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Atomic Bomb

Developing this concept can be considered to begin with this page.  It may well be that early warnings have been offered  throughout the Triad development process but, absent formalizing hard kernel and shorthopping logic, they were not identified.  If the basic reasoning is polished, it may be possible to incorporate this offering into Web 4.0.  For the moment, this extract from Triad Phase II Concept Draft should give a sense of what is available from remote sources.

  • A hemispherical long gun bunker – A cluster of very faint flour sifters –  A mousetrap – A bear came uncomfortably close to some people hiking the forest – A ¼ ton pickup truck taking a left turn too fast, left turn signal flashing yellow.  (11.7.07)

For the sake of argument, say that an effective early warning network must at least be able to (i) detect one of a class of phenomena, (ii) compare a measurement of that phenomenon against a standard, and (iii) interpret. Now let’s assume that the concept for Web 4.0 and IPv7 working into a mirror of them has merit. Taking these two statements as system description, look closely at the first two bullets in Early Warning as a draft output specification. It then becomes reasonable to think of this impression included in Phase IV as actual output of the complete system supporting the short story in Early Warning.

  • A few people got lost in Canada, were found by and left by successions of groups of six in RCMP uniforms.  It developed that these people were pranksters who left them to die.  Following that, some legitimate people discovered the bodies.  The devil then appeared and asked what happened.  He apologized, tapped the corpses on the shoulder, told all that the dead would be OK in a few minutes, and left.  A cluster of hooded figures wearing gray clothing then made their presence known. (9-10-09)

More advanced Triad capabilities combined with proximate extended platforms offer improvements in this area, with details to be developed.

Intuitive probing using IPv8 yields a very strong sense that this reasoning is used with varying degrees of success by a very diverse population.    The following Phase VIII impressions seem to demonstrate interest remote beings have in refining this network with a view to minimizing chaff and developing accurate identification of pressure points likely to respond to efforts to ease tension.

  • Several bizarre stories involving transposition of people from different periods in their lives, arranged to maximize conflict.  (7.27.10)
  • Two or three clear mountain streams flowing over a bed of smooth stones – A polished thick walled cylinder at 90 degrees to the inner edge of a larger ring  (7.28.10)
  • A crystal Halloween candy corn kernel – Ω  (7.29.10)

Using Strategic Options as an experimental message designed to produce a reaction from the IPv8 net has yielded a gratifying response.  This Phase VIII impression seems unambiguous.

  • A small fishhook through two loops of nylon fishing line – A thin vertical strip, apparently elastic, with a rounded conical deformation in the upper third  – a small funnel, axis vertical  (9.3.10)

Increasingly diverse output of stable, reliable, accurate, and relevant data from IPv8 is beginning to show valuable diagnostic capabilities. Focus of this data is embedded in this Phase X impression and will be a vital element of due diligence required for venture launch.

  • My 1938 Delage – A 1/4 ton pickup truck – A chap trying on a medium blue w/black trim foul weather jacket – A goblet – A large cluster of traffic lights, black housings, red lenses lit – A dictionary with  indented tabs at the alphabetization – An acorn cap, axis horizontal  (1.27.11)

Pressure points in any number of issues for the planet have developed to the point that IPv8 output is recommending improving capabilities in this area.  This starts Phase XI with these impressions.

  • A cluster of chickens feeding in an open area – Several grotesque scenes – A person fly fishing (6.5.11)
  • A short story about consequences of and personal gain from discoveries more significant than those enabling the Manhattan Project (7.5.11)

Adding a Core Strategy to Phase II Goals has been acknowledged to be a major step forward in this effort, as reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • A miniature mushroom cloud – a violin (9.11.11)

Probing with IPv8 has uncovered resistance to this approach using these tools, as described in these Phase XII impressions.

  • A wedge in the top of a tree trunk (11.6.11)
  • A black VW GTI – A sandwich made with white bread – The brown VW in the Seaver Circle garage – A very heavy duty open end wrench hanging by a thread (12.24.11)

Adding intent to use Innerscope theory to IPv8 input logic has yielded very puzzling results.  There is a possibility that pursuing this line of reasoning will yield a transparency not available elsewhere.  The reader is invited to make his own interpretation of these Phase XII impressions.

