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Sistine Chapel

If the Triad concept is to have any chance of success, Web 4.0 and IPv8 must not only become a conduit for R&D, it must also enable incredibly diverse populations to focus their energy on tasks organized around generally accepted goals and strategies to meet them.  The Triad has settled on proximate extended platforms with threaded templates.  Evidence seems to validate structural concept, so now we must test ability to collaborate using the terminals.  For the sake of a common base, material in Phase II will be evaluated for viability in the world in which we live.  This impression, to be included in Phase IV, very strongly indicates an inclination and capability of the remote beings to engage.

  • A cluster of very faint Pink Pearl erasers – A Phantom tail section – A radar sweep – The model airplanes I made as a child – A nun who was ready to leave the order if she could have a child heard that there was the possibility to move through time.  She talked to those capable and was successfully artificially inseminated with Gen. Douglas MacArthur‘s sperm.  – The hillside house I am looking at in Switzerland – Howard and a golf bag – A royal blue pennant in a fresh breeze – A plastic fork and a plum in a glass bowl – The tips of several icebergs – The Audi repair shop on Rt. 209 – The electrical symbol for a fuse – A hunting dog at its quarry – The Luftwaffe attempt at a jet powered fighter in WW II – My old hockey skates – A theater marquee

Reasoning behind an intuition of prior engagement surfaces in this Phase V impression.

  • A sphere with a bowling pin embedded in the top hemisphere – An overdone demonstration of knife sharpening at an outdoor class in carving  (11.16.09)

Continued probing using IPv8 has generated reactions very strongly pointing to the possibility that this is an ongoing process, waiting for the planet to engage.  This view is reflected in these Phase VIII  impressions.

  • A squad of veteran androids was asked to work in the hot zone of  the Devil with no protective gear.  When they had finished preparation, the old man failed in an effort to regenerate himself and died.  His replacement reversed preparations for the hot zone and retooled the androids to help in the transition of universe administration. – A small unattached rubber tired wheel wobbled as it rolled.  A large black dog, obviously old and wagging its tail, approached the camera.  (7.21.10)
  • An elephant – Life forms the old man uses for reconnaissance and introduction  (7.23.10)
  • A short story about unchecked anarchy – In this case, a city was falling to armed pygmies with virtual shields. – An open end wrench, one end obscured – A huge platter of spaghetti and meat balls  (7.25.10)
  • A short sequence in which people threatened each other with handguns – Before anyone could pull a trigger another interrupted, disabled the weapons, and disappeared.  A uniformed law enforcement officer arrived and saw that the argument was over patent rights, to which one party clearly demonstrated first disclosure. – A driver with a rubber tired off road vehicle going up a spiral path built around the trunk of a huge tree.  The path was barely the width of the vehicle and the irregular rocks were maybe a foot in diameter.  An indefinite integral through a tube inclined 45 degrees to the horizontal  (10.7.10)
  • A much loved Nordic king died while on a mission.  After several days of mourning, some medical and religious people decided to try to bring him back.  No success – A hand came from the sky.  “Why did you not call me earlier?”  “We did not think of it.”  A try at reconstitution failed.  “No use, he is too far gone.”  A shout followed: “Let me try.”  The devil arrived and tried.  No success – “I will try No. 237, but do not let anyone know that you have seen this.”  The devil then transformed into a violin and a bow playing the sweetest music anyone had ever heard.  In a few moments, angels came by.  “We found this blood under a tree, do you need any?”   Reconstitution then took a few minutes. – A funnel, axis vertical, with a section through the cone yielding an ellipse.  (10.14.10)

Continued success with stability and accuracy of IPv8 in Triad MIS service encourages expanding its sphere prior to a showcase venture launch.  This position is reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A significant cluster of referees – A wooden rolling pin – Tanks maneuvering in North Africa  (12.9.10)

A steady stream of reliable, stable, accurate, and relevant data from the IPv8 prototype give every confidence that Triad scope can be significantly expanded during Phase X, as implied by this Phase X impression.

