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Census of Marine life / Octopus @ ~ 8,8oo feet

The Triad intends to expand from civilization as currently understood.  This departure will force a redefinition of virtually every variable generally considered relevant to this discipline.  Practitioners will be forced to redefine generally accepted notions of options and their relationship to strategy if they believe they can control dimensions of results of individual initiatives.  Restated, unintended consequences will be the norm and probably will not become visible in the planning horizon.  Taking this as axiomatic to the environment, IPv8 and threaded templates have been adopted as a basis for describing the environment in which strategic options are selected.  If one template in the hierarchy can be defined as a self-actualizing group with its directly controlled resources (preferably with links to composition of indirectly controlled resources), the life span of the template may be long enough to use it as an element in the larger structure.  Ambiguous distinctions between “strategic” and “tactical” might be replaced by the position value of the self-actualizing organization under the microscope.  To make this point clear, self-actualizing organizations include those capable of impacting our civilization while giving little or no peer recourse in event of a sense of our having been wronged.

Now that the reader is disoriented, the attempt to reorient must be made. As currently conceived, and with anecdotal evidence of validity, IPv8 is capable of tracking and maintaining a dialog under the following conditions:

  • Cohesive groups changing character
  • Group formation and dispersion
  • Conflict

This structure can be reduced to templates and threads and adapted to the Hoffman notion of strategic planning.  With this as an elemental consideration, it should be possible to converge to a definition of a dynamic in terms of:

  • Subculture emergence
  • Why they take a particular shape
  • Why they continue from one generation to another

Nothing is static in this system, and a data acquisition technique used in Phase II Experiment may serve to maintain a viable structure for an updating discipline:

  • Chronological differentiation
  • Geographical differentiation
  • Subculture differentiation

The Triad has found this extract from Wegelin Investment Commentary 268 a useful guideline in formulating strategy.

  • “It seems to us that, on the morning after the crisis, it is too little recognized that “clearing up” means above all “getting rid of”. Getting rid of structures that have proved to be dangerous, of ballast that once seemed nominally valuable, of assumptions that are obviously illusory. Despite the acuteness of the financial crisis we have experienced, we are still far from achieving this. But it is essential if the world is to return to a more productive mode.”

This is the structure the Triad proposes for deciding strategic options.  Linking the Triad redefinition of time with Dante’s Inferno – summarized in The First Break – and the not so random appearances of Saturn, snap ring, mirror, peach pit, and traffic light images has yielded a core strategy in Phase II GoalsThat this strategy, as audacious as it may appear, is in fact timid is suggested by this Phase XI impression.

  • A clock, the hands adjusting the time as though hunting for something – A single venturi throat – A painting, in pastels, of a small fishing village (8.30.11)

The population using IPv8 has shown an interest in an effort to find an anchor organization for their business on this planet, with a preference shown in this Phase XII impression.

  • A line with one turn taken around a post (11.9.11)

Adding concepts and techniques of an organization using the Innerscope adapted to transmit an “emotions language”  platform on IPv8 has taken the Triad to a new plateau, as reflected in these Phase XII impressions.

  • Two androids in Italy laid waste to a pair of historic castles.  They both showed passion so far outside the norm that the authorities were notified.  It surfaced that their adjustments were known to have failed.  “Where will they strike next?”  The answer came with a little girl.  “I know.”  “How?”  She disappeared, only to be found dead, apparently on her way to the next historic site.  The progression ended when a hand came down and returned her.  “Everything has been put right.”  – A pair of traffic lights – A woman with long red finger nails energetically finishing a piece on a manual typewriter – A blacksmith’s anvil (12.29.11)

Adding Innerscope logic and developing it to enable upgrading IPv8β to a conversational mode has significantly improved focus and relation to earth’s history.  These Phase XIII impressions are concise examples.

