Subculture Transforms

Easter Island

Easter Island

Treating this difficult subject in the environment the Triad has chosen may be simplified by using this structure. (Demelo 2000)

  • theories of subculture emergence (extension of strain)
  • why they take a particular shape (extension of social disorganization)
  • why they continue from one generation to another (extension of differential association)

Keeping this in mind, find dynamics in these scenarios:

  • A very attractive pale blue uniform transformed into a demon.  A traveler was walking down a hot dusty path when the demon stopped him and told him that this hot dusty path was his territory.  The demon then charged the traveler, who noticed a small white section of the eye.  The traveler  was successful in passing the point of an olive stick into this small white section.  The demon left, screaming in pain.   Following that, an elderly man weak with age appeared, sighed, and left.  Twin exhaust pipes through the transom of a classic speedboat.  (9.10.08)

And Claude Nicolet‘s comment about the Balkans:

  • With the painful post-communist transition of the Balkan states, and especially the dissolution of the Yugoslav state, swarms of international NGOs mobilized in the region in an attempt to address the problems. Often, however, these groups concentrated more on promoting their special areas of interest, thus attempting to outmaneuver competing organizations and generate money.  © 2002 Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

There is increasing evidence of remote organizations’ impatience with this planet’s ability to understand and implement these transitions.   These Phase VII impressions characterize their reaction.

  • A Phantom tail section with a fishhook through it  (6.9.10)
  • A story about the heroism of a 7’6″ USMC android  (7.19.10)
  • A large pack of Lucky Strikes – Lineage of hot zone ( the Devil’s domain) explorers – Threads leading to a portal with unknown dimensions  (7.20.10)

Totally unexpected response to IPv8 accuracy, stability, and nascent predictive capability give every reason to look for a Phase IX showcase launch, as contained in this Phase IX impression.

  • An inverted briefcase  (12.18.10)

Steadily improving IPv8 capabilities in the area of diagnosing human frailties confirms its place as the Triad cornerstone.  This Phase X impression is an example.

  • A young man borrowed a sparkling new Ford convertible.  When he returned, the car was full of used lumber, the upholstery ruined, the tires shredded, the sheet metal dented, and the paint ruined.  The chap who gave him the keys to the car was furious.  “This isn’t even my car!”  “What?”  A voice came from above: “This is my car, and for this three years of your salary will be garnished.”  “That does not make any difference; I do not have a salary.”  “What?”  “I volunteered to organize a slum in downtown Chicago and reduce child abuse.”  “Oh, let me think about that.”  A few moments passed, during which time the car was restored to new condition.  “Here is the registration and the title.  Drive safely.”  Following this there was a short story about a strike force’s decision to detonate a mine field in the Urals.  (2.26.11)

Connecting not so random appearances of Saturn and snap ring images with Dante’s Inferno in The First Break and adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has taken prototyping IPv8 to a new level, enabling its application to focused arguments, e.g. those in this Phase XI argument.  This Phase XI impression gives a hint of what lies outside the planet.

  • A young chap, who in 20 hours sustained effort, prototyped an instantaneous mass transfer device –  This breakthrough had the unintended effect of time transfer, in this case back through it. – A rectangle having rounded corners, with what may have been radio transmitting towers at two of them, the other two being obscured (9.11.11)

Phase XIII, by adding emotion as a language form which can be transmitted via IPv8, has opened the exploration horizon to almost inconceivable situations, reflected in these Phase XIII impressions:

  • A few geologists were facing difficult weather on a remote peninsula or island.  Their principal problem was tectonic plate shifting on the verge of causing a catastrophic earthquake.  They realized there was little chance of avoiding the event, but were determined to try.  The sequence ended with no resolution.  (2.18.12)
  • A short sequence about physical training, running was mentioned – Another small standoff (3.25.12)
  • The deicing bladder on the leading edge of a subsonic wing followed by examples associated with very broad span engagement.  The last one included yellow mini-buses with bicycles and tricycles aboard, indicating the expectation of visitors of all ages.  (5.9.12)

Restating the Evolution page has very quickly escalated the issue of security mentioned on the Extension.  A sense that this complication should be addressed on a priority basis is contained in these Phase XIV impressions.