  • A short story about the two best surgeons on the planet meeting another visiting from the old man’s domain – #2 had cancer in the spine, and during lunch #1, following #2‘s instructions, gave him a chop behind the neck and severed the spine.  The visiting doctor then cured the cancer, but was very concerned about the spinal break, for he had intended to have both visit the old man.  “Not a problem” from #1, “I have my portable operating room outside and can repair this in about an hour.”  On completion, both were invited to meet the old man. – A large washing machine at the Big Bubble – A wooden butcher’s block (1.26.11)

The population using IPv8 seems to include the full range of beings supposed to exist in the 2006 Phase II conceptual work.  There is the distinct possibility that they will participate in the venture launch, as evidenced by this Phase X impression.

  • A small cluster of refracted visible spectra – A plan to fly 50 million light years in the last space shuttle was scrapped when the android captain showed basal skull bleeding.  A new vehicle was made ready, and the flight delayed to give the captain time to fully recover.  (2.17.10)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals, deep IPv8 prototyping,  and applying the prospect of new technical capabilities has yielded insights  arguing that Cardinal Schonborn’s argument that  “… a deeply mathematical and precise conceptual structure of the whole that makes the overall behavior of the system orderly and intelligible.” should be reexamined in great detail.  Some aspects of this point to a “governance” component misinterpreted on this planet, as reflected in these Phase XI impressions.

  • A radio telescope, A Phantom tail section – Skating patterns during a hockey game (8.11.11)

  • A corridor of light portals – A cluster of forks – A Tour de France biker wearing a yellow shirt raising his arms at the end of a stage – A planet, perhaps Earth, known for its violence, slipped into a nuclear weapons exchange.  The end point seemed to be a dead planet.  – A chromed ventilator on a dorade box (9.2.11)

Phase XII, upgraded with Innerscope logic added IPv8 front end, continues in the same vein.

  • Ω – A Sherwin Williams paint logo, red paint covering the polar cap – A valve stem and plug lifting from the seat of a valve commonly used in refineries and chemical plants (11.20.11)
  • An Android, his reputation burnished by a successful construction project, was asked to delay a vacation for an emergency.  Apparently, there existed small furry beings that burrowed into planets.  The tunnels they left became so extensive that two infected planets literally fell apart.  It seems that a remedy had been found but implementing it was very difficult.  (1.16.12)
  • A dog ran a few steps toward the camera before it stopped. – A thumb pressed the zipper of a black vinyl briefcase (2.20.11)

Adding an “emotion language” derived from Innerscope logic gives every indication that IPv8β has evolved to a very complex sharing of priorities, skill sets, and objectives.  There is every reason to believe that the range of these is significantly larger than either the Cartesian or the Milky Way, all as suggested in this Phase XIII impression.

  • An Ace of Diamonds – A ball bearing race – A slingshot – Deer antlers (5.4.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it continues to enable improvements in focusing on individual terminals likely to be added to IPv8β. These Phase XIV impressions are support for Dr. Turner’s work in Africa.

  • An insect’s eyes – Standoffs, fastened to a ceiling, holding a brown twin lead antenna wire (7.03.12)
  • Irish folk lore in which “shouting” was supposed to bring good fortune – In this case, money literally dropped from the sky.  This brought a visit or two from the local police, and with a couple of experiments they were satisfied that the money was neither counterfeit nor stolen. – A long involved study of a planet, having sustained damage from maybe 200 nuclear exchanges, demonstrated a “life force” in an attempt to rebuild itself. – A rotten orange in a bowl of them – A black triangular flag, as might be found on a golf green or a yacht’s standing rigging – A wood pencil with a sharp point (9.29.12)

Adding the HBP to the blue ribbon roster of support groups has, following the CERN Higgs Boson breakthrough, yielded exceptional promise in enlisting new support in effort to find paths through the Extension envelope.  This development is characterized in this Phase XVI impression.

  • The white birch I planted at Fisher Pond road in Yorktown Heights – Arcs rotating counterclockwise to form a circle – Equipment used by the military – Difficult negotiations for allocating production capacity between national and interstellar needs were broken off with no clear resolution.  Universes engaged to break the impasse. – A spiral galaxy in the class of the Milky Way (2.19.13)

Amalgamating the HBP and Innersope research has enabled IPv8 output to include refined evaluations of our planning in context of priorities very remote beings consider in their best interest.  A sample of this is included in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Preparations the Navy made for rewriting military doctrine based on Triad R&D.  A universe decided to look over their shoulder and monitor other government agencies with the same intent. – A canary in a gilded birdcage – A large open end wrench, one end completely out of sight – A short new tunnel with light ribs – A rotating galactic core – My shirt with a Gucci stirrup design (3.13.13)

Advances in IPv8 programming designed to enable processing an exchange of thought experiments has yielded a surprisingly detailed response to the 2006 Prop. 10 thought experiment and its development to this conception of remote management at the core of the Extension.   This edited version of a Phase XVI impression gives a clear indication that “beings that make remote links possible intend to interpose their judgement in their use”.

