Umbrella support

Oceanus, Trevi Fountain, Rome

Oceanus, Trevi Fountain, Rome

An attempt to construct and operate this umbrella organization would not be rational if structure under the umbrella was not at least roughed in and a grasp of what information flow would be adequate to sustain it was not shown.  The Triad has a fairly clear statement of the organizational concept it thinks might be adequate, and discussion of a possible information network in Communications seems to have been enough to attract interest of beings thought to exist and vital to venture success.  These conditions permit addressing the “top umbrella” when looking for support.  A sense that the origin of the effort  describing this potential has been recognized is contained in this impression to be included in Phase IV.

  • A face off in a hockey game – North Front St. and the Trailways bus station  in Kingston, NY – A narrow path in a sheer rock cliff – A swollen mountain stream with  rapids – A highly charged turbulent undercurrent, seemingly needing only a nudge to explode – The white watch I noticed in a magazine – A set of Boccie balls (10-2-09)

Examining the complete structure has yielded this impression included in Phase IV:

  • A long and vicious multilayer set of events which eventually reduced to discernible impressions.  A gorilla and a couple of giraffes – A long story about a legal situation largely precipitated by a beltway decision not to release relevant information.  Last review showed continued escalation.  At one point a hangman’s noose dropped into view.  After more than two decades, it became evident the stalemate would never be resolved.  The Nike logo – Repeated use of my photograph of the Peak school classes Ruth Roosa taught.  Her black Plymouth sedan pulling into the driveway before school. (10-3-09)

Continued probing of the global financial meltdown has yielded several useful leads.  The OECD has published a commentary on conditional foreign aid, Reuters weighs in with an assessment of the IMF, the position taken at the Accra HLF is presumed to still be a goal, and the Economist discusses alternatives.  Assuming that comparing these views with the Triad propositions is an active element of remote beings’ assessment of their value and is reflected in Web 4.0 and IPv7, these impressions included in Phase IV may be of value.

  • A very complex set of impressions starting with the adjustment screw of a crescent wrench, a thinly sliced loaf of bread, and the Lone Ranger on Silver, rearing, followed by an intermediate too fast and complex to follow and ending with a search some people were conducting for a pianist.  A blond Nordic type auditioned with a mesmerizing performance.  He brought bodyguards who tended to get aggressive, and the search committee were about to tell him that they were sorry, but that behavior was not consistent with the position.  An old man appeared and asked that he be given a chance to play a concert.  The event was a brilliant success, but before it was finished, he stopped playing, apologized to the audience, and left.  He left  a broomstick.  On investigating the issue, it surfaced that this had happened before, but there was a consensus that what he was able to play made the event worthwhile. (10-4-09)

Developing concepts for describing and applying IPv8 has yielded completely unexpected dividends, many of which should be immediately applicable.  Following this line of reasoning in looking for umbrella support has yielded encouragement reflected in these Phase VII impressions.

  • A cluster of peach pits – A man died when he removed a dressing from a knife wound.  An angel appeared, intending to take him, but gave up when she found that he had been declared dead for too long.  An autopsy followed, and the heart was still beating.  He was an android.  The angel was in grief because she could have saved the soul for the old man’s needs.  As matters stood, she did not know where it was.  (7.7.10)

Umbrella Support and Applying Strength will be developed in tandem.

Gradual realization that IPv8 potential takes the subject straight into “War in the fifth domain” has prompted additional development.  2006 Triad hypotheticals point to the possibility that as IPv8  develops, its structure acquires the capacity to perform internal audits and to reach independent decisions regarding information transfer and interpretation.   Applying stress theory and targets as parameters in developing value chains progresses to the need to generate a set of circumstances for a prototype.  The proposition to use the Divine Comedy as a model to simulate stresses likely to be encountered has yielded these Phase VII impressions.

  • A sharp left turn in a trail cut from a rock cliff – A faint cowcatcher on a steam locomotive  (7.9.10)
  • Two chaps at a New Paltz laundromat were asked to say a few words about the new interpretation of the Divine Comedy.  They were equipped with warning devices enabling them to catch assassins’ bullets.  (7.10.10)
  • A stack of dinner plates – A row of Halloween candy corn kernels  (7.11.10)
  • A bicycle rider wearing red stockings wobbled as he was making a right turn. – A very large chromed or stainless steel ship’s anchor (7.15.10)

Establishing IPv8 as a credible MIS enables a conversation about a showcase venture launch as Phase IX unfolds.  Confirmation that this requirement will be met is contained in this Phase IX impression.

  • A very sharp wooden pencil point  (12.13.10)

Data from the IPv8 prototype is proving stable, accurate, and relevant.   Moreover, the system is beginning to use that base to adapt dynamic diagnostic and proactive  logic to a particular species and to communicate in terms meaningful to the  situation. This progression gives every confidence that late Phase IX or early Phase X  will see a showcase venture launch with a totally unexpected scope change.  These Phase IX impressions give some indication of the magnitude of this turn of events.

