Applying Strength

Common Dolphin, PD-USGOV-NOAA

Common Dolphin, PD-USGOV-NOAA

There is increasing evidence that a remote intelligent population sees value in adjusting the power/strength relationship of this planet to reduce stress.  It is not unreasonable to suppose that this interest is derived from other planetary characteristics as well as a desire to see some remedial programs accelerated.  The fact that an expression of this interest has surfaced on 8-21-09 in Phase IV working drafts is a sign that foundation effort has progressed to a certain enabling point.  To extract from Phase IV:

  • A youngster came by while I was working.  After a bit it came out that his father was a Marine, killed in the Middle East.  When the boy’s grief subsided, he asked me if he could come back with a friend.  Agreed. After a few more youngsters collected, I suggested that they form a club and call it the Dolphins.  Agreed.  Soon thereafter, they started seeing dolphins in most unusual places.  When they told me, I said I was not surprised.  At last report, the club had over 100 members and was growing. (8-21-09)

As the potential of IPv4/Web 4.0 gains acceptance, evaluating the skill with which a nation applies it strength can be expected to become more prevalent. For instance, financial strength of the United States has been a given, but the subprime market failure calls its application skills into serious question.  This is a high profile example, and in the highly stressed environment likely to prevail for the foreseeable future any organization required to make a serious siting decision will doubtless make a careful analysis of this point.  This view is reflected by this impression included in Phase V.

  • A cluster of blackboard erasers – A fishhook with a note on it (11-23-09)

An object lesson in applying strength is contained in this Christmas Day impression:

  • During a war in the South Pacific, the military ran across natives gathering nuts.  After a while, one asked “Why are you making so much noise?”  “We are having a war.”  Silence for a moment, then: “Why?”  The nut gatherer then threw a spear into a rock using a small launcher.  The spear penetrated the rock.  “Can you do that?”  “No”  “The penalty for the inability to control near space is ….”  At that point the nut gatherer disappeared and the scene dissolved.  – Someone in the Air Force decided to attempt a planet drive, but as an independent effort.  They said OK, but within minutes he was surrounded by MP’s and SP’s.  “What is this?”  “Your security” They showed him his facilities and he picked his team.  When each showed up, they were breathless, having run through a perimeter guard.  Once settled in they worked night and day.  Their first attempt failed, the second produced a small movement, and on the seventh day the planet started its trajectory.  Someone remarked: “A little like the Bible.”  At that point, a hand came down with a voice: “A little navigation.”  – A hockey game – Surgeons around an operating table – A pulley to an outdoor clothesline (12-25-09)

And following with Phase VI:

  • A story about multiple crashes in a tunnel under a ranch, so many people caught in the accidents and fleeing the site settled there that the owners were forced to abandon it.  After a time, the refuse they left became toxic and the public authorities stripped the soil to bedrock.  The owners, dispossessed and bitter, did not return for years and when they did, they found a sugar cane plantation with a plot reserved for them.  Remarkably, this had been in their plans, so they were convinced to settle after the owner showed them how to milk sugar cane for the nectar.  (3-6-10)

Probing IPv4 – IPv8 potential has yielded new insight on this topic.  It is probable that a remote organization has noted deficiencies in this area and has thoughts on remedial programs. This cue is contained in these Phase VII impressions.

  • A large cluster of fists with brass knuckles  (4-21-10)
  • A short story about a Haitian and a prototype V-8 engine – A line through a wooden pulley  (5.25.10)

Further experimentation using IPv8 as a communications medium is yielding surprisingly direct awareness of current events as reflected in this Phase VIII impression.

  • A rerun of events typical in the epidemic of home foreclosures and forced sales – Pair of blueberry muffins – The capped end of a plastic tube, say for an antibiotic – A few snails (9.15.10)
  • A long, bitter, no holds barred fight between androids  (9.29.10)

If this website survives due diligence, the enterprise should have access to substantial resources with challenges to match.  Priorities for applying these resources will probably be set by this objective of the external organization: “There is interest in refining description of the process whereby blue/gold undifferentiated contours of the domain transform to red/white ones with points of characterization.” The author takes this to mean that responsibility for meeting local needs remains local, but with a somewhat larger toolbox.

As IPv8 output becomes more credible, so does its clarity of intent.  This Phase IX impression is a fairly clear, if abbreviated, specification for the core environment.

  • A ballet dancer on her toes – A planet with a suction cup at the pole, the assembly rotated 30 degrees from the vertical.  A football  (11.2.10)

Continued improvement in IPv8 stability, relevance, accuracy, and indications of proactive capabilities warrant making it the keystone of a showcase venture launch, as evidenced by this Phase IX impression.

