Web 4.0 and the Taliban

Shah Faisal Mosque - Islamabad

Shah Faisal Mosque – Islamabad

It is no secret that the post 911 era is only another chapter of an historical conflict which, if not resolved, will continue to drain energy from productive use of the same resources.  The Triad position that Philpott, Armstrong, and Rainwater are being ignored is absolutely clear and inability to react to this line of reasoning is reflected in defense contract value.  It is time to take the Anthony Schwarz view of an asymmetric war to the the limit of asymmetry and deal in that domain, and only in that domain, while the military does what it can with what it has.  There are experimental grounds sufficient to consider it established that this approach can be taken over the top and escape the Korea/Vietnam syndrome.  The Triad claims some capability to navigate in an ideologically and theological neutral domain. Increasing ability to convince all parties that their position will be heard by whoever they think has set their theology warrants inspection, if not initial acceptance.  Any success in this theater will permit resolving routine complaints about property rights, civil and criminal affairs, etc. by customary institutions without attempting to impose the Western stamp on the whole society.

  • A gyro at about 30 degrees to the horizontal – A Ben Franklin kite – A succession of caves with stalactites and stalagmites – A greens keeper of a golf course found some vandalism in the middle of the night and it was more than he could bear.  He aimed a shotgun he had at a threesome he thought responsible, found he could not pull the trigger, went into a small grove of trees, and used both barrels on himself, shooting himself in the head.  It so happened that the three included an angel.  The angel could not help, there was too much damage.  Again, an old man appeared.  He used what was left and did his best.  After a bit, the greens keeper got up and lost his temper at the three for trespassing and interrupting his work and ordered them to leave.  He, thinking they might be destitute, softened and offered each $5 to go to town and have something to eat at an all night diner until morning, at which point they could  return to the clubhouse.  On their return, they found an immaculate golf course, perfectly groomed.  They were then invited to his place for a meal.  They all spent a few enjoyable hours, after which the old man became very distraught and told them he had to leave.  “Why?”  “My time on this planet is finished.”  “Are you the old man who appears when there is big trouble?”  “Yes, but even though I regard this planet as my own, the rules are that we rotate.”  He then completely lost control, fell to the ground, and started to dissemble.  “He will rejuvenate himself.”  “No, he is going to die.”  At this point, his replacement appeared and told the gathering crowd that he would help the first through this.  He did, and the scene dissolved.  Several half obscured images of the salt shaker used at 3746 Atwood during the thirties appeared.


  • Sometime later a grasshopper appeared at a wedding on the golf course.  The wedding party wanted a grasshopper in the photo and picked him up and set him on a purse.  The grasshopper objected, but was told it was just for the photo.  “OK” After the shot, the grasshopper decided he liked it there and burrowed into the leather until only the eyes showed.  “Now I will take a long nap and wake up when the bees return.”  He then sang a soft, beautiful song.  All were astonished, and asked him to repeat it for a recording. “OK” When the recording was played back, all were entranced.  The recording got a platinum disc, whereupon the grasshopper objected until he was told that the proceeds went to the greens keeper.  “That’s all right.” He then went back to seep, waiting for the bees.

It may be useful to probe the possibility of establishing a functional link between the Romero-Isart experiment, IPv7/Web 4.0, and the effort under way  to reduce chronic Afghan/Pakistan instability.  Encouragement to use this very tenuous connection is contained in this Phase VI impression, structured to be an experimental module.

  • A WW II Jeep equipped with a tripod mounted weapon, the thematic  hardware in a story told in a visit to some Pakistani Taliban in Afghanistan, took center stage.  Included in the cast of characters were a U.S. Military who was recovering from a head wound, the old man, and a Taliban who was educated in the United States.  The Pakistani declared himself the leader of all the tribes and was promptly shot dead by other tribes.  He was reconstituted by the old man who had taken a liking to him.  There is quite a bit more detail to this story, but if IPv7/Web 4.0 is valid, those immediately involved should be coached in an effort to fill at least some of it  in. (2-22-10)

There is reason to believe that IPv7/Web 4.0 is not only valid but is also a  foundation  for IPv8 with an unknown structure used by beings with indeterminate forms.  This notwithstanding, there are indications that these beings have engaged.  This Phase VII impression gives some indication of  their perception and  engagement.