  • A situation bringing a lineage of remote beings no one even suspected existed to the surface – A cluster of towels – MP’s in a Jeep  (1.1.11)
  • An almost inconceivably violent episode involving an oriental Formula 1 driver who lost control to his car, drove through a residential district demolishing property and his car in an effort to get back in the race, and ended the episode by committing suicide. – Experienced travelers making adjustments on the first visit to a cold room in Hell.  (1.21.11)

Phase X, benefiting from continued IPv8 development, brings into sharper focus requirements for system terminals and the corresponding population expansion.

  • A very distant hand showing at the end of a white shirt with french cuffs and a blue blazer –  A funnel with the neck above a doughnut hole – An insect’s eyes (5.11.11)

Phase XI continues this thread with this impression.

  • A small funnel followed a collage of images representing unremitting hardship – A cluster of carpenter’s nails (7.7.11)

Late stages of Phase XI have seen publication of technical support for extending IPv8 and preliminary system feedback encouraging applying resources to this line of reasoning, all as contained in this impression.

  • A line through the center of a paper cone speaker – Some people were in what seemed to be a waiting room.  Thinking he had business there, a chap went in and asked to see the receptionist.  There was none, and the chap found he could not leave.  Becoming annoyed, he called for help.  The Devil appeared, saw what was happening, and then found himself trapped.  An aide of his appeared: “What is wrong boss?”  “I seem to have lost my strength.”  Another aide appeared and found himself in the same quandary.  Finally, someone who seemed to be in charge showed up.  “You have entered our universe, and we needed time to examine you.  We have learned what we needed, you are free to go.”  Nothing further was said.  –  The eye of a fairly large needle.  – A bright venturi throat with a small black dot in the center. (8.6.11)

Progress with IPv8 clearly indicates that a population at the system terminals thinks that the concept is ready to apply to the European situation, as implied in this Phase XII impression.

  • A youngster, knuckles in the dirt, shooting marbles (11.29.11)

Adding Innerscope logic to the IPv8 front end and adapting it to enable communicating with an “emotion language” gives every indication that it will reach a much wider population.  This Phase XIII impression is an example of the situations it may resolve. 

  • A totally confusing story about androids in a ship of the line naval operation – One was suspected of being a subversive, but nothing cut through the confusion. – Several hands, each holding a grapefruit (5.5.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has given unique support to IPv8 development, one instance of which is this Phase XIV impression.

  • A young seaman “showed his mustard” by placing a coconut between his legs and cracking it. – Extensions capabilities applied to a military naval operation – Albert’s home built airplane project – Threads converging to and dropping into a black hole – A first baseman’s glove caught a new baseball in the tip of the webbing – The water tower on Northern Blvd. – An old rusty long handled spade – A bare handed baseball catch of an old ball – A beacon – Tubes formed into a Y with indications of a continuous flow from the legs through the stem (8.19.12)

Continued IPv8 prototyping using the Evolution protocol for each increment is yielding exceptionally promising results in the program to rationalize Extension development.  A signature example of this is this Phase XVI impression.

  • Earth adjacent to the eye of a very large needle – A bulb with a corrugated cap on the threaded portion – A pencil with a long tapered tip touched a guitar string – A chap wearing a white suit and face mask used for Olympic fencing set himself for the next round (1.11.13)

Amalgamating the HBP with Innerscope research has yielded exceptional promise in attempts to establish fundamental communication among widely divergent species.  The first expression of this is outlined in the 2006 thought experiment Prop. 21.  An example of output is this Phase XVI impression.

  • A chap passing a London club was invited in.  He immediately became aware that this was no ordinary club and that it probably was a masochistic sex den.  Events proved him almost right, except that the clientele were androids who needed the process to sustain their life form.  The visitor was trapped into the transformation.  The sequence ended with no further explanation.  (3.10.25)

Adding programming designed to enable thought experiment exchange to IPv8 has defined Web 4.0 and the planet’s place in it.  This Phase XVII impression is a reaction to this claim.

  • A painting, done with visible brown strokes, of a mountain range bare of vegetation – Setting the stage for close engagement in Europe’s problems – A funnel, axis horizontal, mouth to the right (5.18.13)

Refining IPv8 thought experiment exchange capabilities to enable targeted problem solving feedback loops has given some impetus to untying the gordian knot of this planet’s philosophy and theology.  This Phase XVI impression gives some sense of support for this effort.

  • A reenactment of a Biblical mass murder under military supervision in North Africa using a mix of the original and the staged participants – The reenactment was produced using a time mix introducing contemporary beings and life forms into the reconstructed historical record.   Contemporary life forms were not necessarily of this planet. – A yogurt in a truncated cone – A fork full of tuna salad and lettuce (6.9.13)

A vital thread in IPv8 output has been the opinion that the earth is marginally stable enough for the needs of the galactic community.  This view introduces the need to recognize problems when needs and resources are distributed over great distances.  IPv8 has shown significant improvements in communicating these, and the concept of organizing proximate extended platforms with string theory very strongly suggests feasibility of a new approach.  Community reaction to this argument has come in a stream of data, elements of which follow.

