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At some point the adrenalin of “save the ship” will subside and there will come the time to pay the bill.  There will probably never be a reliable accounting, so roughing it in will have to make the point.  The general population has invested in the order of $2.5 Trillion a year in administration and defense for the country for the last few years.  For this investment, they have received;

  • A $10 Trillion hangover from the Bush years
  • A $2.8 Trillion tab for subprime market failure which looks less and less like irrational exuberance and more and more like institutional failure
  • Probably another $1 Trillion unforeseen liability

A $14 Trillion loss in a private enterprise with a $2.5 Trillion admin expense would reinstate the guillotine.  Now lets get to the indirect costs which will color the image of the United States as a responsible organization.

  • $85.6 Trillion unfunded liabilities in domestic programs
  • Say 10% drop in global GDP for, say, 18 months – $9 Trillion

Grand Total failure assessment – $22.8 Trillion direct and another $85.6 Trillion passed on to the next seven generations.

Shorthopping baseballs is a defined term:
Pete Colombo – 6/15/2004

  • I tell my players to get as close to the hop as possible with the glove and try and use the free hand as a cover against the ball riding up out of the glove.  Show them that if they can get their glove right on where the hop is, it will almost always go right into the glove. Of course, they must ACTUALLY SEE the ball go into the glove. If they don’t see it in, the chances are greatly reduced that it will go in.  Also, tell them that a short hop is a bad throw — they ARE NOT expected to make the scoop — they ARE expected to block the ball from going past them.  When the scoop is made, it is a web gem.  This will help them relax and not take it so hard when they do not come up with the scoop.

Recognizing the potential for error in the logic construct chosen for this website and accepting humanity’s difficulty establishing transparency when dealing at the level presumed to have engaged, the unusual intensity of raw anger shown in the following  impression must find a focal point.  This page details events forming the basis of my barber’s comment “Where is the outrage?”, echoed by many.  There will be no consequences of his outrage.  After all, what is one barber vs. those who contributed to the debacle.  That being said, and therefore taken off the table,  we must try to find inevitable consequences should a more abstract organization make decisions on the fact base of the current situation.  One such consequence is threaded in this Phase V impression.

  • Someone picked up Pullman cars of a train and one by one threw them across a room into the opposite wall.  – The old man was briefing some people he wanted to send as ambassadors.  He reviewed their capabilities to transform using the slightest hand motion.  One he was about to send became concerned about the old man’s health.  At the end of the briefing, the old man disappeared, to be replaced by a younger and more vital one.  His students had become quite attached to him, and expressed their concern.  A distant voice announced that he had them all.  A cluster of small trowels – A pendulum at the right edge of an arc (11-12-09)

If the Wegelin analysis leaves any doubts regarding a need for a carefully calibrated and sustained reaction to this threat, the Economist should remove them.  To quote Buttonwood:

  • “In response to this second shock, governments have deliberately taken on the debts of the private sector. In most cases it has been assumed that governments have almost limitless capacity to assume such burdens. But you can see welfare states as national Ponzi schemes in which governments grant benefits and take on spending responsibilities, confident in the expectation that the next generation of citizens will pick up the bill.”

Probing reactions with IPv8 suggest a certain impatience on the part of others in a large organization who wonder why the planet is not actively pursuing all its options.  This view is reflected in these Phase VII impressions.

