Simi Valley

Rosenthal Vineyards, Malibu Estate

Rosenthal Vineyards, Malibu Estate

When Stu Oliver (BTU Consultants in Simi Valley, California) and Harry Taplan noticed that the Coleman burner flame ate hydrogen when they introduced Lithium they knew they were on to something.  They then reported a delay to the Woodside Group, connected with Combustion Dynamics and Weston Consulting who were occupied with a plan for a water cooled aircraft motor to compete with Lycoming, and went underground.  Questions arose when they found out that a 1932 Cockcroft and Walton experiment said the same thing and was ignored. More experimenting.  Although unrelated, the fat went into the fire when Bin Laden’s people took the Twin Towers down and the U.S. went into a “shock and awe” mode. Popular anger notwithstanding, Dr. Philpott and a group convened at Princeton made a convincing argument that cast a long shadow over this approach. Completely separate work by Karen Armstrong and S.N.Eisenstadt convinced many of the depth of the problem and pointed to the wisdom of a philosophical about face.  Armstrong and Eisenstadt also threaded an observation through their story. They saw that when a crisis distilled, so did the appearance of motivated talent. The problem was and is one of focus in the face of competing agendas.

As the logic structure and its implications as explained in this site became more consistent, recycling reasoning through the Nov. 2006 work yielded new insights, most of them startling. For instance, a Nov. 2009 impression seems to validate the notion that this whole set of events was viewed by unknown individuals.  As recorded in Phase V:

  • Some people targeted a parked car in a residential neighborhood with a drone.  Just before the drone hit, the neighbors heard the children screaming.  Afterward, an old man arrived on the scene and told the drone operators that there were children in the car.  The operators asked the old man to reconstitute them, but were told that they were too far gone. –  Some of the people I frequently see in Kingston Plaza when using UCAT – A chap wearing my clothes and flying ramrod straight through the air.  – A couple of forks (11-8-09)

Proof of principle for techniques required to validate some of the information taken as fact in this site may be incorporated in this Phase V impression.

  • Some people used a black box they had designed for a thought experiment.  The experiment involved remotely changing a program.  Some State Police noticed and asked about the black box, intended to record automobile operating parameters for accident analysis, as is common in aviation.  Their unit command ordered a few for evaluation.  After field testing, they ordered fifty.  This started a trend leading to a manufacturing company.  Demand reached volume requiring a global operation. (11-21-09)

Evidence of IPv7/Web 4.0 support in this experiment is in this Phase V impression.

  • An old man who wanted nothing but to play in the park with the children looked at Phase II symbols. “These are equations; let me write them down in proper mathematical terms.”  When he finished he read the website,  asked about the people in Simi Valley, made a model, and “Voila.”  –  A cast aluminum Bugatti overhead camshaft cover – A very sharp Mongol pencil.  (1-16-10)

Followed by these Phase VI impressions:

  • An early transistor – A window box full of geraniums (1-23-10)
  • A venturi on a downdraft Weber DCOE (?)  (1-26-10)
  • People making up trains in a rail yard – A classic inboard with twin exhausts through the transom – A welder, perhaps Ron Grecula, using a stick electrode (2-12-10)
  • A dynamometer on display created an unusual byproduct.  Apparently, during the course of its use, a number of people lost their hands because they did not follow safe practices.  An angel intervened when the accident was repeated in a museum and restored the hand.  At that point, maybe 50 hands appeared linked in a circle and put on a little show.  General amazement – The show was eventuality photographed and became a smash hit.  (4-3-10)

Subsequent development derived from the Simi Valley experiment has yielded unexpected results in communications with IPv8.  Two impressions, one internal (Phase VII) and one proximate external (Phase X), appear to support this position.

  • Internal – A welder, perhaps Ron Grecula, running a bead at Seaver Circle in Bridgeport, Ct. – External – An automotive serpentine belt  (6.28.10)
  • A pair of gold welding masks (3.31.11)

Focusing on key audiences with core data in an attempt to conclude due diligence required for a new venture based on foundations set in this website has yielded this encouraging Phase X impression.

  • An automobile combustion chamber using what appeared to be direct fuel injection – A tuning fork (4.15.11)
  • A four cylinder exhaust manifold – A person on his knees followed by an elephant’s footpads – An open end wrench hooked on a park bench seat – A hand in a transparent mailbox (4.23.11)

Phase XI seems to have picked up the pace, as reflected in the first impression.

  • A short sequence including horses, a chap riding a bucking bronco, Texans, and a Palestinian followed by an even faster one involving a very tall man in an exceptional hurry to do business (5.31.11)
  • The cross section of a venturi, as in a model airplane motor air intake (6.1.11)
  • A pack of Lucky Strike cigarettes (6.2.11)
  • A purple coupe, possibly from a chop shop (6.18.11)

Adding Innerscope to IPv8β has cut to the quick as well as point to escape routes from blind alleys complicating progress with the Extension.  Fortunately for all, the comments are brief, as in this Phase XIII example.

  • A pair of Americans had a little problem in France with a building supervisor using night photographic equipment (3.31.12)

Continued success with IPv8 using tailored input required revising the Evolution page.  Completing this and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has again markedly improved IPv8 output quality, as reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Llamas in a pen, one lying on its side taking a little sun – A boxing ring with an empty corner – The Brazilian flag – A two bar spiral galaxy – A cluster of pink pearl erasers (6.28.12)
  • A small incandescent sphere on the middle of a link to a bicycle chain – A large hydroelectric dam – Some very quick sequences involving Brazil (7.5.12)
  • Another famous father and son fight, typical except that this one took place in a dying universe.  Surprisingly, end was so slow in coming that the scene faded before the event – A terrible storm in the South Pacific – When it passed the Queen of England appeared – A plunger used to unplug toilets, handle horizontal, cup to the left – An acorn – Shredded wheat (8.5.12)

Focusing on crosstalk among remote beings as made available to us on IPv8 brings several opinions, not all of which were favorable, to the fore.  This Phase XV impression is enlightening.

