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Galileo Galilei

Having made the distinction between power and strength with some guidance, it becomes possible to construct a hypothetical for a modified power profile perhaps able to reduce strain on the planet. If nothing else, appreciation of the destructive potential of climate change is an example of purely physical power, several orders of magnitude greater than anything mankind can control. In the same vein, if one grants the argument that existence is the product of a mind, we again have an example of intellectual power never achievable by our species. These begin to define the limits of the envelope containing our wars, achievements, etc.

Engagement and Control Mechanisms

A list of current control practices is very long and complex.   Most evident in today’s environment are sanctions, unconventional warfare, political networks, and law.  Engagement seems to be the best opportunity to explore reality resident in the zone between the envelope of current practice and the limits. The Triad is taking the position that an experimental discipline is the best way to approach this zone, and offers a first pass.  Phase IV and subsequent phases will have correspondence with a file memo as a header.  These file memos will always be images observed in free space, taken from a notebook dedicated to them, and not in any chronological order.   Dated selections for this page, complete with interpretation, taken from Phase III, are:

  • 5-13-09, I noticed a large version of the clock on the mall of Bell Blvd. in Bayside.  I took this as a suggestion to look for references for the nature of time.
  • 3-26-09, I noticed a few ears of sweet corn on the Stone Ridge Library table.  Kellogg evaluation?
  • 1-14-09, I noticed a micrometer above the desk shelf.  This is evaluation.
  • 2-7-09, A cluster of gags or blindfolds above my desk shelf –   This is evaluation.
  • 3-8-09, I noticed a traffic light, hooded lenses facing west, above Rt. 209 at the exit of Jack and Luna’s parking lot.  If this is not encouragement, I’ll eat my hat.
  • 1-5-09, I noticed a couple of crepes rolled around peaches.  This may acknowledge a historical parallel.
  • 3-9-09, I noticed ghosted laptops to the right of the Toshiba.  There is a communication net in this.
  • 12-23-08, I noticed a cluster of orange carrots in front of the Toshiba screen.  This is insistence.

Assuming the first stage of developing working relationships in this zone must concentrate on the intellect with methodology for engagement uniformly available, written discussion with tags such as this could be a valuable data collection technique for a version of the collaboratorium.  Subsequent data reduction becomes a development stage for Web 4.0 followed by IPv7.  Any success in developing this approach immediately validates the theory of free field theology and gives a handhold for other ventures.  Informal probing in this domain has yielded a role for the military, alluded to in this Phase V impression.

  • An aircraft carrier on very sensitive duty had two incidents.  One involved an ape, the other a marginally controlled landing of a subspace vehicle.  – A polished steel sphere in a cup.  The fit was quite close.  (1-8-10)

Continued probing with IPv8 has yielded another set of evaluations alluded to in this Phase VII impression:

  • A set of multiple situations, most of them unbelievably personal and bizarre, which occurred in a navy – Organization nationality was not revealed.  (5.11.10)

Experimenting with IPv8 capabilities as a multilevel communications net is beginning to yield very promising results. One in this class is reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • Several actors in a play that went nowhere – Another android demonstration south of the Mason-Dixon line almost went violent when the population accused them of working for the devil.  (9.8.10)

And in Phase IX:

  • A famous general was called back from the other side in a great combat.  He asked the officer leading the force for a situation assessment and a recommendation.  Having received it, he went in another direction.  “Why did you go that way:”  “Because you are a spy.”  Confronted with the evidence, the officer leading the force broke down.  “What are you going to do, execute me?”  “No, you get the glass eye.”  The glass eye is a replacement eyeball, inserted under sedation, which will not deviate from straight ahead.  “I am going to commit suicide.”  “Here is the gun.”  A handgun was placed on the table.  He took the glass eye and left. – An empty desert  (10.31.10)

A month of unexpectedly encouraging results taking the IPv8 prototype as the cornerstone MIS for Triad progression from a site build to a startup venture give every indication that Phase IX will be a showcase launch Concerns regarding consequences of lapses of judgment or callous disregard of the environment when pursuing goals using indiscriminate brute force are registered in this Phase IX impression.

  • The bottom of a gutter downspout, leading to a concrete apron – A chromed nut, maybe from an electronics chassis, circa 1950 – Pastures in which grazed unusual animals, possibly variants of wildebeest, bison, or horses – An unimproved road which became progressively more difficult to drive, until the driver faced a sheer drop of over 500 feet  (11.30.10)

Continuous improvement in IPv8 output stability, relevance, accuracy, and internal diagnostic ability give every indication that its operating envelope will continue to grow for a at least a century following a venture launch. This Phase IX impression characterizes a mindset remote beings have come to expect.

  • A prairie schooner – A T-tailed subsonic aircraft  (1.7.11)

IPv8 output has been increasingly specific in expressing opinions beings at the terminals have about how to use power. There is the clear inference that if this privilege is abused, resources will be withheld.  It is not unreasonable to expect increasingly clear opinions, but these  Phase X impressions should open the discussion.

