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Jupiter Impact, July '09 NASA Galileo

Jupiter Impact, July ’09 NASA Galileo

If nothing else, current problems and stress inherent in the differences in power and strength ranking demonstrate the need for a few proposals.  For the moment, these two paraphrased from the 2006 draft of Triad Phase II should form a base for a valid discussion.

  • “It may be productive to conform an anthropologically dimensioned early warning network to a form of organizational dynamic. Three categories surface on inspection: Cohesive groups changing character; group formation and dispersion, and conflict. This effort should permit closer correlation of communications theory with fundamental statistics summarizing dynamics of a closed ecosystem and its interacting physiological interests.”
  • “A multiple early warning system is embedded in Triad theory which suggests using physical measurements conformed to an anthropological fact base;  interacting physiologies having approached homeostasis more closely than humanity;  the ability to retroactively identify seed events which have initiated long term trends; and the ability to measure changes in cognitive capacity as measures of stability.”

The Fund for Peace has an equivalent effort, so it is not impossible should events justify it.  Today’s WSJ gives one motivator and one welcome example of a stable platform.   Wegelin & Co. has written a classic.


As is the case with so many arguments in this website, very complex concepts must be characterized in short stories, presumably grounded in accurate metaphors or, perhaps, actual happenings.  The working draft includes one  very closely corroborating this position taken regarding early warning theory.  To extract:

  • During military combat in what may have been the United States in the 1800’s, a third major force made its presence known.  This force delivered messages wrapped around arrow shafts and showed competence by attaching a pair of quarters first to clothing, then to skin.  On remote command, the quarters detached and dropped to the ground.  After the significance of the event sunk in, both sides asked what the force wanted,  The answer came back “nothing, we just wanted to let you know we are around”.  Immediately thereafter, images of the first passage using a planet drive for the transit from a universe in the last millennium of its life to a young one. An unbelievable aspect of the trip was the impression that the planet survived a trip through a star with the characteristics of earth’s sun.  ( Phase III, 4-20-09)

Site development has taken a quantum leap forward with experiments using IPv8 as a multiplexed communications network.  This position is reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • Italians discussed the possibility of a very limited production run for the Lancia Aurelia B24 America Cabriolet – A two tone red and gray VW beetle  (9.14.10)

Steadily increasing confidence in accuracy and stability of IPv8 output is confirming its place as the Triad MIS.  An emerging sense of its proactive and predictive capabilities will be monitored for reliability.  Any of this, some of it validating positions taken in the Baudrillard Revisited page, improves confidence in labeling Phase IX as a showcase new venture launch, the key element of which is identified in this Phase IX impression.

  • A spiral binding for a thin paperback book  (12.5.10)

Continuous improvements in IPv8 focus on global pressure points gives a distinct sense that remote organizations interested in the planet are devising a number of indirect techniques to engage in situations typified by the current North African civil conflicts.  This position is reflected in this Phase X impression.

  • A very high speed train with a blue stripe at the windshield – Uniformed military disembarking from a LSI – A yo-yo at 30 degrees to the horizontal (2.27.11)

Adding a core strategy to Phase II Goals has enabled progress in a number of significant disciplines.  History has shown again and again that society will not accept change such as that envisioned by the Triad without personal sacrifice, sometimes significant.  The fact that remote beings recognize this is registered in this Phase XI IPv8 impression.

  • A square knot – The photo of Evan on his tricycle at 10 Chemin de Passoret   (9.16.11)

Steady progress in improving IPv8β has brought the project to the confidence level required for submission to the NAS, Square Kilometer Array team, and the School of Natural Sciences to validate some basic arguments.  These organizations have not formally responded, but the system itself has recognized the approach and gives every indication of support, as implied by this Phase XIV impression.

  • A briefcase handle – A noise called the “screech” began to catch on with the housewives. – A stream of uninvited visitors who space shifted to a planet went out of control.  One group started testing nuclear bombs, at which point snap rings, mentioned in The First Break, arrived.  It developed that these snap rings were extensions of a Military Police unit charged with controlling transport of these devices through subspace.  A small funnel, spout pointing to the left paired with  a large one, spout pointing to the right – More funnels and a rope boarding ladder thrown from a ship (6.16.12)

Following the notion that IPv8 is used by very remote beings for crosstalk and using the incremental review process outlined in the Evolution page has yielded the promise of access to a  unique and very effective early warning system, elements of which are described in this Phase XV impression.

  • A long study of atrocities committed in a neither world, previously not explored – A hunter made some correct decisions.  His choices merited a ride on a tiger’s back with introductions to the jungle population – A documentary film of an extended flight – A large fuzzy  Ω (9.30.12)

Incorporating the HBP working in tandem with Innerscope theory has suggested a new approach to develop the Extension.  It is a fair argument to make that as reciprocal arrangements using IPv8 are made for exploration, new techniques and insights will surface.  Inasmuch as depth of experience on tap is orders of magnitude greater than that which exists on this planet, there is the potential for invaluable new insight (if we listen).  This Phase XVI impression is an example.

  • A staged finale to 86-7220 – Problems surrounding extragalactic manufacture and marketing “The only English Glockenspiel in the world” accurately reflected rising nationalistic sentiment on the continent, a significant problem for the EU concept.  This train of events was accompanied by a growing sense that evidence for a derivative of 86-7220 is accumulating. – A large spinning top – A wide mouth funnel, slightly off the vertical (2.26.13)

Continued refinement in IPv8 targeted thought experiment exchange in the Extension environment shows promise for application to proactive threat avoidance in the contemporary Cartesian setting.  This phase XVII impression appears to be an application to current events.

  • German people suspected motive for a search – The state to which the Triad is converging – A surprisingly vicious small black animal attacked a pedestrian’s foot – The top of what happened to be a ribbed tube in the human anatomy – A thin line between what could be taken as suction cups – An axial flow compressor hub and blades (6.23.13)

Success in detailing the space in which many of the issues expressed in the Barr-Schonborn exchange may be resolved has elevated sensitivity to IPv8 use.  The first priority for the Triad is to prevent national interests from contaminating data application.  The very aggressive data collection posture of the United States, intensified after 911, is the first test case for this policy.  Its presentation on IPv8 has drawn this reaction.

  • Very difficult aspects of IPv8 security and an awareness of its potential prompted at least one universe to seriously consider taking direct responsibility for its operation. – At study of multiple injuries sustained by volunteer firefighters when responding to a call from very difficult terrain – A mechanical flour sifter – A very faint open end wrench, followed by another – The sketch of a Muse (10.5.13)

The Andreasson format for creating a theory applied to the Triad effort has served well, but there is some question about mathematics in this new environment.  We are not prepared to quantify variables in a domain this poorly understood.  In the absence of this luxury, we have (again) the Andersen experiments, Prop. 20, IPv8, and a list of communications theories.  We can argue that eventually the Andersen experiments will evolve into the capability to detect a change in a physical variable particular to an intent and that Prop. 20 will develop into a system able to recognize and tag these changes in a descriptor particular to the organism.

The Triad argues that this effort is prescribed in Prop. 21, and that very remote beings have been monitoring our progress in this aspect of developing Search, Rescue, and Exploration capabilities. Constant pressure applied with appearance of  Masonite squares gives a distinct impression that this planet, with all its problems, may have made a pathfinding connection.

  • A mallet, about the size one would use in sculpting… An emerging sense that there exists a state within a state in the United States… AFO was retrieved and introduced to the Triad.  She did not like a good deal of what she saw. – Yet another saxophone… A wood cross used for a grave marker… A person, sitting, bent over to tie his shoelaces. (7.21.14)

 Work in Progress

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