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First Marine Plane Curtiss C-3 USMC 1913

First Marine Plane Curtiss C-3 USMC 1913

In the sense of this website as first drafted, shorthopping is a baseball term meant to characterize the process of arresting growth of hard kernels of aberrations in “normal” development.  Two examples are the credit crisis flowing from the subprime market failure and counterterrorism activities flowing from 911.  It is fair to say that both these cases involve tardy or questionable reflexes.  As site development progressed, it became apparent that this concept is too limiting, and that a more productive approach would be to balance these aberrations with Etienne Wenger’s notion of Communities of Practice.

Another fair observation is that victims are generally not equipped to deal with the hard kernels seeding the crises, so some sort of intervention is  warranted.  The Triad position that the planet is an organic part of a larger organization is a resource to be developed.   If an impression to be included in Triad Phase IV has any weight, an organization external to the planet is sensitive to this, as evidenced by this story:

  • Marine Adjutant Col. … posted a camp off limits after an informal competition got out of control.  He then formed a group for a luncheon meeting.  Another chap and I got everything wrong and didn’t fit in.  We went for an independent lunch and got lost and demoralized.  A Staff Sgt. found us, pulled us along to rejoin the group and asked a few questions about a helicopter which got into trouble and glided to safety in a large tree.  I said I did not think a helicopter was capable of that kind of glide path.  The Sgt. then asked me my education level and I responded BSME.  – Oh – Then some written exams, all of which I did very poorly on.  At this point, a very senior man appeared out of thin air, asked what was going on, and looked at the exams.  They were for mechanics.  When a new set for the undergraduate level were produced, I did OK.  I still did not understand why this was going on but went along with it.  It ended when the very senior man told the Staff Sgt. that I was leaving with him. (8-27-09)
  • A tank with an enlarged Triad Phase II Concept draft on its turret moving on a rural road (1-11-10)

Validating this impression is the first step to implementation, so it may be productive to acknowledge progress made with IPv8 as applied to Germany’s unease about prospects for success in Afghanistan.  This Phase VI impression should be relevant.

  • A short convoluted story about the old man’s dealings with certain groups of humans – Several hangman’s nooses were included. – A confrontation between the United States and another nation with a significant nuclear arsenal precipitated by their attempt to steal time and space fold technology.  The old man intervened. – A violin inverted at a 45 degree angle.  (4-26-10)

Probing fog and chaff with IPv8 has yielded a number of examples illustrating consequences if this discipline gets out of focus.  Pearl Harbor is one well known example and Mr. Kaufman’s “The Food Bubble” is another.  The latter example deserves some detailing.  In his Harper’s article, Mr. Kaufman points out that with Goldman Sachs’ food index, speculators found a way to roll over long positions in wheat without delivering, creating a phantom derivative demand.  This phantom market apparently added 250 million people to the food deprived population, sparking riots in more than 30 countries.  At this point, the market reached the point of hysteria.  It does not take too much imagination to extrapolate this abuse of a commodity index and apply it to Eric Janszen’s argument.  Priorities remote organizations have placed on this point are reflected in this Phase VII impression.

  • A senior military officer tried several innovations to build consensus among his generals but their training would not allow the exercise to yield what he was looking for. – Several encounters between tech savvy juvenile delinquents and two devils.  Self imposed rules of engagement established by the devils resulted in several standoffs. – Several attractive locations in the Southern Hemisphere – A stainless bowl filled with egg yolks and cream – A modern laboratory  (6.15.10)

Core warning networks designed to promote shorthopping will be completely independent, access to be determined.

Initial prototyping success with IPv8 accuracy and stability and a sense of its emerging predictive capability improve confidence in the goal to make Phase IX the showcase venture launch.  Including shorthop support in the tool box is suggested by this Phase IX impression.

  • Half a cylinder, cut with a longitudinal section, standing vertically – White wash on a clothes line – A pair of handcuffs  (12.6.10)

Continued IPv8 evolution with indicators that its capabilities will approach the complete 2006 Phase II concept are reason to believe that it will be a significant contributor to solving this class of problem, as suggested by these Phase X impressions.

  • Two oriental children living on an island were playing in the sand.  A bicycle floated in the sky above them.  “What are you doing?”  “We are building a tunnel.”  “Please look at your dictionary.  I believe this is a trench.”  “We know, but we do not know how to build a tunnel.”  “I will show you, get some sticks the size of a blade of grass.”  Once they were found, the bicycle turned into a hand and wove the sticks into a mat.  “Now you lay this mat on the ground and push your finger through it.”  They did.  “Now you have built a tunnel.”  “But it does not go anywhere.”  “That is for the next lesson.”  The children ran inside, told their parents what had happened, and were accused of making up the stories.  The hand came down again.  “All that the children said is true.”  The hand then disappeared. – Ω – A snowball with a funnel at 5:00 – A number of axes being ground  (2.1.11)
  • The shoebox photo of Adelaide with a snow shovel in the 56-24 driveway (3.21.11)
  • A series of national convulsions in the United States starting with energy failure showed on the screen.  The end point is not known.  Someone riding a bicycle with chrome fenders – An open frame cube, inside of which was a saxophone (3.30.11)

Adding a core strategy to Triad Goals may have enabled IPv8 output to substantially improve this weak link, as previewed in these Phase XI impressions.

