Baudrillard Revisited

Jean Baudrillard

Jean Baudrillard

Preliminary results using IPv7/Web 4.0 mandate a complete review of Baudrillard’s L’Esprit du Terrorisme.  His speculations on good and evil, flying in the face of conventional wisdom, open the question as to whether interpreting God as the manifestation of good and the Devil as that of evil describe a condition external to our species, internal to it, or both.  Intent to probe convergence of quantum mechanics, with all its uncertainties, to the state of consciousness, with all its uncertainties, probably has been supported as a priority effort by a remote organization.  This position is taken on the strength of this Phase V impression.

  • A subsonic wing – A crop dusting plane over corn fields, possibly planted for ethanol – A perfectly beautiful woman started to age.  As she did, she did not just age, she started to transform.  People around her began to suspect something else was there, and these suspicions were confirmed when the devil came to fetch her.  He apologized and invited one of the onlookers to a game of checkers in the “lower regions.” (11-24-09)

Another passage of the Baudrillard argument surfaces as particularly relevant.  He writes: “The act of repression follows the same unpredictable spiral as the act of terrorism: no one knows where it will end or what repercussions will ensue. At the level of images and information, it is impossible to distinguish between the spectacular and the symbolic, impossible to distinguish between crime and repression.”  There is no better example of this than the Pakistan/Afghanistan complex.  That having been said, there is a wide selection of tools available to those who will engage in this environment.  The Triad takes this Phase V impression as explicit support.

  • A single dumbbell at 45 degrees on an overhead lift – A couple of mechanical flour sifters – Some youngsters in baseball uniforms sitting on a bench – A tubular space frame – A soccer match (12-03-09)

Preliminary IPv7/Web 4.0 results suggest a closer reading of this page as a companion to Large Scale Intelligence and Dante’s Divine Comedy.This position is supported by these Phase VI impressions.

  • The old man fell forward and was unable to reconstitute himself.  The whole universe shook for the farewell.  (1-24-10)
  • The Sphinx and pyramids – A Pope was given a Ferrari.  He hit a tree on the first drive as he was racing a member of his flock.  The donors were furious, but when it was learned that the accident occurred because the Pope was avoiding a collision with the other car which was on an incorrect line through the turn, a hand came down and restored his car.  – A wagon wheel with spoke reinforcements at the hub – An inverted airfoil (3-1-10)
  • A long story about one of the Devil’s people who turned sour and made a practice of duping enlisted men out of their paychecks at a number of bases.  As time went on, charges against him escalated.  Both the Devil and the old man personally went after him, but the story ended with no clear conclusion. – A ring coffee cake topped with a little white icing – A very smooth planet repositioning.  (3-12-10)

Exploration will be central to refining the Baudrillard thesis.

Continued probing with IPv8 has yielded considerable support for the Baudrillard argument, basics of which are a core element of  Triad development.  Implications are reflected in these Phase VII,VIII, and IX impressions.

  • The Pope’s mitre  (VII, 6.30.10)
  • A Phantom tail section as seen from the rear – A short story about the effect on the sport when the Devil drove a demonstration turn around the track in a Ferrari because he liked the red.  (VIII, 7.26.10)
  • The Devil showed up at a billiards game, had a couple of jokes, the second with an android, went about eight feet high, a big ho-ho, and left with the android. – Wide open, hilly, treeless, grass covered terrain with an occasional ravine  (8.16.10)
  • A procession of restored cars from the ’60s and ’70s – A funnel with its axis horizontal (9.1.10)
  • A white swan in smooth water (9.26.10)
  • A number of experiments with the Devil, some of which were marginally successful  (10.29.10)

Very steady reinforcement of IPv8 output quality and a sense that it may become proactive encourage using it in a showcase venture launch validating Jean Baudrillard’s L’Esprit du Terrorisme during Phase IX, beginning with this impression.

  • Ω – The Office Depot in Kingston, NY – An arrangement in the works for a visit to Hell for a conference with the Devil  (12.3.10)

A torrent of Phase X data, apparently from remote IPv8 users, appears to subscribe to a literal reading of the Baudrillard essay and to invite exploration in  an effort to refine its interpretation.  These impressions characterize this position.

