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Gravity waves, Ligo

Gravity waves, Ligo

The Triad; convinced that the Shock and Awe reaction was completely off point, has constructed a scenario it considers relevant.  It addresses two issues:

  • The question dividing many societies is whether a social category or subcategory or the natural world is the proper mediator between the unlimited mind of the Creator and the limited mind of humans.  (S.N. Eisenstadt, The Origin and Diversity of Axial Age Civilizations, p. 16)
  • There exists “… a deeply mathematical and precise conceptual structure of the whole that makes the overall behavior of the system orderly and intelligible.” (Cardinal Schonborn, The Designs of Science)

The Triad is not primarily a Theological work, but it must address implications of the Eisenstadt-Schonborn difference.  Its objective has become to develop the capability to engage in an environment characterized in Web. 4.0. The Triad takes the position that if social orders are to include, as we believe, beings not classified as deities but which flourish in domains including neither time nor space, the argument is irrelevant in that domain.  Experimental evidence points to the existence of a mediating role with an overview enabling the venture if it does not cross certain bounds.  All concerned are aware of the risks involved, and they react to them.  The Triad recognizes the impact of Schonborn – Eisenstadt positions when the project is grounded on Earth, but since this is such a minor fraction of the environment, they are treated as a separate issue in the Evolution inversion.  The Web 4.0 reaction to this position is summarized following.

  • 9:07 pm: A short length of a chromed shoehorn… 10:15: A very dark prognosis for 86-7220 principals following closure…. 2:02 am: Another 86-7220 reexamination by a new class of beings confirmed several very ugly unspoken facets… 2:13: Several WWII tripod mounted water cooled machine guns… 2:23: The Flushing 7th Ave. IRT line in the 1950’s… 4.14: A time rollout by beings which do not inhabit the dimension uncovered a history of conflict and its impact on the lineage of 86-7220 principals. (9.12.14)

The 2008 financial debacle focused attention on clarifying the issue of what drives a society.  Some interpret the core issue in the 2008 event as whether it is best to consider money as a commodity to be traded (Anglo Saxon) or whether it is a bridging mechanism required to conduct trade and construction (Arabic).  The Triad argues that developing the capability to engage with the Web 4.0 population will require the ability to resolve these issues in an environment using neither time nor space as defining parameters. The Triad goes on to argue that this Web 4.0 comment is a concise evaluation of the United States’ ability to operate in this setting.

  • 2:23 am: A member of the 86-7220 household showed what appeared to be a penchant for taking unnecessary risk, exposing the family to high stress situations.  The issue was not resolved when the viewer moved on. – 3:51: A white wash cloth in a galvanized tub… 5:08: An all season tire… (11.15.14)

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