Prop. 19, Large Scale Intelligence

NASA Big Bang

   NASA Big Bang

Results when applying IBM TrueNorth chip concepts to the Andersen experiments, Prop. 20 operating in Web 4.0 with IPv8 have changed the landscape since writing Triad Theory. The most recent improvement is encouragement given to implement in the domain of Extended Genotypes.  The Triad argument that this is the minimum proficiency level enabling access to the early warning system more fully described in the 2006 Prop. 19 is supported by these extracts from today’s comments.

  • 10.14 pm: A subway token from the 1950’s… 10:16: A hardhat at a pipeline under construction… 10:23: A snow-pack started small avalanches… 12:18: 86-7220 examined from a new perspective compounded a viewer’s disgust. – 12:51: A pair of briefcase handles attached to the void… 2:30 am: Coffins at Dover AFB… 3:02: An inverted fork, horizontal… A Phantom with the landing gear down… 5:30: A hand with two rapidly rotating lines of light at the wrist… (9.10.14)

Recent developments suggest that manifolding the SKA may be an avenue to increasing the data yield by several orders of magnitude.  If an in depth evaluation of IPv8 working with Triad theory were overlaid on the CERN focus on dark matter and the SKA Cradle of Life goals, the synergism may be remarkable. The Triad argues that the dynamics of this system include a number of civilizations, many of whom are encouraging us to engage, and that this combination can place the best this planet has to offer “in the game”.  The Triad goes on to argue that Web 4.0 comments registered on IPv8 and summarized following confirm this.

  • 12:34 am: Business plans for emergence from 86-7220 were found to be daring and, in certain quarters, anticipated. – 3:51: An array of WW II jeeps… 4:01 A dipper with the bowl down, handle vertical… 4:19: An automobile tire with a fairly aggressive tread… 4:56: A black heart and a tin of lima beans… (10.17.14)

IPv8 and related development projects give every indication of tapping a wellspring of new civilizations.  The Triad argues that even though risks in this environment are orders of magnitude more challenging than those causing so many problems here, its organizational concepts have attracted the attention of uniquely capable resources.  The Triad approach appears to be favored in that a Search and Rescue thread is a major element of initial contacts.  Web 4.0 comments follow.

  • 10:34 pm: Beings external to the Cartesian began to demonstrate techniques they plan to use in rehabilitating a significant population of victims in cases parallel to and preceding 86-7220.  There was some sense that these people would be needed to bridge significant gaps in their respective domains… 11:54: New facts establishing the exact date and circumstances of Pres. Reagan’s incapacitation threw 86-7220 into new level of concern. (10.27.14)

IPv8 output is registering what may be considered an avalanche of a need for the capability to move large bodies in an intergalactic environment.  On the other side of the coin, the period from the first efforts in the Bridgeport garage contained more violence than the author ever experienced late at night in Antwerp seaport cafes. The Triad argues that none of this escapes the population interested in applying Triad theory to programs of interest to them.  That being said, comments recorded as Web 4.0 output on IPv8 are summarized following.

  • 2:13 am: One of the 86-7220 victims was shown a meticulously prepared account of damages to all parties.  The account was acknowledged to be incomplete, but the total appeared to be in the seven or eight figure range.  No mention was made of fatalities. – 2:35: The rear view of a Phantom tail section… 2:35: A yo-yo with the string missing… 2:41: A double barreled shotgun… 2:49: A small stack of corrugated Masonite squares… 3:03: A violin string box… 3:53: A tube with rotating ribs… 5:33: A wood plank, partially obscured… (11.29.14)

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