  • A faint end of an open end wrench – A snap ring around a light tube – A very large scale threat of a nuclear weapons exchange under inadequate control (1.8.12)
  • A very disturbing story about a species resembling explorer ants who, with a population in the trillions, appeared to destabilize multiple planets.  When challenged, they showed no interest in avoiding this until someone called God found out.  “They have been told to stop this.  They will be disciplined.”  There was general relief until the situation repeated itself with another species.  The remedy seemed to be the same, but with another being applying the discipline.  At this point, the significance of a row of paraffin discs which appeared in Jack and Luna’s became evident.   The observer could only hope that some coordination could be established as the only means to avoid chaos.  The top of a golf tee – Red and Blue punching bags – A period railroad station the author has never seen – One end of a chrome/vanadium wrench, the other end obscured – A light green road map, with the highway in relief, as in Braille (2.1.11)

Uncertainty of Phase XII has been replaced by enthusiasm successful prototyping Phase XIII has given.  This impression is fairly explicit, as have been individual instances, generalized in this example.

  • A venturi – A sets of sequences describing situations to avoid – A whirlwind (4.19.12)

Restating the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the revision has prompted a comment on the legal process in the United States, as reflected in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A serious biker at speed – A chap got on a Dept. of Corrections bus by mistake.  There followed a fairly long session during which he showed the inmates a number of his capabilities.  Why the bus driver allowed this to go on as long as it did was not explained.  (7.30.12)

Continuing IPv8 development under the umbrella of the revised Evolution page has shown exceptional promise for the Extension, as illustrated in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A short story about two men who, in maybe the 1800’s in England, discovered that they were androids in a time loop. – As tensions on Earth reached the point of a nuclear exchange, a control room commander asked, “How many delivery vehicles does each side have?”  “Maybe 2000 -3000.”  “Can you handle all of them simultaneously?”  “I doubt it.”  Then we call for reserves.” – A can of 3 in 1 oil – A wedge made of light, bright at the point, less intense as it approached the base – A pair of very large tan golf bags, each full of clubs – A pair of lineman’s pliers – A tightrope walker (8.10.12)

Continued reliance on IPv8 output to assess risks and opportunities inherent in pressing on with Extension in a turbulent environment has given every reason to believe that this will be the norm.  On the other side of the coin, there is also reason to believe that vulnerability of the network enabling this progress is recognized and those who are developing it will find support in devising tools to maintain its stability.

  • A detailed chronology of conflict and causes for it in the Ojerholm/Koster lineage.  Included were subsets endured by those intimately connected.  Those collecting the data were outside the purview of organizations directly or peripherally involved. – A box of black Dot candies – A slingshot made from rubber strips, perhaps from an inner tube, and a small Y from a tree branch – A forged automobile wheel with its tire – A short length of galvanized pipe (12.17.12)

The notion of redefining “flying” to that of transformation along a string with turbulence defined by phenomena in the class of Sw 1644+57 carries a redefinition of threat.  Before this can be seriously contemplated, congruent navigation aids and guidance systems must be redundant and proven to be reliable.  That this is not unthinkable is implied by the existence of functioning thought tunnels, supported by 2006 Propositions Five, Eight, and Twelve, and fairly clearly set forth in this Phase XVI impression.

  • The first joint military maneuver of the earth and the universe ended badly with failure to find common ground. – An intense study describing another attempt to deal with residuals of 86-7220, Koster vs. Union Carbide –  An almost imperceptible open end wrench – A cluster of large fresh twine balls at the edge of a plowed field – A violin – A tube through a snap ring (1.22.13)

As the Triad shows promise of reaching engagement with the Extension within one generation of its inception, remote beings have shown increased sensitivity to conflicting ideologies the Earth’s population brings with it.  A situation similar to that which exists in the Middle East does not appear to be tolerable in this environment, and IPv8 carried this Phase XVI reaction of beings at remote terminals.

