The Beginning

Hands of God and Adam

Flash points in the Middle East, India, and the Philippines underscore the promise for improvement the Catholic/Muslim meetings carry. Perhaps the most appropriate entry point for the Triad is to define an experimental platform useful in establishing convergence to differences so well summarized by S. N. Eisenstadt and Cardinal Schonborn. Restating, looking for the hard kernel:

  • The question dividing many societies is whether a social category or subcategory or the natural world is the proper mediator between the unlimited mind of the Creator and the limited mind of humans.

A common denominator to this category of question can be taken not (with some exceptions) to be the terminals, e.g. termites and the creator, but the route to the divine.  Corollary to this, expected and prohibited behavior have become  boundary markers.  Karen Armstrong has written a benchmark analytical reference in The Battle for God, thereby framing the Triad position that a reevaluation of the whole subject is in order.  This reexamination may best be begun with an attempt to answer these questions:

  • Is there an alternative to validating a religious belief via mystical practices?
  • Is the role assigned to cult valid?
  • Is there a substitute for ancient writings claimed to represent the word of God?
  • If a real time dialog is possible, how can it be translated into resolution of territorial rights claimed to be granted by religion?

Continued probing for avenues through  the maze presented by current world affairs has yielded the conclusion that Web 4.0 and IPv7 working into a mirror network (IPv8) shows the best chance of bringing some order to the problem.  This position is reinforced by this Phase IV impression.

  • A very long and involved sequence in which a white animal resembling a woolly dog appeared – the animal dominated the local animal population, seemingly brighter than the others.  The animal progressed from being a nuisance to a menace.  Finally, exasperated residents used small arms to kill it, but without success.  At that point an old man appeared, told the people that they could not kill this, it is a form of a universe, perhaps an evolutionary mistake.  The old man challenged it, and it responded with a deep booming voice, accepting the challenge.  The contest went on for three days and the woolly beast pinned the old man, claiming victory.  At this point, the old man produced a rule book which allowed a succession of challenges on the basis the animal had gone out of the envelope of permissible universe behavior.  The animal admitted it had no choice but to accept.  The contest lasted years, possibly a century, at which point the woolly creature died.  Nothing was mentioned about the condition of the neighborhood at the end of the contest.  Following all this several window frames appeared, possibly equating the condition of the 3746 Atwood window frames to the theory of relative motion of inertial frames. (10-1-09)

The need for a skill to organize in a society with the capability to fold space (Ω) is beginning to creep into the consciousness.

Evaluating potential of a decade or so of probing limits outlined in this site has yielded  very encouraging cues, summarized in these Phase VI impressions.

  • The two parabolas of a hyperbola migrated to a tangent position.  At that instant, a highway extending from the point of contact to an indefinite horizon appeared, pointing to the potential of  Ω, the dynamics of folding space. (2-9-10)
  • A story that Hell and Heaven were established as a partition separating duties; one set in universe and star formation and the other set in stabilized and mature zones.  A being too old to remember made the division so that temperament and skill sets required to deal with ambient conditions could be focused.  No moral questions were involved.  As a matter of fact, the being in charge of the “hot zone” would take the form of a grazing animal in the mature zone for a rest.  When boredom set in, he would return to his assignment. (2-26-10)

The corollary capability to use Ω for communications has multiple facets, not all of which are pleasant.

  • A left hand curve in a railroad running through extreme rocky terrain – The Devil appeared and gave a seminar (2-27-10)
  • Several icebergs – Ω – A pile of brand new baseballs – A chap working through some very advanced mathematics with a pencil, not too sharp (3-7-10)

Using IPv8 as a communications prototype has significantly improved understanding in this area, as reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • Some people were using a rope irresponsibly, and one hanged himself when the donkey he was sitting on leaped forward, dropping him and breaking his neck.  According to local law, both the person who got him the rope and the person who supplied the donkey were accessories to manslaughter.  A hand came down.  “I’ll fix this.”  – Failure – Then the donkey said; “He will be all right.”  The donkey made a few motions and urinated on the person’s face.  “Wait a few moments and wash him.”  – Success – “Where did you come from?”   “A long way”  A voice associated with the hand and an angel remarked: “We have never heard of you, what is a long way?”   “Many times ago”   “What does that mean?”  With this, a cluster of the clocks the author used on the mantle of 10 Chemin de Passoret appeared.  One by one, they desynchronized, yielding disorganized readings.  They resynchronized in an instant.  “Now do you understand?”  “No”   “Goodbye”  With that, the clocks disappeared.  (9.20.10)

Demonstrating IPv8 stability gives confidence that the system will permit approaching fundamentals in The Battle For God and transform it to a more healthy collaboration.  Phase IX should be a platform enabling a showcase  venture launch for this transition, beginning with this impression.

