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Very Large Array, New Mexico

Very Large Array, New Mexico

Any success in this element of the Triad should go on Jean Baudrillard’s tombstone.  His notion of the nature of good and evil as mirror images of humanity, internal to it, and Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of mediating space seem to have complemented the somewhat technocratic Triad approach and produced a reaction.  Phase IV will contain a very strong impression with a sea of undercurrent too complex to absorb in a gestalt exposure.  To quote:

  • After an experimental miscalculation, the universe was forced to call upon the devil for a favor.  Apparently the devil owed him one.  The universe wanted one of his people back after he was killed in an experiment.  Both knew where this would eventually lead and the devil wanted credit for the outcome.  The scene dissolved before the negotiation was complete.  A dark haired young boy started to ride a bicycle too large for him. (8-31-09)

If this is not an explicit statement of very large scale support, it is at least an expression of awareness of intent and a willingness to take the time to monitor.  Introducing the notion of Web 4.0 and IPv7 working into a mirror image in the very remote seems to have sharpened theory to support this part of the Triad program.  Triad Phase IV will contain these supporting impressions:

  • A ceremonial change from a dying universe to a young one – Apparently a galaxy was moved across the divide.  – A rectangular tunnel to black space, possibly for individual or small group use – A teaspoon full of brown powder (9-15-09)
  • A black and a white piano key – A fairly detailed account of a planet in transition between two stars.  There were casualties when the transition dynamics were not as expected – Wooden kitchen matches aligned in the outline of bulldozer, tank, or power shovel treads. (9-29-09)

Continued probing in this domain has yielded the existence of IPv8 with an unknown structure.  Notwithstanding this, awareness by this domain of what goes on in the Cartesian is evidenced by these Phase VII impressions.

  • Divers going off the diving rocks at Acapulco, Mexico –  The plaque from Minos – Two androids explained why they considered California mist healthy and how they removed toxins from themselves once a week. – A long story about an android dog who liked mashed potatoes.  (4-23-10)
  • An involved story involving beings from a variety of species.  The focal point was building a Druid house to get rid of garbage.  – A knife highlighted in a place setting. – The Swedish flag – Columns from classic Roman architecture  (4-24-10)
  • A long story about the sequence of events originating in a Bridgeport garage and ending with the old man and his organization engaging.  (4-25-10)
  • A tunnel mouth as seen from the inside, maybe 100 yards before emerging   (4-27-10)
  • An epidemic 0f shouting  broke out for no apparent reason in a small Italian village. – A spiral galaxy.  (4-28-10)
  • A pair of white french cuffs with gold cuff links  (4.30.10)

And from Phase VIII:

  • Sgt. Klinger from M*A*S*H* falling backwards from his high heels to his backside – A pilot tested the eject system on a prototype using Ω technology  (8.15.10)
  • A female android showed up in Ireland and, after a rocky start, captivated the town. – A vintage sedan, maybe late 20’s or early 30’s, being driven on an otherwise empty highway – A number of constructs detailing design and operation of  cold rooms the devil has provided for visitors.  (10.9.10)

And again from Phase IX, encouraging a showcase venture launch during Phase IX or X.

  • A small vault door – An engraved fountain pen nib  (10.30.10)

A torrent of relevant data, remarkable for its diagnostics, from  IPv8 ensures a notable launch, the nature of which can be gotten from the sense of this Phase X impression.

  • A racing skull sank as it approached a dock – A clock with a rotating pendulum under a cylindrical glass case – A kangaroo – A truck using a rotating bed with a chute to deliver concrete (2.16.11)
  • Children’s bumper cars – A clamp around a translucent tube (6.8.11)

Phase XI has introduced valuable new insights with the identification of a link between Dante’s Inferno and the not so random appearances of Saturn images in The First Break followed by the addition of a core strategy to Phase II Goals.  These upgrades have yielded these Phase XI impressions.

