Triad Policy (Scheduled for detailing)

Folded Space-Time edobric

Folded Space-Time edobric

Triad policy for engagement was written to focus on the intergalactic, but Web 4.0 reaction will not permit this.  Web 4.0 made a brutally accurate observation in the June 16, 2016 edited advisory which reads as follows:

2:51 am: “As superorganisms’ exposure to Homo Sapiens developed, several of the larger community began to wonder if the species is worth the trouble. The complaints are consistent. They claim that the species (i) uses resources totally inefficiently, (ii) leave their waste to contaminate other life forms, (iii) consistently overheat their planet, (iv) fight incessantly, and (v) consistently disrupt and degrade large scale structure in use by others. The list went on past the ability to transcribe…6:58: One superorganism configured as a gravity wave passed through…8:21: A small Phantom tail section…[6.21.16]”

This set of conditions will be a topic in strategy revision anticipated in balancing Triad Theory. The Triad is comfortable in taking the position that its Metatheory has a conceptual relationship with “what is” sufficiently accurate to formulate a strategy to apply Prop. 24 (2006>2014) within the organizational concept to solving the problem.

Triad initiatives now include two components, separated by policy and proximate extended platforms.  These platforms are intended to support extragalactic operations, including but not limited to (i) mapping with Cartesian links as required to orient civilizations travelling to the Cartesian, (ii) planet drives, (iii) orbital correction, and (iv) Search and Rescue.  This concept will be the main link in IPv8 transmission supporting Collaboration Methodology .  There is steadily increasing evidence that interest in the concepts involved is spreading, so this stage is provisional.  In all cases, data collection will attempt to include stress measurement used in the basic data collection strategy for the Triad.

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