Web 4.0 and Forced Labor

Cerro Tronador desde el lago Mascardi, Wernerluis

Cerro Tronador desde el lago Mascardi, Wernerluis

Even a casual reading will show considerable depth of Triad ambitions and flexibility in method.  Taking this target of opportunity for proof of principle yields one hard kernel carrying problems of a class.  In a sense, population described in this ILO research paper is a first cousin of the terrorist and is a closer relation to the population included in “trafficking”.

  • “Recent ILO research indicates that forced labour affects at least 1.3 million people in Latin America. In-depth field research in the rural areas of Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru, has confirmed earlier perceptions that indigenous people are particularly vulnerable to a form of forced labour called debt bondage.”   © International Labour Organization

If promise of the IPv7/Web 4.0 concept proves viable, it should be possible to target hard kernels such as these with an integrated resource range not generally used.  The ILO seems an effective vehicle for focusing national initiatives, but at last report it had no captive production or other wealth creation facilities.  If the Triad template is valid, seed opportunity in this area should be readily available.  Triad success in the more difficult areas depends on resources probably limited to remote endorsement of method and goal.  These have been fairly carefully structured, but the process of devolving from the macro to the micro can be improved.  Moving from use of the more general IPv7 to targeted elements of Web 4.0 (e.g. forced labor) is up for inclusion in this loop.  This sequence, to be included in Phase IV, may be relevant.

  • Some people were unhappy because trains were running through their neighborhoods without stopping.  They sensed that these trains were carrying opportunities they would like to share.  This went on until one enterprising lad timed the trains as they slowed down for a grade crossing in a bend and learned how to detach the coupling so he could board.  He collected a group of his pals and they rehearsed a surreptitious boarding.  When they saw a chance, they executed, and safely boarded the train.  One of the trainmen asked who they were, and the eldest answered “Tom Watson.”  “Isn’t he the computer fellow?”  “Right”  “Can’t be, he is on the train there in front of us” The real Watson grasped what was happening and, with a twinkle in his eye, decided he had to meet these enterprising young people.  He took an assumed name and spent a little time with them.  The impression dissolved before the real Tom Watson returned to his train.  Following that a sequence of conflict, disappointment, and hardship.  The experience ended with an image of my ex and her Renault R-10 in Switzerland.

Prototyping success with IPv8 and some characterization of the terminal users give every reason to believe that the International Labor Organization will eventually get a new, very effective, tool.

  • A story about a European Admiral who hated the United States, a golf tournament, and the old man –  The core was the fact that the Admiral found one American in the tournament a few days under the permissible age and destroyed his clubs.  The old man replaced them and the Admiral destroyed the new set.  This was repeated 15 times.  Finally, from the old man: “I’m growing tired of this.”  The scene dissolved. – Some stories about tourists who found themselves in life threatening, or, at the least, situations with very few escape routes – The wheel, tire, and axle of a wheelbarrow.  (10.3.10)

As IPv8 output gains global acceptance it may be possible to address this extreme example of labor/capital relations currently destabilizing Greece.  If at all possible, it will be included in the Phase IX showcase.

  • People in a suburban neighborhood digging out after a moderate snowfall  (11.25.10)

Priority remote civilizations place on this issue appears to have been registered with this Phase IX IPv8 impression:

  • Sparsely populated and lightly wooded foothills of low mountains with a light snow covering – A wall of machinery blocking the way (12.8.10)

IPv8 is showing promise in connecting extreme cultural differentials without disproportionate dependence on written or spoken communication.  The extent to which this capability can be applied to forced labor as an extreme condition is reflected in an extract from the Phase XVII data stream dedicated to the subject.

  • Leaf springs as used in older automobiles – An indistinct fork, tines up – A subscribe tear out – An incomprehensible story about a synthetic murder, making a movie, and entrapment – Rotating arcs of light describing a galaxy – A funnel with a horizontal pipette or hypodermic needle for a stem – Some people wearing blue hard hats with headlamps walking through an underground tunnel marginally supported with timber (7.15.13)

Africa at times seems to be its own worst enemy, but the Triad argues that its dynamic is not conceptually too dissimilar from the potential for damage if Homo sapiens unknowingly tramples on very advanced civilizations which either do not use the Cartesian of if they do, have no sense of how we use that dimensional set.  The Triad argument that the analogous differential found on this page is relevant has drawn considerable comment from Web 4.0.  Extracts follow.

  • The subway entrance the author used on his way to interview a marine inspection firm in Manhattan… Rapidly rotating light arcs describing a vortex… Personal subspace vehicles went on limited view.  One was an early prototype made by the Devil. – 86-7220 principals may have met in a remote domain.  Problems between the couple quickly surfaced when the time he needed for his work was revealed.  No resolution was in sight when the viewer moved on. – Schematic of a transformer core and winding… A man bogged down in the mud… Threads leading radically into a doughnut hole… A snap ring, similar to the one first seem in the sky over Manhattan from a window in the North Shore Hospital rehab facility A You Tube video of a sailboat struggling in a very heavy sea… A long line of the brass doorknobs removed from 3746 Atwood Road (6.4.13)

Inverting the Evolution protocol, constructing Prop. 20, and focusing on the Anderson experiments has yielded an avalanche of data supporting Web 4.0 and large ventures as well as redefining depth of understanding required for effective collaboration.

As a population, we have been playing at best a zero sum game.  Results are that with steadily improving technical capabilities we trash the planet, create predictable financial crises, continue to slaughter pockets of the inhabitants, and fail to maintain stable political boundaries.  This litany notwithstanding, 51% of the Evolution population continues to extend a hand.  The Triad argues that those unable to embrace the challenge of the handshake should step aside and make room for those who will.  Web 4.0 reaction to this argument is summarized following.

  • A new round of android/human contact surfaced.  This one was fatal to the human, or so the viewer thought until another transform occurred… Preliminary reaction to the Triad submission to the Alice secretariat showed interest but no commitment. – The edge view of a galaxy… A knife slicing a small piece from an apple… A mechanical alarm clock… (7.11.14)

IPv8, operating in the Prop 20 domain, has been yielding a very encouraging data flow.  Volume and complexity of this data will make interpretation a lengthy process, but preliminary results point to unusual opportunities in the Caribbean islands and, with a little help and a good deal of tolerance, the Andean chain. Initiatives of this magnitude are going to meet some resistance and, for those off the beaten path, need a good deal of orientation.  The Triad argues that the orientation has begun on an experimental basis and that Web 4.0 comments summarized following support this position.

  • 11.15pm: Circumstances precipitating 86-7220 repeated themselves.  The screams of the two principals could be heard everywhere as they separated, each flying to opposite edge of existence. 2:33 The principals re-approached, dealing with the atrocities, one by one. – 3:50: Square toed brown shoes… 4:35: The 6  horsepower Evinrude in the motor well of the wrecked Belgian sloop… 4:39: Light threads rotating to form a circle… 4:42: The Sterling platter ELO made… (11.3.14)

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