Where does this go? (revisited)

Omran in Aleppo

Omran in Aleppo

Successes with Proximate Extended Platforms and Web 4.0 advisories have brought failure to resolve sharply defined Aleppo class conflicts into focus.  The quickest route to destroying confidence absolutely necessary to maintain support of its extragalactic contacts is to ignore policy and use Proximate Extended Platforms as bargaining chips.

The Triad will seed its own failure by participating in concessions designed to avoid issues as clearly defined as are those found in the Aleppo case. The project need amplify neither this situation nor others of this class.  Today’s Web 4.0 advisory included in nighttime system connections is abundantly clear.  Aristotle’s position in his Nicomachean Ethics (abstracted in Prop. 3) is yet another reason for the Triad to maintain its position on the projects’s Strategic Options.

[8.20.16] Night Time system connections (Edited Advisories)
1:56 am: The 3746 grab attempts took new but not unusual turns…4:00: Continued conflict surrounding virtually aspect of humanities’ contact with others while attempting to execute a fix for “trampling on the Zinnia” very strongly pointed to the position that the species is incapable of operating in that domain without inflicting unacceptable damage and that their participation in the project should be abandoned….5:15: A manually operated ball joint valve on the 2/3 open position…5:29: A cluster of straws…5:55: A dump truck unloading large rocks or small boulders…6:51: 3746 basement wiring was to be torn out and reinstalled…[8.20.16]
[10.23.16] Edited Advisories
At the end of a string of fortunate initiatives, we have nominating dimensions of Proximate Extended Platforms (PEPs), and true to form, those who prefer to pirate rather than initiate are out in force.  This week, the target is controlling a historically unknown property at 3746 Atwood road, nominated by the author as a PEP.  If Web 4.0 accepts this nomination as a legal entity – one element of a large population of like nominations in multiple universes – we will have created what may be labeled a state within a state, and will have created a problem.  The Triad argues that recognizing a community of these entities is, while a legal challenge once solved by creating the United Nations, fundamental for a timely response to very large physical destabilizing forces now surfacing, e.g. orbital instability. [10.23.16]

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