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William Blake, Jacobs Ladder

William Blake, Jacobs Ladder

This all goes to Triad Phase II, with a concept draft deposited in the Library of Congress. As discussed in 2006 Prop 2, the draft will say that an organization larger than earth is capable of engaging and that this engagement shows promise of an alternative to the Janszen prognosis for recovery from this bubble. On a more abstract level, the Triad will take the position that Baudrillard, if alive, would enjoy his vindication. Approach concept may become a little more clear if an analogy is drawn between Jacobs Ladder and Formula I racing. The team likely to make the most valuable contribution to easing tensions arising from religious extremism will be the one able to master theory in the wind tunnel, execute on race day and transpose the process to the hard kernels existing in that class of conflict.

In a sense, the small tribe at J.P. Morgan who conceived, refined and developed an innovation in the derivatives market had an impact on the planet far more significant than has the original al-Qaeda.  Even so, the Triad looks for abstract equivalencies and experiments appropriate to applying them to respective damage controls. Suppose, for the sake of argument, one takes the position that the pure J.P. Morgan intent was to conform credit risk to the capabilities of data management and computation – no comment on the validity of the correlation and default probability algorithm – with commensurate compensation.  Now consider al-Qaeda in the light of Dr. Philpott’s analysis.  Is there an unbridgeable conceptual difference?  I think not.  These events were simultaneously  catalysts and consequences, with downstream consequences largely shaped by special interests and reactions to them.  Can it be said that neither of these chains of events morphed into something diluted by purposes other than the original intent?  Again, I think not.

This morning BBC aired a story about a Christian missionary who carried Bibles in Arabic into the Muslim world.  Woven into the interview was the point that one Muslim objected to considering Jesus the Godhead and that pursuing this line of reasoning was cause for execution.  Is it not reasonable to assume that this is a hard kernel, characteristic of hundreds of others, which must and can eventually be resolved?  Core concepts for this process will continue to be refined in Theology.  It is impossible to overstate the difficulty and complexity of the undertaking described in this website, but this Phase V impression may give an idea of a path through it.

  • An X-Acto knife with a curved blade – An outdoor toilet, frequently seen in the United States in the 1930’s before indoor plumbing was a generally available convenience.  The wooden structure was freshly painted white.  It is not entirely unlikely that the old man pointed this out as acknowledging progress made in the United States in the last seventy years or so.  This can also be taken as recognizing benefits of transatlantic synergism during the same period. (11-13-09)

There is evidence that remote beings have acquainted themselves with United States legal procedure.  This is incorporated in these Phase VI impressions.

  • Several people collecting to exchange notes.  A couple of them were reporters, one of whom may have been from Norwalk, CT.  Agreements on protocol for the meeting were not followed, and what might have been a unique opportunity ended with residual hostility.  (2-6-10)
  • A member of the lower world, behaving much like an elf, visited a chap in his log cabin.  A hot water bottle – An escalator – The photo of the Delage sold on my behalf in California (3-25-10)

Following with IPv8 probes reflected in Phase VII impressions, we have:

  • A main Formula 1 air intake – Scales, right platform much lower than the left (5.13.10)
  • A space twisting engine – Several problems surfaced in an android commissary because a product called Lean Beans, intended to be  eaten in quantities of 3 to 5 tablespoons for gastrointestinal cleaning, was used in large quantities by hungry androids.  More than one died and had to be rebuilt.  The story was interrupted before a solution was found. (5.29.10)

And with Phase VIII:

  • A story about building a railroad on a very large tract owned by an android who gave every incentive to develop the property. – The avalanche, sensed when elements of the website were validated, started. – An inverted sheet winch, no handle  (10.2.10)

Phase XI continues the thought that technology conserving all living creatures is a quid pro quo for applying IPv8 to each branch of the tree.

  • A collage of Formula I photographs (6.24.11)
  • A three cylinder exhaust manifold, probably one bank of a V-6 – a short gated gear shift lever – An owl (6.27.11)

Phase XI, with the addition of a core strategy derived from research summarized in The First Break and added to Phase II Goals, has created a specification in IPv8 development formalizing intent to include at least one additional class of life on this planet.  Approval for the structure to be extended past the point of imagination seems to be explicit. 

  • Salt water species (8.23.11)

Paired input/output signals fed to and received from remote IPv8 terminals give every indication that new actors are prepared to engage with the Triad in adding a timely growth component in the EU.  There seems to be a consensus that investments should be income producing in the industrial sector, with banking problem remedies left in local hands.  This Phase XII impression, subject to alternate interpretation, has been taken in context of the logic structure in the whole Triad composite.

