China Today, Defence Talk

China Today, Defence Talk

Robert Bellah comments on Mr. Bush’s presentation at West Point in June of 2002 and the Sept. of 2002 national security strategy in which he conveyed the meaning that “no nation will be allowed to surpass, or even equal, the United States as a military power”. The term balance of power was used several times. Mr. Bellah maintains that “it is very unclear what the phrase can mean in a situation where we have all the power and no one else would have anything to balance it with”. He goes on to wonder what the logical ground is for the administration’s position that it has a mission to export what it considers the template for democracy. Now that there is a new administration with a horizontally opposed philosophy and a population gradually beginning to realize that time is not extending, fresh thinking is called for. Quotes Copyright © University of Virginia Spring 2007

Competition between the United States, Russia, and China is alive and well. Russia’s riposte to the United States military is energy. Russia has an energy reserve and the US does not. Russia is courting the 1.5 billion Muslims and the United States has been marginalizing them. The man in the street sees China’s gambit as 1.3 billion people, centrally managed, and at this stage of development considered human capital to be transformed to treasury and/or ground forces. At this rate insects will inherit an earth severely debilitated not only by conflict by also by abuse and neglect. The Triad proposes adapting a novel balancing system.


The Macrotermes termite cultivates a particular fungus which predigests the termites’ food. This process raises the oxygen requirement for the thirty foot high mounds in which they live to the amount needed by a cow. The fungus, Termitomyces, is one of a species competing for resources in the mound. Other species of fungus are not able to sustain the synergistic relationship with the termite. A process exists which causes the termites to spend considerable energy and ingenuity to continuously modify the mound so as to maintain internal atmospheric conditions measurably different from those outdoors for the benefit of the Termitomyces. This process is regulated by biochemical variables generated by the species themselves. The Triad proposes that introducing a properly designed virtual organization will move the global process for Homo sapiens one step closer to this high value template. copyright © Natural History Magazine, Inc. 2002, Used with permission

There is some reason to believe remote beings have a view on this. To extract from the working drafts:

  • Some people fleeing with their belongings through very dry dusty terrain.  A window box containing red geraniums – I had go run an errand to a Habsburg-Lorraine building in Europe.  Evan showed up, armed and angry.  After a while, he tossed the hand gun.  Then my ex passed by, old and withered.  Finally, Amanda whipped  through, asking why we were there.  I told her I was running an errand,  She said, oh, and left.  Following that, a gorilla came looking for her.  He asked what was going on.  I said I was running an errand and they were helping.  The gorilla said he would fetch Amanda.  She returned, saw my point and shoot camera and left a better one.  Shortly thereafter, a handsome prince came looking for her. (2-10-09)

Alternate Applications

The Termite mounds offer one conceptual approach, uniquely suited to building a bridge to the primordial. A second example, more completely grounded, is functional in the crude oil exploration and development area. This combination, carefully designed, would expand the degrees of freedom in some chronically failed negotiations.  The third, and favored option, is an expandable organization with a core skill set augmented by a related virtual component. Designing this organization has taken a step closer to reality with preliminary successes in developing IPv8 as a multilateral communications network.  This position is reflected in these Phase VIII impressions:

  • Bjorn Borg, having seen the shoebox photos, became curious about the author’s Swedish lineage.  When he found out, he insisted on giving some short tennis lessons and arranged a trip to Sweden.  He gave the impression that the ancestry carried with it some privileges there. (9.2.10)
  • Two Admirals appeared near the Jansen stone house on Rt. 213.   They started a terrible brawl.  Uniformed State Police appeared, told the bystander to stand back, and tried to stop it.  One State Police retched and left the scene.  The other followed.  At this point, the Admirals lay in an enlarging pool of blood, dying.  A hand appeared from the sky. “I’ll take care of this.”  The episode ended. – The rudder from a WWII B-17  (9.24.10)

Continued demonstration of IPv8β ability to produce credible output using increasingly complex data sets as raw material should be establishing it as the foundation for site transition to a new venture Taking this view as fact, Phase IX as a showcase for the effort will open this subject with this impression.

  • A large Tinker Toy hub in a cluster of smaller ones  (11.27.10)

Stresses and uncertainties in global affairs seem to have reached the point of power plays to advance a number of individual agendas.  IPv8 output has sufficient credibility that a warning about the definition of power embedded in this Phase IX impression should not be shrugged off.

