Web 4.0 Strength


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The Triad argues that it is time to address the increasingly likely prospect that Web 4.0 and large ventures is in sight in various forms. The casual observer could probably take the view that current global destabilizing forces roughly parallel Claude Nicolet’s view of the Balkans, about which he commented:

  • With the painful post-communist transition of the Balkan states, and especially the dissolution of the Yugoslav state, swarms of international NGOs mobilized in the region in an attempt to address the problems. Often, however, these groups concentrated more on promoting their special areas of interest, thus attempting to outmaneuver competing organizations and generate money.  © 2002 Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO)

This cannot be allowed to happen as the opportunity presented in Web 4.0 and large ventures is developed.  The Triad has taken the precaution to invert the Evolution protocol in an attempt to delineate the two spheres, each with its own structure, and to start an analytic approach to define points at which they interact and through which communications take place.  Several “safe” contact points can probably be very quickly endorsed, e.g. Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, but a mechanism to calibrate others must be found.  A protocol for periodic review is required. This position has been before the Web 4.0 population for some time, and it has reacted, a summary following.

  • 1:45 pm: An automobile oil pan full of sludge… 1:11 am: A fully suited astronaut in the moon… 1:21: A briefcase handle attached to the void… 2:12: An attempted suicide further compromised the United States’ position in 86-7220… 4:25: A gray band, twisted into a helix in a darker gray background… 4:45: Mountain goats… 5:58: Yet another saxophone… (10.1.14)


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