  • A photograph of a Hudson River day liner in the 1940’s – A slip ring joining two sections of plastic pipe – A snap ring, composed of light (8.16.11)
  • A shell of light enveloped an optical telescope, perhaps Palomar – A hefty mooring post (9.27.11)

IPv8, even in in its infancy, has shown that using paired targeted inputs will dramatically change the results.  This small increment shows potential to open the entire 2006 Phase II draft to rigorous evaluation, all as reflected in this XII impression.

  • A very small Saturn, very sharp outline, no other detail – A barred spiral galaxy – Two very disturbing sequences about communicable diseases – A stream, seemingly low in a dry spell, flowing in a in a bed of large stones (12.11.11)

Adding Innerscope logic seems to have established emotion as a legitimate language in a very large communications net.  There is every indication that the full range of the 2006 Phase II Draft is under discussion by beings external to the planet.  Given the impact this tool has on facets of all the venture’s initiatives, it is reasonable to expect a call for a discipline in moderating updates – as is expected in refining any draft and information system in beta.  Identifiable  expressions of this are reflected in these Phase XIII impressions.

  • A fishhook and line supporting a downed tree limb – Mountains (2.17.12)
  • The “Play on the bridge” game with unintended consequences – The smaller of the two speaker cabinets I cut and assembled while in my 20’s – Indistinct horizontal funnels (4.29.12)
  • A story about a tiger, a boy, and a train – The sense was similar to the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes – One end of an open end wrench – A funnel, mouth up (5.5.12)
  • People in very high cable cars – A complex story about Italians and Omerta – A dance group performed on a brilliantly polished white tile floor.  Their precision movements, involving no body contact, could be compared to a marching band rehearsal (5.10.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has very significantly improved the ability to focus and differentiate elements of the proposed venture, as suggested in these Phase XIV impressions.

  • A hyperbola, partitioned – A briefcase handle anchored in darkness (7.16.12)
  • The bow shock of a sphere moving at high velocity – Unexpected difficulties in registering the Triad – A cluster of rotating arcs forming a circle with a tangent – Acres of B-52’s in storage – A small funnel, mouth up – A thread through a snap ring – A pair of blue marbles in a small sub-field  (7.20.12)

Successes in IPv8 prototyping give promise of bringing the Triad project to ground level during Phase XV, as implied in this impression.

  • A thumbnail equipment study for another expedition outside the Extensions zone – An almost imperceptible image of the water tower on Northern Boulevard between Bayside and Port Washington – Some people curling – An emergency medical team transporting a patient to an ambulance  (9.15.12)

Adding programming to accommodate thought experiment processing in IPv8 has uncovered a need to expand, possibly by modifying the SKA, the menu of coordinates available to locate events, processes, and objects.  Justification for this effort is included in this Phase XVII impression.

  • Several problems surfaced when two people, presumably on a planet resembling earth, fell victim to radio frequency transmissions from beacons left by a long distance traveler.  Although both parties were trying to cooperate, the beacons were left by a being that did not have time in his environment.  The viewer’s attention moved on before the problems were resolved. – One of a yoga class fell out of a pose – New damages from 86-7220 surfaced – The Triad was reported to have won two major contracts, both off planet – Ω, vertical (4.27.13)

Adjusting to living and working in the environment anticipated in the Triad Extension will require reexamining fundamentals of the nation state.  This question is examined by Dr. Melissa Lane in “Ancient Political Philosophy“.  A thumbnail sketch is contained in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A boat trailer similar to the one the author used to transport the Belgian sloop wrecked in a storm in Westport, CT – After one of their forward observers reported to his home base, a basketball team from another planet announced intent to compete – An introduction to what can be expected when one reports to a universe (5.6.13)

Continued efforts to channel IPv8 have yielded what appear to be priorities, as exemplified in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A pair of bright arcs, maybe 30 degrees, bases in line as if resting on a plane – A desk top pen and base – A few people started blasting as if to excavate for a large foundation.  The blast cracked the planet so as to expose the mantle and perhaps the core.  At that point, the planet started to speak, complaining that it was in transit powered by an external drive.  It went on to say that without the blast, there would have been enough fresh water to survive, but at this point, survival was questionable. – An owl. (5.28.13)

A sense of those priorities beings using remote terminals have expressed is capable of considerable refinement with refinements made to IPv8.  The principal enabling mechanism appears to be the capability to establish custom feedback loops for targeted thought experiment exchange.  This Phase XVII impression is an extract from a data stream summarizing their thinking.

