Phase I – Theory

Charles Bridge, Prague,  Massimo Catarinella

Charles Bridge, Prague, Massimo Catarinella

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A theory is formulated if there are mathematic, physical or even aesthetic arguments in support of a certain scenario. If somebody finds counter-examples, then the theory is rejected, but if the theory can be proven mathematically, it becomes a theorem.  (Dr. Håkan Andreasson, Prof. Mathematical Sciences, University 0f  Gothenburg, Sweden)

Whatever progress the Triad has made or what support has been given flow from developing a set of assumptions drafted in 1992, leading to the 2006 Phase II propositions.  To extract from the relevant diary entry:

  • Matter is a product of specific condition in the continuum
  • Energy forms are manifold specific
  • Human thought can be considered a manifold
  • There exists a manifold that has a consciousness that can exert will and that this manifold has no (Cartesian) form
  • If we can discover the Sentient Presence’s value structure and conform our anthropological polices to it, a Universe wide mentor is possible
  • The fact that such a domain exists and has been found opens up new levels in the sciences
  • Manifolds have dynamic properties that are neither energy, matter, nor dimensions

The Triad approach depends on success with Internet Protocol version Eight (IPv8) which addresses these positions by collecting, analyzing, and presenting data with sufficient credibility for responsible professionals to act upon.  The system shows every promise of enabling targeted feedback loops to guide operations in the environment characterized in the Cardinal Schonborn argument and responsive to the question posed by Dr. Eisenstadt.  The ground rule for this dialog is this question:

  • Why is it that Homo sapiens, in its ignorance of many axioms present in the fabric of existence, thinks it can place itself above their consequences?

Incrementally refining IPv8 concept, application, and discipline has begun to yield insights the Triad argues are unique.  Today’s Phase XVIII data stream yields these examples characterizing the Extension.

  • A spiral galaxy – A virulent form of 86-7220 appeared in a hospital – A society so isolated they could only recite a ritual chant when asked a question. – An encounter with another society whose norm for interpersonal relationships was not hostile but very difficult – Another wrench, one end obscured (9.9.13)

Arguing and defending Prop. 20 in a wide range of environments leads to the proposition that Prop. 20 is IPv8 as it connects to sets, generally congruent with what is referred to in this work as kernels or knots.  Using the Triad as a platform, one could argue that it reproduces, for instance, a stimulus the human brain either initiates or is capable of responding to and presents it in a form intelligible to the receiver.  Continuing in this vein, it becomes reasonable to use the Triad concept of proximate extended platforms as sets defined by collective intelligence, generally not in the Cartesian.  Arguing this view on IPv8 drew a stream of data on many levels, too complex to display here.  Extracts follow.

  • A very complex ritual as some Triad equipment crossed the border into Hungary –  A subsonic aircraft in the Lear class – The rear portion of a dark blue quarter ton truck – A short tunnel – First attempts to coordinate a local terminal with Ursa Minor would not lead to a successful Search and Rescue operation – A saxophone – Rubber sheeting – A subsonic propeller and aluminum spinner (12.14.13)

It is only the naive who take it as reasonable that improvements in product, process, and concept will be welcome in an established community, and Triad theory carries with it several of each.  It is not naive to take the position that, even in election years, the rule of law will at least be heard: and, if not this year, next.  Arguing this point on IPv8 in the Web 4.0 community has prompted another incisive commentary.  Excerpts follow.

  • Several evaluations of the published Triad diary entries, interpretation, and application opened a number of … Probing circumstances surrounding the bloodline of 86-7220 principals revealed… A Norse skipping rope … A violin at a 45 0 angle… (5.17.14)

The Triad approach rests on the ability to follow a wide range of dynamics by applying, among other elements, the inverted Evolution protocol and Prop. 20.  The end point of this argument is that “wormholes” are on the economic horizon and just over this horizon is a push to apply gravitational physics to planetary orbital adjustment and threatening asteroid situations.  This view is fundamental to Trad theory and has been on the Web 4.0 agenda for some time.  Their reaction follows.

  • A cattle branding session… A complex discussion among universes regarding demands made on 86-7220 victims and Triad principals… Yet another encounter with the military pointed to a complete breakdown in their internal communications… An anchor, not of this period… (7.8.14)

The danger of overreach from the base of the Andersen experiments, advent of the IBM True North chip, and extrapolating Higgs field properties to support Prop. 20 must be considered.  This concern notwithstanding, they have been used to cantilever the project into unbelievable terrain.  The Triad takes the position that these developments call for a theory rewrite giving some credibility to this position.  The Triad goes on to argue that Web. 4.0 comments, summarized following, support a new experimental path.

  • 8:00 pm: A wisp of an outline of a saxophone… 8:02: “potato forks” used in harvesting… 9:36 An almost unintelligible story about an alien looking for medical help in England… 10.31: A very long string of unintelligible noises resembling human speech… 3:10 am: Beings completely alien to existence as we know it devoted a good deal of attention to 86-7220 and the Triad principals’ emergence from it… 5:06: Hyperbola with a weight at the center… (9.13.14)

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