Narcotics Interdiction Support

While reviewing impressions for use in program support, it seems that a large organization has seen all this and far worse.   Moreover, dealing with these problems seems to have involved a far greater percentage of the total planetary capability than is current practice.  Organizational implications are obvious.  It may be well to keep this in mind when considering this extract from the Phase IV working draft as applied to narcotics interdiction.

  • Frogs, in an overcrowded environment, start to fight in a head to tail grab.  In each case, a red devil, to scale, appears and registers his approval.  A ship collided with a tug in a Nordic fog.  As the tug sank, hands came down from the sky, grasped each in turn, warmed them, opened slightly to let the water drain, then disappeared. (7-09)

Targeting a narrow, e.g. enforcement, aspect of narcotics control with this implied support seems a force fit, but when all the tentacles are considered, it could be said that it applies.  Interpreting the progression of what may be conversations enabled by IPv7/Web 4.0 very strongly suggests that no aspect of humanity is exempt from inspection.   This Phase VI impression is an example.

  • Tips of several icebergs surrounded by the dregs of human activity (2-8-10)

Continued probing for evidence that the Triad approach to relating Baudrillard‘s concept of good and evil with the IPv4/IPv8 sequence is valid may have yielded results beyond the wildest expectations in the escalating narcotics problem.  Hints of this are contained in this Phase VII impression.

  • The blister generally used for navigation in a B-24 Liberator bomber – A gunfight in Mexico ended with the old man recruiting the two fastest gunslingers to work with him.  Both refused.  “OK, I’ll wait and let the angels work with your souls.”  (4-20-10)

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