  • WW I tank treads – A  remote two bar spiral galaxy (3.29.12)
  • A set of dentures – The discovery that, having tagged a being or thing, it is possible to, within limits, trace its properties as it progressed through specific component of time. – Chromed stacks of a drag racer (4.26.12)
  • A blue/white pinpoint light – Spinach on a particle board (5.17.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has substantially increased populations and situations which must be evaluated prior to engagement.  In this case, IPv8 development becomes an indispensable link.  Samples of these are contained in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A cluster of rugs with bumps in the middle – A sequence, very suspiciously like a parody of one extrapolation of trends claimed to be occurring in this website, of a young woman being hit in the shoulder by a large caliber handgun bullet – Apparently she applied a “Take me back three days” patch to the wound.  As the patch gradually eliminated the wound, she insisted on watching a television show sponsored by the patch manufacturer. – Arrival of the Neuros to a plain resembling turf polished to take the blades of grass to a flat surface – They were generally not welcome because of their disruptive behavior – A roll of coiled barbed wire, black on white. – A cross section of a flat tire – A substantial drive shaft and ship’s propeller (7.26.12)

Identifying, sorting, and interpreting cross-talk of beings not on this planet has dramatically improved organizing and arguing positions taken in the Extension.  These Phase XV impressions are examples.

  • A woman who owned the largest android factory in the universe met one who was training in India.  “What are you training for?”  “Nothing, I just train.”  She persisted, and as the sequence ended she was modifying parts of him. – A handle attached to the void followed by a second handle from the void (11.6.12)
  • A crisp sequence describing a rapid succession of breakthroughs in the way we see and react to societies’ structure once religious dogma is adjusted to reflect reality. – A cluster of thimbles – A funnel, mouth up (11.22.12)
  • A couple got caught in a time loop. – A roof high stack of cord wood in front of the Marbletown Town Hall – One hook of a gun rack frequently seen in the cab of quarter ton pickup trucks in certain locals – A pink pearl eraser – Several trapdoors (12.6.12)

Reviewing current events in context of what capabilities appear to exist gives every indication that Wegelin Investment Commentary 268, cited on this page, carries new weight.  Examples mentioned in this Phase XVI impression have convinced this Triad and Extension developer.

  • Another study detailing consequences of administrative failures in responding to 86-7220, Koster vs Union Carbide – An open end wrench, one end completely obscured, the other somewhat obscured – A vortex, its tip in the center of a doughnut, axis horizontal – A countersunk wood screw, the tip obscured – A subsonic aircraft wing – My old boat trailer – A large sponge cake – Sheet metal tools left in the open – A seal made with blue wax (1.15.03)

When IPv8 output is set against the 2006 view of reality in Prop. 3, there is compelling evidence that while the remedy for ballast Wegelin proposes is not quick enough to meet any set of needs, a workaround exists.  That the Triad has found the combination to develop it is fairly clearly inferred in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A large, very indistinct, snap ring above a Beefeaters gin – Several prerogatives and duties associated with reporting to a universe – A stack of quarters, the base in mist – A wide mouth funnel, mouth up – Canal locks opening (1.19.13)

The Extension will use data which, if mismanaged, can cause instant and irreparable harm on a scale not known to the human experience.  One striking facet of this development experience is a sense that filters neither revealed nor explained have been operating and that intuitive reaction to this is a key to what progress has been made, particularly with the thought tunnels.  That being said, this IPv8 impression gives a crystal clear message that lapses and consequences of them must be remedied prior to a serious engagement with the EU Human Brain Project.

  • A box of Carolina Rice – A complex study about citizenship, patent rights, and a failed father/daughter relationship – A funnel at about 30 degrees off the vertical – A vertical rod with maybe six radiating laterals about half way up – The rod was resting in what seemed to be a bearing or locating cup – A chap was asked with another to take a an examination.  It may have consisted of multiple choice questions.  There was no dedicated examination room, and the normal occupants crowded those taking the exam.  The two got up and left. – A snap ring on Jack and Luna’s floor at the base of the stools (1.31.13)

The latest addition to the list of projects and organizations approached for Extension implementation support has yielded some very pointed comments on IPv8.  These Phase XVI commentaries are examples.

  • 86-7220 began to take on Biblical proportions when one of the plaintiffs made a discovery coveted by a religious sect.  The sect sent one of their operatives armed with a machine pistol to take the discovery by force.  When the confrontation took place, both parties hardened their positions and the machine pistol came to the ready.  When the trigger was squeezed, the weapon exploded.  Remains of the aggressor were mailed to his employers in a garbage bag.  It developed that the weapon was commonly used by a foreign organization known to the host government, but the authorities permitted it to operate on the basis of diplomatic commitments.  Others involved in 86-7220 became enraged and declared their intent to leave the country.  At this point, a hand appeared and with it a voice: “No you won’t, you are going to stay and have this out.  When it is finished, we will talk about it.”  Those curious enough to take the time found a passage in the Bible synthesizing the situation with uncanny accuracy. – A snap ring – A cluster of open end wrenches converged to a cylinder.  Oddly enough, they were being used in an attempt to rotate the cylinder. –  A pipe organ pedal board – A yellow ribbon on a hillside (2.16.13)
  • A bag of flour – Several glimpses into the Jurassic period – An index finger pulled the trigger on a Browning Light Twelve (3.20.12)