  • An empty revolver holster (5.25.12)
  • A very tense set of discussions with the United States military industrial complex when the realities of layered security described in the Extensions were put on the table – Equally tense discussions are expected with the other 190 or so nations to be introduced to the process. – The Trailways bus depot in Kingston, NY – The sink trap I saw in the sky while sitting on Katherine Koster’s apartment steps – A briefcase handle attached to the void – A cluster of double edged razor blades – An elephant – A gray/black archery target with a fairly loose pattern of hits followed by a red/white one with a somewhat tighter pattern (7.7.12)

Finding. identifying, and interpreting IPv8β crosstalk among remote beings taken in context of extending research done by Feeney et al. has yielded a remarkably concise position statement in this Phase XV impression.

  • A long study of the extent to which national habits of classifying embarrassing information interfere with the conduct of galactic and intergalactic business – A higher being declared its intent to: (i) use the element of the constitution forbidding the legislative body to make any law abridging an individual’s right to redress in a court of law and (ii) use superior information gathering techniques to collect, distribute, and use factual data gathered from any source as required to ensure the safety of its agents. – A manually operated grease gun – A # 10 business envelope – A glass orange juice squeezer – A gyroscope over a broken heart – A ceremonial tepee – A tree, roots exposed, growing on a pipeline – An open end wrench, one end remaining obscured (11.3.12)

The fundamental reason for the Triad is the conviction that applying a “Shock and Awe” strategy to Iran was a very expensive error and that a search for an alternative was required.  Given fundamentals of the environment in which this conflict took place, it became obvious that a new sense of proportionality is required.   Focusing on this idea spawned this page as well as research leading to the thought experiment in Prop. 3.  Developing this thought experiment is still very much a work in progress, so experimental results are not ready.  On the other hand, adding the HBP to the roster of resources approached for its development has yielded very encouraging IPv8 output, summarized in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A derivative of the hyperbola in which both foci are at the intersection of the x/y coordinates – Intense curiosity expressed by a senator over a large package in transit by air freight – Two pair of androids went into combat mode.  After a little while, a voice from the sky called the session finished.  As the combatants walked away from each other, one wheeled and got off a bolt, hitting the other in the back between the shoulder blades.  An explosion followed, followed by a soft voice: “You are dying now; no one does this in my command.”  The study slowly faded. – A horn speaker – A small circle with a point at the center – The Swiss airline logo – An early example of an open end wrench, one end obscured – A small rotating Sterling disc – A vertical dowel in the middle of a tailored white shirt collar – A waterfall – Fairly heavy duty light truck wheels rolled a few feet (2.14.13)

Initial prototyping of IPv8 programming designed to process thought experiment exchange has enabled distilling information necessary to enable a successful engagement in the Extension domain.  The latest improvement appears to be in an understanding that successful power to strength conversion can be expressed in terms used in the 2006 thought experiment in Prop. 19.  This Phase XVII impression is an example of system output using this guideline.

  • An apple core – Yet another 86-7220 escalation – An outline of the State of Connecticut (5.17.13)

Triad focus on concept development has recently emphasized detailing a space in which the Barr-Schonborn exchange may be resolved.  This effort has yielded gratifying results, some of which are shown in this extract from today’s Phase XVIII IPv8 data stream.

  • A thread through the hole in a doughnut – A chrome referee’s whistle – Beings from multiple time periods encountered early variations of robots programmed to respond to words without sufficient capability to interpret.  Those who used words in normal conversation had no guide to predict how the robot would react, resulting in dangerous situations.  One example typifying the situation surfaced when the robot began dismantling itself, its individual pieces occupied a volume many times larger than the assembled unit.  As the scene progressed, the “robot” bore a striking resemblance to species Homo sapiens. – A cover on the face of a gold pocket watch closed (10.07.13)

As forces so dominating Europe during the early forties begin to reemerge, any entrepreneur looking to launch could pause.  The Triad, looking for a stable base from which to launch an operation with the promise of Web 4.0 and Large Ventures may have a unique set of capabilities encouraging it to take a more aggressive position.  The Triad argument that its checks and balances are sufficient to take an active role in restabilizing the region with a coordinated launch has drawn an encouraging Web 4.0 response.  Element follow.