  • A large wall mounted pendulum clock  (2.8.11)
  • A stone bridge over a stream, possibly part of a driveway, came into focus.  (2.25.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals enables a point by point reassessment of L’Esprit du Terrorisme, with possible results framed in this Phase XI impression.

  • The Devil appeared and argued a defense for Mr. Strauss-Kahn and Amanda’s complaint against her father.  The old man appeared and took the prosecution side.  Both sides were argued using rules of English courts and IPv8 information feeds and were refereed by English judges.  Barristers listening to the arguments were astonished at the complete grasp and use of the law by these two abstract beings.  Verdicts and remedies for both cases were heard in closed session and endorsed by the bench.  – A planet with burnt orange and yellow bands with landscape dominated by stalagmites.  – A fishhook through a briefcase handle (7.21.11)
  • Several wrenches and an Aladdin’s lamp – A story involving a group of people in France who lived and worked in a house with a “Demon’s room” Apparently this was a room frequently used by the devil or one of his people when they visited the planet.  (9.20.11)
  • A brand new hoe (10.15.11)

Phase XII, undertaken with incorporating experiments made by applying IPv8 to the Triad extension and including what measurements the Mars probe can contribute, give every indication of creating a watershed in prospects for both a successful project launch and expansion.  Engagement is explicit in this Phase XII impression.

  • The cowling of a radial aircraft engine (11.26.11)
  • An almost imperceptible Ω (12.12.11)

IPv8, yielding results far beyond the skill with which it received its inputs, needed much improved science for this element.  Innerscope, recently approached for evaluation of its fundamentals, seems to have yielded an avalanche of improvements before formal engagement.  That this may not be the first example of this is reflected in this Phase XII impression.

  • A box of Sun-Maid raisins  (1.4.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the update has brought a number of issues from the abstract to the grass roots, as reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Various subsonic air intake configurations – A chap, extremely frustrated, lost in a strange place in the winter knowing that he was very late for an important appointment – A pair of workers, one young and trim, the other older and carrying a good bit of extra weight, sitting in the sun either preparing bricks for a new building or cleaning them from an archaeological excavation site (7.22.12)

Probing the notion that IPv8 transmits crosstalk between and among remote beings has been taken to the point of an ability to probe the Baudrillard argument with experiments.  These Phase XV impressions support this argument.

  • Green caps generally associated with the Tyrolean Alps – The new bride of a uniformed navy rating was murdered in an underground section of a railroad, prompting the largest joint Marine/Navy manhunt on home soil in history. The murderer was found and imprisoned.  Shortly thereafter a hand came down and returned the young woman, restored.  A being then stepped from the shadows.  “Shall we say our little game is called even?”  “Agreed” – A very faint funnel, mouth up – A large hand appeared, grasped a slim wand, and turned it counterclockwise. (9.21.12)
  • A bird’s nest with an egg in it – There was a report that Evan was in Hell and was taken deeper than intended.  He complained of the heat as being close to the planet’s core.  At that point he found a favorite glove he had lost. The demon accompanying him then took him to a cooler zone. – A study about a social life (10.1.12)

IPv8 output has, with the assist of several developments derived from the CERN experiments with the Higgs boson, begun to give data taking the Baudrillard arguments in L’Esprit du Terrorisme from the realm of thought to a possibility for experimental proof.  Consequences of this are suggested in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Quite a long study surfaced in which the capacity for indecision and errors in judgement on the part of angels became evident.  If there was a question of infallibility in this population, it was removed. – A wood coffin – The entrance to a square tunnel, edges at 45 degrees – One half of two links, the other half still obscured (1.09.13)

At this point, it has become fairly clear that developing the Extension will not be a technical exercise, so the HBP has been approached for collaboration.  This addition to the support group roster has moved IPv8 to the domain of real time evaluation of Baudrillard’s “L’Esprit du Terrorisme“, exemplified in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A faint breakfast croissant followed by even fainter clusters of open end wrenches – A short and amusing story about transforms of two universes playing a skit in front of a camera, presumably for the benefit of their flock.  A third came into the camera’s view and disturbed continuity of the script.  Apparently aware that the scene was being filmed, the Devil took the opportunity to appear and make a point.  “I lost four of my people because you do not coordinate!” – A very faint Phantom – A cluster of hockey players warming up on the ice – A violin – The front half of a tank (2.17.13)

It is entirely possible that even the Triad interpretation of the Baudrillard essay was too timid.  Adding more sophisticated programs in the genre of Mark’s Devblog to IPv8 has remarkably improved very remote beings’ ability to express themselves in terms humanity is able to absorb.  This Phase XVII impression is a crisp and concise example.