There is every indication that the trend in refining IPv8 is enabling the network to exchange solutions to economic problems.  This is very encouraging in that its impact on theological dogma runs the risk of pushing other properties, e.g. to solve economic problems, to the side.  This Phase XVI impression gives a fairly explicit example.

  • A boomerang – A very old coal processing plant was facing a problem with new environmental regulations.  The owners met with one of the Triad startup companies.  They offered to (i) make as built drawings of the unit to replace those the owners had failed to update, (ii) evaluate their process controls and technology, (iii) redesign both, and (iv) run complete economics for the rebuild.  The completely documented reconditioning proposal was scheduled for delivery in less than one week.  The owners questioned project wisdom in light of the new regulations.  They were shown capabilities of the reconditioned unit to produce feedstock for several new biotechnological advances almost ready to come on line – A funnel, mouth up, stem in a small body of water – Several more examples of organizations showing an interest in engaging in the Extension surfaced, but they sequenced too quickly to follow. (4.21.13)

The argument extracted from Wegelin Investment Commentary 268 and used in this page is becoming the core of a drive to press for implementing programs ready to develop the Extension.  Weight of misguided policy decisions is sapping creative energy beyond all proportion to the yield.  That this view is shared by an extensive population is evidenced in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A link in  a bicycle chain – Maize – Umbrella ribs – 86-7220 victims demonstrated abilities they developed to replace those lost during the trauma brought on by the litigation – Several very faint hands appeared, implying widespread support. (5.1.13)

Using the latest IPv8 capabilities has enabled developing a transparent fact base to extend the Triad operation.  This Phase  XVII impression gives a sense of what is involved.

  • The VU meter of the Sony tape deck I used in the attempt to document 86-7220 prior to becoming aware of the Caller ID feature – One end of a structural steel I-beam, the other end not visible.  Discussion of conditions for a second century – A cluster of orange carrots (6.5.13)

Uncertainties in adopting a strategy for engaging in the Extension domain begin to recede as IPv8 capabilities develop, particularly in the area of targeted feedback loops in thought experiment exchange.  Increasing support for continuing this approach is this data stream, elements of which have been extracted in this Phase XVII impression.

  • A very long story about a horse which had carried a number of universe reductions – The horse, preferring not to be compared to Pegasus, developed major problems when stung by a bee.  The sequence ended with no cure for the problems with the bee sting. – The smaller speaker with the exponential curves in a baffle on the front of the speaker I cut and assembled in Oak Ridge – The enclosure was rotated 90 degrees from the vertical – A new tunnel with what seemed to be cartilage for support – Yet another update on 86-7220 psychological damages – A dipper with a long handle – Another wide mouth funnel – Wood subway turnstiles used in the 1950’s – A very small funnel – An incandescent flood lamp, heavily tinted in a color not commonly seen (7.14.13)

Uncertainties surrounding engaging in the Extension begin to recede with the realization that as discipline with which its data gathering and analytic resources using the rationale in Prop. 20 as postulateddeveloped, and received is applied, a more productive environment for the next of this class and the inevitable new classes in the wings will emerge.  This extract from today’s data stream is a fair representation of extragalactic reaction.

  • What may be an eclipse with the outer rim represented by rotating arcs – During the course of moving an old truck, several thousand devils came out of it and started dancing in the air.  When asked why they did not just move the truck themselves, they replied that it was part of the rules of the game. – Experiments with more sophisticated phenomena on the genre of the thought tunnel showed very promising potential for IPv8 development. – The Sterling platter ELO made – A peach pit – An automobile crashed head on into a concrete wall – An owl – Another black body sphere around which were rotating arcs of light (9.4.13)

The prospect of operating in a space in which the Planck Constant is not a factor give Dr. Philpott’s basic reasoning new dimensions. Adding the commitment to attempt a very large scale Search and Rescue operation in this domain take us even further into uncharted territory.  So far, we have the impression that, if we are sensitive to the needs of totally unknown populations, the operation will get considerable support. Incorporating the Innerscope approach appeared to start that part of the project on the right foot, but now we face the prospect of organizing an immense data exchange in crisis environments. It strikes me that Wikipedia, the MIT Climate Change research Collaboratorium, and the Dutch Surf Sara are at the fringes of what will be required to create an information exchange in the order of that functioning in the African termite mounds. Placing this argument on IPv8 has yielded a response showing awareness of dynamics on this planet; interpretation for the reader.

