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Athens 12-08-08, Petros Giannakouris ap photo

Athens 12-08-08, Petros Giannakouris ap photo

If a statement of the goal to become a factor in stabilizing the planet is to be anything but mouthwash,  hard core reasons for the Greek outburst must get microscopic examination.  References detailing some history behind these photos have good raw material, and Boutros Boutros-Ghali sets a superb example of foundation reasoning useful in dealing with a class of violence.  For those who would make a difference, there is no shortage of opportunity.  More recent fallout from the subprime market failure exponentially increased the value of the kind of entrepreneurial talent needed here.  A major problem in approaching this question is noise marginally related to the basic issues.

The next Triad effort to cut through this is an initial attempt to scope a focused Web 4.0.  Progress made in Phase IV – deposited in the Library of Congress – and continuing in Phase V gives some indication of development efforts and resources for additional tools to deal with complexities on the ground, a prerequisite for a stable vertically integrated structure.  Some sense of improved  problem solving tools and methods can be found in this Phase V impression.

  • Someone found records of Union Carbide’s General Operating Committee meetings – A subsonic airplane wing – Two tops spinning on the road – The Kingston Broadway Theater – A row of automobile engine pistons – A cluster of white oak stools – A long story about a Special Forces/local police undercover operation – A one car garage with an open door in a subdivision similar to Oakland Gardens – A finger stuck through a membrane (11-15-09)

The notion that EU progress in filling posts for its superstate provides an invaluable template for the virtual organization proposed by the Triad is embedded in this website.  Evolution of events precipitated by the U.S.  subprime market failure culminating in the Greek  credit crisis form a compact package useful in evaluating a number of initiatives.  A competing situation is detailed in journalistic research published by Der Speigel.  Without  an  attempt to resolve all the wicked problems involved,  using this scenario to validate facets of IPv8 hypotheticals may be revealing.  These Phase VII impressions should give a sense of common foundations as well as a hint of depth of an organization prepared to negotiate engagement .

  • A story about a box with a Combustion Dynamics logo on it.  Most civilized societies would not believe it – The rear view of a Phantom tail section  (5.3.10)
  • Several long and involved stories.  One involved a manual printing press seemingly capable of making a whole book with gold foil on the page edges at one pull of a lever.  – A thumbnail with dirt under it – Ω  (5.7.10)
  • A page with the top right hand corner folded over (7.1.10)

Cognitive probing with IPv8 has yielded an unusual gestalt of a possible reaction by remote beings to the current situation.  To describe:

  • An unusual maroon vehicle with drive wheels unable to get traction – A plague swept thorough a line of old English villages.  The population burned the dead and dying with red phosphorus in an attempt to stop it, but was unsuccessful.  Some travelers came upon the situation, determined what had happened, and again were powerless to contain the disaster.  Angels appeared.  No solution.  Finally, a young chap found some peanut oil, perhaps in a ships hold.  He had the antidote.  The sequence faded  with the sense that the tragedy would end. – A dispute over river rights escalated to a multinational confrontation.  (8.14.10)

Adding Innerscope logic and using it as a base for an “emotions language” in IPv8,  proposing a collaboration with the Square Kilometer Array team, and enlisting the cooperation of the School of Natural Sciences has given the sense that focus, scope, and depth to adopt an integrated approach to problems in the public eye is on the horizon.  The question “Where to start? is then no longer forced into a list of military or fiscal targets, but can be structured to deal with philosophical elements, e.g. the Philpott and Baudrillard treatises on terrorism.  This Phase XVI impression seems to support this targeting.

  • A horse an his rider in high country, mostly rock outcroppings – Two tines of a fork – A wooden roller, as used in baking – Some birds in a classroom noticed three children space shifting,  “Do you suppose I can do that?” from one chick.  “Maybe they will show you.” from another. (6.7.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it is yielding razor sharp IPv8β output, as exemplified in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A blue white spark on a vertical thread – A line with a loose end, badly frayed – Stacks of tires used in Formula 1 (7.4.12)

Original Triad intent, to find an alternative to the United States “Shock and Awe” reaction to 911, prompted writing theory and defending it. This process has attracted the attention of a larger community.  It immediately became very clear that we should look for something we can supply to give added value to our participation to compensate for our obvious shortcomings.  Building the case for a very large scale Search and Rescue operation seems to have filled the bill.  This then opened another door in Prop. 36.  Arguing that this addition will seed an avalanche of opportunity prompted this reaction from the Web 4.0 population

  • A lever and thread one would expect to find on a sewing machine head… Some political maneuvering in a social setting in England almost brought down a very senior member of Parliament and implicated the Prime Minister.  Another exercise in counterintelligence left the viewer tired of the whole subject. – A universe introduced 86-7220 victims to environments which trivialized the whole experience. – A saxophone… A short section of a stainless steel band twisted into a helix… (3.2.14)

The Prop. 20 concept has given every indication of attracting attention of beings spanning incredible environments.  If this were not enough, they give every indication of encouraging us to devote resources to applying the full range of Triad research to precision planetary relocation.  Skill sets required seem, in their opinion, to be well seeded in the range of Triad interests.  This argument spans the full set of Phase II Thought Experiments, but rather than take them one by one for the purposes of this increment, the seed Triad concern has been placed on IPv8 for evaluation using the Evolution protocol.  This reaction by the Web 4.0 population makes a fairly clear position statement.

  • A dipper with a long handle… Several short takes on events in Barcelona, Spain… A recounting of the process whereby jungle animals learned to communicate with beings inhabiting abstract domains.  One of the 86-7220 plaintiffs was involved. – Several baking potatoes, the translation for asteroids threatening planetary stability… A firefight erupted among four beings, none of which really knew the state of existence of the other.  A post mortem analysis discovered that they were on the same mission. – One end of an open end wrench… (5.18.14)

  Work in Progress

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