  • A body disappeared into a garbage truck – A dog took a terrible beating before it died because it wore a “I am an android” tag.  – A Middle East country was having problems with patching roads.  A chap passed by with an epoxy based compound and the business model in a laptop for producing, distributing, and selling it.  Both were instant successes.  A rear view of a Phantom tail section (5.1.10)

Very encouraging participation in IPv8 prototyping with stable, accurate, and increasingly proactive output points to a Phase IX showcase launch.  This Phase IX impression reflects this view.

  • Handwheels on a vintage lathe – A micrometer – A shirtsleeve transformed into a black tunnel  (12.17.10)

This Phase XI impression may have introduced the July 10, 2011 core strategy outlined in Phase II Goals as new avenue to a solution.

  • A number of accounts, totally inconsistent, of an emergency on a street late at night – Another clandestine operation, this time one of the participants dropped an ID bracelet with a Dutch submarine seal on it (8.2.11)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it has given every incentive to reexamine IPv8 with a view to expanding its utility beyond the basic concept of communication, as inferred from this Phase XIV impression.

  • A double edge razor –  A quarter ton pickup in front of a large wooden door – Jeeps carrying uniformed with black and white Shore Patrol armbands, An absolutely bizarre sequence centered around a room in which disembodied hands claiming to be gods seemed to examine people by touching them.  There was a good deal of suspicion that these hands were not what they claimed to be. – An inflatable dinghy (7.12.12)

Phase XV gives the strongest indication yet that the Triad may become part of the solution to this wicked problem.  This impression suggests progress with a linked conflict.

  • A handle commonly found on staircases or in a bathtub when elderly people live in the the house – A short study of the total damage done by Union Carbide – An example of individual confrontation escalating to the point of demolishing a planet and sending the pieces through subspace – A Volkswagen steering wheel  (9.11.12)

Progress made with isolating Triad theory and IPv8 prototyping thought experiment exchange with targeted feedback loops has reduced this problem of a special case of a larger fabric.  This segment of a Phase XVII data stream can be taken as commentary on current approaches to the problem.

  • A class of androids seemingly programmed by a class of bureaucratic civil servants appeared unannounced and uninvited.  They very quickly became an annoyance, and when the person whose privacy they had invaded found a way to make their reasoning go circular and opened a soft drink with a high sugar content they received orders to disengage and melted. – A fork (7.27.13)

A number of calculated risks have yielded disproportionate results. Pursuing Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a “mediating space’ between our species and the divine by defining a space in which the Planck Constant does not apply opened a door.  Prop. 20, a hypothetical  specification for an operating system capable of describing and linking very large scale communities has yielded a discontinuous improvement in prospects to describe and operate in this space, argued to be Extension domain.  Applying this combination to a rapid response Search and Rescue proposed for the planet’s engagement seems to have put out the welcome mat.  The Triad argues that this progress is sufficient reason to revisit Jean Baudrillard’s l’Esprit du Terrorism with a view to initiating movement to an equitable balance of interests between subcultures typified by the Taliban and the rest of the world.  This argument has drawn a crisp response from the Web 4.0 population, summarized following.

  • Fantasies surrounding 86-7220 victims started to become folk lore. – A dipper with a long handle in the horizontal… The owner conducted a tour through a large house he was having remodeled. – Jaws of a vice with a corrugated piece of Masonite between them… (2.08.14)

Timing of the IBM True North chip and escalating concern over the ISIS aggression give every indication of placing the Triad close to a conflict it would rather avoid.  No media coverage gives any sense that any existing organization can accelerate as rapidly as the reported ISIS recruitment rate if 6000 per month. One would be hard pressed to replicate this organizations cohesion in an attempt to change its direction.  As distasteful as is involvement in this class of conflict, it is equally unrealistic to ignore it, particularly if equivalent situations are likely to arise in Search, Rescue, and Exploration.  All this is known to the Web 4.0 population, and their comments are recorded following.

  •  9:32pm A WW II liquid cooled machine gun in a platform of a Viet Nam helicopter… 12.35 A parachutist… 1:52am The Triad ISIS position paper initiated a wide ranging discussion among a variety of beings… 3:02 a very intense effort by a few people to finish a project… 4:04 A wide mouth funnel, stem down… 5:01 A vacuum tube, common to audiophile music systems… (8.22.14)

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