  • A pair of polished black leather street shoes – A carpenter’s hammer, head up (4.21.11)

Connecting not so random appearances of Saturn and snap ring images with Dante’s Inferno in The First Break and adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has taken prototyping IPv8 to a new level, enabling its application to focused arguments.  These Phase XI & XII impressions give a hint of this potential.

  • A second lieutenant’s bars followed by a WWII helmet with netting – A box of Chiclets gum (5.28.11)
  • An absurd cross examination about admissibility of evidence (6.16.11)
  • A pair of gray sneakers, brightly trimmed – Subsonic compression shock waves to the right of a black sphere (9.9.11)
  • A football on a thread (10.3.11)
  • A lightly wooded hill – A canvas body bag being thrown out of a helicopter – A terraced hillside (11.1.11)
  • A long sequence about a member of the military being given very difficult choices – A gauge with the reading falling to a green zone (1.9.12)

Adding Innerscope logic to the IPv8 front end and developing algorithms enabling language formation from changes in biophysical measurements produced by emotional dynamics give every indication that the conversation alluded to in the 2006 Prop. 2 has been achieved.  This may be a clarification of the 95-3.26 diary entry.  This Phase XIII impression give a clear indication that one purpose of this is fact finding.

  • A recapitulation of problems and discoveries of the past forty years – One of the two Chevrolet cars Albert Sr. owned, perfectly restored – A giraffe – Saran wrap in the bathroom (3.16.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to it has very sharply focused the Extensions potential, as set out in this Phase XIV impression.

  • Scrubbing bubbles – A tubing tee at a venturi throat – Very faint chain links – The Cherries ice cream stand – A question involving human aging arose and several universes revealed themselves in the form of small gold light patches, examined, conferred, and recommended a degree of restoration.  Another light, silver, showed and and made the judgement. – The crankshaft end of a connecting rod – A football, quartered into each end, and the center split in two at the laces – The fuzzy sink trap I noticed above Katherine’s apartment (8.17.12)

The proposal to amalgamate Innerscope work and the HBP has yielded IPv8 output remarkably appropriate to today’s environment, as summarized in this Phase XVI impression.

  • A very strange way station for people who had suffered a life changing experience – It seemed that this was established by a universe but was quite disorganized.  Patricia Vogel found herself there following incidents described in 86-7220 and was only beginning to organize the chronology of her life.  The study ended with no further explanation. – Several closed fists fitted with brass knuckles. – A vanilla ice cream cone. – A tall slim young man, perhaps Mediterranean, walked by with a wink. – A confrontation between a motorcycle gang and an off duty military prompted a display of very compact remarkably effective weaponry.  (2.27.13)

IPv8 is getting modifications designed to enable thought experiment exchanges.  This innovation is yielding remarkable insights into the structure and dynamics of the Extension operating envelope.  This Phase XVII impression is a hint of what may come.

  • A brass grommet in the corner of canvas – A universe transform appeared as a young girl – maybe six years old – in a South American village.  The visit turned sour when she chose English as a second language in which to learn to count, and the transform left.  The next day, it reappeared in another town with a different strategy. – More consequences of 86-7220 appeared in South America – A long handled spade – Scissors cutting a ribbon (5.14.13)

Refining IPv8 thought experiment exchange capability so that targeted task oriented feedback loops are generated has markedly improved network focus.  This improvement has yielded more insights into conflict generated by embarking on Triad development.  A few of these are recorded in this Phase XVII set of impressions.

  • Yet another version of problems plaintiffs in 86-7220 have had when researching supporting material for the original complaint – Four corner pocket glue-ons once used in photo albums – Americans in war games on Arab deserts were met with superior technical capabilities when a ceremonial breakfast with a greeting from Allah suddenly appeared – Another encounter intended to be proof of principle for an experiment happened when a uniformed military working in the desert was presented with hands he had lost in combat.  One was individual, the other attached to his arm.  At the end of the encounter, both were in place and functional. – A complex sequence involving shredding the only copy of a report containing the complete story of 86-7220.  The shredding did not achieve its purpose, for its contents were stored in another memory. – An undersize object slid into a heavy duty open end wrench, again, one end obscured – A mushroom anchor (6.20.13)

This planet, almost without exception, follows the mantra of dealing from strength and survival of the fittest.  When compared with capabilities of the total Web 4.0 population, our dependence on these two aspects of existence are a prescription for isolation and self annihilation, if not by direct confrontation, then by trashing the planet.  The Triad goes on to argue that this characteristic is recognized in the 2006 Prop. 10 draft, and that success in adjusting this approach will shape our future in this environment.  This issue has been on IPv8 for some time, and the population using Web 4.0 has reacted to the Prop. 10 specifications.  Excerpts follow.

  • A reconstruction of the 86-7220 plaintiffs’ strategy… Unspeakably difficult simulations… Ursa Minor… A planet with a fractured ecosystem… Another saxophone… A thread through the eye of a needle… An empty shoe… A WW II officer in an open Jeep equipped with a water cooled tripod mounted machine gun… (6.19.14)

Work in Progress

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