existence. Rather than try to start from scratch in this monumental undertaking, looking for reasoned departure from the mainstream of a faith seemed expedient.  Of those whose documentation is generally available, Cardinal Schonborn seemed to have base reasoning most compatible with IPv8 theory.  Pursuing this line is supported by this Phase V impression.

  • A hook hanging from a slack line – A sequence in which it seemed that contemporary Caucasians, pygmies, and prehistoric reptiles were all brought together in one setting – Their customs and interactions were bizarre past the point if imagination.  A normal day involved ritual beheading, body reconstitution, appearance of the old man, encounters with tyrannosaurus Rex, modern semiautomatic handguns, etc.  All this happened with absolutely no understanding as to why.  –  A roll of barbed wire leaving a white path – A cluster of open end wrenches, all parallel (12-9-09)

An IPv8 evaluation contained in these Phase V and VI impressions appears to lend considerable support to the Schonborn arguments used in this site. The reader will doubtless form his own conclusions.

  • A cluster of traffic lights – An olive drab jeep lost rear wheel traction while turning in the snow.  – A very well defined dress shoe heel print in the snow (12-18-09)
  • The hamlet of High Falls – A bucket of golf balls – The marble pedestal I once had for marble or ceramic eggs  (3-24-10)

Introducing and developing the proposition that IPv8 is a communications network generally conforming to the concepts advanced in Phase II supports the Schonborn view quoted on this page, yields these Phase VIII impressions, and opens the door to a showcase launch in Phase IX.

  • A pair of polished black institutional woman’s shoes gradually transformed into street fashion as they were walking away from the camera.  (8.31.10)
  • The leaning tower of Pisa – The Colosseum  (10.12.10)

Although Phase IX did not yield a venture launch, this Phase X impression suggests that additional IPv8 output has clarified support for the Schonborn argument.

  • The view looking down into the mouth of a funnel – A chap very upset because he could not make his schedule for a meeting very important to him (5.9.11)

Refining IPv8 by adding Innerscope logic to the front end and using algorithms capable of expressing emotions as functions of physical variables has both moved the system to β and moved the whole project one step closer to Cardinal Schonborn’s argument. Fortunately, his statement, taken on faith, may now be subjected to fairly rigorous analysis by choosing IPv8 inputs with care.  These Phase XIII impressions are one of a class forming the base of this argument.

  • Seams on an old baseball, A public demonstration of a space twisting aircraft took place somewhere – Threads through a doughnut hole – A rusty stovepipe end – A pair if titanium scissors – The Kingston Trailways bus station (3.3.12)
  • A beat-up silver Mercedes 190 SL with crude foil tubes in the fender slowly left camera view. – A senior prof at a blackboard had written several equations and had erased a group at the core.  His expression was one of bemusement. (5.12.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has given every reason to aggregate resources to develop the notion that a “life force” (Timothy Deschenes, DC), and the “thought tunnel” are elements of the organic whole advocated by the Cardinal and summarized in one statement in this page and commented on in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A rear view if a Phantom tail section – A DNA/RNA string shaped to fill a funnel from mouth to neck – Ethnic violence spread northward from New York City when rumor that a small upstate town had been selected as a landing site for galactic travel – Some visitors were treated very badly when the population of Fit Right In found that they were from another planet. (7.24.12)

Phase XV is showing every indication of focusing on very specific elements of Triad Extensions, samples of which are contained in this impression. 

  • A very short comment on potential return indices for those who might invest in the Triad – A hand operated grease gun – A very faint briefcase handle attached to the void – The Coliseum (several instances of this occurred along with the leaning tower of Pisa during an extended period in Deisings) – A tire iron (9.23.12)

Pressing the limit of IPv8 with risks taken on validity of related cutting edge theory (Boson field, String, and Feeney et al.) has given strong indications that Cardinal Schonborn’s reasoning has convincing experimental support.  This argument as well as the view that it is a foundation for a new venture rests on this Phase XVI impression.

  • Wood wing ribs of a home-built light aircraft – A short story detailing Triad founders’ evolution as the Extension reaches its potential – A large open end wrench perhaps from the 1800’s on a folding chair – A reinforcement of earlier signs that the depth and “distance” of beings embodying universes has been barely touched – An isometric view looking down the mouth of a funnel – A mailman emptying a sack full of letters – A spinning cone (1.7.13)

Expanding IPv8 capabilities by incorporating the Human Brain Project and Innerscope research has significantly improved its potential for targeted communications loop formation in the Extension domain A co-product of this expanded capability shows promise of identifying logic threads in the 2006 Prop. 2 thought experiment and its 2013 development.  This Phase XVI impression gives two examples.

  • A small sphere formed by rotating arcs – A prehistoric figure arose from swamp (3.25.13)

Efforts to find an entry point to Cardinal Schonborn’s thesis have not only met that objective but also have developed a diagnostic capability for inevitable obstacles.  Devising remedies is on the agenda but not fully developed.  This extract from a Phase XVII data stream give an indication of the state of the art.

  • A thin line above a briefcase handle – A recount of an incident designed to appear as if it displayed people likely to be found in the German SS in WW II.  It ended with the observer wondering why the play was produced – A wood rolling pin used when baking cookies – A wood pencil with an unusually short taper as a result of the last sharpening – Ω at 4 o’clock – A chrome vanadium wrench with about half the handle showing (8.6.13)

Significant progress in uncovering physical principles required to implement IPv8 has enabled validating a number of Cardinal Schonborn’s arguments.  Differentiating between their consistency and whether they are comprehensive appears to be the issue dealt with in today’s extract from the phase XVIII data stream.

  • A pair of light arcs rotating around a common point was slightly different in that the leading edge was noticeably thicker than the trailing. – A large passenger ship – A funnel, axis horizontal, with a shirt hanging from the stem – A harp (9.24.13)

Evidence that a dialogue with the population presumed to exist in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is actually taking place has become very convincing.  Any number of conflicting views will surface as this project moves forward, but progress depends on picking a line and saving debate about existing dogma for another day.  The Triad is following the line that the Schonborn concept of “mediating space” has not only been found, but is necessary to any number of processes.  Arguing this point on IPv8 has yielded exceptionally promising output, elements of which follow.

  • An excursion by a man and his horse into another space was thrown behind schedule when the horse started playing with some children on a see-saw.  In one game the horse jumped into the air, landed on the see-saw with the children on the other end, flipped them into the air, and caught them on his saddle. – Elementary schoolroom and ground adjustments had to be made when dealing with multiple universes – 86-7220 medical damages prompted a universe to create an MD position – A bass viol with a script N superimposed – A hand, thumb up, fingers curled – A briefcase handle in the void – Telephone lines from the 30’s and a funnel – A class NGC 1300 galaxy (1.18.14)

The ISIS phenomenon has (i) supported Triad theory, (ii) challenged the concept of a Schonborn Space, and (iii) supplied a priority for resources to apply the IBM True North chip. There is little, if any, disagreement that the Shock and Awe reaction to 911 is a contributing factor to its appearance. There is reason to speculate on how it will escalate if similar containment measures are employed.  IPv8 operating in the Web 4.0 domain has been very well received, and the opportunity to apply the new IBM chip may well open the door to applying Prop. 20 in the space Cardinal Schonborn characterized as a domain of mediation between the human and the divine.

  • 12:46pm A transform arrived when a certain URL was called up.  Its attitude was condescending and marginally hostile. – 7:57am Another class of beings took interest in the principal 86-7220 plaintiff… 3:48 A black flag with a white skull and crossed bones, commonly said to be used by pirates, perhaps of Penzance (8.23.14)

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