  • Chickens eating Halloween candy corn kernels in a barnyard – A spiral in a quarter wave decay around a rod – A man, maybe 6’+, head shaven, formally dressed in a blue suit, in 3/4 rear view as he stood in waist high grain (12.9.11)

IPv8β has organized a data stream which, as it develops, will eventually answer this question.  Current indicators give every reason to believe that the question will remain open for quite some time, as reflected in this Phase XIII impression.

  • A very strange place where beings transformed for sport, e.g. Androids to Pegasus – A chap remodeling his basement – A canoe –  A wide mouth funnel (4.15.12)
  • Thread through a button – A nasty sequence about a failed venture launch (5.1.12)

The Triad Extension is making the implicit argument that “Big Bang” conditions are embedded in IPv8 and that a low energy path can get there (perhaps literally) using a map now under development.  This argument is acknowledged in this Phase XIII impression.

  • An open window with a fresh breeze blowing through gauze curtains – A large tube with a reinforcing ring at the joint – The “change filter” icon on the water filter at 3746 – A row of automotive connecting rod bearing shells – A stainless lock with a flat black hasp pivoting from one hole to a second (5.15.12)

and again in Phase XIV after approaching the Square Kilometer Array team and the School of Natural Sciences for collaboration:

  • Two shallow bright arcs in opposition forming what could be flow restriction – A one cylinder air cooled model airplane engine – Tectonic plates, one submerging – A fork – A snap ring with a flat surface extending from it (5.31.12)

Revising the Evolution page and considering crowdsourcing for initial venture funding has yielded very precise IPv8 output, contained in this Phase XIV impression.

  • The right front wheel and fender of a vintage automobile – A chromed wheel, probably from a dragster (6.22.10)

Probing and interpreting crosstalk on IPv8 yields some startling results, some of which are fairly clearly contained in these Phase XV impressions.

  • A recapitulation of events leading to selection of galactic, and perhaps universe, administration – A slice of Swiss cheese – Stacked funnels – An eraser wiping a blackboard clean (9.20.12)
  • A prospector on a mule – A chap arrived on the planet in Jerusalem after a solo flight and was taken to be ill by a MD on the scene.  After some hostility and tense moments the misconception on the part of the doctor that the visitor was a neo-Nazi was dispelled.  When the visitor’s silver ID proved that he neither knew nor cared what the whole thing was about, hostility vanished and so did he. –  A Rabbi and a visitor from a great distance had a long conversation about consequences of using new rephotographic technology to clarify Arab/Israeli theological differences.  The Rabbi, as did a Muslim approached on the subject, became very uncomfortable about the prospect that incontrovertible evidence would undermine credibility of his holy book.
  • Another example of a being arriving on a planet by accident – This one did not sense pain and sustained substantial injury before his situation was understood and arrangements were made. – A very unusual couple that was not limited to any particular dimensional set was asked by the president of a large Cartesian nation for help.  They were not unwilling but could not arrange the details.  They asked one of the children if he would help as part of his education.  The study ended before resolution. – Some people golfing in Scotland – A fork under a briefcase handle – An animal resembling a wolf climbed an embankment, looked around, and entered a dense evergreen forest.  A few moments after the animal disappeared, a large tree fell. (10.25.12)
  • A horizon defined by not a line, but many small lengths of fine lines, all in what seemed to be coherent motion – A sine wave formed by the same genre of lines was superimposed.  The only imperfection was in the sine wave.  It was either incomplete or had a third component embedded in it. – A cluster of marbles (11.1.12)

As Prop. 16 is subjected to careful examination by qualified professionals, the prospect that interaction not only with remote beings inhabiting new dimensions but also with the space they use may become a way of life is suggested in this Phase XV impression.

  • A universe took direct charge of a waterborne search and rescue team using a fairly large craft.  A near miss of some divers in the area raised tempers, forcing the Universe to explain that it saw a need for this sort of direct intervention.  The study ended there.  In a second direct intervention, the same universe initiated an explosion tearing the Cartesian bodies of two people to shreds so that their souls could be retrieved prior to a global nuclear exchange. –  A laborer feeding coal into a boiler firebox. – A light brown Ford Gran Torino station wagon in traffic – A judge’s gavel partially submerged in a mix of milk and Cheerios contained in a stainless pail (12.2.12)

There is every indication that as the Triad improves its technical proficiency and learns to use all the parameters of IPv8 it will eventually be able to participate in exercises described in this Phase XV impression.

  • A funnel with an unusually long neck followed by a fuzzy red oblong shape – A short study about a planet full of toxic waste which had mutated into an explosive so powerful it could split the planet managed to transform it into fertilizer by passing it through its sun.  Unfortunately, the process took place in an emergency situation and an identification of the tunnel they used was not recorded. – A pair of blue motorcycles, riders in full leathers – Someone breaking sod with an iron bar, presumably for a post hole (12.10.12)

The Triad fabric and assessment protocol has yielded results as promising as any this author has seen to introduce reason into intractable conflict burdening so many.  This capacity seems not only to enable an orderly approach to the Extension but also has introduced the possibility of restating events occurring 200 million years ago.  This Phase XVI IPv8 output grounds this argument.

