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Orphan School Mosque

Orphan School Mosque

It is common knowledge that Quartet strategy has yielded exceptional results neither in diplomatically easing tensions  nor in military efforts to neutralize extremist organizations.  A reasonable alternative may be to enlist three sets of resources, i.e. theological, military, and anthropological.  There is no shortage of research available in these three areas, the only question is how to apply it in a coherent frame.  The Triad believes it has support for an entrepreneurial experimental approach, as evidenced in this impression recorded in Triad Phase II Concept Draft:

  • Following a meeting in a Middle East country, someone left a Jeep in the airport parking lot.  Apparently in need of transportation, someone else stole the Jeep and left a thank you note.  Another Jeep appeared.  After a few more Jeeps were stolen, an Angel tapped the next one with a wand.  When it was taken, it vanished. – A hand holding an egg – My meal was set in front of me. A few potato slices, fresh broccoli, and maybe a little carrot on a white plate – The leading edge of a large wing at its root finished the sequence.

Continued probing of IPv7/Web 4.0 potential yields a very closely correlated impression regarding the global approach to chronic Middle East instability.  This Phase V impression should not be too vague.

  • An experiment with a mutated rabbit got out of control.  At last report, the animal was developing in the direction of a tyrant.  –  Someone drove up a driveway in winter, rode over a snow bank, and rolled the car onto its side.  Following that a bizarre story about the driver’s repeated attempts to commit suicide with a handgun in his mouth.  His body involuntarily reconstituted itself after each attempt.  The whole thing went into circular reasoning and gradually faded with no explanation or resolution. (11-28-09)

As far as this site is concerned, Pres. Obama’s Dec. 1 ’09 speech raises a cluster of red warning flags.  If the site is to be consistent, an attempt to shorthop is mandatory.  Fairly direct support for this position is contained in this Phase V impression.

  • A loose batch of straw – A boy was shot in a major metropolitan area.  The old man showed up to reconstitute, but the bullet had passed through one part of the brain that was irreplaceable.  At that point, an identical twin showed up, explaining that he was the boy’s “information number.”  With that template, the boy’s brain could be reconstituted.  A small group of people drove through a long tunnel built of small stones.   After a time, they were met by armed men, who took them to a prison.  This was expected, and none objected.  When they died, they found themselves in a room bathed with light, were given minimal material possessions, and an eternal afterlife.  – The Brazilian flag (12-2-09)

From the outset, this website has advocated a balanced approach to the Middle East using reasoning advanced by Dr. Philpott, Karen Armstrong, and Dr. Rainwater.  There is growing evidence that IPv7/Web 4.0 has been a factor in uncovering remote support for this position, as reflected in this Phase V impression.

  • A man with dark wavy hair, seemingly from another age, gave a woman with Middle Eastern features and wearing a white head covering a small kiss on the cheek.  – Several flyswatters (12-24-09)

Introducing the concept of a of a major thought experiment encompassing the whole fabric of IPv7/Web 4.0 may have produced a reaction encouraging this approach to the chronic Middle East conflict.  Validating these Phase VI impressions will be proof of principle.

  • A Merkava dug in behind an earthen embankment (1-27-10)
  • Faint pyramids and a camel – A long and involved story about preparations for the next round of middle east negotiations – A lump of coal was involved – A steel ball resting in slightly curved space (3-8-10)

IPv8 data stream quality complete with calibrated indirect CP violation properties to complement its stability, accuracy, and relevance give some encouragement that the new venture will be able to address hard kernels such as the blasphemy motivated assassination in Pakistan without direct confrontation.   The notion that the launch can be completed either late in Phase IX or during Phase X is contained in this Phase IX impression.

  • A short sequence about a problem with a maverick android – An attractive villa on the Amalfi coast – Two cases lost because there was no continuous audit trail for the discovery phase – A ship’s propeller with an unusual hub fairing – The chessboard I bought in Florence  (1.8.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has yielded IPv8 output very strongly suggesting a viable alternative to the approach elected by the Quartet, as implied in these Phase IX impressions.

  • A red and white striped railroad grade crossing gate lifting – One end of an open end wrench, the opposite end obscured – A ship’s deck making a left turn (7.26.11)
  • “People” collecting a team to implement a project – The interview and selection processes were unique, involving simulations with special effects.  Distance was not an issue.  (9.1.11)

Adding dual concepts of extending IPv8 with Innerscope logic adapted to transmit an “emotion language” and adapting the wildfire firebreak strategy to remove fuel available to the main blaze by starting controlled secondaries may lead to a trend reversal in regional instability.  Support for this approach is contained in this Phase XIII impression.

  • Fenced in chickens were complaining about their treatment.  It seems they were forced to surrender their weapons.  Further inquiry into the nature of the “weapons” yielded the fact that their captors had no idea how to use them or if in fact they were other than tools of their trade.  (5.8.12)

Taken in context of the “Triad Challenge” chronic Middle East upheaval may be a resource.  If Dr. Brazaitis‘ four scholarly interests can to be combined into discrete packages, and if the 8.9.13 update to Collaboration Support withstands inspection, years of conflict must have produced an ample population capable of performing in what we suppose the Extension environment to be.  This argument, placed on IPv8, has drawn a remarkable data stream.  This extract characterizes the potential.

  • Arcs, mirror images of each other, overlapping at the tips, with a fuzzy thread invisible at regular sections of its length extending from them – Studying the nature of matter focusing on animate organisms led to discovery of thought experiment exchanges.  This one is “intention exchange” for want of a better term.  It involves one person living simultaneously in two dimensional sets.  The sequence ended before the subject was explored. – A Black Forest pie – A young man walked down a corridor largely decorated in white and suddenly disappeared. (8.10.13)

Resolving this chronic violence may have reduced to designing that segment of IPv8 dedicated to processing information either generated in or switched through space in which exists the solution to the Barr-Shonborn exchange.  This exchange is a fairly clear statement of uncertainties in the Catholic faith, so if progress can be made here and if an equally clear statement of differences can be made for other faiths, perhaps a path through the morass of hostility we have been forced to endure for centuries can be found.  When this argument was placed on IPv8 in Phase XVIII, the system reacted with a data stream from which this entry was extracted.

  • Young people viewing IPv8 as a political alternative – A  number of universes reduced a portion of themselves to the Cartesian and drifted into what might be a stalking contest, somewhat in the nature of a war game.  This went on for a while, with those watching from a small distance quaking in fear.  When the beings decided to end the game, they had caused considerable damage to the planet.  They then restored it to a pristine condition and left. – An adjustable wrench with a tube in its jaws – A heavy hook snagged a Boy Scout at the entry rank of  Tenderfoot. – A hand applying a folded Band Aid to skin not visibly broken – A closed hand, fingers visible – A pair of steering wheels, perhaps Nardi, Austin Healey, or MGTF on a common frame (10.08.13)

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