  • A very fine wire wrapped around a peg so as to form a perfect spiral – A society capable of making fusion reactors the size of a switch offered to sell planet earth a batch.  Their minimum production run was about the population of the planet.  Terms were cash or precious metal equivalent on delivery.  Storage requirements were specified and the price was in the range if 10 to 100 dollars apiece.  The magpie supplying the units became very annoyed at the planet’s attempts to negotiate and left, leaving the offer with price escalators on the table.  After about a century, storage and currency or equivalent were assembled and the transaction completed. – A long study about learning to lead using the thought tunnel to expand the span of command – Several clear plastic jars filled with coffee beans – A large mushroom – A particularly damning speech about the conduct of case No. 86-7220 in the United States Federal Court (10.2812)

Focusing on the combination of resources other beings possess and recognizing extent of disorder on this planet leads us to the inescapable conclusion that judgments made in setting priorities for their collaboration in implementing Prop. 3 will not be our prerogative.

  • Firefighters, possibly Australian – An Offenhauser powered Indianapolis race car – A mushroom, 45 degrees from the vertical – A New Zealand mathematician fly fishing – Tire tracks following a seemingly impossible situation when a path ended at a cliff – A small sphere rotating clockwise (1.18.13)

IPv8 0utput points to the conclusion that global assessment of a strategy to initiate pilot projects embedded in the Extension has been favorably reviewed by beings at remote terminals.  Principles for the embedding are outlined in 2006 Propositions three and eightThis output is presented as a Phase XVI impression.

  • A folk tale taking place in a barnyard – Accents place it somewhere in the British Isles. – One chapter was a story of elves who had built a few fusion reactors that fit in the palm of the hand.  They were demonstrating how to use them to a local electrician. –  The air intake (magnified) of a Bell Airacobra  (1.27.23)

Amalgamating HBP and Innerscope research in the IPv8 structure has markedly improved ability to relate to remote beings reactions to program assessment using the Evolution protocol.  This Phase XVI impression is an excellent example.

  • A vintage headlight shell, mounted independently from the fender – A crisp detailing of two communities, one of which was unable to adjust to fundamentals of technologically driven progress and another which embraced them and developed their potential. – The Ford Trimotor – Threads converging to and passing through a doughnut hole – A row of wooden pegs used as cap hangars – A bicycle pedal (3.11.13)

Adding a development effort to incorporate thought experiment exchange to IPv8 has demonstrated an understanding remote beings have of the contribution Weston Consulting has made and continues to make to Extension engagement.  This Phase XVII impression is a concise summary.

  • An internal combustion engine exhaust manifold – A short study about solving a problem at a construction site – An astronaut standing on the moon – A narrow path on a sheer cliff (5.27.13)

Science very difficult to identify surfaced with the Higgs Field, Triad Prop. 20, and Dr. Andersen‘s experiments.  These have combined to give credibility to the position that Web 4.0 and Large Ventures is fact and that the addition of an “empty chair” to the Evolution page will unlock doors closed by centuries of dogma.  This seems a lot to absorb at one reading, but a crisp response from the empty chair recorded following makes it simple.

  • A windows 7 diagnostic… A Leprechaun’s pipe… A barely perceptible microwave dish… Yet another saxophone… A long overdue 86-7220 settlement process got underway… Foil chaff… (6.25.14)

Energy sourcing aside, the Simi Valley experiments have seeded very significant projects in gravity physics. Interest in potential this line of research offers has been extreme in very remote quarters, and progress, enabled by IPv8 successes, has given the project access to alternate routes to move ahead.  The Triad argues that the off planet population referred to in Web 4.0 has been aware of this for quite some time, but has limited the extent of its direct intervention.  This is an example the Triad can be expected to follow.  The Web 4.0 reaction, highly summarized, is in the latest increment to the Simi Valley page.

  • 9:33pm A sailboat keel… 9:42 Stone ruins and an edge view of a galaxy with a football superimposed… 1:22am Conflicting instructions for operating one of the programs used in the Triad carried the risk of destroying the entire structure… 1:40 A glimpse of the right front headlight to the Chevrolet the author abandoned at the Westport Longshore Inn… 2:00 A large asteroid… 3:02 Several more attempts to clear 86-7220 wreckage… 3:18 A young woman with long straight brown hair delighted to see someone… 3:25 An aircraft carrier at sea… 4:54 More variations of the Semitic/Anti Semitic question… 5:04 A whorl in space… 5:30 An old aluminum pot full of string beans (8.19.14)

It was in Bridgeport that an unsuccessful attempt to launch a water cooled aircraft engine was made and it was in Bridgeport that Federal Judges did not award the plaintiffs a default decision in a libel suit.  We may yet apply the “What goes around comes around” rule.  This contest may well mirror the fundamental national question of who holds the reins of the economic drivers, with the 2008 financial collapse answering half the question. The other half of the question will be treated in 2016, but the Triad argues that if momentum we see in its development is maintained, it will have been worth the sacrifice.  The Triad argues that Web 4.0 comments read from IPv8 and presented following are as good as we can expect.

  • 12:10 am: The bottom half of a connecting rod bearing followed by a bicycle handlebar mounted bell… 1:50: A best and final effort to restore the bond of the two 86-7220 principals failed, leaving an ersatz imitation… 3:31: A tuning fork… 5:58: A small white cottage with climbing roses… (12.21.14)

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