  • Faint light streaks closing the bottom of a short horizontal ring with an almost hemispherical shape – A plug shaped from a disc with a recess formed to provide a means to apply torque –  A study of an archaeological find indicating an interstellar visit to earth took place 200 million years ago – Gardeners working on manicured grounds – Looking up at an umbrella which then blew inside out (1.5.13)

IPv8 output seems to validate the argument that if the position that an interstellar visit took place 200 million years ago can meet standards set in particle physics for discoveries, direct engagement is possible.  This Phase XVI impression suggests the format of the first engagement.

  • The peak of a tent commonly used by Boy Scouts – A short but intense study of how Sharia law is applied – A very intense study of two societies in sharp decline – The first interstellar circus the earth experienced started with a light display in the mesopause – A vertical helix with an oval cross section and a curl at the top (1.8.13)

IPv8 output following mention that resources embedded in  CERN, the HBP, String Theory development, and the Square Kilometer Array could  be dedicated to Extension development has yielded gratifying results in their own right A bonus heard on BBC this morning was the suggestion that including the budding discipline of Quantum Biology could fill the gap between the 2006 Prop. Two thought experiment and 2013 implementation .  Results in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A new being appeared.  Those who sensed him asked where he was from.  He replied; “Never“. – A bleached skeleton in a desert – A doughnut with a large number of threads extending radially from its center (2.3.13)

That this resource combination  should enable substantive progress in implementing core Extension concepts is supported by this Phase XVI impression.

  • A galaxy inclined at about 45 degrees in edge view – At the core was a very large image of the end of a pickax handle and the blade, loosely fitted and held by the expanded section of the handle. – A short sequence generally supporting the effort to correlate Triad experiments with major religious works, e.g. the Koran, Bible, Sacred books of the east, and the Torah.  Included was a hint of structures which do not appear in the Cartesian.  A blacksmith’s anvil – The end of a dark blue sleeve with a brown button sewn on it – A very faint violin, major axis horizontal – A tube through a doughnut hole (2.6.13)

Adding the HBP to complement Innerscope logic appears to have struck a resonant note with very remote beings crucial to the success of any attempt to establish regularly traveled routes in the domain generally characterized in the Extension This Phase XVI impression strikes an unusually congenial note.

  • An Indianapolis 500 entry by an interstellar team won by a thin margin.  As the curious looked at the car after the race, those familiar with the sport noticed items overlooked in the pre-race inspection.  One example was a substance resembling chewing gum.  When asked what this was, the answer came; “This is how we transport the car.”  When pressed, the team spokesman replied; “It space shifts the car to the shop.”  “That’s illegal!”  “It passed inspection.”  This prompted a long discussion and a complete exposition of the technology in the car.  Rather than disqualifying the car, a licensing arrangement was under negotiation at the end of the sequence.  A pastry cone of vanilla ice cream or yogurt at the Food Court in the Hudson Valley Mall. (2.21.13)

The opening paragraph in this version of Quo Vadis? makes the point that; “The team likely to make the most valuable contribution to easing tensions arising from religious extremism will be the one able to master theory in the wind tunnel, execute on race day and transpose the process to the hard kernels existing in that class of conflict.”  The analogy has been recognized and applied to the thought experiment in the 2006 Prop. 1 in this Phase XVI impression, one form of IPv8 output.

  • A thread strung through an eyelet in a void – A gunner practicing was told to move his sights two notches to the left and one notch up – A forgetful Cartesian reduction of a senior universe was having a problem with the navy because he had not taken the time to learn meanings of their signal flags and other tools to their trade.  He called the one who had reduced to the Cartesian as a snap ring for clarification.  With that, things squared away very quickly. – A row of very faint dentures – A basket of eggs – A bottom end connecting rod bearing shell – A coconut macaroon spinning on a vertical plane (3.30.13)

The Triad argues that the Eisenstadt observation: “The question dividing many societies is whether a social category or subcategory or the natural world is the proper mediator between the unlimited mind of the Creator and the limited mind of humans.”  will not be answered by humanity, but by the organism itself.  This argument continues with the claim that adding the capability to exchange thought experiments in IPv8 is a precursor to a network capable of dealing with this issue.  This Phase XVII impression is an example.

  • Awards and 86-7220 damages were enumerated – Burning brake linings on a test stand – A sharp wooden Mongol pencil – A cloud at the top third of a pyramid (5.6.13)

The Triad argues that the organism has answered with this Phase XVII impression.