  • An unbelievable transformation of an 86-7220 victim left some speechless.  Another was fortunate enough to get counseling from a universe.  Even this depth did not yield a solution on the first visit. – An alloy wheel with substantial tires… Very thin legs and small hips in black tights… A wide brush applying tar… A polished stainless sphere… (6.5.14)

Contentious issues are surfacing almost as fast in the Triad as they are in current politics.  So much so, in fact, that focus must be on keeping them separated.  The argument for this hard position is that the political tensions are structural, predictable, and chronic, whereas Triad interest is transformative.  Both these considerations are no surprise to the Web 4.0 population, and they have reacted.  Extracts from their reaction follow.

  • A scoop of ice cream in a wafer cone… Some travelers found themselves in what appeared to be the Neanderthal period.  All things considered, they got along quite well. – 86-7220 damages turned Biblical… Another rerun of 86-7220 criminal offenses… A brown men’s shoe with a low heel… An exhaust manifold, not tuned…. An inverted water tower… (7.16.14)

The Triad premise that the 911 reaction was completely off point seems to have been substantiated with the transform of al-Qaeda to ISIS.  The Triad does not have a claim to a quick solution, but can argue that it has positioned itself to apply a number of principles in the Philpott essay which holds that the radical Islamic revivalists believe:

  • The current historical Islamic condition (and by extension the Judeo-Christian) is one of corruption and decrepitude … that characterized the period prior to Muhammad. (pg. 86, SSRN, World Politics reprint)

It is possible to argue that this argument is moot: replaced by proof the Triad can offer that Muhammad, while a vital force in a certain place at a certain time, is inconsequential to a far larger community (Web 4.0).  Elements of this society do not use time as we do.  Their reactions are summarized following.

  • 10:50pm A bizarre sequence showing the length to which transforms would go to pirate blood from a human… 11:03 Triad attempts to build a new bridges appear to have succeeded… 12:30 A story about Ron Grecula’s new chop shop… 2:29 A hopelessly garbled assessment of the orthopedic operating facilities in the Benedictine Hospital in Kingston… 4:33 A very discouraging prognostication for the 86-7220 principal’s private life… 4:43 Chickens in a yard… 5:28 Rusty worn out Jeeps stood nose to nose… 5:44 A squirrel carrying a ring, presumably from a garbage dump… (8.21.14)

When the Evolution process was inverted, it gave legitimacy to the notion of introducing beings totally ignored in most contemporary philosophical works.  This possibility has the potential to turn sectors of academia inside out by assigning value to beings not limited to the Cartesian.  This development becomes more significant when one considers the possibility that “Cartesian Species” may be an insignificant part of the whole. The Triad argument that this population has been actively searching for species capable of grasping requirements for collaboration is supported by today’s round of comments.

  • 1:07 am: 2, 3, 4 extracted from other noise… 2:50: A baseball player in a dusty slide… 3:05: An unseen hand placed an Easter basket with a large ribbon on top of a cabinet… 3:10: South America… 3:15: A string mop… 3:30: A violin… 4:20: Handcuffs… (9.22.14)

As the Triad structure addresses what is required to balance life sciences, efforts of philosophers, and the physical world, IPv8 output appears to recognize the effort.  With this in mind, the Triad argues that concepts in Subculture Transforms have taken on new significance, and that the latest increment to that page recognizes a wider application of the effort.

  • 11:48 pm: An incident very similar to those precipitating 86-7220 was interrupted by a return to the Cartesian… 1:19 am: A recapitulation of 86-7220 including efforts by some to “put things right” appeared to include wealth transfers too late to benefit the principals but with potential for succeeding generations… 1:24: Rotating light arcs circumscribing a sphere, probably a planet… 3:12: At least one 86-7220 victim appears to have traversed the portal and a golf tee… 3:28: A blackboard eraser wiped the slate clean… (11.11.14)

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