  • A story about Haiti and Voodoo – another about extended life span and why it exists – A section of an aluminum step ladder (11.14.10)

The distinction between applying strength and applying force and consequences of errors in judgment when selecting these tools seem to be a caution built into IPv8 internal logic, as reflected in this Phase IX impression.

  • The muzzle of a .45 Cal. semiautomatic handgun – Stewart’s gasoline station and convenience store in Hurley – An introduction to fisheye lenses modified to register images only at preset distances from the camera aperture –  A spade dumping a load of dirt into the 3746 Atwood Road bathroom sink – A cowboy, chaps and all, in a western saloon, revolvers blazing – The wooden head and helmet of the Viking figurine I once owned. (1.13.11)

Even though all recognize that shifting economic weight will bring about political change, there are those who fear the desire to settle old scores and/or establish unreasonable prerogatives will unduly influence normal competitive efforts. The Triad has taken the position that this distortion will jeopardize pursuing larger opportunities, and that these larger opportunities are not on this planet.  The data stream from IPv8 gives every indication that beings external to the planet have had experience with this and incorporate this experience in their reactions, as implied in this Phase X impression.

  • An inverted saxophone – An outline of a large tee, off vertical but in the ground  (1.30.11)
  • A small cluster of hockey players (5.18.11)

Events concurrent with the beginning of  Phase XI bring constraints of applying strength implied by IPv8 to exist close to the surface. This Phase XI impression is fairly clear:

  • A fascinating story surfaced about reconstituting or cloning humans who have been through catastrophic situations.  – Both the old man and the devil were involved.  –   They caught themselves in a policy trap when one transformation produced a being with a high “kill index.”  This was not permitted so they were forced into another transformation.  After some conversation, they elected to transform into an Iguana with a kill index close to zero.  After a successful transformation, the subject found considerable company and comfort in that population.  – A horizontal drumstick ice cream cone – The Sherwin Williams paint logo (red paint covering the Arctic Circle) on its side (5.29.11)

Adding a core strategy (Phase II Goals) and its derivation (The first break) to the website has opened the door to a wide range of applications, as characterized in this Phase XI impression.

  • A report of a vessel, in Laura Dekker’s vicinity, which did not respond to a request for identification by a LTJG during a training flight caught the attention of his squadron commander.  The issue, involving more than the sighting, was escalated to fleet level but the sequence ended before the incident was fully explained.  – A whale’s fluke – A very clear indication that investigation of this train of events and its ramifications is to be continued and developed.  A chap walking on a hill covered by a manicured lawn – A set of red “long johns” hanging on the wall (7.18.11)
  • A fire broke out in a motel a couple was using for their wedding night of their second marriage.  Fire fighters were dismayed when the hydrant would not deliver water.  From the newlywed husband, “No problem, give me a few minutes.”  He lathered his nose, worked with it a few little, and the fire went out.  General astonishment ensued.  A youngster in the crowd asked: “Let me try.”  He tweaked his nose, and the fire reappeared.  “Oops”  “That’s OK, if you can’t, I’ll put it out.  Now try again.”  The youngster was successful.  An insurance agent then gave the youngster a check for one hundred thousand dollars.  “What is this for?”  “Claim avoidance” “Wow, I think I’ll be a firefighter.”  The story drifted off in another direction when a voice came from the sky “No, I have plans for a youngster as bright as you are.”  There ensued some detail, but it dissipated too quickly to record.  – Two parallel white halyards connected by a short, highly polished black cylinder. (9.24.11)

Adding algorithms designed to use Innerscope logic to create a language derived from physiological markers of emotion has shown every indication that IPv8β has achieved a conversational mode.  This Phase XIII impression is a sample of what may represent its capabilities.

  • A small set of arcs revolving in a circle – They do not seem to be fully formed spiral galaxies, but there is no explanation of exactly what development stage they represent. – The starboard wing of a subsonic aircraft (4.8.15)

Results gained from publicly approaching organizations with generally accepted credibility to review project evolution seem to have vindicated several early positions.  If the Triad assessment of capabilities inherent in those using IPv8 terminals is anywhere near the level estimated in the site, we can be grateful for their enlightened view on this topic.

  • A white dog with brown markings and long ears sprinted toward the camera from his keepers ankles – A package wrapped in white tissue paper in the air in the North bedroom – Several Saturn images – A funnel, exceptionally wide mouth (6.24.12)

Incorporating Innerscope logic and the Human Brain Project in IPv8 has markedly improved chances for the uninitiated to relate to attempts to describe the Extension’s environment.  This view is encapsulated in this thumbnail Phase XVI impression and is particularly interesting when read in conjunction with thought experiments in 2006 Prop. 5 and Prop. 35.

