Schrodinger’s Virus

Hofstadters butterfly

Hofstadters butterfly

 The Schrodinger Cat gedankenexperiment has surfaced in a different form. One element in the Triad structure holds that dark matter and energy is a component of our daily life and that this concept, as vital as is the Higgs Boson and field, allows life forms inhabiting marginally related fields and having totally different forms to coexist.  A fundamental IPv8 goal is to allow information exchange among these domains. Another fundamental, well on its way to a proof, is that some of these beings do not recognize time as a linear sequence.  The Triad argues that this combination is sufficiently well defined to structure an experiment, perhaps in conjunction with the CERN effort in dark matter, to prove that one being can exist in two states, even if only briefly. The Triad goes on to argue that structuring this experiment can start with Web 4.0 comments on today’s memo.

  • 10:47 pm: 86-7220 principals found themselves in trouble, seemingly with vintage automobiles.  It seems they were using a very long range communication connection which required one message to be completed before another could start, and one person left the circuit before completing his message, thereby locking the system. – 11:57: The lower end of a sail drive, propeller turning… 2:30: Unsuccessful efforts to restore Patricia Vogel served only to impress the beings attempting the restoration of the remarkable complexity of the human organism. – 2.40: The stone carving Marco Miranda gave me in Lausanne… 2:47: A cluster of peppermint striped candy canes… 3:12: The wood turnstiles used in New York City in the 1950’s… 3:15: A lone powder blue vintage VW beetle in a parking lot… 4:30: Zandvoort hosting a Formula 1 race… 5:30: A stainless dipper… (11.7.14)

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