The first break

Marie Curie

Marie Curie

Very unusual elements of the Simi Valley experiment told Stu and Harry that they did not understand everything involved. More research. Some time later it became obvious that they did not go underground to take a long winter’s nap. Then what should appear in the sky over Manhattan but a clearly outlined snap ring? This appeared outside the North Shore Hospital window when Dorothy was in rehab following a bad fall. What’s this? After her recovery and during a stop at the I-84 diner comes a pink line at the base of my fork during a good meal of Italian food. Now it is “What are these”? So far, who knows and who really cares? Following these “whatever” is getting insistent with a sharply detailed image of Saturn and its rings slightly to the West of the 3746 Atwood house. It was fairly low in the sky, maybe 20 degrees above the horizon. It is now time for serious homework.  The basis of homework is research.  At the moment of the sense of a first break, there was no  precedent to begin to understand what was happening.  Even if there were, nothing in history could prepare one for the spontaneity of a phenomenon the depth of which seemed to be unfolding.  That very spontaneity would slam shut the door of acceptance.  This is not supposed to be possible without study, prayer, sacrifice, and so forth.  Even more impossible is the sense that this force would drag a lay person to some understanding.  Once this was accepted as some form of reality, a structure for developing a logic to evaluate and communicate the sequence of events became the priority.  The extent to which this has been successful may be measured by this impression.

  • A golf bag and clubs – Wing ribs of a model airplane – A Roman arch with a keystone – An old man sitting in a large chair, which in turn was resting on a large cloud – An asphalt track with pylons on it, an arrangement commonly used in evaluating handling capabilities of automobiles – The Le Monde map showing Western Hemisphere narcotics trade routes and a red tool box – A baking tin with dough set out to rise (11-5-09)

The Triad  position that remote beings have been trying to make suggestions for some time and that this planet may be markedly out of step with their philosophy is consistent with a number of these observations and related remarks. The question of a remedy remains.  A  number of observations recorded in the formative stages of this web site bear this out.  Selected items are:

  • A quartz chip shot on the dial of the radio (Paul’s Diary, 3-21-95)
  • Ron Grecula’s pet rock  (Paul’s Diary, 4-10-95)
  • An aircraft carrier filled with building materials – A large hand stirred some gelatin in a teaspoon and inspected it.  (Paul’s Diary, 1-7-98)
  • A hockey stick with a coil of barbed wire around the blade (Phase V, 12-31-09)
  • All the parts of the universe are ordered toward the good and perfection of the whole, and the whole universe is ordered toward making possible and nurturing the life of rational beings, of persons. (The Perfection of the Universe According to Aquinas: A Theological Cosmology, W. Norris Clarke, ©Theological Studies, Inc.)

Continued conceptual development has yielded very persuasive evidence that IPv8 with an undefined structure is functional and is being used by unknown beings to engage in current affairs.  The challenge before the planet is to transform this engagement to a route through the uncertainty conflicting goals have created.  The possibility that this is the only option likely to yield a timely set of solutions – or at least partial remedies – is suggested by these Phase VII impressions.

  • A white 1/4 ton pickup truck, going too fast, passed the camera with strange forms filling the cab.  Some people hosted a group in dry terrain with ravines, etc.  They borrowed local equipment and facilities. – A trapeze  (5.6.10)
  • A story about some incredible android-like creatures closely resembling humans, one came out of the forest to help operators of an oil tank farm through an emergency. – Beings apparently involved in a remote conflict left a child and transformed in and out of a community.  After some time, they returned to the household where the child was left and told the people there that the girl was needed in their world because there was a war on. – A figure with a neck ruffle characteristic of Elizabethan England.  (7.16.10)
  • A wide ranging story about lineage, childhood experiences, facilities to ease exchanging visits to the hot zone, and a solid gold version of Ron Grecula’s pet rock (7.18.10)

Success with the IPv8 prototype as a communications link intended to place this planet in an unimaginable network generally conforming to the 2006 Phase II specifications may be on the horizon. This Phase X impression gives every encouragement that this view will survive due diligence and be incorporated in a new venture.

