Counterterrorism Support

By and large, the Triad prefers to leave military questions and comment to the military.  The source of  the impressions is not so restrained, as exemplified by this extract from Phase II Concept Draft:

  • Some very lean men in black grease paint sprinting at an incredible pace.  A sense that (these) people were taken through both change of state and time. (5-14-08)

If NATO had this resource available, both the psychological and combat value in  the Afghan/Pakistan theater would be significant.  If this capability were available to SEATO the consequences of their extremist problem might be  eased.  Whether and under what conditions it can be applied are open questions.

When a concerned observer strips organizations identified by acronyms from the equation, reduces weaponry to functionality or purpose,  and subdivides nation states into advocacy groups, a fascinating and very useful parallel rises to the surface.  This parallel does not require tedious research to grasp, it becomes immediately evident by scanning articles in the 9-19/25 Economist and reading The Art of Deception with care.  Teeing off on this, adding Web ? and IPv8 intent takes the reader to the core Triad concept.  A very clear impression to be included in Triad Phase IV supports this.  To extract:

  • Ferrari appeared in a race and three devils appeared in the grandstand, shocking the nation.  Amanda saw some of my photos, said that one of them showed promise, went to Jack and Luna’s, and asked a gorilla to see if someone could make a place like that in Africa. – Freshly baked corn muffins in a tin (1-26-09)

Pakistan’s January 2010 position that no more campaigns are planned for the year seems to have produced a reaction in IPv7/Web 4.0.  These Phase VI impressions should enable a measure of support the Triad is capable of calling up.

  • A ranking officer about to leave the army was asked to reenlist for six months.  When he declined the CO turned pale.  Out of respect, he changed his position.  The CO then cut his orders, gave him a battalion, and the assignment to identify and neutralize 6000 Taliban in his zone of operations in six months.  “Impossible”  “Give it your best.”  (1-22-10)
  • IPv7/Web 4.0 is reported to have been instrumental in the appearance of the devil and perhaps some of his demons in a combat zone of the Afghan/Pakistan complex.  There have been unverified reports of several extremists laying down their arms.  Several ears of corn – Scrambled eggs (1-23-10)
  • Dolphins – A pair of people loosely connected to the military were fitted with custom shoes, the first they had owned.  It was discovered that they were androids when they returned medals they had received for exceptional duty.  They included in the return a letter of commendation to the CO who, with the acknowledgment, made a statement about why he had taken his life.  The androids wanted to repair the CO’s brain but knowing that permission was required, hesitated.  At that point, a voice came down from the old man telling then he had plans for the dead officer and to go ahead.  (2-14-10)

A very strong sense of a string of strategic errors in this effort takes the concerned reader straight to Rainwater, Baudrillard, Philpott, and Armstrong.  That an organization is becoming impatient with an organized course change using IPv8 capabilities is suggested by this Phase IX impression:

  • A notch in a tree trunk  (10.28.10)

IPv8 and a course change using its potential, realized and unrealized, seems to have been the subject of conversation in the remote domain.  Scope for expanding it is the subject of this Phase X impression.

  • A choral group capable of shattering glass performing at La Scala – A very unsettling story about a class of beings using very advanced handguns to eliminate remains of the species Homo sapiens – The offensive was seen throughout the universe, and there was no organization capable of containing it. (4.4.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals and linking not so random appearances of snap rings and the planet Saturn gives every indication that a completely unexplored avenue to resolving this issue has been opened.  Some detail on pursuing it is contained in this Phase XII impression.

  • A snowman wrapped in a DNA/ RNA string (10.8.11)

Adding Innerscope logic to IPv8 seems to have expanded the range of tools to be used in dealing with this pervasive, chronic, and multifaceted problem, all as supported by this Phase XII impression.

  • A conflict between the Mafia and truckers started with a murder of a trucker’s wife and escalated until it became global.  Conventional law enforcement was unable to contain it and the story dissolved before any resolution surfaced.  (2.3.12)
  • A bathtub full of green berets – A pipe section, maybe half a foot in diameter, with a hole drilled in a regular pattern in a closed end – the pontoon mounted under a light plane’s wingtip  (02.07.12)

Modifying Innerscope logic to enable creating algorithms expressing emotions in terms of biophysical measurements and using the product as a language on IPv8 seems to have removed a number of formidable barriers.  Results sometimes are brutal representations of current events, as shown in this Phase XIII impression.

  • Wolves, circling each other in mortal combat, would not finish it.  After each round they walked through death and resumed after transformation.  Each round included a few moments that revealed that they were proxies for humans. – A dish antenna – A long story about a planet’s recovery from either a nuclear exchange or a massive thermal instability or both – A small rug on the plastic desk chair carpet saver (3.5.12)
  • Several species of birds, one blue with an orange head, a cloud of starlings, and a couple of others I could not identify – A short but intense description of a transaction involving one million waffles to be delivered in one hour, no deposit was negotiated.  The company, perhaps in Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish country, placed the million waffles in front of the client and asked for payment.  The client then gave a distant address for delivery to complete the transaction.  “This is not in the contract.”  The supplier than poked a hole on the middle of one waffle, causing to fly to the destination instantly.  There was still time to fulfill the contract.  The client offered Escudos in payment.  “The contract specifies dollars.”  “You have already produced the waffles; I’ll take them with a 50% price reduction.”  The sequence ended with the company rep throwing the waffles into the dust the client’s feet.  “We will take the loss and never do business with you again.” – A toilet plunger, suction cup up. (5.7.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the update has very sharply focused issues to be dealt with when implementing the Extension.

  • Amanda annoying people by riding a broomstick to attract attention – Another piece about the custodians of Hell and how they live when they finish a day’s work – A box end wrench with a round rod in the end – Why? – A long box end wrench, center portion visible, ends obscured – A sharp yellow wooden Mongol pencil with a long taper to the sharpened point (8.3.12)
  • A ten year old appeared.  He seemed to be disoriented and showed unusual reflexive behavior.  Someone in a photography class took an interest and probed.  It eventually surfaced that he was in the group because he accidentally space shifted from Hell.  His physiology was that of one who had adapted to a warm environment with a high sulfur content.  The scene faded as the orientation for the first visit to Hell by someone from the class was in progress. – Two camels arrived at a camp in the desert.  They were covered with dung.  “Why are you here?”  “We came to help.”  “Why are you covered with dung?”  “To you it may be filth, to us it is the fertilizer you need.  Please scrape it off and wash us down, this is very uncomfortable.”  This process continued through several more implements the camels brought, then faded. – A cream vintage roadster with light brown fenders.  (8.24.12)

One Triad foundation is the argument that Shock and Awe response to 911 was completely off point.  Since then, we have graduated to the strategy of “Use the military to tamp down violence, e.g. ISIS, and give the injured parties a year to govern in the Western image.”  The Triad does not intend to write US foreign policy, and neither does it intend to adopt this line of reasoning in its operating envelope.

All the indicators point to an incredibly complex venture containing very severe destabilizing conditions, so the Triad has proposed a design for a fully integrated system flexible enough to maintain forward motion in this environment.  The last link in its fundamentals is potential of the IBM True North computer chip.  The off planet reaction is summarized following.

  • A sense, just below the level of detailed perception, of very busy “people“… Very discouraging interviews 86-7220 victims had with a universe…  There was no willingness to cooperate in very difficult choices. – 86-7220 principals went on to very responsible positions.  One with a universe, another elected to continue on earth, which was deteriorating to the level of tribal societies.  After a long period of estrangement, the sibling asked for help. (8.14.14)

Work in Progress

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