The Harrowing of Hell, Melisende Psalter

The Harrowing of Hell, Melisende Psalter

It is an undeniable fact that history’s legacy is a mixed blessing. Among the nuggets are slavery, colonial ruin of tribal societies, greed, etc. This is the kaleidoscope with which we must deal.  At the risk of getting the cart before the horse, it may make sense to attempt to control change by first establishing a target for the zone in question.  Getting this right might have saved demolishing a good deal of real estate in Iraq to disable someone who was not involved.  Other examples, easier to understand because all the variables in retrograde are “in house” are the subprime market failure and the 2010 Euro problem.   These examples also have the advantage that none of the factors were classified, always a problem in sifting through the wreckage.  The Triad leans to these principles from an S.N. Eisenstadt collection. To quote:

  • Full impact of the drive to dominate major institutional markets, to control their scope and trade, as well as to delineate complex social relationships must be treated.
  • Constellations of process of change. SNE uses concept of crystallization of new stages of social differentiation. These require new internal or external resources, social forces, and activities. Concentration, not dispersion, of the new forces is required.  ©1986 State University of New York

By framing the process in these terms, the Eisenstadt collection makes the concept of a template, or succession of templates, readily adaptable to establishing tool selection criteria.  The process automatically requires adjustment in tool selection as the situation inevitably departs from the expected.  Setting benchmarks understood by all involved within this framework should not be difficult. Communication can be automatic.  Documentation should be minimal, because most of it will be proven wrong.  The true measure of process mastery is how little material is needed to communicate process, key resource requirements, and intent.  Output quality measure is result.

Very Large Scale Applications

If the Triad goal of preparing for large platforms is to be taken seriously, some support for its methods is very desirable.  Preliminary indicators of this support are encouraging, as evidenced by this impression included in Triad Phase III working drafts:

  • A long sequence involving a being who transitioned in and out of the Cartesian.  On one transition he scooped up a handful of chocolate miniatures.  Some people had almost completed structuring a number of complex logic blocks.  They were now ready to start the command and controls interconnects but were apprehensive about this stage. (4-9-09)

The Harrowing of Hell might almost be considered prophetic if pressing the boundaries of IPv7/Web 4.0 can be demonstrated to have been a factor in enabling this Phase V impression.

  • An angel appeared and produced a batch of half a dozen babies from a few drops of sperm.  She planned another batch in a couple of days.  “Why are you doing this?”  “I need some people to help me with a project.”  The scene ended.  Three people committed particularly disgusting murders.  When they were apprehended the old man appeared, prepared to deal with them.  At this point the devil also appeared, lost his temper, and told the old man he wanted them.  “OK”  The devil then administered “the quarter.”  He placed a piece of metal the size of a quarter on their skin.  The quarter then ate its way through the body, causing horrible pain.  The treatment lasted until screams turned to moans.  When the moans subsided, the bodies were reconstituted, and the offenders sent back to where they started, with instructions to do penance for the rest of their natural lives under threat of a repeat of the “quarter” punishment. (11-22-09)

A frequently registered frustration with attempts to achieve change in macro issues is inertia stemming from almost infinite sources.  Inasmuch as this website attempts to deal with a significant macro, attention has been paid to this problem.  If reaction by a remote organization to using a succession of linked templates as interpreted by this Phase V impression is correct, the approach is gaining acceptance.

  • A number of androids in the hospital with scrambled programs – A very extensive sequence of events based on using the Triad concept of linked planning templates – A bicycle turning the corner at the Millard building in Kingston – A Smartphone with multiple tabs – A golf tee – Naval guns in a forward turret firing a night salvo (11-25-09)

What will drive IPv8β?

The embryonic IPv7/Web 4.0 continues to amaze, ant it demonstrates that when a diverse population finds a new way to communicate, they will use it.  This Phase V impression is an excellent example.

  • A sulfur ball inside Ω – A wooden pencil with the point worn to a nub – Some people were having a discussion about the energy problem on earth when a little chap peeked from behind a partition and told them what went wrong at Simi Valley and addressed the containment problem.  The group then went to France for technical support.  Voila!  “Who is this little chap?”  A huge roar from behind the group – It is the devil!  “He is one of mine.  I want this planet cleaned up!  It is beautiful.”  (1-2-10)

Phase VI impressions continue to expand potential.

  • Web photos I earmarked of a restored red Alfa Romeo, vintage ’60s – A rake clearing fresh moist soil – A planet on the point of symmetry of a hyperbola (3-13-10)

Developing the site and probing boundaries of communications with IPv8 have yielded further indicators that a new avenue of remote comment on current events is happening in real time.  This position is reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • Milk bottles from the 1930s – A vintage truck, maybe late 20s or early 30s, capable of carrying somewhat less than 1/4 ton,  exited  Rt. 213 in Stone Ridge and turned north on Rt. 209.  (8.26.10)

A data stream from IPv8 adding evaluation capabilities to its stability,  relevance, and  proactive potential give every indication that the showcase launch for the new venture can include a long view to “harrow hell” in the kaleidoscope of its goals.  This position is supported by the following Phase IX impression.