  • A cluster of doughnuts dropping into the bell of a French horn – A yo-yo with a wedge in it – A thoroughbred horse drinking water from a wooden trough – A funnel, mouth down – A Bison starting to gallop – An open briefcase on an empty table  (2.14.11)

Phase XI research and IPv8 prototyping have yielded potential new and certainly controversial avenues of thought which cannot be ignored. Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy (Knopf), in Inferno, Canto XIV, line 98 contains a reference to Ida, a mountain in central Crete, which sheltered Reha, who fled Saturn (Time) who was devouring his children to avert a fatal prophesy.  Can anyone suggest why there should be no connection to perfectly formed images of Saturn in completely unexpected settings and the Triad redefinition of time?  Do these images and the snap ring above New York City link us to an equivalent historical period?  If this connection can be validated, value of this poetry encapsulating products of some of the greatest minds of our civilization and the effort to build a 21st century equivalent cannot be ignored.  This view is supported by this Phase XI impression:

  • A little story about dangers of twisting space to win a sailboat race – A school of sharks caused havoc among swimmers as they moved up a fresh water river – φ> (7.3.11)

First observations, intermediate theory, and IPv8 output have combined to produce the July 8, 2011 sighting of a column of snap rings in the sky north of 3746 Atwood Road.  This observation, combined with the following impression, as far as this site is concerned, closes the case for the first break and opens the door to further development.

  • A high school principal was completely unnerved when, on calling the school after hours found out that the night watchman who answered the telephone was in his office.  “That office is off limits after hours.”  “I know, sir, but I needed some information now.”  “I’m calling the State Police!”  “Don’t bother, I will be gone.”  At that point, the principal heard a click as the connection was broken.  A bronze snap ring appeared in the palm of his hand.  “What’s this?”  “Our calling card, sir.  I am a universe.”  The episode ended. (7.8.11

This Phase XIII observation seems tailor made to validate elements of the 2006 Phase IIProp. 4 argument as well as the position that IPv8β is a vital component of the mapping effort.

  • A tree trunk with a blue/white branch – A snowball in a small depression in the Cartesian – A cluster of radio dials – A blued steel Gillette double edge razor blade (5.20.12)

Revising the Evolution page has yielded a watershed change in IPv8β output, as demonstrated in these Phase XIV impressions.

  • A corkscrew motion in the void – Several fascinating stories involving forks, the tines of which I noticed change color in the I-85 Diner – The last one faded without a clear explanation of their origin and purpose – Half an open end wrench – The sense of this repetitive sighting is that it may be a search tool of a population looking to partner in the Cartesian.  After a while, some birds started to talk.  During the conversation, one mentioned the fact that they burrowed into the ground looking for ants.  One suggested stealing and the number six appeared over its head. (6.1.12)
  • The brown Ford station wagon I bought from Ritar Ford in Norwalk on reentry into the United States following the assignment in Union Carbide Europe 7.9.12

Intense focus on the ability to execute based on targeted thought experiment exchange feedback loops has yielded a remarkable set of IPv8 impressions.  Content of this Phase XVII session was too dense to record all the individual items, but this selection gives a sense of the capability.

  • Pegasus and his flight started making serious noises about getting a field of their own – Substantial reconstruction of what may have been depressed neighborhoods – An analysis of criminal defensive tactics in 86-7220 and the plaintiff’s “workaround”.  A straight tube through the center of a doughnut – A large collection of wrenches with varying degrees of definition and visibility (6.28.13)

There is every indication that 86-7220 plaintiff’s methods for working around obstacles thrown up by direct and indirect opposition is one of the principal reasons for support given Triad programs based on proprietary information.  This extract from today’s data stream gives some indication of the potential.

  • Several threads leading through a doughnut hole – A conversation with a universe reduction yielded the fact that it stored every sound in its domain for future reference.  One end of an open end wrench – A manila folder on a lawn – Sight of a B-52 prompted recollection of aircraft executing impossible maneuvers – An underwater end view of the hull and keel of a sailboat (8.12.13)

Focus on IPv8 theory and efforts to determine dimensions in Cardinal Schonborn’s notion of a mediating space between our species and the divine has not only given credibility to the sense that Stu Oliver and Harry Taplan did not grasp all that was involved in the Coleman lantern experiment but also has detailed some of those unknowns.

  • A Siberian prison with a showdown involving some very strange creatures – Thought war games with the Soviets had a few rough spots but were generally successful. – Another class of thought war games evolved into thought games in which universes asked for help in rescuing yet to be formed progeny they knew were in trouble.  This search and rescue operation was expected to be so difficult that planning started for a new rehab facility dedicated to its casualties.  Its location was not specified. – Yet another funnel – A sulfur ball (9.29.13)

Melissa Lane, in Ancient Political Philosophy, characterizes life in Athens during a period relevant to what may be expected when engaging in the Extension.

