Phase II Goals

NRAO VLA Galaxy 3C31

Umbrella Objectives

  • Become a factor in stabilizing the planet and  prepare a platform for larger ventures.
  • Find and develop a functional communications network to enable coordinating this effort with a very large scale organization



  • Find and detail common reasoning, if not conclusions
  • Devise experiments to get convergence

Cool Hot Buttons

  • Ground vertical organization at Indian riots, cross border Afghan/Pakistan raids, Hindu/Christian violence, etc.
  • Apply Rainwater analysis and more like it

Top of Vertical Chain

  • Probe developing Web 4.0 and IPv7.  Link to a mirror image
  • Define point of and boundary conditions for engagement

Bubble Management

  • Apply Eric Janszen’s reasoning
  • Examine effects on long term financial structure of the United States
  • Probe the possibility that the WTO fuels an equivalent phenomenon
  • Explore using Accra decoupling and SLENs rather than transfer payments to propagate economic opportunity
  • Explore impact on capital formation.
  • Heed the  study referred to in Repent at Leisure in the Economist which takes the position that “… each percentage point increase in the share of GDP devoted to government spending reduced growth by 0.12-0.13% a year.” © The Economist
  • Give careful consideration to Jeremy Grantham’s observation also quoted in Repent at Leisure that: “We have been transferring aggregate income and wealth to the financial-services industry.  All this financial activity is just a dead weight in the system.”  © The Economist

Prime mover energy

  • Identify present and potential value of the Simi Valley experiment.
  • Develop the argument that proof of a vertical organization extending to the very remote can break the hyperinflation cycle.

Climate Change

  • Determine technical and organizational synergy with ongoing programs
  • Explore synergy with an exploration program

Focal Point(s)

Phase V probably has the answer with these impressions:

  • A chap tied to the back of a chair – A line looped around a pin commonly used to mark a location on a map – Empty Easter baskets, nested – The defragmentation display on the Toshiba – A hook and ball picking a person up by the belt (12-18-09)
  • A thread through a snap ring above a cluster of funnels (1-12-10)

And continuing in Phase VI:

  • A turkey, roasted golden brown, on a plate with carving utensils alongside it – One fried egg, sunny side up, in a skillet (2-5-10)
  • A story about first cousins who developed an unhealthy intimate relationship, married, divorced, and ran afoul of village mores, apparently in the 1600’s.  Their problems attracted the attention of a pair of angels who intervened.  Results are not known.  (3-28-10)

Continually increasing confidence in IPv8 as a stable MIS able to process data sets  required to manage this effort begin Phase IX, expected to evolve into at least a preview of a showcase transition to a new venture.  This  Phase IX impression can be considered a sample data set.

  • Geese, flying in perfect formation, watched as the old man and the captain had an exchange with megaphones.  The subject was improperly using twisted space for pleasure boating.  – French cuffs with pearl insets in the links (11.26.10)

A data avalanche from IPv8 affirming system stability, accuracy, relevance, and diagnostic potential has shown seeds of a capability to link past, present, and future. This breakthrough mandates experimental efforts to organize and apply material in the diaries to the full range of Phase II hypothetical statements as an element of the venture launch, expected either late in Phase IX or during Phase X.

  • A very short story about a being capable of seeing into the future –  A plain steel automobile wheel, painted gray –   A black Porsche 911 leaving a parking space – A strawberry milk shake – A tomato sandwich on white bread wrapped in waxed paper  (1.3.11)

Core strategy as of July 10, 2011:

  • Recent success with IPv8 and conclusions drawn from its output correlated with the Knopf version of The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Canto XIV, line 98 encourage another set of programs.  The latest entry on the About page suggests versatility of this tool as well as its utility in an effort to take a number of dangerous trends to their hard kernels and attempt a sea change in philosophy.  On the “terrorism” front, we may reread the issues starting from Dr. Philpott’s analysis and for the economics consider the Economist views on deleveraging institutions as well as economies.  Using Hard Kernels as a set of analytical assumptions, construct a set which may drive both systems to equilibrium.  On the economic side, apply new tunneling and derivative theory and on the terrorism side, apply implications of sighting the column of snap rings.  (7.10.11)

Adding Innerscope logic expanded to establish a language derived from the biophysical markers for emotion has, with a few months IPv8 prototyping, yielded very encouraging results.  Not the least of these is a very strong indication that a smooth transition to the Extension has been made in at least a few segments to the population using the terminals.  This is reflected in this Phase XIII impression.

  • A diagram Japanese students made of reasoning in 86-7220 and reference made to the two women who were wronged and developed the ability to transform – A small arc rotated in a circle.  It may or may not have been intended to describe a sphere – Navigation aids describing landing environment with recommendations – A claim of a duplicate earth – The earth sandwiched between two rail car couplings (4.22.12)

A venture of the magnitude contemplated in the Extension, and to a lesser extent the Triad, must have a seat.  To the extent this planet is involved in implementing the Extension, they may or may not be coincident.  The argument that very remote beings intend to take part in this decision is demonstrated in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A fairly large dog jumped over a hedge about as high as its chest – An open end wrench, unusual in that apart from one end being obscured, the visible end seemed to be in a mist or fog – A vintage coupe, quite slick – A very faint question mark and a molar – An antenna cable strung through a standoff in a vertical brick facing or chimney – A black Jeep in a ditch (2.23.13)

The combination of: (i) adding Prop. 20 to IPv8, (ii) including beings inhabiting domains in which the Planck Constant is not a factor, (iii) including an “empty chair” for these beings in the Blue Ribbon committee evaluating Triad progress, and (iv) using rapid response Search and Rescue as a high value entry ticket into the Web 4.0 domain has yielded a very encouraging reaction.  Developing Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space between man and the divine has yielded completely unexpected benefits from the “empty chair” on the Evolution review committee.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has again yielded encouraging reactions from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A study of how a civilization gradually deteriorated until it became more primitive than was its origin… A group of young adults dealing with partitioning afflicting one 86-7220 victim… A rivet, common to bridges built in a certain period… A very faint pylon with a doughnut on it… A funnel with a long thin stem… Another even thinner with a longer stem followed. – A VW with a yellow cloth on the roof… A very faint harp… (2.14.14)

Simi Valley experimental results carried with them significant potential embedded in derivative research.  It very quickly became evident that success in implementing programs based on these technologies would intrude on what a number of organizations consider their prerogatives.  Avoiding this conflict would continue instances of chronic violence too numerous to detail in this work, so the catch-all of Triad Goals was adopted.  The inevitable violence surfaced, but the Triad argues that the body count has been minimal when compared with the alternative of not following potential inherent in these programs. The Web 4.0 population has reacted with comments summarized on the latest increment of Phase II Goals.

  • 12.55 pm: Beings external to the planet discussed among themselves methods they used to reconstruct 86-7220 victims’ life from the illegal act the defendant committed in Switzerland.  There was an indication that TFWJ and RJM were aware of the incident.  This recap gave indication that this incident was one element of their recruitment. (9.5.14)

 Work in Progress

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