  • The outside edge of a Caterpillar tread – The complete Peak School student body shown in the 1940’s photograph (7.23.11)
  • A full Dots candy box (8.22.11)
  • A Jeep with the lights on (10.11.11)
  • A cluster of Pink Pearl erasers dropped, stopping damage negotiations for PDK vs Union Carbide.  There are issues with a higher priority. – Polar bears on an ice floe – A lavender 1/4 ton pickup truck (12.26.11)

Adding Innerscope to IPv8 input has yielded remote reactions suggesting remote beings are aware of the national convulsion stemming from the subprime mortgage market meltdown, as indicated in this Phase XIII impression:

  • A number of hands peeling their cards from the table for a quick check before the next round of betting – Half of a fresh peach, pit in, An eight ball, red hot (2.12.12)

Revising the Evolution page and calling the reader’s attention to the update has yielded a surprisingly quick acknowledgement of the 8.30.1999 diary entry in this Phase XIV impression.

  • A very disturbing story describing pitfalls and more major problems when supplying under a government contract – The mantle clock I bought in Switzerland – A small funnel – An Indian chap holding open rings with a small blue ball on the open ends of each ring concentrated as he moved his hands in what seemed to be a ritual – A wooden wheel, the lower half in a slot on a horizontal surface (8.1.12)

Focusing on IPv8 crosstalk among beings perhaps not inhabiting the Cartesian has inferred concern with the possibility of support in increasing tensions surrounding natural resources in the South China Sea.  Context is provided in this Phase XV impression.

  • Someone found himself hanging from the rails of a trestle maybe 100 feet above a river on a dark night – A two scoop ice cream cone – A light shape similar to the cross section of grout at the edge of two stones in a wall – A menage a trois with the participants wearing white jujutsu clothes – Superstructure of a very distant suspension bridge – Black licorice twists – An open book with iridescent green pages above the Firefox icon for its start page (12.18.12)

Continuing effort to upgrade IPv8 targeted feedback loops in the thought experiment exchange program has yielded very promising results for threat avoidance in the Extension domain.  This Phase XVII output gives a sample of the potential.

  • Violin strings – A brown dipper with a white enameled bowl – Triad developers approached a bank CEO looking for the first tranche of one quadrillion for the the venture launch.   No mention was made of the of the institution’s name, its location, or currency to be used.  The major problem during the meeting was what to name the organization.  Some were not comfortable with Triad.  Other than this, the transaction was treated as routine.  – A small funnel – A turtle -A very wide mouth funnel feeding a vortex (6.25.13)

With the scope proposed for Triad Search and Rescue and corollary Exploration, the Ukraine/ Crimea/Soviet situation may be found to exist on a galactic scale, perhaps even on the level of multiple species. Resolving these crises before they become chronic is mandatory.  The Triad argues that growing capacity to isolate IPv8 branches will be useful in maintaining discipline lacking in, for example, Soviet treaty violations in Ukraine.  The Triad argues that in its operations, using this capability to isolate can be an effective precursor to stronger measures mentioned in the 4.22.14 Prop. 14 increment.  This argument has drawn a pointed response from the Web 4.0 population.  Excerpts follow.

  • The sequel to 86-7220 got underway with support from other domains…  A small funnel, mouth on a horizontal flat surface…  A dipper with a long handle…  A sledgehammer…  A radial aircraft engine and a wood propeller…  A line with two turns around a piling…  Threads flowing into a venture (4.23.14)

The IBM True North computer chip may unlock immense potential to develop IPv8. The population using Web 4.0 appears to have the same opinion, registered on today’s comments, summarized following.

  • 10:54 pm; A universe element spent far more time than was wise to bring the principal 86-7220 victim to full consciousness. 12.57; More experimental work enabled psychological diagnostics to monitor 86-7220 victims’ mental processes.  Their findings were not encouraging.  2:16 am; A briefcase handle attached to a wooden rod…  2:24; Periscope depth in a sea of wooden rods… 2:45; A thread through a hip… 4:45; The ELO small silver pieces… 4:51; The wood cross-cut saw used in 3746 construction… 5.01; A mooring rotated 90 degrees to the horizontal… 5:09; A clean concrete floor… 5:12 An Easter basket… 5:21; A mandrel, horizontal, base on the right… (8.17.14)

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