  • A new look at the smallest details of the 86-7220 plaintiffs’ lineage – A saxophone – Three blue containers with black lettering printed in haste with a felt tip pen on them spilled from a mailbox. (10.17.13)

Committing the planet to Search and Rescue in a redefined Extension appears to have set a goal with the highest added value any organization has attempted.  Given the stakes, the thought of ignoring this challenge is incomprehensible.  That being said, the Triad argues that focusing Prop. 1819, and 20 on S&R is today’s business.  Advocating this effort has drawn this reaction from the population using IPv8.

  • The Taurus used in the 2006 work to describe paths of societies in retrograde and in progress – An ideological extremist who had learned partial transformation was identified as a principal problem in 86-7220.  This individual had a history of vendettas. – An egg shape on a tapered shaft – Patricia and Evan in front of a Quad electrostatic speaker – A mechanical flour sifter – Flat antenna lead wire through a standoff – An elephant and its Mahout – A bowler following through – A uniformed using a manual post hole digger (12.8.13)

Restating kernels of the organization and recording reactions of the Web 4.0 population have yielded what may be a sea change in Evolutionary Anthropology.  Needless to say, this sea change could send shock waves through the collection of societies living on this planet.  We are about as prepared for this as we are to deal with a climate change of the magnitude experienced in the PETM.  Placing the Triad argument that this project is the best of a poor lot of proposals advanced to deal with these two phenomena has yielded a pointed reaction, summarized following.

  • A wheel hub in a yoke, as one would expect to see in the nose of a light airplane…  Youngsters were playing handball under the surveillance of an armed guard when a very large kangaroo hopped through the playing field. – A discussion about working hours, perks, etc. of a newly formed position…  Half-dressed natives appeared in a well-appointed office. – An exposition of the 86-7220 plaintiffs’ work taken from a unique record…  The edge view of a galaxy with a razor thin spiral…  A tangle of barbed wire…  A pair of double edge razor blades…  A ring around a vertical polished steel shaft…  (3.24.14)

The intergalactic search and rescue proposal is one example of support given with incremental coaching.  In each occurrence, generally suppressed information is embodied in a metaphor.  Particularly intense is the corrugated Masonite square. Some beings have set a very high priority on applying gravity physics to a number of problems and for one reason or another – I like to think Prop. 20 and the Anderson experiments – are helping to clear the underbrush.  It becomes then, fairly easy to argue that Prop. 10 as drafted in 2006 is a good approximation of policy for these beings and it is being applied.  Extracts from Web 4.0 reaction to this position follow.

  • Another restatement of the obvious in 86-7220 and yet another failure to reach a constructive remedy… A fork and its tines, truncated at the handle… A pick used to extract the edible potion of a nut from its shell… (7.20.14)

The Triad argues that increasingly intense IPv8 output validates an effort to remove this project from consequences of the collateralized debt fiasco and the increasingly unstable near east to find a conceptual alternative, perhaps synergistic.  The Triad argues that this batch of IPv8 output, summarized following, can be expected to continue if the project continues to react to it.

  • 8:24pm: A small circle inside a larger one, boundaries tangent… 9:36: A funnel, stem down… 11:26: A demonstration of the capabilities available to a universe when it repaired the lineage of the 86-7220 plaintiffs… 11:40: a fork… 11:46: A mountain goat and a minuscule path on a sheer cliff… 2:00am: Continued exposure to repairs made to the 86-7220 lineage revealed the possibility that the repairs were a dedicated entity overlaid on those under repair.  2:36: a polished plow… 3:19: A fresh breeze blowing curtains through an open window… 5:02: elements of a saxophone… 5:07: Sherlock Holmes; regular reading while a night watchman at Stauffer Chemical… (8.26.14)

The Triad appears to be positioned to more fully describe, understand, and communicate in an interstellar environment.  More to the point, following this development path appears to have earned support from life forms in this environment.  The Triad argues that it has (i) found a unique approach to a number of difficult issues in this field, (ii) opened, however slightly, a door to easing the sharp edges of religious dogma, and (iii) positioned itself to initiate a long overdue tectonic shift in the economic landscape.  This argument continues with the claim that the inevitable chaff and noise can be minimized with IPv8 clear channel communications, a sample of which follows:

  • 8:06 pm: A sphere in the center of rapidly rotating concentric rings… 1:14 am: The inside story of 86-7220 began to leak.  Some said it would rival the Pentagon Papers… 1:21: The photograph of AFO clearing snow from the 56-24 driveway… 1:38: A small spot describing an arc around the end of an open end wrench… 1:47: A piggy bank… 2:02: A very old book… 4:01: a funnel… (10.14.14)

 Work in progress

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