  • Women wearing black sweaters over house dresses with their backs to the camera – Stacked automobile tires – A row of rectangular mirrors, long dimension vertical – The right front wheel of a vintage car, recalling the incident of losing control of a rental car while driving north on Interstate 87 en route from Bridgeport to Stone Ridge (4.18.13)

Steady progress in IPv8 development appears not only to have improved the possibility of engaging with the Extension but also to have generated encouragement for the planet to operate in that environment.  This Phase XVII impression is an example of both.

  • A Quad electrostatic speaker coincident with concentric arc segments of about 45 degrees – A very faint image set, very possibly a reproduction of two or three recurring dreams I had as a child – A violin peg box – A passenger liner unknowingly shifted to what was thought to be another planet.  It was equipped with automatic defensive weapons, temporarily disabled when the passenger liner was identified as not threatening.  There was some confusion when the liners origin and destination were found to have the same coordinates.  The possibility that the liner had passed into and out of a time loop was surfacing when the sequence ended. – An old woman on crutches appeared on the doorstep of the house I was sleeping in. (5.9.13)

Thought experiment results very clearly point out the need for an ideologically,  philosophically, and politically neutral financially independent base from which to launch an excursion into the Extension domain.  This Phase XVII impression, IPv8 output, makes the point very clear.

  • Scenes along the Schelde river – Exposing the Chinese to the Extension environment – Counterfeit releases from future litigation as a consequence of participation in experiments involving exposure to life forms in dimensions other than native caused widespread problems with Triad development. – Problems when tenants from a number of universes interfered with each other’s sleep patterns – A hyperbola (6.24.13)

Continuing with the concept of Web 4.0 as a domain in which IPv8 operates and applying it to emergency situations will probably enable identifying variables present in the space existing immediately prior to the emergency, the major difference being values and their departure from one or a range of equilibria.  The Triad argues that structuring the first application (S&R) should incorporate provisions for expanding to the more proactive Prop. 19. Placing this argument on IPv8 opened a hornet’s nest, a timely warning for a number of situations.  Examples follow:

  • A very unsettling recount of tampering with classified documents – A long and brutal recounting of USMC transitions and emergence of the Special Forces as the elite military units in the United States – The end of an open end wrench – A funnel and a new phenomenon consisting of a black dot circumscribed by rotating arcs of light – A rough sea breaking against a boulder (1.7.14)

CERN plans to follow the Boson success with a run at dark matter.  The Triad argues that focusing on particle collisions may miss communication potential of dark matter composed of both the animate and inanimate.  Resolving this point is not an academic issue: it will carry a direct impact on our ability to respond to requests in the Search and Rescue effort.  This argument and methodology has been before the off-planet population for two decades and has been detailed since 2006.  Prompt and crisp reaction on their part continues with their latest, summarized following.

  •  A black sphere with an equatorial light ring… Yet another session on the abuse of law permitting harassment of an 86-7220 principal… A bear’s claw… Ursa Minor… A fresh breeze blowing curtains in the window… Choices in and consequences of 86-7220 continuing to escalate… A fluid, perhaps liquid, with fragments of solid in it… A focus on Sarre Union… (8.5.14)

The Triad argues that a good portion of the Phase II reasoning and concept have been shown to be a good first approximation of “Living Space” in this domain and that as CERN comes to understand dark matter many phenomena thought to be remote will be brought close to home with significant economic and geopolitical impact.  Today’s instance is what appears to be the Web 4.0 reaction to the effect of feeding Early Warning Support with 2006 Prop. 18 concepts and recording remote assessments on today’s increment

  • 12:38 am: A fork in edge view… An off road wheel and tire rotated a few degrees… 1:11: A small light, as from a tungsten filament… 2:22: Escalation in physical damages as a consequence of 86-7220… 4:18: A very large helicopter lifted a statue the size of the Statue of Liberty and flew very slowly to another location… 4:48: A spiral galaxy… A cluster of fists with brass knuckles… 5:27: A plumb bob, inverted with the weight up at the center of a black disc, string hanging straight below it… (10.20.14)

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