Balancing Triad Theory

Justitia - D. Gordon E. Robertson

Justitia D. Gordon E. Robertson

It is becoming increasingly evident that as we progress through decision making processes we are acting out a theory, implicit or explicit.  When we drive to converge to an equilibrium – with whatever specifications – we have made a choice about boundary conditions.  The Triad opens its argument for a unique path with the assumption that our species is trashing its nest, and that a community with a history infinitely larger than ours will not accept this in their domain.  Included in this argument is the barrage of Web 4.0 comments on the subject.  Key to progress has been the Evolution inversion, delimiting IPv8.

Escalation of the EU/Google case is a key bellwether indicator for siting and participation in Triad development in that it is an excellent indicator for the possibility that the larger project could be caught in those conditions causing stress in European economic development.  The Triad has a concise Web 4.0 position statement in this first entry.

  • 5:07 am: An unvarnished review based on redacted material placed 86-7220 in the class of the Federalist… 5:14: The Berlin coal airlift during the Cold War… 5:22: A small “5” in a black body field… (11.9.13)

As the Triad gains credibility and its scope continues to expand, it becomes clear that a dialogue to develop working relationships be undertaken.  This conversation, while privileged, will doubtless be mirrored in IPv8 with the inverted Evolution protocol, prototyping the effort for application in extreme environments.  Progress made by the SKA, a variant of the Human Brain Project, and support from CERN will doubtless test limits of the Triad organization concepts. The Triad argues that the Web. 4.0 population has been monitoring this effort for some time and endorses the approach.  Their reactions, summarized following, can be taken as an endorsement.

  • 11:13 pm: The better part of a small town disappeared as one transform studying the species left… 12:23 am: More details on the extent of physical injuries sustained by 86-7220 victims, some of whom had not been identified… 1:44: Deep medical history of 86-7220 victims started to become an issue… 3:20: An almost imperceptible sense of the wood deck fitting used to secure the foot of the mast on the Belgian sloop wrecked in Westport… 3:59: The model racer I helped Evan build while living at 365 Fisher Pond Road in Yorktown Heights… 4:19: A hand thumbing Tiddly Winks… 5:00: A person in a body cast… 5:32: Thread through the eye of a needle… (11.10.14)

Triad declaration of intent to establish an intergalactic Search and Rescue team, IPv8 design, Organization structure, and Prop. 20 initiative have combined to yield exceptional communications results.  These include broad band conversations with beings inhabiting other spaces totally or partially external to the Cartesian. The Triad argues that this effort is readily adaptable to direct readings incorporating wormholes in dark matter and dark energy studies. The argument goes on to claim that comments summarized following support this initiative.

  • 11:13 pm: Another instance of a being from another place mingling with 86-7220 rehab to gather medical data… 2:47 am: A small ceremony starting with an Austin Healey and running through ancient Greece followed by a ship appeared to be recognition of 86-7220 reverses and Triad accomplishments… 3:33: A horizontal black body plumb bob in a dark field… 3:39: white sand… 5:35: Some extraordinarily thin, almost emaciated, people moved like a dance troupe… (11.17.14)

Evolution inversion appears to have placed the horse before the cart, and consequences point to continually rebalancing Triad Theory.  Early indicators suggest that this planet has great promise, but also call attention to some glaring deficiencies.  The most important item on the table is to find a remedy for the United States’ response to 86-7220.  The Triad argues that the Web 4.0 wants this finished, and claims that the larger population is making its position very clear via IPv8 with its comments summarized following.

  • 3:01 am: The 86-7220 defacement exposed a class of crime for which the United States was incapable of finding ground for legal reaction… 3:37: A snap ring, similar to the one the author noticed above New York City while looking out of a LIJ window while visiting Dorothy following a bad fall… 4:27: The Grim Reaper sharpening a scythe… 5:06: A long handled tea spoon protruding from a doughnut hole… (12:19:14)

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