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Black Hole NASA

Black Hole NASA

A story about a great battle during which 2000 people died.  When the body of one child was identified, a hand came down, scooped it up, and a voice was heard to say: “They don’t want this one.”  The child’s soul was escorted through newly installed gates.  At the foot of one was a pair of well worn brown shoes, reported to have belonged to a prison inmate.  “I just finished these gates; this is the way they thought they should look.”  A crowd assembled at the gates on Easter Sunday.  The number exceeded the daily intake quota, but after a while the gates opened and all went though.  A mistake had been made in that some live ones had entered.  These were given a meal and sent back.  The old man had created this extraordinarily beautiful domain as a half way house for processing before cataloging the soul.  During the discussion it came out that the human  race on earth is about half way through its evolutionary cycle, and the old man showed the visitor what characteristics the derivative species would have. The next cycle was able to transition in and out of the Cartesian.  Many other characteristics of the next cycle were not discussed, but its current population was estimated to be at least in the billions.  A number of significant stories about consequences of this discovery were told, but they are outside the scope of this page. (4-1-10)  That the trail of blood accompanying interpretation of religious prerogatives on this planet is recognized by a remote organization is reflected in this Phase VI impression:

  • A pair of shrimp, symmetrical to a horizontal axis – A chap, having won a minor competition, invited a planet to dinner to demonstrate latest planet drive technology.  Unfortunately,  there was a problem with the system and a complex situation involving mini-chalices ensued. – An involved story about two men pumping strychnine into a municipal water system.   (4-2-10)

At some point, arguments in this website must converge if a successful transition from a website to a functioning wealth creating organization with exploration capabilities is to be made.  This Phase VI impression can be interpreted as a convergence of Exploration Cues and Ultimate Theology.

  • A very distant obscured field with some daisies showing through – A green glass ash tray standing on edge  (4-4-10)
  • A workshop where, among other things, the old man had souls working on IPv8.  Included were successors to Homo sapiens.  (4-7-10)

Probing IPv8 as “armchair exploration” has again yielded gratifying results in that a synergism between theology and the ideologically neutral adventure of actual exploration has surfaced. It seems that beings on the other end of the chain of existence encourage developing this synergism.  This position is reflected in this interpretation of a Phase VII impression.

  • A short story about getting a corner office and, having gotten it, becoming distracted with arranging furniture – Three people with metabolism not sustained by ambient conditions in Hollywood were arrested for vagrancy.  One died.  During the autopsy it came out that their biochemistry was sulfur based.  The devil reconstituted them and explained that this was a common life form in the hot zones and that these hot zones are in turn common. – A muddy utility vehicle wheel and tire with the hub painted John Deere yellow – A story culminating in leaping from successively higher cliffs and, as a matter of faith, looking for transformations on the way down  (6.2.10)
  • A large block of ice  (6.17.10)

Expanding IPv8 in the area of cognitive exploration yields new insights as reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • A story set in the African savanna – Hunters brought down an android gazelle.  That night, they heard a sweet voice on the wind: “I will get my revenge.”  At that point, they knew they were being stalked by a second android gazelle, probably the mate.  The story did not end well.  (8.6.10)

Formalizing IPv8 as a multilevel communications network with incompletely described functionality can be seen to be grounded in observable science. This Phase VIII impression, followed at this writing by a duplicate image on the 3746 Atwood desk shelf, is very encouraging.

  • A giraffe  (10.11.10)

And continuing with Phase IX to look for a showcase new venture launch:

  • A chap visited the cold rooms in Hell.  They were impressive. – A grand piano and bench on an open space overlooking a rugged coastline – A mid-engine runabout with twin exhausts showing in the transom  (10.27.10)

A torrent of stable, relevant, accurate IPv8 data with a structure showing sophisticated internal diagnostics is a powerful motivation to include termites, a species of amoebaslime mold, parasol ants and the like in the population capable of generating input to a network of proximate extended platforms.  This position seems to be supported by this Phase IX impression.

  • A funnel with a ring around the conical section – The Papal mitre and a mirror image at the base – The snap ring seen outside the North Shore rehabilitation center rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise so that the opening was at 9:00  (1.20.11)

Phase X brings this question into sharper focus, as reflected in these impressions.