  • The mute symbol on the speaker icon in the Toshiba – Some children on a bus going to a religious cult’s medical treatment center in a rural area got a visit from the devil.  “What are you doing here?”  “Just curious”  The devil then disappeared.”  (6.29.10)
  • A bank vault door  (7.6.10)

And following with Phase VIII:

  • Some stories involving an interview, a Mazda Miata, and a Ferrari.  The Ferrari story took place in a monastery – Another story about a horse able to talk and to fly – The failure of  the right front wheel on the rented car I was using for the trip from Ron Grecula’s garage to Stone Ridge  (9.30.10)
  • A ship’s bow thrusters – A spare wheel and tire with a metal cover mounted in the rear section of a fender, just ahead of the running board  (10.19.10)

Completely unexpected success with IPv8 stability, accuracy, relevance, and emerging proactive potential give every confidence that Phase IX or, failing that, Phase XI, will see a showcase venture launch. This view is reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A short story about a person floating in the sea and wearing a flotation jacket having a life ring on a line tossed to him – The brick steps at 56-24 212th St. in Oakland Gardens – A knife took a very thin slice from a Granny Smith apple following an unsuccessful android encounter in the orient – People in togas making an effort to revive cultural ties – A dotted line at the edge of the first quadrant of an iris  (12.29.10)

And following with this Phase X impression:

  • A parachutist, seemingly uniformed military, touching ground – A photograph of one of the St. Lawrence Winter Carnival ice statues – A string pulled from the ground, severing a line of roots  – A short story about Amanda facing her past with the help of the old man and the devil – A stalactite and a stalagmite converging in a doughnut hole (4.12.11)

Phase XI suggests the basis  for another line of reasoning with this impression:

  • A fishhook around the ring of a cloth napkin (6.25.11)
  • An impromptu scrimmage on the verge of turning sour – A two seat sports convertible a corner as it drove away from the camera – A hand grasping something unseen – A plate of peas and sliced beef (7.10.11)

IPv8 needs very good science for its input to avoid the “garbage in garbage out” problem.  Intuition has reached its limit, and approaching Innerscope has been recognized as a step in the right direction, yielding more focused results reflected in this Phase XII impression:

  • A sedan with an airfoil on the trunk – Two hands wringing excess water from a washcloth – A shirt hangar through the handle of a briefcase – Two egg cartons, one inverted, interlocking (1.1.12)

Progress made in bringing IPv8β to a conversational mode strongly suggests a shift in responsibility in some areas of this environment, as reflected in this Phase XIII impression:

  • An axe severing a number of large black insulated cables (4.13.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has focused attention in certain quarters on questionable competitive tactics used while the Triad has been in development.  Focus has been fairly explicit in these Phase XIV impressions. 

  • A spark in a funnel neck – A hand held ring which in turn held a tubing bundle – A very long and complex analysis of what forces interfered with Amanda’s life – A sickle – A fuzzy tennis ball – A spoon scooping the last of the fruit from a cantaloupe half – Remodeling a bathroom (7.23.12)
  • Two or three slingshots (8.11.12)
  • Some soccer players out of uniform showed fancy footwork – A protracted period of problem relationships among those closest to Triad development (9.14.12)

Phase XV promises to bring both the obstacles and opportunities in Extensions into very sharp focus, as implied in this impression.

  • A study of how Snowflake could have impeded or obstructed Triad development – The first V-8 (Lola T-90, 1966) to win the Indianapolis 500 – A narrow twisting highway with no guard rail between the pavement and a sheer cliff (6.21.12)
  • A hardhat walking a steel I-beam, possibly suspended from a cable – Threads expanding having passed through a doughnut hole – Protracted murder trials in Spain aroused public anger until it was discovered that all the accused lived external to the planet.  Anger then became confusion. – An MP in a jeep – A TV screen that would not clean – A sine wave on a horizontal axis (9.25.12)
  • A very disturbing story involving a New York investment banking house trying to interest a member of the Triad development group to participate in its board – Restrictive agreements and proprietary technology were too difficult to negotiate, so the Triad discontinued negotiations. – A study outlining consequences of progress with the Extensions – A faint funnel, mouth up (10.20.12)
  • A study of several details either not made available to or suppressed by the judiciary bearing on case # 86-7220 in the United States Court of Appeals came to light, raising anger to the level of permanent personality deformation – A very small set of arcs forming a circle, suggesting Extensions scope is far more extensive than previously thought – A bowler rolled a strike – A tuning fork – A wedge in a clock face in a clock face at 4:00 – A map of the Eurozone shaded pink (10.27.12)

Close attention to cross-talk on IPv8 has yielded a deep understanding of this planet”s standing in the hierarchy of civilizations far older than it.  Even a cursory scan of this Phase XV impression should bring the implications into sharp focus.