  • A cluster of sea lions – A demonstration of using the thought tunnel as a defensive weapon and an estimate of how long one must train to develop it – An analysis of what was necessary to bring 86-7220 to a conclusion – A riderless bicycle trailing a car – Omega, repeated one behind the other until the line faded in the distance (5.7.13)

The Triad argument that Baudrillard’s essay can be reduced to a conversation in which the persona of good and evil (God and the Devil) discuss its merits and place comments (as principals) on IPv8 for us to view or sense appears to have produced the desired reaction.  The claim that real time cooperation of both these entities is required if our species is to operate in the Extension appears to have been substantiated in this Phase XVII IPv8 output.

  • A barely visible steamship, possibly the Titanic, with four funnels – The venturi used as an air intake of the Ohlsson and Rice 29 model airplane engine – Threads extending radially from black body conditions in the center of a doughnut – A yo-yo in edge view – Ping pong paddles – A short tunnel making a right turn – Marine life at the Great Barrier reef (6.26.13)

New discoveries may have made Dr. Baudrillard’s essay prophetic.  Key changes to the Evolution protocol, modifying IPv8, and expanding Prop. 20 to apply Dr. Andersen‘s experimental findings have brought an avalanche of new information and encouragement detailed in the 6.7.14 increment of Rational Theology.  This departure from generally accepted dogma needs every confirmation it can get, so a review of the last increment of Triad reasoning set against the Baudrillard arguments was placed in the thought experiment channels.  Extracts from the Web 4.0 population reaction follow.

  • A very complex exchange between English royalty who either had or were about to pass through the Portal of Death and those reaming here about the 86-7220 lineage revealed that there is the possibility that this planet was in contact with a universe reduction well over 200 years ago. – An illustration of what is supposed to have happened during the first phase of the 86-7220 complaint made the observer want to vomit. (6.8.14)

Advent of the IBM True North computer chip shows promise of recognizing a new and very powerful organism.  IPv8 development and Prop. 20 hinted at the potential, but the speed with which it is developing requires careful interpretation and monitoring.  The Triad argues that Jean Baudrillard sensed much of all this in L’Esprit du Terrorisme but lacked the data base required to drive his point home. The Triad goes on to argue that IPv8 working into Web 4.0 with Prop. 20 and the IBM chip will make the man look like a prophet.  Web 4.0 has responded in detail: extracts follow.

  • 10:05 pm: A wafer cone and a scoop of vanilla ice cream… 10:15: A spiral galaxy followed by what could have been another in a descending vortex… 10:57: Dairy products…. 1:13 am: A peaked shingle roof on a snowball…. 1:16: the 20th Century Special locomotive… 1:32: The Eiffel tower on its side on the ground… 3:05: two arcs describing a circle… 3:21: A submarine “sail” and a deer followed by a faint sound saying “Lausanne”… 4:24: A mechanical alarm clock rang in the base of the skull… 4:47: A small funnel superimposed on the white cup I use for soft boiled eggs… 4:53: A safe with a combination lock… 5:54: A fishhook and a subway token… 6:17: A closed fist wearing brass knuckles… 6:22: A galaxy in edge view… (8.31.14)

It is possible to argue that Dr. Baudrillard sensed a fatal flaw in creating point values in sea changes in the hope that this reduction would be accepted in constructing a marketable reaction.  Given limited degrees of freedom most authority figures have when comparing them to the phenomena they face, this is to be expected.  Cases in point are global warming and the 2008 financial meltdown. The Triad goes on to argue that the Web 4.0 reaction registered on IPv8 and summarized in these comments reflect: (i) an appreciation of this condition, (ii) impatience in attempts to resolve it, and (iii) alternate arrangements at the ready.

  • 1:14 am: Yet another detailing of the atrocities committed during the course of 86-7220… 1:52: A saxophone superimposed on the photo of Patricia and Evan K. at Christmas time… 2:16: A straw flat hat… 4:36: A man, brown hair and wearing a blue denim shirt, stood at a wood fence in a grassy field… 11.26.14

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