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Australian Drought

Australian Drought

When the casual observer listens to Mr. Gore, watches increased instability in global weather, and measures progress in international cooperation in assessing and reacting to climate change, he can not derive much comfort.  Given all this, it is not unreasonable to take the position that carbon and methane emission control is not adequate to cope with the magnitude of the PETM epoch volumes.  This then, shifts the emphasis to creating an infrastructure designed to handle the impact.  This effort can be built concurrent with control measures at the rate of climate change.  Ability to take a measured approach with technical support is inferred by the following impression contained in Triad Phase III correspondence:

  • A very strange story about running to catch a train, making it, and then living through time changes in increments of 100 years.  At  one point, acquired, gave back, and reacquired angels wings.  An egg embedded in mist – Unusual and perhaps fatal temperature oscillations experienced by a planet following an orbital adjustment. (5-30-09)

Whether or not this impression will translate into technical and organizational assistance remains to be seen.  On a more pragmatic level, the Economist has supplied an analysis enabling an approach well within the planned Triad operating envelope.  As and when the venture is formalized, this will get priority attention.

For a globe reeling from its inability to shorthop creating imaginary wealth in economic bubbles, it seems strange that creating an equivalent of the derivatives market for carbon credits has not drawn more attention from economists. Also missing is a warning evaluation from an English group of  mechanical engineers estimating the magnitude of a meaningful effort to balance the energy transfer caused by an effluent volume equivalent to the PETM.  A marginally informed public bruised by the United States judgment in the subprime market failure and dangerously susceptible to anxieties fueled by special interest groups deserves better.  The Triad contains alternatives, and a reaction – presumably of a very large organization – to these alternatives. Reasons for them can be found in this Phase V impression.

  • An incredibly large horse appeared and held conversations with people who measured him. – Deep sea life forms – A cluster of ten penny nails (11-27-09)

The Triad has taken the position that there is legitimate reason to question application of the fact base available to the UN panel.  There is little if any question surrounding basic temperature readings, but recent publication of questionable science in analysis is thematically in the category of questions raised in Simi Valley in this site.  Expanded concerns are fairly clearly registered in this Phase V impression.

  • A surfer’s wave whose curl formed a tunnel – After a completely frustrating day of arguments about releasing news about new developments and controlling the implications, a bartender who brought a round of refreshments had his face mangled by a thrown bottle.  The old man appeared and found the face too far gone for him.  At this point the devil, which seemed to have been monitoring events, appeared and was given the problem.  He was able to heal the bartender. –  An experiment consisting of molding space so that two points distant in the Cartesian appeared adjacent to each other – The splined end of a shaft – A sporting rifle with a telescopic sight – A person wearing black with silver trim in a headstand (12-4-09)

IPv8 development gives every indication that expanded concerns registered in Phase V can be matched with expanded capabilities, as suggested on this Phase IX impression:

  • A Formula I team considered licensing threaded template iterations in designing an element of their cars. – A polar bear on and ice floe  (10.26.10)

A perceptible increase in public concern that fallout from the financial crisis is not completely under control and is also masking other equally complex and important issues seems to have triggered a reaction in IPv8 β.  This concise Phase XIII impression seems to validate potential of this new tool.

  • Fishermen in heavy weather gear in the North Sea – A baseball in an unnatural gray – A threaded needle (3.26.12)

Phase XV carries additional data on this subject with the latest update to Simi Valley, as follows.

  • A very fine wire wrapped around a peg so as to form a perfect spiral – A society capable of making fusion reactors the size of a switch offered to sell planet earth a batch.  Their minimum production run was about the population of the planet.  Terms were cash or precious metal equivalent on delivery.  Storage requirements were specified and the price was in the range if 10 to 100 dollars apiece.  The magpie supplying the units became very annoyed at the planet’s attempts to negotiate and left, leaving the offer with price escalators on the table.  After about a century, storage and currency or equivalent were assembled and the transaction completed. – A long study about learning to lead using the thought tunnel to expand the span of command – Several clear plastic jars filled with coffee beans – A large mushroom – A particularly damning speech about the conduct of case No. 86-7220 in the United States Federal Court (10.28.12)

Taking what can be retrieved from IPv8 output, climate change seems to be very high on a number of agendas.  Considering the sighting of a clearly defined hockey stick about 100 feet above Rt. 209 as a prompt and adding this to that what seem to be calls for the capability to adjust planetary orbits and threatening asteroids suggests that this planet is traveling a well-worn road, perhaps faster than necessary.  The Triad argues that populations not subject to our politics have recognized the value of work done in Simi Valley and its derivatives, and that this assessment is reflected in this extract from IPv8 output.

  • 1:05 am: Beings external to the planet’s Cartesian dimensions reviewed the USMC record, interviewed a very senior officer, presented him with their findings, and informed the Corps that the relationship was discontinued. – 2:10: A question mark rotated 180 degrees. – 2:34: A short red tube… (12.15.14)

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