  • Another study characterizing earth – This again revealed the reluctance to discontinue use of nuclear and derivative weapons despite their proven  capability to cause irreparable damage. Beings making the evaluation were human/goat transforms in a desert. – Another gloomy forecast for earth’s future surfaced.  This one was based on the opinion that Homo sapiens living there were in an intermediate developmental stage of the species. – One of the Triad founders had a toe to toe confrontation with a lawyer from his native country.  After a heated impasse he appeared to win his point. – A funnel, axis horizontal, mouth on the right – A fuzzy yellow tennis ball rolled a short distance (11.17.12)

There is every indication that our economic and political environment is of some concern to many external to the planet.  One aspect of this appears to be that the assault on Swiss neutrality in the banking sector could jeopardize its role in developing IPv8.  This Phase XV impression is fairly explicit.

  • A Swiss working inside the beltway was involved in an incident one would expect in a very troubled society.  It was not clear how it was relevant to the Triad goals and strategy but was nonetheless recorded. – A blue ribbon inspection followed by clarifications gave the sense that pockets such as these are to be contained so that the balance of the project is able to maintain forward motion. – A row of wooden pegs used for hanging caps in rural settings (11.25.12)

There is a sense that beings engaged in a very large community are beginning to think it best to discontinue effort to establish a presence on this planet and instead continue to engage with a very small group from a stable platform.  This view is based on this Phase XV impression.

  • A study of a successful interstellar private detective agency managed by children under twelve – A small spiral galaxy – A greyhound – A pair of horses and their riders on Pine Bush Road (11.29.12)
  • A nasty story about lions toying with their trainer – A study of a couple who were asked to fly very long range for the military – A giraffe (12.7.12)

As unpleasant as progress through 86-7220 has proven, an unexpected benefit seems to have been the reaction beings external to the planet have shown to tactics used by the plaintiff, direct, and accessory defendants.  This Phase XV impression is a good barometer.

  • An interrupted story about a young lieutenant who seemed to have looped through time to create multiple copies of himself just prior to a fatal accident – The front of a royal blue automobile – An ugly study reopening 86-7220, which law enforcement authorities cannot seem to close – A snapshot of camshaft grinding and a small turbo – What appeared to be the top view of a building with a with a round hub from which extended four radial arms at 90 degrees from one another (12.14.12)

Exploding Triad Extension scope seems to have netted consequences completely unforeseen at 86-7220 Koster vs Union Carbide filing and first evaluations.  Cause to reopen is becoming increasingly evident, as clearly set down in this Phase XVI impression.

  • The worst predictions about victims of Case 86-7220, Koster vs. Union Carbide were realized with no program for their rehabilitation in sight.  This led to a study of infighting among those close to the seat of power with evaluation by a remote organization of options for a measured reaction . – A red International Harvester Farmall tractor turned and drove slowly down a hill. – A corrugated metal fastener, frequently used in making wood window screen frames in rural United States during the late 1930’s and early 1940’s – Threads running through a hole in a vertically positioned doughnut – A red and white checked tablecloth – The impeller of the washing machine at 3746 Atwood Road. (12.27.12)

Continued close attention to IPv8 output gives every indication that remote beings are coaching Extension developers so that politics as practiced in the Cartesian do not interfere with progress with larger issues.  This Phase XVI impression is a fairly accurate  synthesis of what happened to one of the Triad principals.