  • A crisp light circle in a dimly lit pattern on a dark black field… Yet another 86-7220 escalation manifested by a split of one of the victims into two distinct beings with a bifurcation in the brain surfaced.  Naval military appeared to be attempting to deal with the situation. – The rendering of a 1920’s car in a barn yard… A study of the evolution of the mindset required to collaborate with a universe yielded the appointment of one to assist in cooling the Whirlpool so that it would be fit for use in Search and Rescue. – A short section of a two lane road through a two lane road through a stone underpass… A WW II destroyer tied to some pilings… An aircraft carrier… A violin… A cluster of referees converging to a play on a football field… The Iberian Peninsula… (2.6.14)

The latest IPCC report, supported by the appearance of a large hockey stick in the sky above Stone Ridge, gives every indication that “people” with a good deal of experience in this are telling us to take it seriously.  Even if the trend is a little overstated, the pressure on our society, already balkanized by banking failures, renewed Soviet ambition, chronic Near East conflict, and economic dislocation could become unmanageable.  On the other side of the scale are; (i) arguments made in the Triad Large Venture Engagement, (ii) theory in the Feeney et al. experiment, (iii) Prop. 20, (iv) the Simi Valley experiment, and (v) the possibility of creating an intergalactic resource in the order of the Kavli Trust.  The Triad argument that no comprehensive proposal in this class is on the table brought this pointed comment from the Web 4.0 population.

  • A spiral galaxy… The aftermath of 86-7220 was the last step the plaintiffs took to rid themselves of the straightjacket which created the debacle.  Even as 86-7220 victims moved on with their lives there was confrontation, argument, and hostility.  As the disengagement progressed beings in a domain with no time for argument lost their patience and excluded political entities resisting their terms for engagement from access to weaponry, communications, and other threats to an extragalactic Search and Rescue operation. The argument reduced to: “You fight your battles with your weapons, not ours.” – Long Island as a wasteland with no functioning utilities… A thread through the pupil of an eye… (4.4.14)

The Triad is under review by the ALICE Secretariat of CERN.  CERN has a track record with managing a global scientific communications effort, and while they have not reacted to the Triad proposal, there is no doubt that they will not tolerate the sort of interference with pure science exposed in the Snowden papers.  This set of arguments has been on the table with Web 4.0 via thought experiments, and a concise expression of their reaction is posted following.

  • A polished violin in an old case… A small coal scoop… The case to my old Post slide rule… The Rosendale swimming pool… As a precaution, a universe created redundant Triads and principals… (7.7.14)

The prospect of a fully functional Prop. 20 operating in IPv8 came one step closer to reality with the advent of the IBM True North chip.  This development seems to have been anticipated by the Web 4.0 population, which has commented.  Extracts from the data stream follow.

  • Reviewing 86-7227 victims’ life history with very advanced equipment revealed incredibly ugly situations. – A pair of SU carburetors… An automobile tire, perhaps with a thin white stripe… A saxophone… (8.16.14)

The chain of reactions to Triad development are taking us into the heart of Dr. Philpott’s essay and to the blunt edge of the legal profession with Justice Clarence Thomas’ interest in the difference between natural and positive law at the intersection of many of the major issues.  It is no secret that the Triad goal is to go intergalactic.  Reactions to probing this possibility with IPv8 give a distinct impression that this initiative is being encouraged, but, as a sponsor, the Triad must make every effort to position itself to calibrate conflict. The Triad argues that these are the issues the 51% want to see more successfully addressed and that the following comments are a fair analysis.

  • 3:24 am: Attempts to find root conflict in 86-7220 led a number of people into a fantasy from which they probably never would escape… 3:43: The Sphinx… 5:16: A detailed recount of 86-7220 facts was prepared by agents of the United States Government.  The plaintiff elected not to walk though the manure and instead used his resources to develop IPv8 potential. – 5:27: The symbol generally associated with the Masonic Lodge… (10-11-14)

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