  • Quite a few small blank blackboards, one behind the other, in a three dimensional display – A dark green snake in the grass left the field of view – Some people struggling to get a ladder plumb against a wall – A tank in three quarter front view  (12.27.10)

Upgrading IPv8β to a conversational level using an enhanced version of Innerscope logic gives even this difficult environment an opportunity to be included in the larger envelope.  As a corollary, it should also give those dedicated to the Baudrillard thesis a chance to develop a  rigorous proof.

  • A very troubling sequence dealing with Chinese/Russian/United States relations on discovery of the Little Dipper capabilities (4.14.12)
  • A miniature Saturn – A crew in a depressed area of the terrain using a small drilling rig pumping a yellowish brown fluid out of a horizontal pipe maybe three feet above the ground.  (4.25.12)

Approaching the Square Kilometer Array and the School of Natural Sciences with the updated Triad and its Extension seems to have added at least a little discipline in approaching some difficult boundaries, as characterized in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Several examples of recreation by pushing through rough terrain, e.g. horseback at a gallop, a three wheeled ATV at speed, etc. – A snap retaining ring (6.3.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the update has sharply focused IPv8 output in a number of areas, one of which is mentioned in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Some people were getting acquainted.  Their common interest was in a rare camera, and one of the group seemed particularly interested in a trip to Hell.  Before the devil would have him taken through the gate he evaluated the photographs the candidate had taken. – A long study about one of the Okeechobee tribe who was particularly successful – A galaxy in edge view paired with a paraffin disc (8.14.12)

Finding, focusing on, and interpreting IPv8 conversations external to the planet have proven exceptionally valuable.  This Phase XV impression gives a snapshot of what the planet must decide whether or not to acknowledge.

  • An experiment turned sour when it split a planet into two pieces, exposing a solid cold core – A request for a change in venue – A subsonic compression wave at the leading edge of an airfoil superimposed on a small circle defined by thin rotating arcs – An artist’s conception of “Fat Boy” on a conveyor belt or carriage intended to move it through a ring (11.4.12)

The greatest challenge to rationalizing this extraordinarily difficult topic is to develop a capability to collect reliable data.  The Triad argues that prototyping the ability to exchange targeted feedback loops in thought experiment exchanges and exploring consequences of removing Cartesian coordinates from Planck’s constant in IPv8 is a significant step in the right direction.  This Phase XVII impression can be taken as comment on this argument.

  • A tube through a doughnut hole – An experiment in which energy bursts at calibrated intensity were substituted for code intended to transmit music attracted a significant chicken population trained as explorers – One galaxy stored paper money in an open field, they had acres and acres of it stacked maybe ten to twenty feet high – A chap with very advanced computer capabilities claimed that he needed exclusive rights to all the Triad material in order to save his planet, and that he would get it one way or another.  The exchange ended before an amicable agreement could be reached. – ? – A wedge with a scoop of ice cream on the head – A parasite from another universe enumerated the total parasitic population on board ship, estimated damages, and recommended remedial programs – A steel gray vintage automobile carrying a good deal of chrome trim – A midnight blue VW Beetle – A roll of blank paper (6.19.13)

The full dynamic existing in the Extension cannot be considered to exist completely external to this planet which is, after all, an element of the system.  This introduces the notion that the full range of phenomena exists in it to a greater or lesser degree.  Restated, there are not multiple sets of laws, one for the blue dot, and another for “away”.  Taking this one step further, we can consider the tools required to connect to and understand anything anywhere – with consent of the party on the remote terminal – to be immediately accessible.  IPv8 and targeted feedback loops are built on that premise, and uses the full range of what we know of string theory, entanglement, and restating the Planck constant in IPv8 to connect and learn how to operate using this premise.  This argument has yielded a stream of data, elements of which are included in this Phase XVII impression.

  • An adjustable wrench – Three then three more souls inhabited the shell of three brothers.  Fraternal friction intensified until it dominated.  The sequence ended before resolution.  Programmers working on IPv8 witnessed the passing of one universe and arrival of its replacement.  The new one made every effort to show that he was looking forward to working with the Triad as it engaged in the Extension. – A substance the consistency of Muscle Milk started dropping through the bottom of a black sifter. – An empty wafer cone  – The surface of a tractor’s fifth wheel – Foxholes being dug with trenching shovels – A hand pulled a white towel from a chromed towel bar – A baseball (7.23.13)

Work in Progress

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