  • A study involving a very junior member of what may have been senior management of a large organization – Totally unfamiliar with how things were done; he studied all night to memorize material which, as discovered later, was contained in printed handouts.  At that time, the boy received a clap on the shoulder which sent him flying across the room mumbling; “I regret that I have but one life to give …” – A pack of Lucky Strikes – A funnel, mouth up – A clean break in what looked like peanut brittle or a lighter version of a similar candy (1.12.13)

Amalgamating the HBP with Innerscope research yields IPv8 0utput appears to recommend that the Triad and its evolution to the Extension have a completely independent administration.  This Phase XVI impression supports that of 1.12.13, shown above.

  • Yet another analysis of attempts to avoid the logical conclusion to 86-7220 its consequences – A dark green vintage Jaguar XK started from a stop (3.6.13)

Latest refinements to IPv8 yield a crisp analysis of remote beings attitude toward many national polices and practices.  This Phase XVI impression is a good example.

  • An ancient oriental tale involving decapitation and spells cast depending on the finger position at the time of death appeared to describe a ritual. – An interest in reconstructing all the details of 86-7220 brought a visit from some strangers, one of whom retrieved a deeply classified document.  “How did you get this?”  “From my computer.”  “Where is the computer?”  “In my head.”  “When did you find it?”  “What is when?”  “When is what time something happened.”  “What is time?”  “You have violated our security.  How much of this material did you get?”  “All of it.”  “You are under arrest.”  “Goodbye”  The chap who had retrieved the material vanished, only to reappear.  “I was told to apologize.”  “By whom?”  Another chap appeared and told the whole story.  “You people are very strange.  Why do you keep all these documents secret?”  This went on for a while, until all the visitors were told that the planet was now off limits. – A Sterling pie serving fork – A small radial engine as seen from a port window above the wing root.  (4.24.13)

A measure of the very small fraction of our capabilities which will be useful if immersion in the Extension domain is achieved is given in this Phase XVII impression.

  • Two, maybe three, arcs describing a circle or sphere – A long and tiresome recapitulation of 86-7220 with state level law enforcement – A brush used to scrub floors – A bear trap closed – Articulated bones making a connection – A dinosaur herd (5.8.13)

Undertaking a recovery from the last financial meltdown and managing structural change in Extension engagement have the common requirement that history must be relegated to history and energy devoted to the future.  A concise treatise on this can be found in Wegelin Investment Commentary 280, and today’s extract from the IPv8 data stream.

  • A plunger used to unclog a toilet – Bowling pins in the air following a perfect strike – A repetition of the 86-7220 confrontation, escalated (8.23.13)

Very significant progress has been made in applying Triad theory to developing strategic options to a number of untenable situations.  Using these capabilities may upset some real or imagined prerogatives, so the best advice one can get is to meet them head on with whatever resources one is able to muster.  Placing this argument on IPv8 has delimited the potential operating envelope.  A crisp example follows.

  • An earthquake fault… A handle firmly embedded in the void… The notion was introduced that one could live in a place as it would exist in a conditional future and meet those who would take it to that state if and when the two existences coincided. (5.15.14)

United States development since the JFK message, roughly equivalent to this Wikipedia entry:

  • “The eyes of the Fair are on the future — not in the sense of peering toward the unknown nor attempting to foretell the events of tomorrow and the shape of things to come, but in the sense of presenting a new and clearer view of today in preparation for tomorrow; a view of the forces and ideas that prevail as well as the machines.” (Wikipedia on the 1939 World’s Fair)

has been disappointing.  The Triad argues that its proposition for collaboration with ALICE is also being evaluated by a Web 4.0 population using the inverted Evolution protocol and their initial assessment has uncovered some serious problems.  Extracts follow.

  • Threads converging to a tube… A person found himself in a totally depraved group of beings capable of the most drastic transforms…. A sequence of events in California likely to lead to the first planetary renunciation in history… One of the 86-7220 victims was given an intermediate being for a personal physician… An umbrella… Side view of a wood screw head, looking down the slot… A bone graft… (7.6.14)

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