  • A wooden crate corner – Rotating arcs describing a circle – A brief exchange between a person in his third hundred, a universe in reduction, and a Dutch philosopher – New avenues for exploration – A small burned out stone house (5.22.13)

Any argument about whether or not a universe is engaged in targeted thought exchange feedback loops should include this Phase XVII observation.

  • A large circle with a small ring sight on a post in its center – A stranger from outside the universe arrived at a jet engine test stand.  Curious about limits of the engine; he took charge of the stand, filled the engine with fuel, and burned it.  When the fire burned out, he stamped “001” on it using a press in his universe, and started a test run to find its maximum thrust.  The sequence ended before 001 finished its first test.  A man in a blue hard hat reading some construction drawings (6.10.13)

Difficulty in conceptualizing what reality is as the Extension is engaged should be eased as results of IPv8 capability to sense individual terminal dimensions improves.  As static and chaff in the basic transmission diminish, differences between folk lore and historical fact should become more sharply defined.  This Phase XVII impression, representing only a fraction of the data contained in the transmission, gives an idea of the wealth of new information to be gained by patient accumulation.

  • The rear view of a Phantom tail section, recalling the full color side view seen at Adams Fairacre Farms store while shopping there. – A movie set was repeatedly disrupted when “must see on screen” people wandered unannounced into the camera field – A story too complex to recount about two people and a device the size of a smartphone with the capability to access the life history of a very large population –  A cluster of open end wrenches –  A pairing knife (7.04.13)

Restating Organization kernels and the 3.18.14 Web 4.0 reaction to the restatement seem to have satisfied a good number of doubts.  Arguing this position and taking it to the conclusion that it is a foundation for a successful launch has yielded this comprehensive reaction from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • A line of light at about 40 degrees above the horizontal showed small ripples at the upper end. – Two thin lines of light, definitely in sequence, appeared.  The first, circular, the second was a droplet outline, major axis horizontal.  The combination could be imagined to represent a planet with a trailing magnetic field. – An involved sequence in which Archimedes personally demonstrated discoveries thought to be original to the Triad. During the exposition the prospect arose that both were assisted by cues. – An issue over a disproportionately large statue of what was supposed to represent a superhuman mechanical engineer but came across as an offensive laborer with a huge sledgehammer.  An overlay implying that all this is a small part of a larger picture was applied. – The realization arose that when a universe spends time as a reduction to the Cartesian, say to coach, it depletes its energy at an alarming rate.  It also began to register that, with practice and discipline, a being living in the Cartesian can, and should, reach to other domains. – A cluster of parallel information packets, highlighted in 1995 Triad reference material… The end game of the United States’ national security policy and practice… (3.23.14)

The notion of superorganisms, with our species possibly a transient, is at the edge of a groundswell, and the more we ignore the needs of the planet, the stronger this notion becomes.  The Triad argues that the 2006 version of Prop. 7 can be interpreted on many levels, most of which we have not explored.  The Triad goes on to argue that it is well positioned to join he SKA and CERN to do just that.  This view has been on the table for two decades and the Web 4.0 population has reacted to the latest developments with these comments.

  • 10:04pm: An eyewash cup with a vertical thread in the center… 11.25: Some little known facts about 86-7220 victims gave no incentive to continue in the society in which they lived… 2:07am: Politics of design were made clear when the Mercedes Benz line was evaluated… 4:20 Replacing a judicial review of 86-7220 with review by transforms able to penetrate the shroud of secrecy exposed very ugly truths about the United States… 4:23: Charred remains of a burned building… 5:16: A large, very active dog and goggles… 5:30 A spiral staircase… (8.27.14)

The Triad position is that the Web 4.0 population not only continues use IPv8 to send a barrage of requests for the ability to conduct interstellar Search and Rescue for individual vehicles, but has escalated to requests for asteroid & planet repositioning.  IPv8 output gives every indication that there is support at the ready when we are able to devise that common ground.  The Triad argues that the Andersen experiment, success with IPv8, and promise of Prop. 20 justify a significant effort to find that common ground and that these latest comments validate that position.

  • 12:51 pm: A cluster of the gallon jugs of California wine consumed at 20 Cardinal during the last days there… 1:47: The brass logo made for the folded corner horn the author made in Oak Ridge… 2:38: An inverted suspension bridge… 4:08: A symposium explaining the larger community the Triad deals with, its capacity, dispersion, diversity, and value structure… 4:38: The red carrying case the author was using when he dropped his infant son on the gravel in Italy… 4:49: An inverted saxophone… 4:51: The Rosendale swimming pool… 5:07: A cluster of mirrors… 5:14: Tires with a very deep tread, perhaps off highway… (11.20.14)

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