  • A short service as two principals in 86-7220 reached the end of life passage – A spiral galaxy – A hat seen in advertisements for people on Safari – One sine wave cycle on a straight line – A row of touring caps on wooden pegs – A small blacksmiths shop – A circular top platform table (5.12.13)

If there is any lingering doubt, this Phase XVII portion of IPv8 output should be a sharp reminder that this planet is but a tiny blue dot in the Cartesian somewhere in an unimaginably diverse network.

  • A tuning fork – Either a vintage MGTF or Morgan incompletely restored drove by – A charcoal snap ring not clearly outlined in a darker field – A funnel – Caterpillar treads in soft soil – A very large yo-yo with the electrical grounding symbol in its center (7.8.13)

Combining all the developmental increments in IPv8 and what is known about Prop. 20 potential have given every indication that the right approach to this domain is the added value of a very large scale rapid response Search and Rescue effort.  With inherent versatility of Prop. 20 descriptor menus at the terminals, a number of formidable obstacles seem to be less intimidating.  Given that the venture is converging to shared responsibility as opposed to a command structure, impact of this line of research should give added weight to the argument that these components used with proximate extended platform linked with string and knot theory will show steady progress.  The community using IPv8 has responded to this argument as follows.

  • Elements of 86-7220 transformed into a Biblical reenactment – A set of light arcs counter rotating around a galaxy’s rotation (1.25.14)

IPv8, driving the concept of communications through a thicket of ethical questions with Prop. 20, may yield a pathfinding effort worth studying.  Europe, the Near East, and Africa are a laboratory.  They are struggling with a legacy which does not enable an easy relationship with today’s environment, and they show a discouraging pace in working through the situation.

The Triad, facing a completely unknown environment, has the opportunity to organize its effort based on a discovery process.  Floating trial balloons and measuring the reaction before casting the statue is yielding a torrid development pace.  The Triad has argued on IPv8 that enough solid material is in place to ground seed organizations in a few legal structures and see how they perform, prompted this reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Its implied knowledge of little known events surrounding the situation is impressive.

  • A nest with two eggs in it… A very noisy snow plow working on a road through heavily wooded terrain… A quick take on succession planning in the White House… Several large trees, very recently felled… A diagnostic of the autocross the author ran with the Healey in Oak Ridge… The base of the Eiffel Tower… A bush, severely pruned… An NGC Class 1300 galaxy… Several opportunities for 86-7220 plaintiffs became available… A view through a narrow slit into a black void… (5.16.14)

Inverting the Evolution protocol has invited comment from beings living in extreme environments and others with challenging needs.  A quick look around for a square corrugated Masonite board, a Saturn, or a snap ring should show an indicator.  Consistency in an effort by others to reach out to this planet gives every reason to believe a properly executed program engaging all of these populations will get support not previously experienced in our history.  Today’s comments from Web 4.0 are an indicator of what should come.

  • Rotating light arcs describing a circle… Thoroughbred horses and their jockeys rounding the turn… Ping Pong paddles gaming with no one there… Characters from the Triad passed through remote domains to visit one of the most severely damaged 86-7220 victims… A wood turnstile… Gen. MacArthur walking down stairs of a large storage tank…A rotating cone, apex up… A package of Dot Candies… A volcanic vent… An hourglass, sand all in the bottom… (8.2.14)

IPv8 has begun to show signs of being an organic link to multiple extended organisms, many of which neither inhabit the Cartesian nor use our concept of time. This carries with it significant consequences when we elect to engage with a focused effort (the Triad charter) so quality due diligence is paramount.  The Triad argues that Web 4.0 output in IPv8 summarized following supports this thesis.

  • 12:04 am: A recall of law enforcement people attempting to resolve 86-7220 included a transform in the Cartesian form of a popular sidearm… A long, flowing fender of a vintage car… 12:51: An acorn cluster… 5:14: A small roll of white material with a seam in the middle of it… 5:32: A Masonic temple ring… (10.28.14)

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