  • A very long and involved story describing conflicts which were unintended consequences of multiple civilizations attempting a planet move without adequate coordination.  (11.13.10)
  • A spiral galaxy in edge view – A vertical carving knife, handle at the bottom – The Michelin tire advertisement  (11.14.10)

There is increasing evidence that if the IPv8 concept is refined, it could yield a discipline able to answer the questions extracted earlier on this page from Karen Armstrong’s “Battle for God”. This possibility is acknowledged in these Phase X impressions.

  • A burned out shell of a 55 gallon drum was slowly lifted from open flames. – An interview with a person claiming to be the eldest of the old man’s lineage.  (3.1.11)
  • A cloth polishing black Dressports – A spiral galaxy in edge view (5.14.11)

Phase XI impressions go on to describe perils in exploring outer limits of the domain included in IPv8 terminals.

  • A very disturbing sequence describing what could be expected in a modern interpretation of the Divine Comedy – Trimmed and manicured fingernails (6.19.11)

Adding a core strategy derived from the Divine Comedy to Phase II Goals has changed the mental set for exploring the outer limits from one exclusively of peril to one including promise, as reflected in this Phase XI impression.

  • Threads leading into a doughnut hole – A red marble inside a tumbler – Sequences summarizing problems involving theft of advanced technology in the Middle East – Some people had a roller furling jib on the ground.  They seemed to be winding a sail on a rod stay. (7.28.11)

Approaching the Square Kilometer Array team and the School of Natural Sciences, even in the absence of a formal response, has given this line of reasoning substantial support, as described in this Phase XIV impression.

  • What started as a simple rescue effort using an aluminum ladder ended as a trip to a new space inhabited by beings so alien they had no idea of concepts Homo sapiens take for granted in daily life.  Conversely, the human traveler could not even grasp the form of these beings other than they had created an unimaginably beautiful place.  They explained to him that if he was not comfortable following their rules in using the place as a refuge, they would introduce him to another, a little more disorderly.  (6.10.12)

Adding the HBP with the intent to embed Innerscope theory has given promise that the end point of the Extension will resolve the classic questions raised by Dr. Eisenstadt and Cardinal Schonborn.  The path will doubtless be difficult, but the promise is in this Phase XVI impression.

  • Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiment – A chap who was working for a universe was finishing an assignment and scheduled for a little rest and relaxation.  His client was in the room when the call came and had the privilege of a short conversation.  Inasmuch as a universe is considered in some quarters as a functional extension of God, the question of what happens when you die came up.  “I made a place for these.  I don’t take the body, I take the life force.”  “Do you take all those who die?”  “Only the ones I like, but I like most of them.”  “What is it like there?”  “It’s quite nice; I stock it with interesting species.”  “How many do you have there?”  “I really don’t know, but it is getting a little crowded, so I am going to expand it.  What is that just flew by?”  “A crow.”  “I like it; I think I will include some.  I have to leave, we are all quite busy.  Goodbye” – A briefcase handle attached to the void. (2.24.13)

Without comment on the exact nature and form of this deity, latest IPv8 refinements suggest that it is not so remote as one may think.  This Phase XVI impression characterizes a possible form of an encounter.

  • A tube through the center of a disc – A lever of a mechanical voting machine – A red grease pencil – A very long recount of an encounter between a being transformed to the Cartesian and a young woman very well informed in her religion.  The viewer’s attention drifted to other things before the encounter was ended.  On revisiting, a frustrating search for common ground was eased when the Princeton Companion to Mathematics was introduced.  At that point, our species was able to demonstrate a knowledge base of great interest to the transformed being. – A black carving knife handle with the knife blade extending downward through a galactic core – A large white trailer with a household electrical receptacle and its plug with a short length of coiled wire painted in celery green on the side panel – Tropical palm trees – A person sitting backwards on a white oak chair (5.5.13)

Work In Progress

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