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Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

Time and Space argues that some physical principles uncovered in advanced research are used by a virtual organization. A unique advantage to be gained by using this example would be a definitive and observable reaction by the virtual organization showing appreciation not only of the technical content but also of the humanity in the title.  One of the most contentious points is the concept embodied in Jacob’s Ladder.  If the impressions have any weight, remote beings have taken this on directly with the following, extracted from Triad Phase II Concept Draft:

  • The top of a stepladder reached to a point in the atmosphere where the atmosphere took on a unnatural white tinge, as though it was filled with chalk particles. (1-9-08)

The message is direct, unambiguous, and directly applicable to the Square Kilometer Array, CERN in the dark matter program, and an extension of the Human Brain project enabled by successes with the Andersen experiments, Prop. 20, and potential of the IBM TrueNorth chip.

The proposal to establish bases in the Extended Genotype domain in the space described in the stepladder as containing “chalk particles” bears directly on forces surrounding the siege of Jerusalem.  Triad reasoning is taking the project in the direction of replacing place values, e.g. Jerusalem, Mecca, etc., with sets of conditionals in that domain.  This position will doubtless shift as our grasp of universe improves, but for the moment these comments from the Web 4.0 population will establish a benchmark.

  • 9:17 pm: Nested boomerangs… 2:22 am: Reexamining the 86-7220 tragedy showed every sign of becoming obsessive when the Mossad was reported to have been implicated. – 2:37: A cluster of baking potatoes…  2:58: A leather pocket of a slingshot…  3:07: A ping-pong table… 6:06: Wisps of swirls… (9.9.14)

While reviewing some “back of the envelope” calculations estimating new trends possible following Triad incorporation, the realization that these are not antiseptic numbers – they carry with them threats associated with certain forms of change – gave pause for reflection.  By any historical standard, if the Triad achieves any fraction of its goals, the project could turn incendiary.  The Triad argues that by inverting the Triad Evolution protocol it has introduced a major stabilizing force and concludes today’s argument with the claim that the 51% of the Evolution protocol are familiar with all this.  The following comment reflects this view.

  • 12:47 am: A saxophone covered photographs of 87-7220 victims and their lineage…? am: Sand slipping through the fingers of an outstretched hand…? am: A funnel with a very long pipette stem… (10.22.14)

The Triad is convinced that Time and Space Support and Web 4.0 and Large Ventures describe, with allowances for the sliver of experience we have in that domain, real situations. The Triad follows this argument with the claim that by inverting the Evolution protocol it has enabled other civilizations to express themselves, and that the texture of their reactions suggests a population which will react in a manner more closely related to the environment described in Prof. Lane’s Stamford article and Prof. Dowling’s field of study than will it to contemporary politics.  Impact of this assertion should be quickly grasped by giving the 4.23.99 and 4.26.99 diary entries a close look. This readout from IPv8 of comments from Web 4.0 demonstrate a fact base in 86-7220 not acknowledged by the United States judiciary.

  • 4:30 am: A feminine hand turned a tuning dial a few degrees… The wire frame used in dyeing Easter eggs… 5:42: The footprint of a passenger car tire with finely cut tread… (12.18.14)

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