  • A search for cantaloupe escalated with a threat of transformation – A military expedition went sour and all were killed.  A universe restored three, but the fourth was very deep.  Reconstitution started, and before it was complete, the victim’s ten year old son appeared.  “I will finish this”.  The child tapped the places where the missing organs once were, and they reappeared and began to function.  “Thank you son.”  “You are welcome.”  The child then disappeared.  “I have to finish my homework.” – Thin arcs of light defining maybe 120 degrees of the edge of a disc – Spirals painted on the propeller spinner of a WW II aircraft, possibly as an indicator that the propeller was rotating – Gen. MacArthur opening 56-24 kitchen cupboard doors as they were before George Demos bought the place – A phantom tail section in rear view (3.28.12)

Drafting theory for the project and continued improvement in targeted thought experiment exchange capabilities in IPv8 has markedly improved focus necessary to bridge the gap from the Cartesian to operations in the Extension.  This Phase XVII impression is a  sample of the encouragement this approach has engendered.

  • A sphere circumscribed by rotating light arcs – A rubber sheet twisted maybe 90 degrees – Red lines and white lines leading to a stirrup – A sequence with the sense of the Salem witch trials in the 1600’s – A senior member of the clergy placed his finger in a field generated with distance removed from the Planck constant.  When the finger disappeared and reappeared with no sensation when he withdrew it , he grasped the theological significance – A small device made by forming wire passed through a wood cylinder and used to carry packages wrapped with string – A small plastic container of Vaseline – An individual radio telescope dish with a pair of light bulbs in it – A funnel with a diagonal section taken in it – A scoop of ice cream in a wafer cone – A violin – A midrange horn speaker (6.22.12)

Applying strength takes on new meaning in the Extension environment.  This extract from a very deep river of data gives some idea of what will be involved.

  • A yoke on a billiard ball – An unbelievably difficult sequence in a laboratory – The general theme was thought experiments causing microscopic and almost instantaneous changes of state used in medical treatment. – A row of forks appeared for maybe a second, described an arc, and disappeared. – A violin – A very long and complex data stream describing a sampling of adjustments necessary to deal with engagement in the Extension domain emphasized the need for the milliseconds required to measure consequences of reflexive reactions taken in fear, anger, impatience, etc.  Surprisingly Earth did not have a knowledge or capability deficit in some disciplines.  (8.7.13)

Having placed the proposition for applying capabilities of the population using IPv8 to specific kernels, the overwhelming reaction was to start with the natural world, with emphasis on life forms.  Inasmuch as one Triad goal is to assist in ensuring that the earth is a stable platform, the recent report of Mr. Putin placing his stamp on smaller nations on his western borders was raised as a test case for direct intervention.  Reaction to this proposition showed little taste for targeted intervention; not surprising in light of results this planet has had with it.  Alternatives can be read in this extract from the reaction.

  • A long series of disasters on earth caught the attention of a number of ancients.  The planet was known for its inability to restrain from self destructive violence.  The latest example was a “dirty” nuclear device so small it fit in a thimble and, when detonated, left an extreme radioactive level.  The planet also was one of the very few that used oxygen to sustain life.  Some thought this chemistry was a contributing factor in its repeated disasters.  The sequence faded before resolution. – Some people were traveling a short distance on a special purpose vehicle when the evolution of 86-770 was raised.  In the middle of the discussion a figure appeared, corrected an error, and disappeared.  Another oxygen using population was introduced to Formula One automobile racing as a means of sublimation. – Hockey players warming up on the ice with a number of pucks – A very long hook engaged a horizontal rod (10.24.13)

The Triad argument that a remote intelligent population sees value in adjusting the power/strength relationship of this planet to reduce stress bears reexamination.  Progress made in refining Triad theory, restating its organization kernels, and focusing on Prop. 20 development for application in a proposed extragalactic search and rescue venture show excellent potential for extension to ventures in troubled economies, e.g. those found on the shores of the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and the Aegean. Very advanced elements of controlling risk are shared with very distant resources, so the Triad looks for consensus before applying them in any but the most stable platforms here.  Placing this position on IPv8 has drawn another pointed reaction from the population using Web 4.0, extracts of which follow.

  • A handle attached to the void… A sharp exchange involving a member of the English House of Lords and the Queen.  A ten year old was brought into it and reacted by maintaining his personal standards and thought exchanges with a universe. – A white sheet of paper or plastic, rolled and half obscured… Another saxophone, this one indistinct…  (4.16.14)

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