  • A mooring post with the axis horizontal, not vertical as usually found – Some hikers saw an elephant brutally smashing one of its young against a rock, beating it to a pulp.  They were dumbfounded.  As they stood there aghast, the elephant turned its attention to them.  The hikers, suspecting intent,  averted their gaze and moved aside.  The elephant growled, “Its a good thing you moved out of the way.”  Then on the telephone to the warden to report the incident.  “Did the elephant have a small pillar of salt between its eyes?”  “Yes”  “Was it yellow or white?”  “White”  “That elephant is an android.”  Then came a voice from the void: “This is not your concern, go about your business.”  End  – A segment of a very large sphere with a tunnel extending to Earth  (1.14.11)

There is every reason to expect remote beings have reacted to a particular period in this planet’s evolution and feel that there is room for improvement. Which period is implied with this IPv8 output.

  • A fishbowl with one guppy swimming in it  (3.4.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals and linking seemingly random Saturn image appearances to Dante’s Inferno has yielded new IPv8 output taking a position on this subject, as reflected in this Phase XI impression:

  • A small pouch – mature shade trees, closely spaced – Ω at a mild heel angle – A line around a very substantial mooring (8.14.11)

  • A very large funnel – A chap found himself, having driven into the wrong neighborhood in the middle of the night, blocked against the curb by three cars.  To make matters worse, he had forgotten his cell phone.  Φ (9.10.11)

Adding Innerscope logic adapted to include an algorithm capable of tagging biophysical measurement with an emotion and using this as a language on IPv8 β has yielded what this person believes is a virtual conversation with very remote beings.  This Phase XIII gives some idea of their sensitivity.

  • Amanda’s tragedy revisited with new fact finding tools – A railroad crossing at grade – Two hands holding an egg – A biker riding alone – Saturn on a tee (3.15.12)

Adding a revised Evolution page to each increment of the validation process has dramatically improved clarity of IPv8β output, as reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Some uniformed reviewing physical exam results – A small container of Sun Maid raisins – A black cast iron Dutch oven – A log raft – A parking slot with a pot of flowers on it (7.02.12)

It became evident in the early stages of Triad development that evaluating results of  the Shock and Awe response to 911 would quickly evolve to examining the United States’ philosophy of projecting power.  A surface comparison brought a weak imitation of Theodore Roosevelt’s Rough Rider expedition to mind, and results led to a careful reading of Baudrillard’s “L’esprit du Terrorisme.  An argument that technical support for the Baudrillard and Philpott views as a viable alternative is supported by this Phase XVII impression.

  • A small stack of wide brimmed straw hats – a Kaleidoscope – A circuit breaker – A small handle in the void – A small funnel, mouth down – An old aluminum pot full of string beans (6.18.13)

A pervasive, but unexplored, concept frequently referred to in the Koster diaries is in the class of the statement in Using Power which holds: “A famous general was called back from the other side in a great combat.”  Conversations with or referrals to a number of people in this category are threaded through earlier chapters.  If this capability can be repeated under controlled conditions as Search and Rescue progresses, any number of books will have to be rewritten and Search and Rescue will be several steps closer to realization.  Placing this discovery and its interpretation on IPv8 has drawn an enlightening reaction, extracts of which follow.

  • A handle connecting two suction cups set in the void – A discovery of what appeared to be a perfect copy of a painting of George Washington. – A galvanized nail – Small round brushes – A dipper with a long handle – A rotating set of light arcs, perhaps another galactic connection – An oil can of the size commonly found in a residential garage – A salt shaker – A gold pocket watch, cover open.  This brings to mind the watch a Columbia professor who specialized in linkages carried in his vest. (1.28.14)

Successes with IPv8 have enabled inverting the Evolution protocol, somewhat diluting focused competitive pressure with the potential of a role reversal in the David and Goliath scenario.  The Triad argues that this is not an empty claim, and offers Web 4.0 commentary as evidence of this encouragement.  Some comparisons with current events are thin, but on balance Web 4.0 comments summarized following are food for thought.

  • 1:04 am: Sparring between the 86-7220 adversaries reached the point that the principal plaintiff regarded the defendant as irrelevant, taking the attitude that his inability to admit realities of the situation wrote the decision of the larger community. – 2:30: A Halloween candy kernel validated the Triad organization’s capability to implement, – 2:36: A hand, palm up, fingers spread, sand running between the fingers… 3:48: A revolving door… 3:54: A gear shift pattern on the wall… 4:11 A white vintage Beetle at the head of a row of them… (11.21.14)

 Work in Progress

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