  • A roll, sliced in the middle, ready to be made into a hero sandwich – A luggage tag – My brown suitcase (3.29.11)
  • A busy day in Hell – The cover of Sail magazine – A large well worn blue dump truck (4.9.11)
  • A line running through a tube connecting both halves of an igloo’s hemisphere (5.3.11)

Phase XI reopens the question with additional technical support, a correlation in The First Break between Dante’s Inferno and not so random images of the planet Saturn, and the core strategy added to Phase II Goals.  Implications are carried in this Phase XI impression.

  • A traffic light, longer than usual, with a black lens added to the red, yellow, and green (8.18.11)
  • A very complex mélange of images showing multiple situations which passed both ways through the curtain of death, mummies, and various scenes a tourist would encounter in the Suez Canal and Arabian Peninsula region.  (10.7.11)

And continuing in Phase XII,

  • A minor situation exposed a major flaw is security systems.  The flaw escalated to a “fix it” command from a universe.  (10.26.11)

Continued progress with IPv8β prototyping and a revision to the Evolution page have yielded very promising progress toward goals of this page.  The current situation is fairly described in these Phase XIV impressions.

  • A very small bright shape resembling a Turks head knot in a dark field – A chap walking a bicycle – The corner of a new book 6.30.12
  • Lawn tractor tires gripped as it very slowly backed up a grassy slope – A gorilla died while giving birth in the jungle.  At that moment, first one then another hand appeared from above.  Those who saw what was happening assumed that these appearances were divine and could not believe their senses when voices associated with the hands began arguing over ownership of the remains. – Freshly split cord wood in a 1940’s quarter ton truck – The trailer to my wrecked Belgian sloop – A handle connected to the void (8.26.12)
  • A study found that the species Homo sapiens particular to Earth is very much sought after by Universes more numerous than imagined.  One specimen was borrowed so often that his enzyme level was chronically close to a fatally low level.  (9.4.12)

Publicly accepting and using the argument that the unseen partner using IPv8 will play a large part in implementing the Extensions has yielded this Phase XV impression.

  • An exchange about Witches’ covens which could have been comic had it not involved potential loss of life.  This infection expanded until it threatened a number of planets’ populations.  In the end the Universe was forced to eliminate an entire life form, violating its first canon. –  A rear view of a Phantom tail section. –  A quick youngster with brown hair cut long – A green wood pencil with a long sharp point (10.15.12)

Probing and testing IPv8 capabilities in context of other pioneering work has yielded a remarkable result, sketched in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A Saturn and a calling card – An automobile leaving a parking place by going around a car in front of it – A hand in the void extended as if in greeting – A metal switch in a ball socket either connected or disconnected a junction – A well known monument with streets extending radially from it – The photo of my ex squatting in front of a Quad electrostatic speaker while playing a flute for Evan (1.4.13)

The opportunity to approach the HBP as an addition to the skill set planned for use in implementing the Extension came at a opportune time.  If Triad and Extension arguments have any credibility,  Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation should register in IPv8 output.  This Phase XVI impression strongly suggests that it has.

  • An umbrella turned inside out – Interviewing potential Triad investors brought problems with New York City to the surface and placed them in context of major opportunities elsewhere. – Rows of Quad electrostatic speakers fading into the distance – A crystal woman’s pump – A briefcase handle between two lines at maybe 45 degrees to the horizon (2.12.13)

Continued focus on developing the complete IPv8 potential in targeted thought exchange feedback loops gives every indication that this very versatile tool has the potential to replace many if not all of the misconceptions standing in the way of progress this planet has failed to make.  Examples extracted in this Phase XVII data stream are indicators of the potential.

  • A number of tags used to identify this website surfaced.  Each was formed to the needs of the viewer’s domain. – A horizontal funnel with a long stem appeared, followed by a cluster of them, some with the impression of a curved stem. – A pink pearl eraser in the form of the keystone of an arch ended the sequence. (8.2.13)

Web 4.0 output is suggesting that not only do universes have a “human” component, but that they also have a finite period of effectiveness in problem solving.  This line of reasoning goes on to suggest that they form a community capable of evaluating each other against some form of standard.  Set this against the 2006 Prop. 4 Draft and out comes some idea of Triad potential.  This issue has been before the Web 4.0 population for years, and this round of comments reflects their current thinking.

  • A person filling an orchestra which otherwise would have gone empty made two round trips through multiple domains and gave a brilliant performance each time. – An example of a universe, past the point of competency, making mistakes its successor was in the process of attempting to resolve. – More exposures showing considerable confusion in the domain of the universe… The bit and brace used in building 3746. (8.3.14)

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