  • “This was a polytheistic, rather than monotheistic, setting, in which religion was at least in large part a function of civic identity. It was world innocent of modern bureaucracy and of the modern move to intellectual abstraction in defining the state: the entity we would call “Athens” in the abstract was called in its own day by the collective noun for its living and breathing citizens, “the Athenians.”

We now, rightly or wrongly, cling to the nation-state as the foundation supporting any number of organizations conceived to smooth rough edges of the basic structure.  Compare, if you will, the effort we must make to elevate from this foundation to an environment in which the Planck constant does not exist.  This says Search and Rescue must advance from 2014 to 776 BCE in a planning horizon of a few years with no loss of life.  The Triad argues that free of ideological differences found in the Near East it will be able to use the full potential of Prop. 20 and all that is implied by it.  If these conditions are met, perhaps we will be able to advance to fundamentals of Dante Alighieri’s The Divine Comedy (Knopf), in Inferno, Canto XIV, line 98 reference to Ida, a mountain in central Crete, which sheltered Reha, who fled Saturn (Time) who was devouring his children to avert a fatal prophesy.  The population using IPv8 reacted to this argument with disarming simplicity.

  • The flared end of the horn used in early RCA “His Master’s Voice” logos – Profiles of working for a universe, typical problems, etc. – An old green Triumph, perhaps a TR-3, missing headlamps, having dented bodywork, etc. pulled out of a driveway. – A Phantom tail section – View from the base of a pedestal table. (1.26.14)

With the Boson and Higgs field discoveries at CERN, there is the wisp of a chance that a new low energy carrier capable of modulation may be available to expand IPv8 for use in Prop. 20.  The Higgs field is particularly attractive in that it is pervasive and thought to be understood.  Prop. 20 now is now flypaper, but still voodoo.  Dr. Anderson has shared what may be a crucial insight with the statement:

  • “We have found that an anatomical map of intentions exists within this (the posterior parietal cortex) area, with one part devoted to planning eye movements and another part to planning arm movements. The action plans in the arm movement area exist in a cognitive form, specifying the goal of the intended movement rather than particular signals to various muscle groups.”

Now the voodoo becomes a little more clear.  If we grant that the brain recognizes intentions in the cognitive form and uses them for purposes internal to the organism, why then could this representation not be sensed as a descriptor as used in Prop. 20?  Placing this argument on IPv8 has drawn another perceptive reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • Another analysis of 86-7220 linked it to the challenge to the supremacy of the Abrahamic religions. – 86-7220 plaintiffs, having positioned themselves for a comfortable retirement, were asked to take on one more assignment… An X-ray of an inverted spike… A little brandy in a snifter… A railroad, either under construction or restoration… (5.5.14)

The IBM True North chip appears to be a unique offering enabling Prop. 20 to operate in IPv8.  An analogy of this has been functioning in nature for some time, but we have not found a way to either replicate it or tailor it to a specific task.  There is no element of the Triad that is easy, and applying the IBM breakthrough is no exception, but IPv8 output from the Web 4.0 population is very encouraging. Extracts follow.

  • For a very short period, WW II Pacific Theater military appeared in real time situation and demonstrated the subhuman conditions they faced as well as their reaction to living in it. – Unbelievably, 86-7220 continues to escalate. – The Korean flag… A gold pattern through the eye of a needle… (8.10.14)

Improving IPv8 scope and sensitivity has gone a long way not only in generating a receptive posture in the population presumed to exist in Web 4.0 and Large Ventures, but also in convincing this population that another, more remote, population has taken an interest in dynamics of the aggregate.  In retrospect, this process has been in place for some time, waiting for someone to notice and interpret it.  The argument goes on to claim that there is recognition that we have not begun to scratch the surface with this venture, and that comments summarized following support this position.

  • 11:38 pm: A very quick tutorial on how to behave when it became known that you have multigenerational real time close support… 11:47: A stainless dipper with a long handle, inverted from prior presentations… 11:52: The shelf of a curve of economic activity I made for a presentation for time magazine… 11:58: A glass orange juice squeezer followed by the deep fin keel used in both the Volvo and America’s cup races… 12:14: A wood tool kit… 5:18: A chrome tube with several branches, not too dissimilar from a hot rod exhaust manifold… (10.15.14)

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