  • A pale gray shape not too dissimilar from a ram’s horn – A universe, annoyed with progress, listed a number of consequences a lack of cooperation carries.  The bulk of the complaints seemed related to land acquired through coercion and fraud and consequences of inability to react to relatively small climate changes. – A universe very close to its end decided to spend a little time observing a planet unable to control its violence. – A corner of society in which people perpetuated their failure by never letting go of their delusions – A spatula lifted a precut square from a pastry and set it aside. – A small unusually indistinct funnel (7.19.13)

A hunch, fed by the Boson work at CERN, has expanded to IPv8 and another hunch that Erwin Schrodinger had a point when he questioned the first principle of the Copenhagen Interpretation has expanded to the latest entry in Collaboration Support.  Implications in this development open the complete set of the 2006 thought experiments.  Equally important, the Schonborn notion of a “mediating space” external to our species is now open to rigorous evaluation on IPv8.  This extract from today’s Phase XVIII IPv8 data stream characterizes the potential.

  • A light sliver flashed into a long thin cone – A number of chaotic scenarios, none of which converged to a solution but one of which converged to the Curies and pitchblende – Two of the 86-7220 victims were referred to rehabilitation specified by a universe – A vertical doughnut with the stem of a funnel through it – A sine wave with a straight line at the null – Something about a brick building from which I had to climb down a poorly fastened external ladder to exit (9.23.13)

The notion of a space in which the Planck Constant in not a factor and yet has an intelligent population has surfaced frequently enough to be assigned the term “Schonborn Space” for use in the Triad.  This line of reasoning leads us to the credible argument that this space is one of many not currently described but which must be traversed.  There is further evidence that intelligent populations inhabiting these spaces are calling for a priority effort to form a Search and Rescue operation.  Placing this argument on IPv8 and using a new configuration for thought experiments has yielded very encouraging results, as extracted from today’s system output.

  • A bag of golf clubs upended, the clubs falling into the ground – A violin – Lines of light moving so as to suggest a fender of a vintage automobile – A sledgehammer on a pane of glass – Residuals from the BP oil spill (12.7.13)

Evolution has an “empty chair” in its specification.  As we get more comfortable with concepts in this project, it become more and more evident that this empty chair has 51% of the vote on major policy and has provided cues as to its thinking in metaphors delivered by a variety of communication technologies. Technique for generating progress increments will change from initiating propositions to interpreting the cues.  If done well, progress.  If not, try again, the door is not closed.  This recognition of what we are dealing with has yielded very sharp responses, with extracts of one following.

  • Navy Seals gave a demonstration of new technology… A small thread in a vortex appeared.  The thread ended at the maximum vortex expansion. – Full disclosure of 86-7220 facts stripped to the root psychological and physiological emotions and intent at the biochemical level became a fact base used in proceeding with this species. – Amoco gasoline… Filaments describing what could be a small wing… A small funnel… A spiral galaxy viewed from its plane… An exceptionally large wedge… Examples of very large transforms… Portofino… An Owl… (5.24.14)

The Triad has made good progress in establishing its credibility in the off planet population, so it may be time to revisit the domestic one.  There is no certainty that introducing a venture with a very ambitious program into an economy such as the Argentinean will influence the culture leading to the chronic economic problems, but its philosophy may.  This aspect of the venture has been on the table for years, and the off planet population has been quick to respond.  Their latest follows.

  • Three highways extended from a point in radial arms 120 degrees – A WWII 2 person mission planting explosives behind enemy lines was successful but the operatives were discovered, shot, and buried.  Some time later, a green light was seen above the graves. – Albert, prone on the floor next to the newly wallpapered wall at 56-24… Several corncobs thrown to the ground… A grenade… A nut and bolt… Uncle Sam, arms crossed his chest, in the sky… A saxophone… (7.31.14)

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